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SOJOURN/LADY DEATH #2 (Errata) (Aug 2004)

cover:  George Perez
Aug 2004
CrossGen Comics

NOTE: This book is canceled

Comic Book (22 pages)
Brian Pulido/Chuck Dixon
George Pérez
Tom Ryder

(10/4/2003): Upon announcing George Pérez's uninvolvement with THE WAR, he will starting a new two-part CrossGen comic book.
(2/2/2004): Project is named and will be released sometime in June 2004.
(7/22/2004): Status is currently ERRATA, comic is cancelled permanently.

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  • Avatar Press: Lady Death
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    SOJOURN/LADY DEATH #2 (Errata) (Aug 2004)

    News: Pérez Updates From CNE

    September 19, 2004 05:04 pm
     From Ilke Hincer (email)

    SOJOURN/LADY DEATH #1 (Errata) (Jul 2004)

    SOJOURN/LADY DEATH #2 (Errata) (Aug 2004)

    Just some tidbits from George at the recent Canadian Comic Expo:

    - Mike Perkins will be inking him on Titans: Games, since George was so impressed with the results of their previous collaborations. The pages already inked by Al Vey will see print as they are.

    - George said that when the convention was over, he would draw his contribution for Astro City: A Visitor's Guide. (The book is scheduled for release on October 13th.)

    - He drew 2 covers and 5 interior pages for the cancelled Sojourn/Lady Death.

    One thing I forgot to ask him was whether his work would appear in Even More Fund Comics. He was originally announced as a contributor, and the book was apparently made available at the Baltimore Comic-Con this past September 11-12, so I'm curious to look at it when it hits comic store shelves.

     July 23, 2004 10:58 pm | Sojourn + Lady Death = Errata
    From Vu (email)

    SOJOURN/LADY DEATH #1 (Errata) (Jul 2004)

    SOJOURN/LADY DEATH #2 (Errata) (Aug 2004)

    Since the Lady Death character have been purchased and moved over to Avatar Press, the Sojourn/Lady Death crossover might be forever lost.

    I am changing its status to Errata, unless something comes up in the future.

  • Sojourn/Lady Death #1
  • Sojourn/Lady Death #1 (Dynamic Forces)
  • Sojourn/Lady Death #1 (Dynamic Forces), Signed by Tom Ryder
  • Sojourn/Lady Death #2
  •  June 28, 2004 12:02 am | Sojourn/Lady Death Canceled?
    From Comic Book Resources

    SOJOURN/LADY DEATH #1 (Errata) (Jul 2004)

    SOJOURN/LADY DEATH #2 (Errata) (Aug 2004)

    Pipeline, Issue #357 PREVIEWED NO MORE!
    Tuesday June 22, 2004
    written by Augie De Blieck Jr.


    CrossGen has canceled most everything, including reprints on a couple of books that just sold out. Their only solicited hardcover book ever, WARRIOR WOMEN AND MYTHIC MEN was one of them. With reports of CrossGen's bankruptcy surfacing this weekend, it's no surprise.

     Jun 14, 2004 09:21 pm | Lying in the Gutter (Jun 14)
    From Comic Book Resources

    SOJOURN/LADY DEATH #1 (Errata) (Jul 2004)

    SOJOURN/LADY DEATH #2 (Errata) (Aug 2004)
    Monday June 14, 2004
    written by Rich Johnston



    But is that the end for "Kiss Kiss?" Not at all. "Raven House" has officially been made a six-issue miniseries now, so that artist Mike Perkins will be able to return and illustrate "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" after the miniseries is completed.

    "Raven House" is by Chuck Dixon, Mike Perkins, Andrew Hennessy and Chris Garcia colors. "Monster Rally" has supposedly been pushed back a month because Crossgen does not want press on two horror series launching at the same month to cancel each other out and result in low sales.

