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CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #3 (Jun 2001) CrossGen Comics

cover:  George Pérez
Bob Wiacek
Laura DePuy
Date: Jun 2001
Cover Price: $2.95
Publisher: CrossGen Comics


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    "Title" (36 pages) / "If Adventure Had A Name..." (4 pages) 
    writer:  Barbara Kesel
    Andrew Smith
    art:  George Perez
    Mike Perkins 
    colors:  Laura DePuy
    letters:  Troy Peteri
    Dave Lanphear
    editor:  N/A
    CrossGen Comics

    CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #3 (Midtown) (Jun 2001)
    CrossGen Comics
    CrossGen Comics
    xxxx x

     October 8, 2003 | Kesel Interview at Comix View
    From Comix View

    Comix View Spotlight On Barbara Kesel, Fantasy Woman, Part Two
    October 8, 2003
    By Ian Simmons


    CV: Finally, what would you say is the work you're most proud of? What's you're defining work thus far?

    BK: I don't want to have a defining one yet. I really, really like-probably my favorite issue of all time-is CrossGen Chronicles #3, the Meridian issue with George [Perez] because things just came alive in that story that I've mined ever since. It's kind of like the touchstone moment for the entire series, and everything leads to something else over the course of the story we're gonna tell. I really love the Lois Lane issue I did with Amanda Conner; I really love the ElseGirls story that I did with Matt Haley and Tom Simmons. I really love great moments in Hawk & Dove-and there's a lot of stinky stuff in that, too.

     June 6, 2003 | CGE Traveler's Editions
    From Vu

    Bill Rosemann's latest press release is about the Traveler's Edition of their paperback. Two of them have reprints of CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #2 and CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #3:

  • SCION #2: BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD (Traveler Edition)

    Laptops, CD players, cell phones... in this age of evolving consumer products, smaller is better. Which is exactly what we were thinking when we developed the Traveler format. Measuring 8" by 5", these full-color graphic novels deliver a handy size at a nice price. In fact, Wizard magazine said, "The new CrossGen Travelers are simply amazing...they're the perfect size to stuff in a book bag or even a back pocket." And with a price of only $9.95--for 192 pages--they won't break your wallet either!

    Yesterday MERIDIAN TRAVELER Vol. 2: GOING TO GROUND and MYSTIC TRAVELER Vol. 1: RITE OF PASSAGE hit the stage, while SCION TRAVELER Vol. 2: BLOOD FOR BLOOD and THE PATH TRAVELER Vol. 1: CRISIS OF FAITH will arrive on June 11th. And if your local retailer ordered the TRAVELER DISPLAY UNIT, you may also find RUSE TRAVELER Vol. 1: ENTER THE DETECTIVE and SOJOURN TRAVELER Vol. 1: FROM THE ASHES waiting for you right now!

    So if you ever wanted to give a CrossGen series a try--or if you like big adventure for a small price--then try the Travelers!

     April 11, 2003 | Eisner Awards 2003
    From Vu

    Sadly, only one person from CrossGen was nominated for an Eisner. Laura as you know was the colorist for CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #2 and CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #3.

    Posted: April 10, 2003
    by Jonah Weiland, Executive Producer


    Lovingly referred to as "The Academy Awards of the Comic Industry," the 2003 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards were announced today, representing a wide range of comics in the field. Over 40 different publisher were represented in 26 categories. DC Comics was at the top of the field as DC and their various imprints garnered 23 nominations, Fantagraphics had a very strong showing with 18 nominations, Marvel had 7, while Dark Horse and Image Comics came in with four.

    Best Coloring:

  • Laura DePuy Martin, Ruse (CrossGen)
  •  December 30, 2002 | CrossGen Custom Prints
    From CrossGen Shop
    CrossGen Comics

    Size Signed Un-Matted Matted Print Only
    Small No $64.95 $99.95 $15.00
    Small Yes $79.95 $114.95 $30.00
    Large No $99.95 $134.95 $25.00
    Large Yes $114.95 $149.95 $40.00
     November 20, 2002 | Wizard #136: George Goes Monthly

    written by Dave Marshall
    transcribed by Vu
    published in WIZARD MAGAZINE #136
    Pérez makes CrossGen monthly debut with superhero-free 'Solus'

  • WIZARD MAGAZINE #136 (Jan 03)
  • SOLUS #1 (Mar 03) CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #3 (Jun 2001)
    CrossGen Comics
  • George Pérez wants to draw everything in his new series for CrossGen - everything, that is, except superheroes.

    When Solus launches next March, the oft proclaimed "ultimate superhero artist" takes time from working on the uber-anticipated JLA/Avengers project to embark on his first monthly ongoing series in over two years. And there isn't a single cape in sight.

