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SOLUS #2 (May 2003) CrossGen Comics

cover:  George Perez
Rick Magyar
colors:  Larry Molinar
Date: May 2003
Cover Price: $2.95
Publisher: CrossGen Comics

Released: 23 April 2003
Andra visits Ayden of Quin, who gives her a gift endowed with a familiar orange energy.
Supposed to have been reprinted in VECTOR #15 (Errata).

Something has been hidden on the world of Quin for centuries, waiting for the day when Solusandra would return to claim it. But Andra cannot remember what to do with what she’s given, and may not have time to remember with the Hound on her trail…
Reprinted in SOLUS #1 (Germany) (Nov 2004)
Information from vu
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    "Title" (22 pages)
    writer:  Barbara Kesel
    art:  George Perez
    Rick Magyar
    colors:  Larry Molinar
    letters:  Dave Lanphear
    editor:  N/A
    Information from vu   
    SOLUS #2
    SOLUS #2 (May 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    CrossGen Comics

     January 23, 2004 | Entire Perez's Solus on COW
    From Vu

    SOLUS #1
    SOLUS #1 (Apr 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    SOLUS #2
    SOLUS #2 (May 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    SOLUS #3 SOLUS #3 (Jun 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    SOLUS #4 SOLUS #4 (Jul 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    SOLUS #6 SOLUS #6 (Jul 2003) SOLUS #7 SOLUS #7 (Jul 2003)
    For $2, you can view George Pérez's entire SOLUS issues on CrossGen's Comics on the Web. The first issue is free to view, so definitely check it out.



    Long ago, a plan was formed.

    Conceived and guided by one being who pretended to advise another,

    it was succeeding, gaining momentum against the growing danger it was intended to negate.

    But then it was discovered...

  • Solus 1
  • Solus 2
  • Solus 3
  • Solus 4
  • Solus 5
  • Solus 6
  • Solus 7

  •  October 27, 2003 | CG's Digital Comic Books
    From Vu

    MERIDIAN vol 2 (Sep 2003), Intec Interactive
    I picked up Intec Interactive's DIGITAL COMIC BOOK: MERIDIAN vol 2 (Sep 2003) at Game Stop at the local mall today, which had a selection of the CrossGen DVDs. They were all released on 9/15/2003 and retails for $9.99.

    Each episodes (8-14), which was originally published as MERIDIAN #8-14 , features voice actors and sound effects and runs for 118 minutes (with extras). Although there are word bubbles, no reading is actually required because of the voice actors. In fact, I am listening to CHAPTER 13 as I'm typing this...

    From the looks of it, all the Digital Comics have the same "Special Features" ("How Comic Books Are Made", Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, and Digital Comic Book trailers), with the exception of the character bios.

    Anyway, I have have included some random screen captures of what the actual comic book looks like. You must imagine that the camera is usually panning and that there are special background music as well as sound effects.

    CHAPTER 11, art by Steve McNivens / Tom Simmons CHAPTER 13, art by Derec Aucoin DEREN BEQ Biography

    The "How Comic Book Are Made" featurette is probably the best part of the DVD. The featurette includes interviews with Chuck Dixon (writer), Bart Sears (penciler), Rick Magyar (inker), Laura DePuy (colorist), Dave Lanphear (letterer), and narrated by Bill Rosemann.

    Here are quotes from people who have worked with George Pérez:


    "I'm pretty adaptable to whatever is thrown at me. I'm not an inker who sort of says 'This is the way I do things. I'm always going to do it the same, whoever I work over'. I like the variety of working with different pencilers, because you learn something and you take away a little bit from the person you ink and it becomes part of your inking style, as it were. That's why I love about CrossGen, we do have a variety of things to do. Hopefully, at some point, I can dip into quite a range there of over the years. But I've had some good opportunity already, working on CRUX and now SOLUS. It doesn't really matter what you throw at me, pretty much I just love the form in general."