    As for the delay on "Sojourn/Lady Death," that is apparently down to George Perez's hand injury. He's intending to spend all of April and May finishing it, so it should come out in early July

     May 14, 2004 06:36 pm | Perez Devotes May to Sojourn/Lady Death
    From rictor

    SOJOURN/LADY DEATH #1 (Errata) (Jul 2004)

    To our loyal SOJOURN readers...
    Posted: Fri May 14, 2004 10:35 am

    Not that this is completely official or anything, but when I was talking to George Perez at the Pittsburgh Comicon two weeks ago, he was talking about his upcoming workload, and he said he was dedicating all of May to finishing "Sojourn/Lady Death." So it seems that as far as he knows, the project is still on. And he's drawing it for free, so it seems like money in the bank for Crossgen.

     March 17, 2004 | Sojourn/Lady Death #2
    From Bill Rosemann

    SOJOURN/LADY DEATH #2 (Errata) (Aug 2004)
    Tuesday, March 16, 2004 2:03 PM

    This month we launch Raven House, the new gothic thriller by Chuck Dixon and Leonardo Manco. Other key issues include Sojourn/Lady Death #2 (with art by George Perez) and the latest chapter in Negation War (our big ol' cosmic slugfest).

    SOJOURN/LADY DEATH #2 (of 2)
    Written By Chuck Dixon & Brian Pulido
    Penciled By George Pérez

    The master of superhuman slugfests brings together two wondrous warriors! Manipulated by the maleficent Mordath, our lethal ladies collide in combat! But is the demented despot's scheme simply to see Arwyn dead-or are thousands of innocent lives also at risk? Be there as George Pérez follows up JLA/Avengers with another jaw-jacking brawl!
    32 pgs … $2.95

     February 29, 2004 | Wizard Covers Sojourn/Lady Death
    From WIZARD #150

    Written by Heidi Ward

    Lady Death, Arwyn collide in CrossGen crossover

    SOJOURN/LADY DEATH #1 (Errata) (Jul 2004)
    Come May, CrossGen takes aim at a fantasy get-together when the publisher pairs the medieval Lady Death with Arwyn, the awesome archer from Sojourn.

    The two-issue crossover, titled Sojourn/Lady Death, features two of CrossGen's most popular characters together for the first time, brought to you by a slew of creator talent, including co-writers Chuck Dixon and Lady Death creator Brian Pulido and artist extraordinaire George Perez (JLA/Avengers).

    This is a crossover that Pulido's wanted to do since he came to CrossGen. "It's a natural," Pulido explained. "They're both fantasy characters. They're both ass kickers, but they have vastly different approaches to kicking said ass."

    So, will they be kicking each other's asses or working together to kick someone else's? Dixon said, "They're both, of course. What a gyp it would be to readers if the girls didn't cross blades a few times!"

    Pulido joked, "A common enemy? Yeah, sure, but I'm in it for the catfight."

     February 3, 2004 | Perez Pencils Sojourn/Lady Death
    From Bill Rosemann

    For Immediate Release

    Tuesday, February 3, 2004 12:14 PM

    "A Dream Come True!" -Brian Pulido

    TAMPA, FL, February 3, 2004

    SOJOURN/LADY DEATH #1 (Errata) (Jul 2004)
    They're strong, skilled and sexy--and when they collide, George Pérez will deliver all the action!

    Hot on the heels of JLA/Avengers, the legendary artist known for illustrating comics' greatest superhuman slugfests will pencil SOJOURN/LADY DEATH, an electrifying event pitting Arwyn's mystical bow against the supernatural spitfire's enchanted steel blade. On sale May 12th, the two-issue miniseries features a colossal creative team completed by co-writers Chuck Dixon (EL CAZADOR) and Lady Death creator Brian Pulido.

