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CROSSGEN CAMPAIGN SYSTEM HC (Errata) (2004) CrossGen Comics

cover:  George Perez
Various Artists
Date: 2004
Cover Price: $34.99
Publisher: CrossGen Comics/Fast Forward Games

According to the mock-up, SOLUS is listed in the campaign books, which means it will reprint or include new George Pérez art.

(9/15/2003): Cover includes Perez's artwork, from CROSSGEN WIZARD WORLD EAST POSTER (2003)
(12/9/2003): Postponed indefinitely. Fast Forward Games doesn't look like they are supporting this at all, possibly canceled.
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    CrossGen Comics
    CrossGen Comics

     September 15, 2003 | CrossGen Campaign System Cover
    From Fast Forward Games

    CrossGen Campaign System

    The world of CrossGen comics is presented in this OGL Campaign System Sourcebook. All the rules for playing the characters and powers in the CrossGen universe are in this dazzling hardcover book. Provides the basic rules allowing players to generate characters in the CrossGen Universe. The powers and abilities of the CrossGen characters have been detailed for use with the 3rd Edition of the world's most popular role-playing game and is OGL compliant. This premium hardcover rules book is full color throughout using illustrations from the entire stable of the fantastic CrossGen artists. CrossGen is one of the premier comic book companies in North America, and the word of their quality is spreading world wide. Combining fantastic storytelling with outstanding art, and sporting a release schedule that features some of the best talent the industry has to offer, CrossGen Entertainment is a new force to be reckoned with.

    (Vu: New cover was previously only available as CROSSGEN WIZARD WORLD EAST POSTER (2003).)
     September 15, 2003 | CG RGP To Include 'War'
    From Bill Rosemann


    The War is coming...and now you can join the fight!

    CrossGen Entertainment and Fast Forward Entertainment, Inc. have expanded the CrossGen Role Playing Game to incorporate and reflect events that will soon rock the entire CrossGen Universe in the Spring 2004 event THE WAR. Subsequently, the anticipated release date for the CROSSGEN CAMPAIGN SYSTEM RULE BOOK has been adjusted to December of 2003.

    "The cataclysmic events coming up in THE WAR will have a dramatic impact on every part of the CrossGen Universe. When the whole scope of THE WAR was outlined to me, it became obvious that by doing some solid revisions and long term planning, we could let players of the CROSSGEN RPG experience the action right along with the characters in the comics," stated CrossGen's VP Special Projects Brandon Peterson. "The release of THE WAR and the CROSSGEN RPG will be a game player's dream: huge, mythic drama and warfare played across the whole of two universes."

    "We've been working very close with the staff at CrossGen to make sure that everything we do completely reflects their ever-changing worlds," stated Fast Forward VP of Sales & Marketing John Danovich. "And while most of the rule book was already written, we all realized that THE WAR was just too big and important not to incorporate into the initial launch."

    Published under the Open Gaming License due to the character creation rules that are necessary for playing in the CrossGen Universe, the highly-anticipated rule book features gorgeous full color interior art by the fantastic stable of CrossGen artists.

    "CrossGen has some of the best artists in the entire comics industry working on their titles, and we are extremely pleased to be able to bring their amazing creations to the gaming world," said James M. Ward, President of Fast Forward.

     May 24, 2003 | CGE's CCG
    From Pulse

    CrossGen Comics
    CrossGen Comics
    posted 05-23-2003 12:19 PM written by JENNIFER "Anyone Remember Dragon Fire?" CONTINO

    CrossGen Entertainment is conquering new grounds with its company by venturing into the world of collectible card games. The company is already supposed to be one of the ones involved in the upcoming HeroClix Indy Clix line, but that won't be the only way to play with the characters in the CGU. Soon interested parties can have the worlds of CrossGen at their fingertips in a new collectible card game from Fast Forward. THE PULSE caught up with Fast Forward President Jim Ward to find out some information about the recently announced game.


    THE PULSE: Why should people check this game out?

    WARD: Fans of the CrossGen comics will definitely want to see card versions of their favorite characters and scenes. Card players who have enjoyed James M. Ward card designs in the past (and there are a few of those) should want to play the game because they've liked what I've done before. Also card game players like new games because of the challenge of learning a new game and collecting a new set of cards.

    FFE Explores the CrossGen Worlds!

    August Release – CrossGen Campaign System
    Stock Number: FAF50000
    ISBN: 1-932201-49-1
    Retail Price: $34.99
    Format: OGL, 288 pages, full color throughout, hardbound book

    Using the OGL system, the product presents all of the fantastic ideas of the CrossGen titles in a role-playing format that will allow fans of the CrossGen titles to play their favorite characters in their favorite comic worlds. Complete details will be provided to allow the user to roll up CrossGen characters and create campaign worlds using the comics they love to read as a background for their campaign game.

