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THE PÉREZ ARCHIVES #1 (Deluxe) (Jul 2001)

George Pérez
George Pérez
Marcus Mebes
THE PÉREZ ARCHIVES #1 (deluxe) 19 Jul 2001
Andy Mangels/CBLDF

Book (191 pages)

Andy Mangels
George Perez
George Perez
George Perez

THE PEREZ ARCHIVES has been one of their most sucessful fundraisers ever, bringing in somewhere around $8,000 or more!

Released: 19 July 2001, Limited print run of 235 total.
Web Orders: Shipped 4 Sep 01

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    THE PÉREZ ARCHIVES #1 (Jul 2001)
    THE PÉREZ ARCHIVES #1 (Deluxe) (Jul 2001)

    Wonder of Wonders #9: The 12 Triumphs of Wonder Woman Day

    posted ‎‎Oct 24, 2009 11:08 AM‎‎ by vu sleeper

    THE PÉREZ ARCHIVES #1 (Jul 2001)

    The 12 Triumphs of Wonder Woman Day
    By Andy Mangels

    Poster for Wonder Woman Day IV

    Mythology is full of trials for the heroes, often involving quests and monsters, lions and many-headed hydras, and occasionally, the cleaning of very stinky stables. Readers may recall the latter as one of Hercules' (or Heracles', if you like) vaunted 12 Labors. But in the end, the hero, quite naturally, triumphs.


    12 - The Birth of An Idea

    Never having given birth to a baby, nor even sculpted one out of clay and asked the gods to breathe life into it, I can't know the pains involved in that process. But Wonder Woman Day was created in 2006 as a way to incorporate three parts of my life into one fun event. I've raised thousands of dollars for charity over the years with various events and campaigns, including $7,000 for CBLDF with my book, The George Perez Archives. But that was the only element of my charity work that directly touched on comics (excepting work with the non-profit PRISM Comics). And although George nicely drew me on the cover to that book with my head touching Wonder Woman, I hadn't incorporated my love for the character, or my immense collection, into charity work either.

    When a Canadian TV series called FANatical contacted me to do a show about my collection, and me, they asked if I had involved Wonder Woman in my charity work. This spurred me to gel all of the elements together and create the first Wonder Woman Day. Hundreds of hours of work later, and thanks to the donated work of over a hundred comic artists, $15,405.33 was raised for two Portland, Oregon, Domestic Violence shelters at the debut event.

     February 2, 2003 | Busted #13 Article
    published in THE CBLDF NEWSLETTER: BUSTED vol 2, #13
  • At a dinner preceeding Baltimore Comicon, George Pérez at long last received his Defender of Liberty Statue. Pérez has been one of the Fund's most generous supporters over the years. His donations of time, art, and money have kept the Fund strong, particularly in the early stages of the Jesus Castillo defense. It was with a great deal of pride that the Fund was able to show our appreciation to George at the show.

    Beyond his work for the Fund at conventions, Pérez and long-time archivist Andy Mangels created one of the Fund's most successful benefit books, The Pérez Archives, volume 1. the project was published in 2001 and sold out in less than a year, generating nearly $7,000 for the CBLDF.

    Mangels compiled the book after a life-long interest in the work of George Pérez. "I've been archiving George's work since I was a teenager and keeping a checklist of his work. Because of this I've gotten an incredible amount of unpublished artwork that are cool examples of his genius. I wanted to do something with them that would showcase his work and raise money for a good cause," Mangels said.

    Mangels spent over 400 hours compiling the book, which included hundreds of unpublished drawings by Pérez and a comprehensive checklist of the artist's work. "Because this was supposed to be the most comprehensive examination of George's career. I couldn't miss anything," Mangels tells Busted! "George and I went over it line by line, and ended up adding even more artwork and entries." All the time Mangels spent on the book was donated to benefit the CBLDF.

