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CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #2 (Mar 2001) CrossGen Comics

cover:  George Perez
Dennis Jensen
Qil Quintana
Date: Mar 2001
Cover Price: $3.95
Publisher: CrossGen Comics


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    • The Marvel Art of George Perez cover updated From Vu, thanks to Ilke MARVEL ART OF GEORGE PEREZ (27 Apr 2021) Marvel Comics Amazon has updated the cover to The Marvel Art of George Perez, available in Hardcover on June 22, 2021, for $50. This is a must-own book for any George Perez fan. Cover was originally printed as Albuquerque Comic Convention print in Jan 2014... and re-used again as Avengers #700 Variant Cover in Nov 2018.
      Posted Feb 22, 2021, 4:00 AM by Vu Nguyen
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    "Title" (192 pages) 
    writer:  Ron Marz
    art:  George Perez
    Dennis Jensen
    Rick Magyar
    colors:  Laura DePuy 
    letters:  Troy Peteri
    Dave Lanphear
    editor:  N/A

    CrossGen Comics

    CrossGen Comics

    CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #1 (France) (Dec 2001)
    CrossGen Comics

    CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #3 (Germany) (Jun 2003)
    CrossGen Comics

    COMIC SHOP NEWS #715 (28 Feb 2001)
    Comic Shop News

    Custom Omnibus-style CrossGen Chronicles hardbound book

    posted Feb 14, 2019, 6:58 PM by Vu Sleeper [ updated Feb 14, 2019, 7:03 PM ]

    From Vu

    CrossGen Comics
    Check out this custom Omnibus-style CrossGen Chronicles hardbound book, complete with dust jacket.

    According to their website ( the custom book is about $50, but you can get some discounts if you create your own cover designs, etc.

    Flashback: George Perez joins CrossGen Comics
    posted Dec 1, 2017, 6:11 AM by Vu Nguyen [ updated Dec 1, 2017, 6:16 AM ]

    From Vu

    CrossGen Comics
    Coming up on December 19, is the 17 anniversary of the announcement that George Perez had signed an exclusive contract with CrossGen Comics.

    With a new freedom from the Marvel Comics contract (ending with Avengers #34) in 2000, George decided to re-publish his creator-own Crimson Plague with the newly formed Gorilla Comics.  As history would have it, it didn't last very long.  After picking up some freelance work for CrossGen Comics... the up-and-coming company offered a full exclusive contract.

    It's easy to see why George decided to go with CrossGen, its founder Mark Alessi wanted his employees to enjoy the full benefit of healthcare and other perks in a 40-hour a day office work environment.  This meant showing up to work in an office, Monday to Friday (although in George's case, they made an exception because he would have to drive three hours one way).  The office idea was practically unheard of for anyone working in the comic book industry.  All in all, it was a good thing, and George saw this as a good opportunity for him.

    In his contract, George did put in the infamous JLA/Avengers clause, which, if the project ever were to happen, that CrossGen would have to temporary release from his exclusive agreement so that George could draw the book. George originally drew 21 pages of the original failed 1981 JLA/Avengers project and had always wanted to draw this ultimate crossover.

    Fortunately, or unfortunately for CrossGen, the new JLA/A crossover did happened.  George began drawing the new mini-series on the side in 2001 (the first issue came out September 2003), and, by 2004, CrossGen filed for bankruptcy.  While this thing may not have anything to do with the other, it would seem that by this time, George left his regular Solus title (issue #8 had Leonard Kirk filling in as artist), couldn't commit to drawing CrossGen's first crossover title The War (it would later be known as Negaton War), and definitely couldn't work the company crossover  Sojourn / Lady Death.

    CrossGen sold MegaCon to Elizabeth Widera, and sold its characters and stories to Disney (who also owns Marvel Comics). While MegaCon is still going strong, the CrossGen revival from Disney has yet to see the light of day.

    Archival related news and references below (note: original links do not work)...