    September Release – CrossGen Collectible Decks & CrossGen Collectible Boosters
    Stock Numbers: Deck Point of Purchase Display FAF10000
    Booster Point of Purchase Display FAF10003
    ISBN: Deck Display 1-932201-59-9
    Booster Display 1-932201-70-X
    Deck Retail Price: $10.99
    Booster Pack Retail Price: $3.49

    Format: It’s a collectible card game with common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, and promotional cards. Each deck has a pair of CrossGen dice; 50 cards including rare, uncommon, and common cards; and a special set of three foil high-technology cards with the characters and sigil direct from the pages of the comics.

    Using the award winning art of the CrossGen comics, Fast Forward is producing an exciting collectible card game. Fans of the comics will want to create decks using their favorite characters. Players of collectible card games will recognize the best features of the games they love to play in the rules and cards created for this game. Online support, hobby store tournaments, and convention tournaments are all a part of this fast-paced new card game from Fast Forward.

    October Release – CrossGen Screen & 32-page booklet
    Stock Number: FAF50001
    ISBN: 1-932201-58-0
    Retail Price: $14.99
    Format: OGL

    The CrossGen referee’s screens are filled with useful information for players and referees alike. The 32-page booklet is filled with devices taken from the pages of the CrossGen comics. This will become a must-have product not only for the role-players, but for the fans of the CrossGen titles.

    December Release – CrossGen Fantasy Sourcebook
    Stock Number: FAF50002
    ISBN: 1-932201-73-4
    Retail Price: $24.99
    Format: OGL, 128-page full color perfect bound book

    This fantasy sourcebook features the characters and concepts from the three CrossGen fantasy titles--Mystic, Sojourn, and Meridian. The spells, creatures, and major characters of those titles are detailed and ready for referees and players to enjoy in their role-playing games.

    (Vu: I am including these articles because I am assuming some of them will include reprints of George Pérez's artwork, notably from the SOLUS series.)

     April 21, 2003 | CG RPG Rulebook
    From ICv2

    CrossGen RPG Rulebook Out In August
    April 18, 2003

    Illustrated by CrossGen Artists

    Fast Forward Entertainment will release the first volume in its CrossGen role-playing game this August. The CrossGen Campaign System is a 288-page hardcover with a color cover and interior illustrations by some of CrossGen's top artists. The deluxe 8.5" x 11" volume will retail for $34.95. Written by industry veterans Jim Ward and Sean Everette, this compendium contains all the rules necessary for playing the characters in the CrossGen Universe. The CrossGen Campaign System makes use of the Open Gaming License (OGL), which means that the powers and abilities of the CrossGen characters have been detailed for use with the Third Edition of the world's most popular role-playing game. With its plethora of fantasy, science fiction, and adventure titles CrossGen is an ideal publisher for this sort of role-playing exploitation since the CrossGen Universe really does provide a diversity of themes and settings. Two more volumes will flesh out the CrossGen RPG later this year. The CrossGen Gamemaster Screen and Adventure is due out in October, while the CrossGen Mystic World Sourcebook arrives in November.

    Fast Forward is also creating a collectible card game based on the universe of CrossGen comics, which will also make use of art created by CrossGen's stable of comic artists.

     March 21, 2003 | CG Game License
    From ICv2

    Fast Forward Gets CrossGen Game License
    March 20, 2003

    For CCG and RPG Products

    Fast Forward Entertainment of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, has acquired a license to produce collectible card and roleplaying games based on CrossGen's comic properties, with the first releases scheduled for August. The first CCG releases will be 61-card Starter Decks at an $11.99 MSRP and 11-card booster packs at a $3.29 MSRP. The booster packs will contain cards from a 120-card set, including chase and ultra-rare cards. The art for the cards will all be produced by CrossGen artists; some will be from comics that have already appeared, other art will be from comics that will appear in the future. All of the characters in the CrossGen universe can be used (which does not include characters from Code 6 titles). The CrossGen CCG will be designed by Fast Forward president Jim Ward, who designed the Dragon Ball Z game for Score.

    The CrossGen CCG will be supported by an organized play program; Fast Forward plans to hire a staffer to run the program within the next few months. The Fast Forward Website will also be updated to allow the posting of player rankings.

    Ten promo cards will be produced for each new CCG release. Five of the promo cards will be distributed to hobby retailers to use as free with purchase items. The other five will be used for magazine inserts and other promotional purposes. Support for the games will also include an aggressive convention program, including San Diego and the Wizard shows.

    Three d20 RPG releases are planned for 2003. The CrossGen Campaign System Sourcebook, a 192-page full color hardcover, is scheduled for August, at $34.99. The CrossGen Gamemaster Screen and Adventure, which consists of the screen and a 30-page booklet, is scheduled for October at $14.99. And the CrossGen Mystic World Sourcebook, a 128-page book at $24.99, will be released in November.