    Mangels, whose science fiction and popular media books - and comics works - have put him on bestseller lists, is no stranger to good causes. For years he has been the leading gay activist in comic books, editing the awarding winning Gay Comics for eight years and working to improve the profile and working conditions of gay cartoonists in this medium. He chose the CBLDF as the beneficiary of the project for two reasons: "I really wanted to do the book because of my long interest in George's artwork and I was raised to really believe in causes and to help out other people. Although George has donated to various charities over the years, the one that he supported most and I felt the most passion about myself was the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. As a member of a minority group that faces adversity in a legal fashion - and homosexuality is still a crime in fourteen states - picking the CBLDF as our charity really hit home with me."

    "Censorship of any kind is more of a crime than anything that could be published." Mangels says. "It doesn't mean that everything has a place on the bookshelf, but it also doesn't mean that things I don't want on my bookshelf shouldn't be published. For these reasons, even though these days I'm not working much in the comics industry and instead am doing novels, my commitment to the comic industry and the protection of creator rights is still very strong."

    Right now Andy and the Fund are considering venues for a second edition of The Pérez Archives. In the meantime, here's some work by the master that has not yet been published. Enjoy!

    For more info about Andy Mangels, visit

     April 12, 2002 | CBLDF Pérez Auction
    From John Lind
    On behalf of the CBLDF, I'm offering up a killer Perez cover... We're taking offers on it until Wednesday, the 17th. Attached is our press release, please read through it & make an offer if you can...

    A Super Offering, by George!

    The CBLDF is offering up a stunning piece of George Perez art and we're giving you a first shot at it. All proceeds from the piece will benefit the CBLDF. Here's the specs:

  • Wraparound cover to The Perez Archives
  • Drawn & inked by George Perez
  • Size- 17x11 ( art extends right to the edges of the paper )

    The scans are here-

    This is the only place where you'll see Perez capture every major superhero on one page. Created exclusively for the cover of "The Perez Archives,"

    Andy Mangels' thorough examination of Perez's career, this key piece features head shots of all the major Marvel & DC characters including Superman, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Batman, Hulk, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America, Silver Surfer, and more. Over 100 characters drawn by one of the most important superhero artists of all time!

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  •  March 17, 2002 | Double Trouble Videos
    From PEREZ ARCHIVES #1, written by Andy Mangels
    Double Trouble Productions Videos
    1998-2001, Double Trouble Productions

    Pérez has worked closely with this company, which produces fetish-oriented superheroine werestling videos. While some tapes feature nudity, these are not pornographic in nature, but do feature mature material.

    Pérez created a logo for the "The Sisterhood of SuperHeroines" which appears on all current tapes in this series.

    [ Read more Double Trouble Videos ]

     March 12, 2002 | DC vs Marvel vs Spawn
    From Yusuf Madhiya
  • Art by George Pérez/Mitch Ballard
  • I just wanted to know this bit about a sketch drawn by George Perez in his deluxe edition. I got a mail from a guy called Kirk [Philbrick] & his address is here:

    If you scroll down to LAST image, you can see Superman tied by Spawn & other DC/Marvel characters around him. That image was drawn by Perez & finished by Mitch Ballard (that's what the site says) I mailed back to Kirk asking him where to find the original sketch & he said it appeared in the Deluxe Edition of the Perez Archives.

     January 1, 2002 | Pérez Archives II
    From Andy Mangels

    The publication of THE PEREZ ARCHIVES in August of this year was a culmination of the last 24 years of my collecting George's work, and - I hope - a fitting and enjoyable tribute to the man whose graceful and meticulous linework and storytelling still capture my visual imagination.

    Although I haven't been able to get a firm total from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund yet, it appears that THE PEREZ ARCHIVES has been one of their most sucessful fundraisers ever, bringing in somewhere around $8,000 or more!

     December 10, 2001 | Pérez Archives
    From Vu
    I have mentioned this several time before, but I have been meaning to a second review on the PEREZ ARCHIVES. This isn't is full second review, but more to correct some views and mistakes I have expressed here. I want to say that the review of 6 Sept 2001 was based on first impression of the book, but having used it to reference on every back issue I've inducted onto my checklist since October, I have to say that this book is a MUST for all Pérez collectors. I have to stress that this is an invaluable reference tool for anything related to Pérez.

