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CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #4 (Sep 2001) CrossGen Comics

cover:  George Perez
Mike Perkins
Laura DePuy

Date: Sep 2001
Cover Price: $3.95
Publisher: CrossGen Comics


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    • The Marvel Art of George Perez cover updated From Vu, thanks to Ilke MARVEL ART OF GEORGE PEREZ (27 Apr 2021) Marvel Comics Amazon has updated the cover to The Marvel Art of George Perez, available in Hardcover on June 22, 2021, for $50. This is a must-own book for any George Perez fan. Cover was originally printed as Albuquerque Comic Convention print in Jan 2014... and re-used again as Avengers #700 Variant Cover in Nov 2018.
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    "Title" (34 pages) 
    writer:  Mark Waid
    art:  George Perez
    Mike Perkins
    Rick Magyar
    colors:  Laura DePuy
    Chris Garcia (asst)
    Mike Garcia (asst)
    letters:  Dave Lanphear
    Troy Peteri
    editor:  N/A

    CrossGen Comics

    CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #4 (Italy) (2002)

    COMIC SHOP NEWS #738 (14 Aug 2001)
    Comic Shop News

     January 3, 2003 | Chat with Kesel & Panaccio
    From CG Universe
    A Chat with Beeber and Tony
    January 02nd, 2003
    by James Grasselli

    Barabara Kesel (Beeber) was in the CG Chat tonight and answered a few questions from the spectators there.


    4) What is the status of Solus?
    A) Solus is going great. I can't tell you much about the story, but George is getting the best inking and coloring in his career. No disrepesect to any of the Chronicles teams, but Rick's enthusiasm shows, and Larry's a completely fearless colorist.

    Tony Panaccio also showed up at around this point and answered a few questions as well. Beeber left pretty soon after Tony came in, though.

    7) What news of the Sigil TV show?
    A) The Sigil TV show has been morphed to a feature fil, now, and yes, we will be working with the Sigil cast of characters in a stage closer to the way they were in the Sigil Chronicles issues written by Mark Waid and drawn by George Perez.

     August 25, 2001
    From Hero Realm (originally posted on CrossGen's "Comic Attraction")
      Thursday, August 23rd

      CrossGen's provided us with some sneak peek images from the upcoming CrossGen Chronicles...

      CrossGen Chronicles #4 (a tale of Sam & Loser's first meeting) marks the first time that Mark Waid and George Perez have gotten together for a story!!

      Click on the thumbs for larger images, and thanks to CrossGen and Ian Feller for the images!

     May 26, 2001
    From Diamond
      Waid & Pérez Form Dream Team

      Just in time for the summer blockbuster announcements, two of comics’ fan-favorite creators will be joining forces to create a fresh book for CrossGen. Mark Waid and George Pérez clash bracelets and activate Wonder Twin powers to deliver CrossGen Chronicles #4, in which Roiya recounts Sam’s first encounter with Tchlusarud. It’s Waid’s trademark high drama interlaced with the famous Pérez splashes. Watch as troops are ready to mutiny against Sam unless Roiya can find some way to reach him, and find out what really makes him tick! Look for it in the Comics section of Previews!

      CrossGen Chronicles #4
      by Waid, Pérez, & Perkins

      Mark Waid and George Pérez together for the very first time! Roiya recounts Sam’s first encounter with Tchlusarud: Sam is in command of an elite Union Army strike force, but his troops are ready to mutiny unless Roiya can find some way to reach Sam and find out what really makes him tick…
      FC, 48pg..........$3.95

     May 24, 2001
    From Vu

    Advertisement for CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #4, bigger scan can be found at Yahoo Club!: George Pérez.
     March 13, 2001
    From Barbara Kesel, via CrossGen Messageboards
      posted 03-06-2001 09:08 AM
      George [Perez] WILL be completing issues 3 (Meridian), 4 (Sigil), and 5 (Mystic) before he does the honorary issue 6 (AvsJLA HA HA!) and then the real issue 6 (not telling). Both George and Mark Alessi worked very hard to make both events--George's coming aboard as a CrossGen employee AND fulfilling the decades-delayed wish of every comics fanboy with the Big Battle between the Big Two--happen. Which is SO cool.