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THE DARK #1 (Jan 1995) August House

George Perez
Date: Jan 1995
Cover Price: $2.50
Publisher: August House

Originally printed in:
Includes free Foodang Character Card by Bart Sears
Tin foil cover  
Information from vu
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    "Nightmares" (38 pages)
    writer:  Joseph Naftali
    Jeffrey Allgeier
    art:  Todd Lidstone
    Kurt Hoff
    John Round
    colors:  Mike Sagara
    letters:  Alan Olson
    editor:  Jeffrey Allgeier
    Information from vu   

    THE DARK #1 (Jan 1995)
    August House

    The Dark Vol. 3 #1 cover inks - original art

    posted Feb 16, 2014, 10:51 AM by Vu Nguyen

    THE DARK #1 (Jan 1995)
    August House
    karkarodon writes:

    Cover art to The Dark #1, Volume 3 penciled by NELSON DeCASTRO and inked by comics legend GEORGE PEREZ, famous for his work on The Avengers and Wonder Woman and everything inbetween for both Marvel and DC comics.  Nelson DeCastro was famous for his Eudaemon character that the time this artwork was created for me.  I've seen his work on Magic: The Gathering cards and in various Marvel titles.

    The paper is white. The lighting in my room and lack of flash make the pagers look a little yellowed. This is NOT the case. The original art measures 11x17 and is in excellent condition. Perez' signature on the original was slightly smugged, so it was replaced with a copy of his signature. His original is still visible underneath.

    The Dark #1, Volume 3 was published by August House, Inc. in 1995. Interior art by Todd Lidstone and Kurt Hoff, and written by me, Joseph Naftali.

    thanks to Ilke