    Ron Marz wishes George Perez a happy birthday

    posted Jun 9, 2017, 10:48 PM by Vu Nguyen

    CrossGen Comics

    5:11 PM - 9 Jun 2017

    Happy Birthday to @perezartist! As a kid, he was first artist I recognized as a specific person. Years later, I got to work with him. Magic.

     June 6, 2003 | CGE Traveler's Editions
    From Vu

    Bill Rosemann's latest press release is about the Traveler's Edition of their paperback. Two of them have reprints of CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #2 and CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #3:


    Laptops, CD players, cell phones... in this age of evolving consumer products, smaller is better. Which is exactly what we were thinking when we developed the Traveler format. Measuring 8" by 5", these full-color graphic novels deliver a handy size at a nice price. In fact, Wizard magazine said, "The new CrossGen Travelers are simply amazing...they're the perfect size to stuff in a book bag or even a back pocket." And with a price of only $9.95--for 192 pages--they won't break your wallet either!

    Yesterday MERIDIAN TRAVELER Vol. 2: GOING TO GROUND and MYSTIC TRAVELER Vol. 1: RITE OF PASSAGE hit the stage, while SCION TRAVELER Vol. 2: BLOOD FOR BLOOD and THE PATH TRAVELER Vol. 1: CRISIS OF FAITH will arrive on June 11th. And if your local retailer ordered the TRAVELER DISPLAY UNIT, you may also find RUSE TRAVELER Vol. 1: ENTER THE DETECTIVE and SOJOURN TRAVELER Vol. 1: FROM THE ASHES waiting for you right now!

    So if you ever wanted to give a CrossGen series a try--or if you like big adventure for a small price--then try the Travelers!

     April 11, 2003 | Eisner Awards 2003
    From Vu

    Sadly, only one person from CrossGen was nominated for an Eisner. Laura as you know was the colorist for CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #2 and CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #3.

    Posted: April 10, 2003
    by Jonah Weiland, Executive Producer


    Lovingly referred to as "The Academy Awards of the Comic Industry," the 2003 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards were announced today, representing a wide range of comics in the field. Over 40 different publisher were represented in 26 categories. DC Comics was at the top of the field as DC and their various imprints garnered 23 nominations, Fantagraphics had a very strong showing with 18 nominations, Marvel had 7, while Dark Horse and Image Comics came in with four.

    Best Coloring:

  • Laura DePuy Martin, Ruse (CrossGen)
  •  February 14, 2003 | CrossCurrents (Mar 2003)
    From CHIMERA #1 (all CG titles for March contain this news)

    by Gina M. Villa


    In other creative news, veteran inker and all-around-good-guy Rick Magyar will be leaving CRUX to embellish George Perez's pencils on SOLUS, much to George's delight. The two worked together previously on CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #2 and from that experience George knows that Rick can handle anything that he throws at him - and then some. Of course, George always take that as a challenge, so that bodes well for the pages you're going to see. Rounding out the SOLUS art team is Larry Molinar, a very talented young colorist who worked on WildCATS at Wildstorm. Head writer Barbara Kesel handles the writing chores.

     December 30, 2002 | CrossGen Custom Prints
    From CrossGen Shop

    Size Signed Un-Matted Matted Print Only
    Small No $64.95 $99.95 $15.00
    Small Yes $79.95 $114.95 $30.00
    Large No $99.95 $134.95 $25.00
    Large Yes $114.95 $149.95 $40.00
     September 21, 2002 | Site Update
    From CrossGeneration Reviews
    CrossGen Chronicles #2
    reviewed by MegsPencer

    A supplemental issue to Scion, this is the story of Edvin, ancestor of our hero Ethan and the man who brought about the peace between the Heron and Raven kingdoms. As Ethan prepares to kill the Raven prince who killed his brother, he thinks of his ancestor and wonders how he ended up starting a war while Edvin ended one.