    "We have to look very closely at what the artist have done. They establish a flow on the page. We always try to be careful to the fact that there are images in each panel that the reader needs to see in order to understand the story. I'm always looking for ways to place the word balloons in different areas to bring the readers from left to right or top to bottom."

    The inker segment of the documentary features a few pages of SOLUS #1-4, and showed Rick inking page 10 of SOLUS #4.

     June 19, 2003 | CrossCurrents (Jun 03)
    From SOLUS #4

    SOLUS #1
    SOLUS #1 (Apr 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    SOLUS #2
    SOLUS #2 (May 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    SOLUS #3 SOLUS #3 (Jun 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    SOLUS #4 SOLUS #4 (Jul 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    CROSSCURRENTS (Jun 2003)
    By Gina M Villa

    You've waited. You've wondered. And now it's payoff time. It's also True Confessions time. We've always said that all our books stand alone, that you need not read all of them to understand and enjoy one and while that promise remains unbroken, we've also added something special to the mix: one book that illuminates all others. A book called SOLUS.

    If you're a longtime George Pérez fan, you certain can read only this book to enjoy his art. And if you love Barbara Kesel's ability to weave dense mysteries, you can also read it to enjoy a star-spanning story of a woman searching for herself, but you'd be missing out. There's so much more. In all honesty, SOLUS is the linchpin title to our entire universe. If you're a loyal reader, a fan that's followed our saga since it began, then you need to read this book. You'll want to read it. You owe it to yourself to read it. So, yes, all of our books stand on their own two feet… but SOLUS it the rock that anchors the ground they all stand on.

    As you can imagine, we've been asked: "Why did you put George Pérez - an artist who will attract readers who have never picked up a CrossGen title - on a book so enmeshed in your overarching uber-story?"

    Simply put, you guys are the best, most faithful, fans in the world - bar none - and you deserve the best we can give you. Sure, we like to think we do that every issue, every month, but as we planned for this big "Year in Reveals" in the CrossGen Universe, we wanted to do something extra special for those of you who have followed and supported us from the beginning. We decided that the best way to do that was to have one of the best artists in the world draw the book that will be a the primary vehicle used to bring together the many threads we've been weaving up to this point. We're grateful to you, we owe you that, and you deserve it. Thus, you have SOLUS, penciled by the legendary George Pérez (and beautifully enhanced by Rick Magyar and Larry Molinar).

    Take my word for it: something big is on the way. The mysteries you've been pondering are about to be divulged. The secrets are about to be revealed. And SOLUS is where it's gonna happen!

    (Vu: Background image is from the cover of MODERN MASTERS #2: GEORGE PEREZ.)

     May 20, 2003 | Solus #2, Top 300 Comics
    From Pulse

    Top 300 Comics for April
    Qty Retail Guide Item Title Price Pub.
    111 106 13.17 FEB031845 SOLUS #2 $2.95 CRO
     May 19, 2003 | Solus #2 Annotations
    From Blinding Radiant

    Solus #2 Annotations
    written by Jason Bourgeois


    Page 14, Panel 1: The Circlet also changes design once it's in Andra's hands.

         Panels 5-10: These are Altwaal's Seven Weapons, given to him as seen in Solus #1. This is the first time that all seven have been seen together. Besides the Circlet, there is, from left to right:

    • The Rod of Office: First seen in Sigil #6 (?), and currently in the possession of Obo-San, as seen in "The Path".
    • Ayden's Bow: First seen in the Sojourn Prequel, and currently being used by Arwyn in her quest to bring back Ayden and stop Mordath, in the pages of Sojourn.
    • Altwaal's Gauntlet: First seen in The First #13, in the possession of Pyrem, the leader of House Dexter, and currerntly seen in the First.
    • Altwaal's Shield: First seen in The First #13, in the possession of Pyrem as well, last seen in The First #?. Note: The Shield looks different here than it does in it's other appearances, but considering the changeable natures of other weapons, and the First themselves, this isn't surprising.
    • Altwaal's Spear: First appearance.
    • Altwaal's Sword: First seen in Solus #1, current location unknown.
     May 17, 2003 | Kesel Answers Questions
    From CGE Forums

