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CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #5 (Dec 2001) CrossGen Comics

cover:  George Perez
Mike Perkins
Laura DePuy

Date: Dec 2001
Cover Price: $3.95
Publisher: CrossGen Comics


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    • The Marvel Art of George Perez cover updated From Vu, thanks to Ilke MARVEL ART OF GEORGE PEREZ (27 Apr 2021) Marvel Comics Amazon has updated the cover to The Marvel Art of George Perez, available in Hardcover on June 22, 2021, for $50. This is a must-own book for any George Perez fan. Cover was originally printed as Albuquerque Comic Convention print in Jan 2014... and re-used again as Avengers #700 Variant Cover in Nov 2018.
      Posted Feb 22, 2021, 4:00 AM by Vu Nguyen
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    "Title" (48 pages) 
    writer:  Ron Marz
    art:  George Perez
    Pablo Marcos
    colors:  Mike Garcia
    Chris Garcia
    letters:  Dave Lanphear
    Troy Peteri
    editor:  N/A
    CrossGen Comics
    CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #2 (France) (Mar 2002)
    CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #4 (Germany) (Aug 2003)
    CrossGen Comics

    COMIC SHOP NEWS #754 (14 Aug 2001)
    Comic Shop News
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     August 7, 2002 | Nalia of Taroc Commission
    From George Pérez
  • Nalia of Taroc (1), 2002, From The Artist's Choice
  • Wed, 07 Aug 2002 08:35:28 -0500

    I just wanted to correct a caption on the Artist's Choice website. On the page showcasing some of my commissioned sketches the picture of Nalia of Taroc (from CrossGen Chronicles #5) is incorrectly credited as a Scarlet Witch (with some original costume presumedly done for the customer).

    From The Dark Lantern
    Wed, 07 Aug 2002 19:20:26 +0000

    I don't know if anyone pointed this out yet, but the "Scarlet Witch new costume design" image from the ArtistChoice site is not the Scarlet Witch -- but a character from the Mystic-spotlight issue of Crossgen Chronicles.

     November 23, 2001 | CSN #754
    From CSN

    COMIC SHOP NEWS #754 (14 Aug 2001)
    Comic Shop News
    The Magic Goes Away -- with a Bang! For seventeen issues, Ron Marz helmed the exploits of Giselle in the pages of Mystic. Recently, he passed the writing honors to Tony Bedard... but it turns out that Marz wasn't quite ready to depart. No, he had one more story to tell... and tell it he does, in the pages of CrossGen Chronicles #5.
     September 22, 2001
    From George Pérez

      I am doing a pin-up for Marvel's tribute book to benefit the NY relief effort with CrossGen Comics' permission and blessing. It was important for me to contribute this way since, as a diabetic, I don't even have the option of donating blood. I did have to get some more pages of CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #5 finished first since I didn't want inker Pablo Marcos to be without work during any of this. Due to various circumstances, including having our 20th wedding anniversary European vacation cancelled due to the terrorist attacks, (my wife and I were supposed to fly out on Sept. 11th) I've fallen behind schedule, although not severely enough to jeopardize CHRONICLES #5's shipping on time.

     August 29, 2001
    From Vu

      Advertisement from CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #4, larger scan at Pérez Club
     July 28, 2001
    From CBR
      Intended for All Ages
      Full color cover and interiors, comic book sized, 48 pages
      Ships monthly
      $3.95 US, $5.95 Canadian
      Printing at Quebecor
      Country of origin: Canada
      Available for Pick Up Date: November 23, 2001
      On Sale Date: November 28, 2001
      UPC Code: Yes
      Written by Ron Marz
      Penciled by George Pérez
      Inked by TBD
      Colored by TBD

      Every school child on Ciress knows the story of how the Guild Masters first imprisoned Animora centuries ago. Now Giselle will learn the secret truth of what happened, and the sacrifices that were made, in order to defeat the greatest threat her planet has ever faced. George Pérez is on hand for Ron Marz’s MYSTIC swansong.

     March 13, 2001
    From Barbara Kesel, via CrossGen Messageboards
      posted 03-06-2001 09:08 AM
      George [Perez] WILL be completing issues 3 (Meridian), 4 (Sigil), and 5 (Mystic) before he does the honorary issue 6 (AvsJLA HA HA!) and then the real issue 6 (not telling). Both George and Mark Alessi worked very hard to make both events--George's coming aboard as a CrossGen employee AND fulfilling the decades-delayed wish of every comics fanboy with the Big Battle between the Big Two--happen. Which is SO cool.