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BONE #10 (Sep 1993) Cartoon Books

cover:  Jeff Smith
BONE #10
Date: Sep 1993
Cover Price: $2.95

A letter written by George to Jeff Smith saw print in the letters column of Bone #10 (Sept. 1993)...


I just wanted to add my voice to the many who have praised your work on BONE.  Thanks for giving me the full run (so far) so that I could get the full story to date at one time.  It's fun, tense, whimsical, thrilling and a supreme achievement in storytelling.  I'm hooked and cannot thank you enough for putting out such a heartfelt effort.  Now THIS is what comics are about: interesting, well-rounded characters, forward momentum, mystery enough to keep you coming back to learn the answers, and an internal logic that convinces you that this fantasy land is as real and vital as your own backyard.  Again, thank you for BONE.

George Perez
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