    Topic: The writer speaks! (spoilers)
    posted 05-17-2003 08:36 AM by Beeber

  • LINDY KARSTEN, aka RADIANT, first appearance in SOLUS #1 (Apr 03)
  • HOUND, first appearance in SOLUS #1 (Apr 03)
  • INFOE, first appearance in SOLUS #1 (Apr 03)
  • INFOE (Attack Mode), first appearance in SOLUS #1 (Apr 03)
  • Will we see Infoe again?
    Maybe...I've got one future storyline that might go an "a" or "b" route. We'll see.

    Will more Sigil-Bearers lose sigils and power to Andra?
    Oh yeah, you betcha.

    Will we go to the Ruse or Mystic worlds anytime soon?
    We'll visit one of the two before issue 12.

    Will we see the world of the "blue furry guy?"
    You do realize that it's blue furry GUYS, right? No plans to go there just yet.

    Where does energy of dead Danik avatars go?
    Back to the store of universal energies Danik refers to as "the Whole." While Danik is a specific manipulator of energy, the actual energy used by all characters is the same. It's the application of that energy (the manifestation, aka their "powers") and the level of energy each character can store and manipulate that's different.

    More Lindy?
    Of course.

    Is the Hound Danik's Lawbringer?
    Not exactly. Charon created the Lawbringers out of his own emotions bound to power and given autonomy (well, autonomy with a leash...) while the Hound was created as the agent of one task: find "it." It was created by Danik, not OF Danik...

    Why were the five Sigil-Bearers in issue one chosen?
    Those five are just a representative sample of the very many more Sigil-Bearers who each received a piece of Andra's memories.

    And I think that catches me up with this batch of questions! See ya...

     May 2, 2003 | Kesel Speaks
    From Barbara Kesel, via CGE Forum

    SOLUS #1
    SOLUS #1 (Apr 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    SOLUS #2
    SOLUS #2 (May 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    Topic: Pssst! Hey, you!
    posted 05-02-2003 05:42 PM by Beeber

    Let me let you in on some of the backstage thinking here at the continuity capital of the CrossGen Universe, aka SOLUS. When we started putting together this title, we had one goal in mind: reward the faithful. Not that we want to leave anyone new out of the picture, but we did want to show off the Big Picture for our loyal fans.

    This book was designed to reward all those readers who stayed up late nights trying to win the deliberately difficult Wizard contest. We want to keep lobbing easter eggs to the CrossGeners, paying off on the little hints that those readers have scoured our pages to find. There are hundreds of Sigil-Bearers in our universe, and we hope to introduce you to as many of them as we can stuff in here while exploding the story of Andra across the starry skies. If George Pérez is the best we’ve got, our fans deserve to get him on a title catering to them. The CrossGen universe is a big ol’ place, and who better to cram it all inside a mere 22 pages than George?

    If you’re a new reader, you are probably finding this book a little scary. That’s okay—it’s a little like being dropped off downtown in the biggest city in a foreign country—all confusion until you find your own personal Rosetta stone. We’ll try to make you comfortable until it all starts making sense. Lindy’s your key to comprehension; as she quizzes Andra to learn more, so will you.

    There’s a lot to our universe, and even more in development. We’ve got a lot of things brewing in the stew, and SOLUS is the key to it all!

     May 1, 2003 | More Solus Reviews
    From Silver Bullet Comics, thanks to Bill Rosemann

    SOLUS #2
    SOLUS #2 (May 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    REVIEW: Solus #2
    Posted: Thursday, May 1
    By: Paul Dale Roberts

    Meet Andra Radiant! This lady once had godlike powers, but her powers were dispersed to other worlds. She has to collect her memories and her Sigil symbol from all of the Sigil bearers to become what she once was. "Energy can be neither created nor destroyed" is the start of a debate in this story. A debate in which I am fascinated with. Like the energy that surrounds our living bodies, when we are deceased it is released, an aura of energy, in which people refer to as ghosts or souls....but, that is my theory.