    The first few pages of Edvin's story show a battle at sea, one I have trouble keeping my attention on. The artist seems to enjoy drawing tiny details, but with so much going on, the battle is a bit difficult to follow. Edvin's ship is destroyed so he boards that of the Raven commander, Alexi. That ship founders in the storm, and the two foes are washed onto an island, where they fight until they realize that they don't know why they're fighting at all, and create a peace that extends to their kingdoms. In the present, the Raven prince Bron declares his ancestor a fool, and vows to destroy the Heron kingdom, even if he has to go over the head of his father the king.

    This is an excellent fable, whether or not you read Scion. The art is not quite to my taste, though some sequences are very nice. As a supplement to Scion, it's a good read to better understand the conflict between the two kingdoms, and the characters of Ethan and Bron; while Ethan seems to be honestly peace-loving at heart, Bron is eager to fight. Both as a supplement and a stand alone, this is a good issue.

    ART: B-
    STORY: A

     March 18, 2001 | CrossGen Wallpapers
    From CrossGen
    NOTE: Wallpaper #3 is from the upcoming CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #3

    800x600 1024x768

    800x600 1024x768

    800x600 1024x768
     March 16, 2001 | CrossGen #2 Second Print
    From Diamond
    Consumer News - Week of 3/12/01

    CrossGeneration Comics has completely sold out of its initial printing of CrossGen Chronicles #2 - the first CrossGen Comics issue drawn by George Perez - but has gone back to press for a second printing to satisfy consumer demand!

    "We knew when George Perez signed on with us, that his books would be special," said CrossGen Publisher Mark Alessi. "This just reaffirms those beliefs."

    The Second Printing differs only from the first by a notice on the book's indicia on the inside front cover. No other changes have been made to the book's cover or interior pages, in accordance with CrossGen's "no variants" policy.

    CrossGen Director of Marketing and Distribution James Breitbeil said, "We wanted to…remind the fans that we're still working hard to earn their trust and support."

    If you missed this book, now's your chance to get it! Talk to your retailer about placing your order!

     February 26, 2001 | CrossGen Chronicles #2 Sells Out
    From CrossGen Comics
    February 26, 2001

    CrossGen Comics Goes Back For Second Printing

    After only two days on sale, CrossGeneration Comics, Inc. completely sold out of its initial printing of CrossGen Chronicles #2, the first CrossGen Comics issue drawn by George Pérez. CrossGen has already gone back to print and those copies should be available to retailers by the end of the week.

    “We’re ecstatic with this news,” said CrossGen Publisher Mark Alessi. “We knew when George Pérez signed on with us, that his books would be special. This just reaffirms those beliefs.”

    The book also rated number 2 on the Diamond Comic Distributor’s weekly advance reorder ratings, behind only Ultimate X-Men #3. This helped the book to sell out far more quickly than anticipated.

    “We think a combination of our outreach to retailers about how good this book was - combined with the advance previews of George’s artwork that was available all over the Web - that helped push the book way over the top,” said CrossGen Director of Marketing and Distribution James Breitbeil. “We’ve never had a book do this well in advance reorders. We had an inkling, and the market proved us right.”

    A second printing of this issue will be available for reorder immediately. The second printing will be differentiated only by a notice on the books indicia on the inside front cover. No changes will be made to the books cover or interior pages.

    “Since we are adamant about keeping our promise of ‘no variants,’ we want to make clear that this second printing is not a variant, but a legitimate second printing, period,” Breitbeil added. “In response to retailer demand to keep saleable issues in print, we immediately decided to go back and do this second printing. We wanted to reassure the retail community that we are on their side, and remind the fans that we’re still working hard to earn their trust and support.”

