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SOLUS #12 (Errata) (2004)

SOLUS #12(Errata)
CrossGen Comics

ERRATA: Note, this book was never published.
Would have been included in SOLUS TPB #2: RADIANT (Errata) (Jun 2004) (CP, IA)

Unprinted pages courtesy of Jim Arnold:


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    SOLUS #12 (Errata) (2004)

    Unpublished Solus #12 Artwork
    posted Mar 17, 2009 1:16 AM by vu sleeper

    From Jim Arnold
    SOLUS #12 (Errata) (2004)
    Attached are some George Perez original art pages I purchases from The Artist's Choice last year. These are from the Crossgen series Solus. However, checking around, it looks like only 8 issues of this series were published, but these are listed as being from issue #12.
    Do you know if Mr. Perez drew more issues of Solus that were not published beyond #8, or do you have any idea why these are listed as issue #12?

    SOLUS #12 UNPRINTED PAGE (1) (2004)
    SOLUS #12 UNPRINTED PAGE (2) (2004)