    I mentioned this statement earlier, "Is it worth it? No, not really.", this is referring to the deluxe version only containing an additional 34 pages, but costing twice as much. I just wanted to make this clear: that the book is totally worth it, but I still stand by my recommendation that buyers should stay with the less expensive version, as $25 for an additional 34 pages just doesn't justify the cost. I don't know why I am even discussing this as I'm not even sure you can still buy a copy, but please contact Andy Mangels or CBLDF to see if a copy is still available to buy. You are always welcome to write in regards to contributing to the new version of THE PEREZ ARCHIVES, as artwork is always need.

    In the first review, I mentioned that the commission piece from Michael Gowcharan, was not thanked or credited, was only half-true. The truth was that his piece did not come directly from him, but from other contributors. There were several attempts to contact Michael, but proved fruitless. I'm sorry I have not mentioned this earlier, I have had this sitting around for a while, but have not had the time to commit this to written form. This is just out of sheer laziness on my part, again, apologies to Andy Mangels.

    There is another matter of the previously unknown Perez Archives #1 (hardcover). I have attached the following official statement to the book information: "This is a privately bound volume which is being distributed to those few people who have provided a substantial amount of artwork (in excess of 50 pages) or rare material to Andy Mangels' archives of Perez material. It is not available for sale, though at some point, a copy MAY be auctioned for charity." There were only 15 copies of the hardcover version.

    I hope this post clear up a few things. And again, just wanted to thank Andy Mangels for a great publication. I know he worked very hard to get the book out in a timely manner, and did a wonderful job helping a cause like the Comics Legal Defense Fund. We are all anxiously waiting for the new updated sequel.

     September 6, 2001
    From Vu
      I got my THE PEREZ ARCHIVES book in the mail today and noted that it was sent on September 4th, 2001; see Andy Mangels's comment.

      This book is definitely worth having in your Pérez collection, but it's very expensive (although you should take into consideration that the money is going to charity) so I'm only recommending it for the hardcore fans. The book is printed on white (with two purple pages for the deluxe edition and four one-sided color pages) 8.5 by 11 inches and binded together with a plastic binding. The cover is on a heavier paper and in color, coloring by Marcus Mebes. Each copy of the THE PEREZ ARCHIVES comes autographed, which is an added bonus (although I would've rather have it sent here earlier than wait for the signatures).

      One thing that kind of bugged me was that there's very few artwork that I personally haven't seen - which means that other massive fans probably won't be seeing too many new artwork. Still, it is kind of nice to have it in one book. Quality of the images varies from bad (I'm assuming these are from scanned images) to very sharp and detailed.

      There is one particular printed artwork that looks absolutely wonderfuly on printed format, which is the commission piece by Michael Gowcharan, who was not thanked or even credited !! (see correction). This will be (one) of the cover used for THE GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #2, according to the caption.

      Obviously, there's a lot of artwork, but the other feature that most people probably will ignore is the massive checklist! This lists everything from Andy Mangel's business card (please send me one!) to flyers to "cover design" credits! Very detail for the trainspotters.

      There's two different version of this book, a regular edition and a deluxe edition. The only difference is that the deluxe version contains 34 additional pages and it costs twice as much. Is it worth it ? No, not really. With cost and everything weighted in, I think that it's far better to get the regular edition - which has an even smaller print run than the deluxe by 50 copies! For collectors, of course I would have to recommend the deluxe version, only because it has a few more pages.

      If you missed out on owning this book, maybe you can still get one of the 200 copies of the regular edition by contacting Andy Mangels or CBLDF.

     September 5, 2001 | Pérez Archive Update
    From Andy Mangels, via Pérez Email List
      I know that some people have gotten their copies, as I've gotten complimentary emails from them. Copies were shipped out late last week as far as I know, though there may have been some stragglers early this week.

      The delay occurred during a nightmare mix-up that consisted of:
      1: copies shipped to Chicago storage before they were signed
      2: George vacationing and unable to sign
      3: airline delays for CBLDF people to the Chicago Con
      4: Chicago Con itself delaying items
      5: UPS delaying a 2-day package of book covers to be signed for five days
      6: UPS delaying 2-day packages of Chicago storage books for six days
      7: Another con (Dragon Con, I think it is) keeping most CBLDF members out of the office
      and half a dozen other small burps and bumps!