    "I've been drawing superheroes nonstop for almost 30 years," admitted Pérez. "With this past year of working on the ultimate superhero team-up, it's really nice to get on my feet wet again in the fantasy arena and have a character who actually changes their clothes from time to time."

    That character is the ravishing and brilliant Andra Radiant. The most renown scientist, athlete and explorer on her planet, Andra has no memory of her past accomplishments.

    "She seems to be the inspiration, if not the outright cause, of the world's progress and well-being," noted Pérez. "She's a glorified persona. While she knows that's who she is, that's all she nows about who she is."

    Rather than soaking up praise she can't remember deserving, Andra resolves to uncover the truth, traveling to the various planets across the CrossGen Universe in search of her past.

    "Crossing through the different planets means being able to do a lot of design work and being able to work in lots of genres I don't ordinarily get a chance to do," said Pérez. "it's the best of all worlds… literally."

    The decision to go monthly with the series exemplifies Pérez's determination to challenge himself despite everything he's already accomplished.

    "There is a real wear and tear on the creative juices trying to come up with something interesting month after month," explained Pérez. "But I knew that if I wanted to feel like part of the CrossGen team and maximize my return after a year's hiatus, it had to be with more than just going back to the status quo."

    In many ways, Solus is an opportunity for Pérez to explore the less-charted areas of his creative career. While giving Pérez the female protagonist he craved and a science fiction/fantasy setting that would let his imagination run, there was still something missing.

    "One of the things I've missed is being able to work with a woman writer," said Pérez. "Having worked on Wonder Woman with Karen Berger, I find I have a lot I identify with the female point of view, and I really wanted to work that way with someone who was intelligent and whose writing ability I respected."

    Luckily, Barbara Kesel agreed to write the new series. Already fast friends, the two had previously collaborated on a Meridian story in CrossGen Chronicles #3.

    "I like Barbara's way of thinking," praised Pérez. "While she has a good grasp of graphics, she has a lot more internal action that goes on with the characters in her stories. It creates a real challenge to convey those thoughts visually, and I like the challenge."

    Once again a fulltime CrossGen employee, Pérez is on double duty, working on Solus during the day and drawing JLA/Avengers during nights and weekends. Rather than feel overwhelmed, Pérez celebrates the opportunity to work on such varied projects.

    "I've been very lucky," reflected Pérez. "To be able to work on the stuff I really want to do - to do the ultimate superhero book, to do fantasy which I've been aching to do for ages - I consider myself a very fortunate artist."

     September 21, 2002 | Site Update
    From CrossGeneration Reviews
    CrossGen Chronicles #3
    reviewed by MegsPencer

    Once upon a time there were two brothers, who were both in love with a beautiful artist. Her name was Ideria, and she fell in love with the older brother, Turos, who was heir to the land of Meridian. But his younger brother Ilahn was a power hungry man, and refused to give up the woman he'd decided would be his. This issue tells the story of Turos and Ideria, parents of Sephie of Meridian, who would never know her mother. It's a story about love, starring two characters who die either before or immediately following the first issue of Meridian, but the two people most directly influenced by the lives of the lovers are Sephie and Ilahn, and so by reading this we understand a good deal about the main characters of Meridian.

    This issue is a perfect illustration of what Chronicles can and should be. This story would seem out of place in Meridian continuity, but makes a great supplement to the ongoing tale of Sephie and her uncle. I liked the art in this issue better than I've liked other work by Perez. The narrative style, switching between Sephie's comments and her mother's artwork, is very enjoyable. I like how Turos and Ilahn, seen only as an older men in Meridian continuity, are shown are young brothers, with Turos the more 'naive,' round faced character and Ilahn the more intellectual, perhaps more attractive one. A good stand alone issue, with characters I cared about, and one that had a good impact on the series it supplemented.

    ART: A-
    STORY: A

     September 16, 2001
    From The Comic Reader
      An Interview With CrossGen's Barbara Kesel (Interview)
      September 13, 2001


      TCR-James Schee: What's it like working with artist from both ends of the spectrum like you have on the Meridian characters? (I.E George Perez being the crafty veteran, while Steve McNiven is relatively still the new guy)

      Barbara Kesel: George is a crafty veteran—what a perfect description! I’d wanted to write a story for him for so long that our first Chronicles was just a dream come true and more than everything I’d imagined. But to compare George to Steve—the situations are so different. George has so much experience to draw from that he has no fear, even when approaching a "mini-series crammed into a single issue" plot like I handed him for Chronicles #3. I wouldn’t dare do that to Steve...yet...because I’d hate to hear him scream like a peacock. But just wait...Steve’s rocketing up the experience ladder. Take a good look at issue #15’s art, because Steve took a giant leap forward in the sophistication of his layouts and his ability to capture expression. Steve is learning George’s fearlessness: when I hand off impossible city descriptions, I get back everything I asked for and more.