     February 26, 2001 | CrossGen Chronicles #2 Print
    From Wizard
    CrossGen Comics has unleashed a "CrossGen Chronicles #2" print featuring bitchin' George Pérez art as part of a retail incentive program. As a signed-and-numbered edition of only 100, it could be quite a retail item.
     February 23, 2001
    Transcribed by Vu

      George Pérez and I go way back. All the way to 1984, in fact, when one of my first duties as a newly-minted Associate Editor for DC comics meant calling up one of my favorite artists to tell him we couldn't get copyright clearance for an image of New York he'd used as a background on a painted cover for The New Teen Titans... then cursing his name as I went through thousands of aerial shots of New York at the NY Visitors and Convention Bureau to find one we could us - and taken from the same angle so the perspective wasn't skewed. (This, kiddies, was before personal computers and the Internet.) The painted cover looked great, by the way.

      George came back on Titans for a while and he and I made plans to work on a project someday, but (except for a supergirl back-upstory over Dick Giordano) our professional lives have never come together again until now. CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #3 features the first-ever Barbara Kesel/George Pérez collaboration, and I'm praying George survives the experience. You see, there's almost 20 years' worth of images I've always wanted to see George draw and well... I put them all in. (George has this fascinating little tremor in his speech now...)

      If you've ever George, you know he's chaisma on the hoof. He's also a spectacular hoofer - he recently burned up the dance floor at the local karoke palace with the women of CrossGen - and mentor to the next generation of comics artist. It's tremendously fulfilling, personally and professionally, to be able to have the chance to try to kill him with a plot work with him.

      -- Barbara Kesel

     January 20, 2001 | Charity Auction
    From Shane Elliott
    Well, I've finally gotten word on the first major item to hit eBay as part of the BIG charity drive that I mentioned on the website on December 26th!

    If you take a look in the 'Files' section there's an image of the new RARE print made to celebrate George's debut on Crossgen Chronicles! (It's not me, but James from Crossgen comics holding a copy of the print)

    There will only be 50 spots open for this raffle with each "ticket" at a starting price of $10 U.S.! That's right, you have a 1-in-50 chance of winning this print!

    But that's not all! You also get a copy of Crossgen Chronicles #2 (a $3.95 U.S. cover price!) with each raffle "ticket" you purchase!

    More??? YES!!! The profits from this raffle WILL GO TO CHARITY on behalf of George Perez. If you haven't seen the press release on my site yet, check it out in the links section of this club!

    A link to the auction will follow on February 1st!

    See that print? We're going to be raffling it off starting FEBRUARY 1, 2001! As the official launch of our George Pérez charity drive!

    There are only 50 tickets available at $10 each! EVERY ENTRANT also receives a copy of Crossgen Chronicles #2!

    Your chances of winning are 1-in-50 and all profits GO TO CHARITY!

    Join the mailing list to get the official LINK!

     February 11, 2001 | CrossGen Chronicles #2 Advert
    From Vu

     January 31, 2001 | Crossgen Chronicles #2 Ad
    From WIZARD #114 (Mar 01)

    Advertisement for CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #2, featuring sneak preview of artwork by George Perez and Dennis Jensen.

    The two-page advertisement shows a lot of detail in what looks like the splash pages for issue number two's story.

    December 22, 2000 | Perez on CrossGen Move
    From Comic Book Resources (thanks to Ilke Hincer)


    Thursday December 21, 2000
    By Beau Yarbrough

    Note to would-be suitors of George Pérez: The full court press works with him. After all, that's how CrossGen Comics got him to go from handling the art on a few issues of "CrossGen Chronicles" to signing an exclusive contract with the company, as was announced earlier this week. (See CBR's Comic Brief for CrossGen's press release on the topic.)

    "I was sort of overwhelmed by all the effort," Pérez told the Comic Wire on Wednesday. "I hope I'm worth it! ... My wife's comment was 'good god, they really want you!'"

    CrossGen initially contacted the legendary artist before their first comic was even published. But it took one of his partners at the Gorilla imprint coming on board to convince him to give them a closer look.