      Anyhow, all copies of the Archives book ordered have been shipped. There are still about 100 copies of the REGULAR edition of the Archives available, but the DELUXE edition has sold out.

      Final print on the two editions was 200-Regular and 250-Deluxe!

      Thanks to everyone for their support with this project, and I hope you like it!

     August 21, 2001 | Pérez Archives Shipping
    From Andy Mangels
      Cut-off for ordering was the 10th [for THE PEREZ ARCHIVES], not the ship date. Although that may not have been clear from my earlier email messages, that was a factor of the CBLDF, timing of the Chicago Con, and other factors.

      When you ordered it from CBLDF, they should have emailed you a note to the effect of "the books will ship before the end of August." George just signed the covers on Thursday - he had been on a trip and unavailable to sign the remainder of the books - and both he and the CBLDF were at the Chicago Con all weekend, so nothing has been able to be done this weekend.

      I believe that books will start to ship toward the end of this coming week, though I'M not shipping them - the CBLDF is - so I can't tell you for certain.

     August 6, 2001
    From CBLDF
      Pre-order the Pérez Archives!
      This massive collection of artwork and information about the career of superstar artist George Pérez will look good on any coffee table.You can get the deluxe or standard editions. Order yours now -- we're only taking orders until August 10! We'll ship the books after that date.

      Signed copies by leading creators.

      Only until August 10th: Order The Perez Archive -- either the main edition at $25, or the Deluxe version at $50 -- signed by Perze and author Andy Mangels. But only until August 10th!

     July 27, 2001
    From Andy Mangels
      The Perez Archives book sold very well [at the San Diego Comic Con], with the Deluxe versions (50 copies) selling out in the first two days, and the regular edition selling about 50 copies of the 200 total printed. George signed with me at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund booth for the first two days, then at the CrossGen booth the second two days.

      The Perez Archives is still available at (though there was a little lateness getting it onto their website - sorry Steven and others) in both the Deluxe and Regular versions. After August 10th, ordering will be closed, and all copies of the books which have been ordered will be mailed THEN. Copies ordered through the website will be signed by myself and George, but not personalized.

     July 17, 2001
    From Andy Mangels
      The publication of The Pérez Archives is underway, with final printed versions to be delivered tomorrow evening, just in time to go to the San Diego ComicCon. As promised, here are the final details about this massive collection of artwork and information about the career of superstar artist George Pérez.

      The Pérez Archives is:
      150 black and white pages
      4 color pages
      2 color covers (front and back) with inside covers
      Includes the most comprehensive and detailed checklist of all published work by Pérez.
      Includes 191 black-and-white images and seven color images by Pérez (including unpublished work, sketches, character designs, and more).
      Covers are a new wraparound image by Pérez.
      Printed 8.5x11" on 60# paper, with heavy stock covers, clear plastic over-cover, and black vello-binding.

      There is also a Deluxe version which features 34 extra pages of more rare, unpublished, and impressive published artwork, 64 images in all!

      Neither the main nor the Deluxe editions will be numbered. Both versions are benefits for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, with all proceeds going to the Fund!

      How do you get a copy of The Pérez Archives? There are two ways. . .

      •• #1 - Go to the San Diego ComicCon and buy it. The Archives will be on sale every day at the CBLDF booth, and George and I will both be signing there every single day, from 1-2 pm. There will be 200 copies of the main edition at $25, and 50 copies of the Deluxe version at $50.

      •• #2 - Go to the CBLDF website at and order it. IMPORTANT: The Archives will ONLY be on sale to order until August 10th. All copies ordered online at the CBLDF website will be signed by both George and myself. Mail order copies will ship the week following August 10th. Both the main edition at $25, and the Deluxe version at $50 will be available online (with postage costs added). But only until August 10th!

      [ Read more Perez Archive Released ]

    02/02/2003 20:44:32