    See a comic book like this gets the reader thinking about all kinds of stuff! If you want energy, there is plenty of energy in this comic book! Energy that comes alive through the story and the artwork! A power cosmic that is unbelievable! You will have to check out the unusual weapons in this issue too, like The Circlet and 6 other mysterious weapons. The Seven Weapons of Altwaal are shown in their full glory in this exciting story. If you want to understand the CGE Universe a little bit better, then this is a definite must read!

    From Digital Webbing, thanks to Bill Rosemann

    REVIEWS:Solus #1 and #2
    Reviewer: Ian Ascher


    SOLUS #1
    SOLUS #1 (Apr 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    SOLUS #2
    SOLUS #2 (May 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    The plan has collapsed. The grand design has been discovered and destroyed. The CrossGen Universe will never be the same. Welcome to Solus, a lone planet in the CrossGen Universe that is home to a unique individual; a god like woman with no memory of who she is or where she came form before being reborn by the planet itself. Shortly after she awakens, she is transported to the planet Helios where Virtual Reality Games control peoples lives and becomes engaged in a battle between that planet's heroine Andra and her arch nemesis Zeuss. The outcome shakes the planet's foundation to its core and all three lives are altered forever.

    CrossGen does with Solus what they have already been doing with Crux. They have been building on the shared mythology of their universe and characters, taking us slowly down a road to what is bound to be one hell of a story. The first two issues of the series introduce readers to all kinds of clues and information one would only get by reading other CrossGen titles. Still, you can read Solus and not pick up any other issue of a CrossGen book and you would get a complete story and not be lost or confused.

     April 30, 2003 | 411 Mania Review Solus
    From 411 Mania, thanks to Bill Rosemann

    SOLUS #1
    SOLUS #1 (Apr 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    Is Solus more than George Perez eye candy?
    Posted on 04.29.03
    Reviewer: Mike "Skitch" Maillaro

    I hate to start off on a negative note, but I have to say that Solus 1 was one of the most disheartening comics I’ve ever read. The art was gorgeous, and the dialogue was pretty tight, but I really had no clue what happened in the comic. Basically all I was really sure of was that one of my favorite CrossGen characters (Danik from Crux) was there, but I had no clue why. Thankfully, Solus 2 was a much clearer and more enjoyable book. In fact, the “last issue” page helped me understand Solus 1 and after rereading it, it was a much better comic.


    The best part of this issue, of course, is George Perez’s art. He is truly a master artist, and Solus makes me even more excited about JLA/Avengers. I usually don’t pay too much attention to comic art, but Perez always makes me stop and appreciate his work.

    CrossGen’s main “sigil” storyline is supposed to last five years, and this is the end of year three. Everything seems to be coming to a major head, and I expect the next two years are going to be exciting times to be CrossGen fans. Solus seems to be at the heart of this, and I truly expect this will end up being one of CrossGen’s best titles.

    Final Score: 7.5

     April 28, 2003 | Space 2003: The Comics
    From Slush Factory

    SOLUS #1
    SOLUS #1 (Apr 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    SPACE 2003: The Comics
    By Rich Watson


    A few other comics I’ve been reading: like a number of people, I was baffled as all heck over Solus (CrossGen). Barbara Kesel has done a wonderful job with Meridian, but The First is a mixed bag at best that appeals more to the diehard fans from what I’ve seen, and now she’s launched a book heavily steeped in the overall story arc running throughout the CGU books. Those other books revealed their connections to the big arc slowly, throughout the course of their stories. Solus just threw them out at once, and without any context, it came across as more than a little confusing. That said, however, the basic premise remains interesting, and George Perez’s art rocks as usual, so I’ll continue reading it for now – albeit very cautiously…

     April 28, 2003 | Site Update
    From Vu

  • Julie Rapp as Wonder Woman
  • ATTENTION: Please do not pay $$ for the PITTSBURGH COMICON PROGRAM BOOK 2003. These things were give out FREE if you attended the Pittsburgh Comicon 2003 and they will be available for FREE on their website

    If you desperately need one, please post in the Forum that you are looking for one - someone (I know there are a few out there that's nice enough) will send you a free copy, if you just send them a few dollars to cover for postage.