      [ Read more at The Comic Reader ]

     September 8, 2001 | CrossGen Chronicles Pages
    From Ebay
      Seller Thanadon writes:

      CROSSGENERATION COMICS/CHRONICLES #3 pg. 4 (and 11) is penciled by GEORGE PEREZ. The art page is INKED and owned by Mike Perkins. CHRONICLES #3 was written by Barbara Kesel, penciled by George Perez, inked by Mike Perkins, and colored by Laura DePuy.

      These two pages are being sold on ebay. They are pretty reasonably priced for these original art pages by George Pérez and Mike Perkins.
     May 30, 2001
    From Comic Book Resources (excerpt)
      Pipeline Daily #2
      Wednesday May 30, 2001
      by Augie De Blieck Jr.

      CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #3 contains the latest and greatest art from George Perez. This time around, the story is by Barbara Kesel and is set in the land of Meridian, at the time of the courtship of Sephia's parents. This issue has a little bit of everything in it, from swashbuckling adventure to a grand love story to family feuds and political struggles, not to mention conniving brothers and economics and politics. While it does tend to get lost occasionally in the splendor of the new worlds that are included for Perez to draw, it flows easily enough and shouldn't insult your intelligence.

      The trick to this issue is in believing that there is enough going on between Sephie's parents to make their actions seem believable. While I think that it's a stutter-step to get there, the end result works for me. The trouble I had was that their courtship was handled mostly off-camera and reflected on later by the characters. I'd rather have seen the courtship as it happened, but can understand where doing such a thing might have screwed up the pacing of the story.

      Artistically, this book fires on all cylinders, and how could it not with art by Perez (with inks by Mike Perkins) and colors by Laura DePuy? Perez gets to draw the crowd scenes, the extravagant architecture, the lost civilizations, and the technical airship fights. He also has the chance to draw the smaller moments to prove that it's not all bombast and bluster.

     May 27, 2001
    From Wizard (includes two other pages from the comic, but they are really tiny thumb-sized images)

    May 22, 2001

    Pérez Travels to Meridian

    Long ago on the floating island of Meridian, a young Minister-to-be named Turos first laid eyes on a beautiful young artist named Ideria. The only impediment to their romance is Ideria's other suitor...Ilahn, Turos' younger brother. A tale of Meridian's more recent past brought to life by the master of imagination, George Pérez.

    On sale this Wednesday, May 23, CrossGen Chronicles #3 is written by Barbara Kesel, penciled by Pérez, inked by Bob Wiacek, and colored by Laura DePuy.

    NOTE: Larger scans of the three preview pages can be found at the CrossGen Comics website.

     May 16, 2001
    From CSN
      Seeds of Evil
      Every reader of Meridian knows that Ilahn is a thoroughly wicked man -- but was he always so malevolent? Readers will find the answer in CrossGen Chronicles #3, a story set many years before in the past, when Ilahn was a young man in love. The standalone story by Meridian writer Barbara Kesel and artist George Pérez focuses not on Sephie, but on her mother, her father, and her uncle -- but this tale is set in the time before they became her mother, father, and uncle. Kesel offers a quick rundown of the story. "Ideria (Sephie's mother) returns to Meridian after nearly a decade away. An artist who travels the world bringing back ideas for new ship designs, she's about to set off on her next journey when she, darn it, falls in love. Circumstances force her to leave anyway, and she discovers just how strong a force love can be during what happens next. Oh, and stuff blows up. And guys fight.
     May 13, 2001
    From MYSTIC #12 (advertisement CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #3)
     March 18, 2001
    From CrossGen
      NOTE: Wallpaper is from the upcoming CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #3

      800x600 1024x768
     March 16, 2001
    From Vu
      Here are two advertisments I've seen on CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #3.

     February 11, 2001
    From Comics Continuum

      Written by Barbara Kesel, penciled by George Perez, inked by Bob Wiacek, colored by Laura DePuy.

      Long ago on the floating island of Meridian, a young Minister-to-be named Turos first laid eyes on a beautiful young artist named Ideria. The only impediment to their romance is Ideria's other suitor...Ilahn, Turos' younger brother. A tale of Meridian's more recent past.

      48 pages, $3.95, arrives in stores on May 23.

     February 8, 2001
    From CrossGen

      art by George Perez and Bob Wiacek

      CrossGen Chronicles #3
      May 23, 2001

      Long ago on the floating island of Meridian, a young Minister-to-be named Turos first laid eyes on a beautiful young artist named Ideria. The only impediment to their romance is Ideria's other suitor...Ilahn, Turos' younger brother. A tale of Meridian's more recent past brought to life by the master of imagination, George Pérez.

      Also note: there are also two preview pages in the art preview section for CrossGen Chronicles #2, they are identified as pages 1 and 4.