    "If they can win a skeptic like Mark [Waid] over, I should investigate this a little more," Pérez said. Waid joined CrossGen's staff as their third staff writer earlier this year, although he won't be fully exclusive with the company until his run writing DC Comics' "JLA" comes to an end.

    Like Waid, Pérez doesn't exactly have to go begging for freelance assignments from the major companies. But CrossGen was offering something that they weren't.

    "Despite the fact of being able to get a lot of work -- lord knows I have no problem as far as work being offered -- because of concerns of my health, as well as my age creeping up ... I have to start worrying about my future.

    "The great thing about working with CrossGen is they do things like profit-sharing and being able to build up money for retirement."

    The company is bending some of their rules for the artist: While he already lives in Florida, he won't be relocating from his home in Orlando to the company's studios outside Tampa, as is the norm. Pérez is a diabetic, and has special needs that made him reluctant to pick up stakes and move across the state -- much less commute two-and-a-half hours each way daily.

    [ Read more Perez on CrossGen Move ]

    December 20, 2000 | Perez Goes CrossGen-Exclusive
    From Wizard (as previously mentioned - includes a big picture)
    But allows himself ‘Avengers/JLA’ loophole
    December 19, 2000
    They’ve landed another one.

    CrossGen Comics, the upstart Florida-based publisher that began publication in May, 2000, has added one of comics’ most revered talents to its ever-growing roster. Penciler George Pérez, late of Avengers, has agreed to join CrossGen on a permanent, exclusive basis.

    Pérez had already agreed to pencil four issues of CrossGen Chronicles on a freelance basis. After the completion of these four issues, Chronicles will become a bimonthly title with Pérez penciling each issue.

    [ Read full article at Wizard ]

    December 20, 2000 | Perez Joins CrossGen
    From Continuum (same information as previously mentioned, but there is a picture of Perez; probably at a Gorilla section at a recent convention appearance.)
    Artist George Perez has agreed to join CrossGen Comics on an exclusive basis, effective immediately.

    Perez will join CrossGen and finish his originally planned four-issue run on CrossGen Chronicles. After that, the title will then become a bi-monthly that will only be penciled by Perez.

    "CrossGen offers me a chance to do something other than the superhero stories I've worked on during my one quarter century in comics," Perez said. "After reading all the CrossGen books, I saw the unified universe and liked what I saw. Then, when I spoke to Mark Alessi, I liked his attitude and philosophy. Mark has a great vision and a means to pull it off. I can't see myself moving anywhere else. I'm here for the duration."

    [ Read more Perez Joins CrossGen ]

    December 19, 2000 | Fandom Exclusive of Crossgen #2
    From Fandom
    - Updated With Preview Images

    Thanks to this posting from Apenation
    From Ralf Haring
    Date/Time: 12/18/2000 7:26 PM
    Subject: Crossgen

    Body: Hi, just saw an announcementat Newsarama that George would be working exclusively at Crossgen in the near future. While the article took pains to mention that "the only exception exception to Pérez`s exclusivity to CrossGen is the long-anticipated JLA/Avengers crossover" (if it ever came to fruition). However, nowhere in the article was his Gorilla work mentioned. I would expect that he would garner the same type of exception for that as Mark Waid did, but just wanted to be sure.

    December 19, 2000 | Pérez Signs Exclusive with Crossgen
    From Ilke Hincer
    The following comes from (see also Crossgen):

    George Pérez Signs Exclusive Agreement with Crossgen
    Posted by Beau Yarbrough - 16:01 PST
    Official press release

    Comic Legend To Work As Full Time CrossGen Employee On Bi-Monthly Title

    TAMPA, FL., December 18, 2000 - CrossGen has added one of the comic industry's most revered talents to its ever-growing roster. Penciler George Pérez has agreed to join CrossGen on a permanent, exclusive basis.