    It's pretty awful that someone is charging $5.99 for a signed copy on Ebay. It's just wrong.

    Anyway, there is an article on the new Teen Titans Comic on Diamond Comics. Nothing really new, except that I didn't know that Superman, Batman, and the two Flashes (Jay & Wally) are guest-starring in the first issue.

    One last thing, I hate to admit it, but with the two issue of SOLUS doesn't really impressed me (storywise). As always I'm impressed and blown away by the artwork but the writing really doesn't explain much (see above excerpt from Rich Watson). Maybe it was because the same week that I got SOLUS #2, I also received TOM STRONG #20, which was absolutely an amazing story, only to read SOLUS and be disappointed. However, I should point out that Alan Moore is a genius so there's really no comparison.

    I was talking to Marcus earlier and he didn't know that Adam Hughes uses a model for his Wonder Woman cover. So, I'm assuming a lot of other fans don't know this small detail as well - so here is a scan of his model, Julie Rapp, as published in COMIC BOOK ARTIST #21.

     April 22, 2003 | Solus Custom Prints
    From Tony Lorenz, via Forum

    Topic: Framegods
    posted 4/21/03 10:28 PM

    I just had to put a plug out to these nice people at

    I just ordered 6 huge 20 x 30 prints, incrediable quality and with the membership and the editional 20% discount, it came out to $18.00 a print, a great price. They've just added three Solus prints for sale and if you don't want them that big, you can get them 12 x 18 with membership and extra discount for around $11.00 each. You can get to there site through Crossgen under custom prints. Tell them Tony sent you.

    CrossGen Comics
    CrossGen Comics


    45 NEW ART PRINTS on
    !! S A L E !! S A L E !!


     April 17, 2003 | Solus #2 Preview
    From Comics Continuum, thanks to Old Friend


    Solus #2 will arrive in stores on Wednesday from CrossGen Entertainment. The issue is written by Barbara Kesel, penciled by George Pérez, inked by Rick Magyar and colored by Larry Molinar.

    Here's how CrossGen describes the issue:

    "Something has been hidden on the world of Quin for centuries, waiting for the day when Solusandra would return to claim it. But Andra cannot remember what to do with what she's given, and may not have time to remember with the Hound on her trail…"

    Solus #2 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.95.

  • SOLUS #2 Cover
  • Page 1
  • Pages 2-3
  • Pages 4-5
  • From Pop Culture Shock, thanks to Draven

    PCS PREVIEW: Solus #2
    Available: Wednesday! (04/23)

    CrossGen, $2.95
    Writer: Barbara Kesel
    Artist: George Perez

    Something has been hidden on the world of Quin for centuries, waiting for the day when Solusandra would return to claim it. But Andra cannot remember what to do with what she’s given, and may not have time to remember with the Hound on her trail…

  • Page 1
  • Page 2
  • Page 3
  • Page 4
  • Page 5
  • From Hero Realm, thanks to Bill Rosemann

    Lynchpin Title Delivers Shocking Secrets & Out-Of-This-World Art!

    Last month SOLUS #1 rocked readers with a mix of wild revelations and amazing art. We're counting down to an explosion of major events in the CrossGen Universe, and this lynchpin title stands at the center of it all. And now that you know how the gang in the CrossGen Bullpen view SOLUS, let's hear what the industry thought of CrossGen's latest stunner:

    "CrossGen scored a jaw-dropping coup a year ago when it signed George Pérez to its stable...Written by Barbara Kesel, SOLUS introduces us to Andra Radiant, a woman whose life is in pieces. On different planets. In different time periods. And you thought you had it rough." -Andrew Smith, The Memphis Commercial Appeal

    "George Pérez's art truly has never looked better." -Comix View

    "Hallelujah! George Pérez is penciling a monthly book again! SOLUS is a mysterious, puzzling, maddening, beautiful book. The art is contagious...Pérez fans should run out and buy this book, as it looks like he is better than ever."