    Star of the best-selling fantasy series SOJOURN, the avenging archer Arwyn seeks to destroy Mordath, the wicked warlord responsible for the death of her family. Battling beasts in the pages of LADY DEATH: A MEDIEVAL TALE, the young woman named Hope uses her magical powers to help the two races that have rejected her. Both warrior women oppose why is Arwyn aiming her exploding arrows at the ghostly gal who defied the grave? Blame Mordath, who figures if one alluring adventurer is challenging his grip on the world of Quin, why not destroy her with her own dark twin?

    [ Read more Perez Pencils Sojourn/Lady Death ]

     February 2, 2004 | Sojourn/Lady Death Crossover
    From Newsarama

    posted by MattBrady

    SOJOURN/LADY DEATH #1 (Errata) (Jul 2004)
    It was ten years ago that Lady Death first made her appearance on the comics scene, and what a trip it’s been. While part of the character’s 10th anniversary celebration will be in the form of Lady Death: The Wild Hunt, a new series from CrossGen, written by character creator Brian Pulido, and illustrated by Jim Cheung, a second party will be in the form of a two-issue crossover - Sojourn/Lady Death debuting in May.

    Written by Chuck Dixon and Pulido, the miniseries will be illustrated by George Perez, marking his first return to CrossGen since JLA/Avengers.

    The thrust of the story pulls on the main Sojourn storyline, that is, the series’ big bad, Mordath is still seeking any and every advantage to rid himself of Arwyn, the bow-wielding thorn in his side that he can’t shake. Using his magicks, Mordath reaches across time and space, and pulls a champion to battle for him.

    That would be Lady Death.

    CrossGen fans as well as those with their respective ears to the ground will remember that at last year’s San Diego Comic Con International, it was reported that Brian Pulido suggested to Bill Rosemann, (in front of guests to the GrossGen booth) that Lady Death should team-up with Arywn of Sojourn. While Rosemann was excited about it and promised to pursue it after the con, Pulido’s suggestion was the seed that started it all.


    From Comics Continuum

    Monday, February 2, 2004

    CrossGen Entertainment will be publishing Sojourn/Lady Death, a two-issue mini-series, beginning in May.

    The book will be written by Chuck Dixon and Lady Death creator Brian Pulido, with art by George Perez.

    Here's how CrossGen describes the first issue:

    "The master artist of superhuman slugfests brings together two ferocious fantasy warriors! The demented despot Mordath tires of the interference of the avenging archer Arwyn -- and reaches across time and space to summon forth a fighting fury to slay his foe! Now it's Arwyn and her mystical bow vs. Lady Death and her Eldritch steel blade!"

    From Sequential Tart

    The Sigilverse Is Dead. Long Live The Pirates!
    Interview Chuck Dixon
    by Corrina Lawson

    ST: What new comics are coming up for you?

    CD: I have quite a few stories coming up for The Simpsons and just completed one. Marge opens a catering business and caters Ranier Wolfcastle's fundraiser when he runs for mayor of Springfield. The folks at Bongo have been very encouraging and I'm finding the Simpsons stuff easier to come up with the more that I write.

    I have a new title from CG coming soon as well as working on Lady Death/Arwyn, which marks my first time working directly with George Perez. That's exciting to write something for him when he's coming off of JLA/Avengers.

    Also another project for DC writing a character I'm very familiar with and a new monthly for a brand new company that's forming right now. And I'm always looking for something new.

    From Pulse

    posted 02-02-2004 03:17 PM

    Writer Chuck Dixon has confirmed for Sequential Tart that he's working on a Sojourn/Lady Death crossover with George Perez. Dixon said, "I have a new title from CG coming soon as well as working on Lady Death/Arwyn, which marks my first time working directly with George Perez. That's exciting to write something for him when he's coming off of JLA/Avengers."

    From Bill Rosemann

    Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2004 10:59 am

    Perez, Pulido, Dixon, Arwyn & Lady Death...this one has them all!

    Read the full details here:

     October 3, 2003 | Pérez & CrossGen 2
    From George Pérez

    Perez & CrossGen 2
    posted 10/2/03 7:21 PM

    Hello again.

