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Retailers: Final Call to order George Perez's Sirens HC (arrives 16 January 2018)

posted by Vu Nguyen   [ updated ]


Boom! Studios
New To Order - FINAL CALL For 12/18/2017

The following new items are available to order from your local comic shop retailer by the Monday due date listed above.

NOTE: All product & shipping information listed here is subject to change


Guardians of the Galaxy #146 in IGN Daily Fix (09 Dec 2017)

posted Dec 10, 2017, 6:23 PM by Vu Nguyen

From Vu

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #146 (Lenticular Homage Cover)  (01 Nov 2017)
Marvel Comics
In yesterday's IGN Daily Fix Top 5, they used Ron Lim's Guardians of the Galaxy #146 cover (homage to Infinity Gauntlet #1) in a story about how Marvel Comics was ending Guardians with issue #150.

AC Black Flag Is Ubisoft’s Free Gift To You - IGN Daily Fix

Published on Dec 9, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy gets cancelled, Ridley Scott wants to replace aliens, and Tarantino is looking to make a Star Trek movie. It's the top 5 stories you might have missed this week.

Video for Svengoolie (23 July 2016)

posted Dec 9, 2017, 9:28 PM by Vu Nguyen


SVENGOOLIE: Invisible Agent (23 Jul 2016)

George Perez and Carol Flynn mentioned in this @Svengoolie (23 Jul 2016) episode. The film was Invisible Agent.

— George Perez Website (@perezartist) December 10, 2017

Wonder Girl may be joining Titans

posted Dec 9, 2017, 9:14 PM by Vu Nguyen


TITANS (Television Show) (2018)
Warner Bros
...let’s dive straight in and check out this new breakdown.

Here it is:

[RUTH GIBBS] Female, 20s, Caucasian or Latina or Middle Eastern, or ethnically ambiguous. Confident and kick ass. Educated. RECURRING GUEST STAR THIS SEASON WITH AN OPTION FOR SERIES REGULAR NEXT SEASON.

We got a little help from our friends over at the Titans Podcast on this one. Warner Bros is casting a wide ethnic net for this character, but the fact that they’re looking at Middle Eastern actors, combined with the fact that the role could expand to series regular status in a potential Titans season two leads us to believe that this character is, in fact, Wonder Girl, Donna Troy.

Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks) is on the set of Titans

posted Dec 9, 2017, 9:11 PM by Vu Nguyen

From Vu

TITANS (Television Show) (2018)
Warner Bros
Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks) is on the set of Titans. Here is a photo of Fenn and Teagan Croft via Fans are speculating that Fenn is playing Raven's mother.

George Perez Website is 19 Years Old

posted Dec 9, 2017, 9:01 PM by Vu Nguyen

Ilke writes:

AVENGERS (2) (1978)
art by George Pérez
It's December 9th, and that means...congratulations on your George Pérez website turning 19 today!

Brief history:

● December 9, 1998 - Version 1.
● May 6, 2000 - Version 2.
● October 27, 2006 - Version 3.0
● Jul 12, 2008 3:56 PM - Version 4 (current version)
● December 9, 2008 - 10th Anniversary

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George Perez Signing at Bedrock City Comics (24 February 2018)

posted Dec 7, 2017, 10:12 PM by Vu Nguyen


BEDROCK CITY COMIC (Signing) (24 Feb 2018)
Clear Lake, Texas
George Perez Signing at Bedrock City Comics
Saturday, February 24, 2018 at 1 PM - 5 PM

Bedrock City Comic Co. - Clear Lake
102 W Bay Area Blvd, Webster, Texas 77598

George Perez Signing - with a little help from all of our Bedrock City Citizens who donated so generously to the Hero Initiative, and of course, the awesome Hero Initiative, Bedrock City Comics is excited to announce: We've won a George Pérez signing at our Clear Lake location!

Meet the LEGENDARY artist, George Pérez on Saturday, February 24, 2018 from 2-5 PM! George will sign up to 15 items per person for FREE on what he states will be his ONLY appearance in Texas for the next few years, and with only a few exceptions, one of the very few appearances he will make in 2018!!!

Mark your calendars and set those reminders now, so you don't miss this special signing!

About George Pérez: George started his comics career over 42 years ago, and he’s still going strong. He has been involved in many landmark publications including The New Teen Titans, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and History of the DC Universe. An acknowledged master at drawing team books George Pérez has had two enormously successful runs on Avengers, and also had great personal success with the solo feature Wonder Woman, which he also scripted, re-establishing the Amazing Amazon as one of DC Comics’ upper-tier characters. George is currently writing and drawing his creator-co-owned series George Pérez’s Sirens for BOOM! Entertainment!

FYI: George Pérez will not be doing any sketches while he's here. 

Justice League of America #200 original cover artwork

posted Dec 7, 2017, 1:07 PM by Vu Nguyen

Jim G asks:

I was wondering if a version of the cover of Justice League of America #200 exists without all the text and logos?!?

Answer: No.  Most of the comic drawn in 80s or earlier had logos glued onto the artwork.

Here is the original JLA #200 original cover artwork, courtesy of

DC Comics is sending leftover DC Direct's 10th Anniversary Batman Action Figure to select retailers as a holiday gift

posted Dec 6, 2017, 5:36 PM by Vu Nguyen   [ updated Dec 7, 2017, 6:09 AM ]


DC Direct
(Please note: George Perez did not design the Batman 10th Anniversary Action Figure)

Deep in the DC warehouses, the company has discovered numerous leftover Batman action figures - and its sending it out to retailers as a holiday gift next week.

This figure is based off the artwork of George Perez, and was made in 2008 as a 10th Anniversary DC Direct item. This particular one DC is sending out is one with Comic-Con International: San Diego exclusive packaging - they were given out at the 2008 event, with the remainder apparently sitting in a warehouse, Indiana Jones style, for the past nine years.

UPDATE: Photo of the back of the packaging, via, shows that it was based on Andy Kubert, sculpted by Jonathan Matthews.  We have noted that it wasn't by George Perez in 2008: DC Direct's 10th Anniversary Convention Exclusives

Marvel Two-In-One #33's original unaltered cover

posted Dec 3, 2017, 4:28 PM by Vu Nguyen


MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #33 (Nov 1977)
Marvel Comics

PEREZ, GEORGE / JOE SINNOTT - Marvel 2-In-One #33 cover, FF's Thing, Alicia, & Modred (Spiderwoman story)

Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Cover
Artists: Joe Sinnott Inker
George Perez Penciller

all art first version shown next to final version with Thing art and mech paste-over on overlay

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