    Beginning immediately, Pérez will join CrossGen and finish his highly anticipated four-issue run on CrossGen Chronicles. After the completion of these four issues, CrossGen Chronicles will then become a bi-monthly title that will only be penciled by George Pérez.

    Said Pérez on joining CrossGen, "CrossGen offers me a chance to do something other than the superhero stories I've worked on during my one quarter century in comics. After reading all the CrossGen books, I saw the unified universe and liked what I saw. Then, when I spoke to Mark Alessi, I liked his attitude and philosophy. Mark has a great vision and a means to pull it off. I can't see myself moving anywhere else. I'm here for the duration."

    Pérez will continue to work from his home in nearby Orlando, making regularly scheduled stops into the CrossGen office to meet with other members of his creative team. Because of his recently publicized health problems, CrossGen is relaxing its in-house policy for this unique situation.

    "It's been quite a while since I've felt this wanted by a publisher," Pérez said. "CrossGen has gone out of its way to support my unique needs. I've never felt this much a part of an organization."

    CrossGen's flexibility regarding Pérez was the right thing to do according to CrossGen Publisher Mark Alessi. "When one of comics greatest all-time stars wants to join your company on a permanent, exclusive basis, you do whatever is reasonable to accommodate them," Alessi said. "In this case, George's health became the paramount and overriding issue. There was no way we were going to turn him down because he couldn't come here daily to work. This is a health related exception that only very few could garner. George is definitely one of those few."

    The only possible exception to Pérez's exclusivity to CrossGen is the long-awaited JLA/Avengers crossover. In the unlikely event that Marvel and DC can ever come to terms on the publication of this historic event, CrossGen will allow Pérez a temporary release from his exclusive agreement to draw this project.

    "There's been talk of this project for 18 years," Pérez said. "The prospect of this crossover is the reason I've been reluctant to sign an exclusive agreement. I'm very grateful that CrossGen as comics fans, are allowing me the leave of absence I'll need should this finally come to fruition. If it never happens, I'll be perfectly content right here with CrossGen. I really enjoy the fantasy genre and feel it suits my style."

    Again, Alessi believes allowing Pérez a temporary release for the JLA/Avengers crossover is the right thing to do. "This project is just too historic not to happen," Alessi said. "The fans want it, the retailers want it, heck, all of us here at CrossGen want it! So if it actually comes to be, we'd be more than happy to allow George the opportunity to do it. For comics' sake, let's just hope it happens."

    The first George Pérez penciled CrossGen issue is CrossGen Chronicles #2, on sale February 21, 2001.

    George Pérez will be joining the CrossGen staff at this year’s convention appearances. Look for them at MegaCon, Comic-Con International: San Diego and Wizard World Chicago.

    CrossGeneration Comics is based just outside of Tampa, Florida. Since their initial launch on May 24, 2000, CrossGen Comics has set unprecedented sales records for a new start-up comics publisher by debuting their first six releases on the comic book industry distributor's Top 100 sales list. Since then they have grown into the comic industry's fifth largest publisher. Their unique and innovative approach to comic book publishing is sure to make them a company to watch out for well into the new millennium. The CrossGen Comics, The First, Mystic, Sigil, Scion, and Meridian are available now in comic book specialty stores everywhere, with a different one on sale each Wednesday. Their next monthly title, Crux, will be available starting in April 2001.

    Source: CrossGen Comics

    December 12, 2000 | Crossgen Chronicles #2 Advert
    From Previews Vol. 10, #12 (Dec 00)

    Written by Ron Marz, penciled by George Perez, inked by Dennis Jensen.

    George Perez comes to CrossGen. The all-time master of epic scope and detail pencils the first of his specials for CrossGen, a tale drawn from the past of Scion. Centuries ago, ancestors of Ethan and Bron led rival fleets against each other in a battle, and the outcome provides the basis for the annual tournament of ritual combat. History never looked so good as Perez produces a sweeping saga on a scale rarely seen in comics!

