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THE WAR: CALL TO ARMS POSTER (11x17) (Sep 2003) CrossGen Comics


George Perez
Rick Magyar
Mike Atiyeh
Date: Sep 2003
Cover Price: $19.95
Publisher: CrossGen Comics

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    THE WAR: CALL TO ARMS POSTER (24x36) (Sep 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    THE WAR: CALL TO ARMS POSTER (11x17) (Sep 2003)
    CrossGen Comics

    Remembering CrossGen's The War

    posted May 26, 2019, 9:25 AM

    From Vu

    THE WAR: CALL TO ARMS POSTER (24x36) (Sep 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    THE WAR: CALL TO ARMS POSTER (11x17) (Sep 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    Before CrossGen Comics went bankrupted, they teased a CrossGen CrossOver event called "The War".

    George Perez was going to be the superstar artist for the event, but couldn't commit to it because he was still working on the much-delayed JLA/Avengers books. Those who waited the first time might remember that issue #4 was nine months behind (originally going to ship June 2003, but did not deliver until March 2004).

    CrossGen Comics, which was probably burning through money every month, couldn't wait for George, so they went ahead with The War (now renamed as "Negaton War") with different artists in April 2004.

    The only War-related item that George produced was this "Call To Arms" Poster. It was available in a smaller 11x17 and larger 24x36 print (the larger print was limited to 1,000 prints and signed by George Perez with a Certificate of Authenticity). They were sold at $10 and $30, respectively. The poster was inked by Rick Magyar with colors by Mike Atiyeh.

    Personally speaking, I wish it wasn't in silhouette, but in the typical details that we've come to expect of George Perez's work. I haven't checked the timeline, but this was the probably the last thing George produced for CrossGen.

     October 24, 2003 | Focus on "A Call to Arms" Poster
    From Vu

    If you're looking for a way to support CrossGen, why not pick up a THE WAR: CALL TO ARMS POSTER (24x36). It only took two days for the poster to arrive at my house.

    If you are interested in picking up either of the posters, they are available on the CrossGen store. They are priced $29.95 (for the larger of the two posters) and $9.95. Shipping via Airborne is $5.95 and you must have a Paypal account.

    The poster also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

    It reads: "This certifies that this limited edition print was created by CrossGen Entertainment artists George Pérez (penciler), Rick Magyar (inker) & Mike Atiyeh (colorist). Authorized Signature ___________ Mark Alessi (CEO and President). Dated 1 day of October, 2003."

     September 10, 2003 | Call to Arms Advertisement
    From Vu

    This is an animated advertisement that's running through CrossGen's website:

     September 9, 2003 | Direct Link to War Poster
    From Bill Rosemann

    Here's a direct link to the signed, limited-edition "Call To Arms" posters--created by penciler George Pérez, inker Rick Magyar and colorist Mike Atiyeh:

     September 5, 2003 | Call to Arms Poster
    From Bill Rosemann


    Due To Popular Demand, Teaser Image Becomes Signed Poster!

    THE WAR: CALL TO ARMS POSTER (24x36) (Sep 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    THE WAR: CALL TO ARMS POSTER (11x17) (Sep 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    Faster than Negation forces swarming across our universe, fandom rallied around CrossGen's "Call To Arms".

    Moments after the iconic teaser--heralding the explosive Spring 2004 event--was posted on popular comic book and entertainment websites such as,, Newsarama, and, requests for a printed version poured in to CrossGen Studios. Starting today, CG Direct will accept orders for the following one-time only commemorative prints, both signed by superstar artist George Pérez:

    Measuring 24" x 36", this full-color image is signed and numbered by George Pérez. Only 1,000 of these commemorative-signed posters will ever be printed!
    Price: $29.95

    Measuring 11" x 17", this full-color image is signed by George Pérez.
    Price: $9.95

    Both items are available now... so answer the "Call To Arms" at

     September 4, 2003 | A Call To Arms
    From Bill Rosemann

    In celebration of JLA/Avengers #1 reaching stores today, we thought you'd like a sneak peek of what George Pérez is cooking up next...