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THE DARK #8 (Errata) (Jun 1994) Continüm

cover:    Todd Lidstone
George Perez
THE DARK #8 (Errata)
Date: Jun 1994
Cover Price: $1.95
Publisher: Continüm

ERRATA: This book was never published.
Information from vu
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    "Title" (32 pages)
    writer:  Joseph Naftali
    art:  Todd Lidstone
    Chris Gossett
    colors:  N/A
    letters:  N/A
    editor:  N/A
    Information from vu   

    THE DARK #8 (Errata) (Jun 1994)

    News: The Dark Update

    February 05, 2006 03:10 am
     From Ilke Hincer (email)

    THE DARK #4 (1992)


    THE DARK #8 (Errata) (Jun 1994)
    A few notes about the listings for The Dark and Foodang on your site:

    -The Dark (Vol.1) did not end with #3 - in fact, the contents of The Dark (Vol.1) #4 were the same as The Dark (Vol.2) #4 (except for the red foil on the cover of the later release), as described in The Perez Archives. I've attached the cover for The Dark (Vol.1) #4 (from - note the differences in cover price and cover credits as compared to Vol. 2 #4 (seen on your site).

    - I've attached the cover for The Dark Convention Book #1 (from According to The Perez Archives listing, this convention book includes 2 one-page illustrations by Perez, along with front and back covers by George. The ad on your site mentions a Joe Jusko cover, but that appears to be wrong.

    - The Dark cover by Todd Lidstone and George Perez seen in the 'Errata' section of your site was intended for The Dark (Vol.2) #8. I've attached the art that appeared in Previews Vol. IV #4 (April '94, for items scheduled to ship June '94), which was used to promote the book's release.

    - Also related to the 'Errata' section - I've attached the Foodang (Vol. 2) #4 ad that appeared in Advance Comics #77 (May '95).

    UPDATE: A clarification re my email about The Dark #4 - while George Perez's contributions for The Dark (Vol.1) #4 and The Dark (Vol.2) #4 are identical, the comics themselves are not identical in their content. Artist Todd Lidstone is not credited on the cover of Vol.1 #4, yet his name does appear on the cover of Vol.2 #4 - I would say Lidstone's sequence pencils and inks from Vol.2 #4 (as credited in the checklist on your site) does not appear in Vol.1 #4.

     February 10, 2004 | Unpublished Dark Cover
    From Ebay

    TODD LIDSTONE & GEORGE PEREZ cover / pin up of THE DARK!
    Saturday, February 07, 2004 12:43:47 PM

    THE DARK #8 (Errata) (Jun 1994)
    scan from karkarodon
    This original piece of artwork is for sale by the publisher and owner of the copyright. This The Dark pin-up/cover was penciled by Todd Lidstone and inked by incredible George Perez. This piece was originally intended as a cover, but it never saw print as I thought of a different idea. The winner of this auction will receive a free copy of several issues of The Dark with their winning bid, all signed by Joseph Naftali, creator and writer of The Dark.

    Sale of this original piece of art does not transfer any copyrights to the new owner. The copyright for The Dark, and all printing rights associated with this piece of art, will remain with the seller, Joseph Naftali.

    Artwork is sold with a certificate of authenticity verifying it’s publication, and all other vital information associated with its creation.

    The original artwork measures 11” x17” and is in fantastic shape.