    "This is a beautiful book through and through. Pérez really outdoes himself, and is well supported by (inker) Rick Magyar and (colorist) Larry Molinar. Combined with what is really some of Kesel's best writing for CrossGen and you've got a book that's good for new and old readers alike, and a definite hit."

    "SOLUS will take you beyond the realms of imagination!"

    "Barbara Kesel is really providing some groundbreaking information for those readers who have been reading CrossGen since the beginning, and definitely given new readers some insight to what ties the CrossGen Universe together...meanwhile CrossGen's list of artists continues to dwarf most of the other companies in this industry, and SOLUS is just one more book that looks gorgeous." -Chris Partin,

    And's short but sweet review really sums it up: "SOLUS: George Pérez + CG Colors + Cosmic Action = :) "

    So if you crave mind-blowing art and big revelations, then pick up SOLUS #2 on sale April 23rd! Big things are coming... and Andra will put you at the center of it all!

    Your Friend @ CrossGen,
    Bill Rosemann

  • SOLUS #2 Cover
  • Page 1
  • Pages 2-3
  • Pages 4-5
  •  April 14, 2003 | Solus #2 Shipping Apr 23
    From Diamond Comics

    Shipping Next Week: April 23

    The following products are expected to ship to comic book specialty stores next week. Note that this list is tentative and subject to change. Please check with your retailer for availability.

    FEB031845 SOLUS #2 $2.95

     April 9, 2003 | Suite 101 Comic Section
    From Suite 101

    Panel Sessions at MegaCon 2003
    Author: Robert Smithers
    Published on: April 2, 2003


    Here’s the some additional details for panels sessions and comic creators for MegaCon 2003 that took place February 28 through March 2, 2003 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida

    It looks like the JLA/Avengers Crossover will be out the fourth quarter of 2003. (Reported last week George Perez is finishing up the fourth and final issue of the miniseries). You can check the progress of this book at George’s website at

  • SOLUS #3
  • More Online Comics, Geroge Perez Update, MegaCon is Coming!
    Author: Robert Smithers
    Published on: February 14, 2003

    What do you do when you're comic book art is a legend, but you are still in the prime years of production? Get someone else to manage your website at As announced two years ago at MagaCon Orlando, George is still working on his Avengers/Justice League cross over story. It will be 4 issues and George, as a labor of love, is penciling and inking every page of every issue. I suppose the moral of the story is that love cannot be rushed. Another moral could be to be careful what you wish for it might come true.

    On the website the editor says that George says he has finished penciling three issues and has laid out issue #4 and is inking the third issue. George is also working on his second issue of 2 of Solus for CrossGen. Solus debuts next month. Here's a picture of the cover of the third issue of Solus by George Perez with inks by Rick Magyar and colors by Larry Molinar.

     March 28, 2003 | Solus #2 Sent to Printer
    From CrossGen Forums

    Topic: What incredible art!
    posted 03-27-2003 01:56 PM
    posted by Beeber

    Now that issue one is out, let me take a moment to scream praise at the incredible art team of George "Um, George, well, SOLUS will be about, um, let me sum it up this way: do you have an hour?" Perez, Rick "calm under fire and patient while listening through a long-winded explanation" Magyar, Larry "New Kid RAWKS! but if you keep playing goalie against me, you'd better prepare to die on the foosball table" Molinar, and Dave "Oooh! I have this idea about how to do the Gameface cpations!" Lanphear. This book was an especially complicated one to put together (and an especially complicated one to read, yeah, I know) and these guys really did it up proud. I couldn't be happier with the end result of a title that's been in different levels of development for two years.

    And we sent issue 2 to the printer today!

