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    News: Even More Fund Features Pérez

    September 29, 2004 07:01 pm
     From Ilke Hincer (email)

    I flipped through Even More Fund Comics today, and there is a contribution from George within its pages. It's a reprint of his cover to the Baltimore Comic-Con 2002 Program Book, this time printed in black and white.

     November 10, 2002 | Site Update
    From Vu
    Just for your awareness, BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2002 PROGRAM BOOK was given at the convention for free. I have noticed several of these being sold on Ebay (one auctioning ending at $5).
  • George Pérez at the BALTIMORE COMIC CONVENTION 2002, photo by Ebay user: jjayj
  •  October 28, 2002 | Sellers' Baltimore Review
    From ES
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  • George Pérez (26 Oct 02)
  • Tom Brevoort and George Pérez (JLA/A Panel)
  • Meeting the Legend/Name the Magazine contest winner meets his Hero

    The picture with me and George came out nice but the Panel Picture and the Panel Discussions Board were both kind of blurry. Sorry.

    What can I say about Mr. Perez that hasn't been said a thousand times. The nicest man in comics. After being a fan for over seventeen years I finally got to meet the legend. This was my first convention experience ever. My first contact was unforgettable, I was able to listen to Mr. Gentleman George Perez discuss the upcoming JLA/AVENGERS in a hour long panel. The Panel Discussion was listed as Saturday 1:30p.m-2:30 p.m/Listen to George Perez and Marvel editor Tom Brevoort discuss the most anticipated comic of all time, JLA/AVENGERS. Tom and George were kind enough to give us updates and answer all the fans questions. I got up the courage to ask one question, I thought my heart was going to leap out my chest though, and was lucky enough to get the longest response from these two gentleman, now I know why Mr. Brevoort has the reputation of being the best editor in the business. They answered all of questions about the project, that they could with out giving away anything about the plot. They did give us some new info I hadn't read before (THANKS!!) George did state that he would also update the page count when he had the chance. Tom also state that it would not be 200 pages of Giant Starfishes. Ha! Ha! Mr. Perez and Mr. Brevoort enthusiasm for this project was overwhelming. Not only is the fans dream project but it is also their's. After the discussion I went back down stairs to finally meet Mr. Perez at his booth one on one. I had all these wonderful things I wanted to say to Mr. Perez, but when I was finally face to face. The only words that came out were Thank You for picking my choice of the Pacesetter for the George Perez Newsletter. Thank You. George was kind enough to sign my program (George drew the cover). After walking around in a daze for about 30 minutes, I just meet my Hero, I decided to go back and try to talk to him again. I also wanted to get a photo with him. When I got up back up to see him I was only able to mutter out the words. Can I get a picture with you? George smiled and said of course. George got up from the booth and put his arm out. I must not have moved because George said it would probably look like a silly picture if I wasn't in it. I asked the fan in front of me take it. I think he knew I was very nervous meeting him. What a Great guy!! I made it back one more time to see him in the hope that I would be able to speak intelligible to him and tell him how much I enjoyed his work. I was able this time to ask about a sketch and say Thank You again. I had a wonderful time at the convention. Thanks Mr. Perez for making my childhood dream come true.

    08/07/2006 21:16:40

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