    FC, 48 pages, $3.95, ships on Feb. 21.

    October 28, 2000
    From Comics Continuum

      Written by Ron Marz, penciled by George Perez, inked by Dennis Jensen.

      George Perez comes to CrossGen. The all-time master of epic scope and detail pencils the first of his specials for CrossGen, a tale drawn from the past of Scion. Centuries ago, ancestors of Ethan and Bron led rival fleets against each other in a battle, and the outcome provides the basis for the annual tournament of ritual combat.

      48 pages, $3.95, ships on Feb. 21.

    October 3, 2000 | Future Projects
    From George Perez (A recent email updating on various projects and clarifying SPAWN 100.)

    ...regular work (a five page story for TITANS #25-- pencilled and inked by me from a script by Marv Wolfman, six covers for a DC fifth-week event featuring the JLA, a 5-page preview story Kurt Busiek and I are doing for SECTION ZERO #6, the cover to SPAWN #101, and my regular work on CROSSGEN CHRONICLES and CRIMSON PLAGUE) and a backlog of private commissions, I am extremely swamped.

    As I said I am drawing the cover of SPAWN 101, but that's it. I was originally asked about drawing a cover for Issue #100, but my schedule couldn't accommodate that. convention appearances next year include, so far, MegaCon (Orlando, FL), Wizard World (Chicago, IL), Big Easy (New Orleans, LA) and Comicon International (San Diego, CA)

    June 19, 2000 | CrossGen Expands Line
    From Previews
    CrossGen Expands Line

    Due to the positive response to the characters featured in CrossGen Chronicles #1 (MAR001524E, $3.95), and demand for additional stories based on them, CrossGen has announced a change in the format of Chronicles and the addition of a fifth monthly title to its line.

    The new monthly (which will be offered in the September Previews) will be titled The First, in reference to the god-like characters that will appear in its pages. Originally planned to appear only in the pages of Chronicles, these characters will now appear in their own monthly adventures. While Chronicles #1 introduced a few of the First, the new series will open wide the door to their world, starting in November with the debut issue. "These characters will scramble to investigate the riddle of the Sigil-Bearers, squabble, tryst, scheme, and battle their way toward dominance ... and that’s just part of the first issue!" said Barbara Kesel, who will write the series. The art team will consist of penciler Bart Sears (Violator, Blade, Turok) and inker Andy Smith (Uncanny X-Men, Green Lantern).

    "I’ve worked for a lot of comic book companies," said Sears. "Always searching for something. Now I’ve finally found it – a home at CrossGen and a chance to draw the book I feel I was born to draw."

    CrossGen Chronicles will become an umbrella title showcasing specials tied to the entire CrossGen Universe. The first four of these will be penciled by fan-favorite artist George Perez!

    June 4, 2000 | Perez At Crossgen
    From Comics Continuum
    Friday, June 2, 2000

    George Perez talked to The Continuum about the projects he will be involved in after leaving Marvel Comics' Avengers.

    "I will be penciling a series of four specials for CrossGen that will provide background stories for the regular monthly books," Perez said. "I'll be working on these for a year with the first book to be solicited sometime in the summer of 2001. The writers are CrossGen head writers Ron Marz and Barbara Kesel. Unlike most of the creators working for CrossGen, I am still a freelancer and will be working on projects elsewhere as well."

    "I'm looking forward to working with George immensely," Marz told The Continuum. "It's a given that he's a master, but it's that much more exciting for me because George was one of the first artists whose work I recognized and sought out when I began reading comics. I wish I could go back and tell the 10-year-old me that I'm getting the opportunity to collaborate with George. Now I just have to come up with a story on a scale that's worthy of George's talents."

    Perez will be also drawing the last of the Stan Lee/DC books, based on Crisis on Infinite Earths.

    At Image, Perez continues his work on the Gorilla Comics title Crimson Plague and has drawn the cover for Spawn #100.