     February 1, 2003 | Pérez Talks JLA/A
    From Comics Continuum, thanks to Jason Grey
    Saturday, February 1, 2003
    Copyright © 2003, The Comics Continuum
    posted by

  • Andy Smith, Jeff Johnson, Barbara Kesel, and George Perez, photograph from Comics Continuum
  • George Perez told The Continuum he's about to begin work on the fourth and final issue of the JLA/Avengers crossover mini-series.

    "We finally got our ducks in a row on the fourth issue and I finally got the plot to that," Perez told The Continuum Friday during the Comics & Pop Culture Convention in Pasadena, Calif.

    "I'm a quarter-way inked on issue 3, so it'll be kind of nice to get back to penciling. I think they've worked on all the kinks in issue 4. We're moving ahead."

    Perez said noone is committing to a release date yet for the project, which is written by Kurt Busiek.

    "I wouldn't even hazard a guess at it," he said. "They want to schedule it when I'm working on issue 4. Now I don't know if that means while I'm penciling it or while I'm inking it. With so much anticipation going down, the one thing they don't want is the bad vibes of a book that will not be on schedule."

  • George Perez, photograph from Comics Continuum
  • Perez is back to work at CrossGen Comics, teaming with Barbara Kesel on the new title Solus.

    "I'm almost done with issue 2 now and the first issue premieres on March 26," Perez said. "Solus is a little bit less work just because of the very nature of the project and the fact that I'm not inking. I have a fine, fine inker in Rich Magyar for that.

    "So I try to produce the book a little quicker. On many days, I'll do two pages in one day as opposed to just one. Instead of a 6-7 hour day, I'll have 12-14 hour day in order to get back and finish JLA/Avengers."

    DC Comics and Marvel Comics have been slow in teasing the project, which Perez meets with approval.

    "I think a lot of it is they don't want it to be old news before it comes out," he said. "They don't want to release artwork that people get so used to seeing again and again and again, that sometimes when it comes out a year after they saw it initially, the excitement's gone.

    "I think they've managed to help promote the project to share the mystery now. Anticipation is high and living up to the hype is going to be the biggest challenge."

    That's a challenge Perez said he's up for.

    "As my swansong for mainstream characters, this is putting all my tricks of the trade to the forefront," he said.

     January 24, 2003 | Scripting Solus: Kesel Interview at Pulse
    From Pulse

    posted 01-24-2003 01:30 PM
    BY JENNIFER "I've Got a Hidden Sigil, Too" CONTINO

    Barbara Kesel is getting ready for her new series with George Perez, Solus, to begin this March. The series features a young woman trying to find her place, not only in this world but in the CrossGen Universe.

  • Page 7
  • Page 15
  • Page 7
  • SOLUS #3
  • THE PULSE: What inspired the creation of Solus?
    BARBARA KESEL: George. When George told us that he wanted to come back from his hiatus to a monthly series rather than the sporadic CROSSGEN CHRONICLES, we started brainstorming a series that would take advantage of Georges limitless imagination and the scope of our only slightly more limited universe. George wanted his own world; I'm not stopping at one.

    THE PULSE: Solus, like Meridian, is the name of the world of its main characters. Why call this world Solus?
    KESEL: It gains its name from the energy it holds. That sentence will probably make more sense after issue #1 comes out.

    THE PULSE: Solus means alone, how does that definition fit in with the scope of this series?
    Because at the center of it all is a single crucial character.

    THE PULSE: What does the word have to do with the heroine Andra Radiant?
    The word Solus? Solus represents what Andra leaves behind as she ventures off in search of herself. Andra Radiant is who she becomes.

    THE PULSE: Who is Andra Radiant?
    She's the hero of Heliotrope. Actually, they just know her as Radiant. She was named for a character in a MMURPG who came to life one day.

    THE PULSE: If the residents of Solus can't remember a time when she wasn't around the world, does that make her immortal? Is Andra one of the "First?"
    No, Andra is not one of the First. And there are no residents of Solus. Yet.