    As is the all too common practice of those who wish to speculate and comment on things they know little about, the cynics have decided to put their own spin on what I thought was a fairly straightforward post. My fault I guess.

    I didn't clarify one important fact about my commitment to CrossGen, partly because it could have been considered a company matter that should not be placed in a public forum. I'm fairly certain that CG would prefer that I didn't explain further. However, since some cynics did question the appropriateness of my remarks considering the plight of other professionals, both CG company personnel and freelancers, I just want to make one final statement.

    The insurance benefits and the retaining of my profit sharing deal (which of course is totally dependent on CG's ability to turn itself around in the coming years) is all that CrossGen will be paying me during 2004. I was offered a page rate (and only a page rate) to do the 2-part story I mentioned, but I turned it down and will accept no payment for anything I do for CG in the next year. In fact, I've not taken any payment in over a month by my own request. There are too many other creators who need to be taken care of during this restructuring, and I frankly don't want to be a drain on resources that can better be used elsewhere. I'm pretty well set after the success of JLA/AVENGERS and I want to be part of any positive steps to be taken to help those not as lucky as I've been.

    So set your cynicism aside, naysayers. I would never consider putting myself on a higher platform than my fellow creators.

    This is my small way of helping out CrossGen in particular and the comics industry in general as a thank you for all the blessings that have been heaped on me during the last three decades.

    If my intentions aren't clear now, then I will just refrain from further comment since for some people there is no such thing as a sta (?)

     October 2, 2003 | Public Announcement From Perez
    From George Pérez

    Pérez and CrossGen
    posted 10/2/03 12:46 AM

    Hello, everyone.

    I have kept publicly silent on all the speculation, gossip and downright fabrications regarding my relationship and future with CrossGen Entertainment because I wanted to get all my ducks in a row before I made a public statement. And, quite truthfully, I have been just too busy.

    Also, I don’t believe that my business dealings with any company should be played out in a public arena. I have been guilty of doing that in the past and it really serves no purpose except to vent one’s feelings and watch as news gets misquoted and petty squabbles among unconcerned parties supplant any real focus on the original issues. But I digress.

    First and foremost, I want to assure everyone that I am indeed still a CrossGen employee with all my health and dental insurance and benefits still intact. I know how expensive I am, and I wouldn’t have taken any offense if I had to be fired outright due to financial belt-tightening caused the company’s restructuring. Instead, CrossGen generously decided to keep me on, even if I had chosen not to do any work at all for the company in 2004. However, while I have left SOLUS after Issue 7 and will not be pencilling THE WAR after all, I will be working on an as-yet-unnamed 2-part stand-alone mini-series for CrossGen scheduled to be released sometime in the summer. This decision was prompted by my desire to show my support for Mark Alessi and for a company that has been nothing but generous and respectful to me. And I have great confidence that the company will indeed turn itself around.

    The concerned letters, e-mails and phone calls have been very flattering and I am so grateful that so many friends and fans care so much about me. It is very humbling, and I appreciate it greatly. Please rest assured that I am fine. I have been blessed with long and happy associations with all of the companies I’ve worked with. I love drawing comics, first, last and always. CrossGen, like so many other companies I’ve served in my three decades in the business, is going through some tough times. But I'm more than confident that it will get through this, stronger and wiser. And when it does, I will be there with pencil in hand and ready to kick butt.

    While I will not, even if I weren’t still an employee, discuss or comment on CG’s business dealings and commitments, I do have faith in its future and that those still working there are people of honor determined to make everything right again—and to producing some of the finest comics in the industry.

    Beyond that I am entertaining several freelance offers that have come my way. Thankfully, the huge success of the JLA/AVENGERS crossover has allowed me the luxury of being able to take my time in choosing what that next project will be. There’s one prospect that looks very promising, but that’s a matter for a future announcement.

    Thanks and take care,
    George Pérez

    PS: Please feel free to circulate to any and all concerned parties and sites.