    THE PULSE: Does Andra have a Sigil?
    Andra's not a Sigil-Bearer, either. Aren't you loving these answers?

    THE PULSE: How is working on Solus different than your other work in the CrossGen Universe?
    Just as our continuity is complicated and interconnected, although by design not so intrusive that you cant read any one of our comics titles alone, the genesis team behind SOLUS is bigger than just me sending a projected outline through the approval process. Events in this book will eventually change our entire universe, so those events start at the top: Mark Alessi and Gina Villa are involved in the 6-month projections. I'm there to take the continuity needs and craft them into a story, adding new worlds, specific universal events, personality, bits of business, and all that gooey character stuff. Chuck Dixon is involved to make sure we don't overcomplicate matters or forget to provide some meat for the average action fan, then George takes what I write in the plot, adds in our phone conversations, and delivers 200% of what he's been asked to draw.

    [ Read more Scripting Solus: Kesel Interview at Pulse ]

     January 22, 2003 | Solus #2 Info
    From CrossGen, thanks to Jason Grey
    SOLUS #2
    SOLUS #2 (May 2003)
    CrossGen Comics
    SOLUS #2
    April 23, 2003

    Something has been hidden on the world of Quin for centuries, waiting for the day when Solusandra would return to claim it. But Andra cannot remember what to do with what she’s given, and may not have time to remember with the Hound on her trail…

     January 14, 2003 | Solus Preview
    From Vu
    Before I begin, let me say: very, very special thanks to Jeff Prentiss over at If you have a moment, send him an email saying how much you appreciate seeing the preview of SOLUS #1.

    Diamond and CrossGen Comics sent one copy of this SOLUS PREVIEW to all of their retailers, along with their comic book shipment this week. They are black and white photocopied (front and back) and contain 17 pages of interior pages, plus 3 pages of pinup artwork (I am assuming one of the pinup is the cover to #2). As with most cases, you can find these cheaply produced copies on sale on Ebay under either "promotional" or "ashcan". They usually sell for about $5, but I do not recommend anyone paying that much for these free promos. Instead, click on all the scans below or wait until the comic book actually ship to your area on March 26th.

    These images are copyrighted 2003 by CrossGen and was never intended for internet usages... if they ask me to take down the pages, I will do it. So my advice is for you to save them on your harddrive while you can.

    Again, I want to thank my comic book store, Outpost 2000, for being the best comic shop. You can read about my comic shop on ICv2: In-Store Gaming, Part III. An excerpt from the article: "Outpost 2000 is a pop culture store that specializes in both comic and games, located in Minneapolis suburb Brooklyn Park. In operation since 1996, Outpost 2000's layout includes a dedicated "game room" that is the site of league and tournament play for all of today's popular games.".

    Here are all the pages to the SOLUS PREVIEW from CrossGen Comics and Diamond Distribution.

  • Page 1
  • Page 2
  • Page 3
  • Page 4
  • Page 5
  • Page 6
  • Page 7
  • Page 8
  • Page 9
  • Page 10
  • Page 11
  • Page 12
  • Page 13
  • Page 14
  • Page 15
  • Page 16
  • Page 17
  • Cover to SOLUS #1
  • Cover to SOLUS #2
  • Pinup, see also ANDRA RADIANT PINUP
  • Credits include:

    Barbara Kesel
    George Pérez
    Rick Magyar (1-15 for preview)
    Larry Mullen (colors reproduced in black and white)
     December 19, 2002 | More Wizard's 2003 Preview
    From WIZARD: THE COMICS MAGAZINE #137 (Feb 03)

    Andra Radiant, the hero of Heliotrope, is finally revealed to the millions of curious watchers who have followed her adventures for years in March's Solus #1 by Barbara Kesel and George Pérez. In issue #2, Andra visits Ayden of Quin, who gives her a gift endowed with a familiar orange energy, while in issue #3, Brath Mac Garen, from the pages of Brath, finds himself confronted by a powerful stranger, and the encounter leaves him permanently changed.

    09/24/2006 21:42:50