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SOLUS #7 (Nov 2003)

cover: George Pérez/Rick Magyar
Nov 2003
CrossGen Comics

"Untitled" (23 pages)

Barbara Kesel
George Pérez
Rick Magyar
Larry Molinar

Cross over with THE FIRST #35.

Another sigil stolen! First she took the mark from the barbarian warrior Brath - now Andra Radiant captures a new piece of her past! How will this acquisition rock Andra?

(9/1/2003): Since SOLUS #6 was pushed back to late September, SOLUS #7 will probably not ship until October, and/or later than #6.
(9/24/2003): To be released October 15th, 2003.
Reprinted in SOLUS #3 (Germany) (Aug 2005)

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    SOLUS #7 SOLUS #7 (Nov 2003)

     January 23, 2004 | Entire Perez's Solus on COW
    From Vu

    SOLUS #1 SOLUS #1 (Apr 2003) SOLUS #2 SOLUS #2 (May 2003) SOLUS #3 SOLUS #3 (Jun 2003)
    SOLUS #4 SOLUS #4 (Jul 2003) SOLUS #6 SOLUS #6 (Jul 2003) SOLUS #7 SOLUS #7 (Jul 2003)
    For $2, you can view George Pérez's entire SOLUS issues on CrossGen's Comics on the Web. The first issue is free to view, so definitely check it out.



    Long ago, a plan was formed.

    Conceived and guided by one being who pretended to advise another,

    it was succeeding, gaining momentum against the growing danger it was intended to negate.

    But then it was discovered...

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  •  November 3, 2003 | X-World Reviews Solus #7
    From X-World

    Comic Book Synopsis/Review: Solus 7
    by Aaron Churchill


    Please don't stop reading what i write in the future after this next comment: How many people are reading this comic because of George Perez? Okay, stop reading. For those that might give this a try due to Perez, focus on the story not the art. As I've never been a huge Perez fan; I've always tried to figure out what everyone loved about him so very much. Never really could figure it out, other than some great fight scenes, but i figured how could it not be with all those character put into a single panel or double page spread? He might just be rushing a little with the DC/Marvel crossover, but this issue's art felt rushed and not even of the quality I've noticed in the past with Perez. Crossgen has a great habit of some great fill in artists. Admit you need a break and let the powers that be do their job. It would suck for someone to give this a try based off the hype (love that word) of DC/Marvel and then gets whatever it was this issue offered in the way of art... taking away from a great developing story line.

     October 19, 2003 | Solus #7 Review at SBC
    From Silver Bullet Comics

    Solus #7
    Posted: Monday, October 20
    By: Olivia Woodward

    4 Bullets


    As usual, the art is superb. The compositions are tight and flow with narrative ease, creating a steady visual pacing to the issue. The meticulous detail of Dr. Tuskin's office is delightful, from the heart-pattern flowerpots to the green bead curtains that adorn the walls. The inking and colors are also splendid here; especially impressive are the pure expressiveness of the psychedelic chaos scenes and the restrained and dark tones of the flashback scene.

     October 14, 2003 | Solus #7 Preview
    From Bill Rosemann

    Mon, 13 Oct 2003 16:45:33 -0400
    6-Page Sneak Peek!

    What a great time to be a George Pérez fan! His dream superhero project has finally arrived... and his art from SOLUS #7 will haywire your head! Who is Kellra... what secrets will she unlock in Andra's mind...and will anything be able to stop her subsequent freak out? Pérez, writer Barbara Kesel, inker Rick Magyar, and colorist Larry Molinar take you on a Technicolor trip on October 15th!

    SOLUS #7 SOLUS #7 (Oct 2003) Page 1 Page 2
    Page 3 Page 4
     October 6, 2003 | Solus #7 to Ship
    From Diamond

    Shipping Next Week: October 15

    The following products are expected to ship to comic book specialty stores next week. Note that this list is tentative and subject to change. Please check with your retailer for availability.

    JUL032101 SOLUS #7 $2.95

     October 2, 2003 | Public Announcement From Perez
    From George Pérez

    Pérez and CrossGen
    posted 10/2/03 12:46 AM

    Hello, everyone.

    SOLUS #7 (Oct 2003) THE WAR #1 (May 2004)
    I have kept publicly silent on all the speculation, gossip and downright fabrications regarding my relationship and future with CrossGen Entertainment because I wanted to get all my ducks in a row before I made a public statement. And, quite truthfully, I have been just too busy.

    Also, I don’t believe that my business dealings with any company should be played out in a public arena. I have been guilty of doing that in the past and it really serves no purpose except to vent one’s feelings and watch as news gets misquoted and petty squabbles among unconcerned parties supplant any real focus on the original issues. But I digress.

    First and foremost, I want to assure everyone that I am indeed still a CrossGen employee with all my health and dental insurance and benefits still intact. I know how expensive I am, and I wouldn’t have taken any offense if I had to be fired outright due to financial belt-tightening caused the company’s restructuring. Instead, CrossGen generously decided to keep me on, even if I had chosen not to do any work at all for the company in 2004. However, while I have left SOLUS after Issue 7 and will not be pencilling THE WAR after all, I will be working on an as-yet-unnamed 2-part stand-alone mini-series for CrossGen scheduled to be released sometime in the summer. This decision was prompted by my desire to show my support for Mark Alessi and for a company that has been nothing but generous and respectful to me. And I have great confidence that the company will indeed turn itself around.

    The concerned letters, e-mails and phone calls have been very flattering and I am so grateful that so many friends and fans care so much about me. It is very humbling, and I appreciate it greatly. Please rest assured that I am fine. I have been blessed with long and happy associations with all of the companies I’ve worked with. I love drawing comics, first, last and always. CrossGen, like so many other companies I’ve served in my three decades in the business, is going through some tough times. But I'm more than confident that it will get through this, stronger and wiser. And when it does, I will be there with pencil in hand and ready to kick butt.

    While I will not, even if I weren’t still an employee, discuss or comment on CG’s business dealings and commitments, I do have faith in its future and that those still working there are people of honor determined to make everything right again—and to producing some of the finest comics in the industry.

    Beyond that I am entertaining several freelance offers that have come my way. Thankfully, the huge success of the JLA/AVENGERS crossover has allowed me the luxury of being able to take my time in choosing what that next project will be. There’s one prospect that looks very promising, but that’s a matter for a future announcement.

    Thanks and take care,
    George Pérez

    PS: Please feel free to circulate to any and all concerned parties and sites.

     September 24, 2003 | CrossGen October Releases
    From Bill Rosemann

    Wed, 24 Sep 2003 19:20:56 -0400


    On Sale Oct. 8th
    CRUX #29
    EL CAZADOR #1 2nd Printing

    On Sale Oct. 15th
    THE FIRST #35
    MERIDIAN #39
    MYSTIC #40
    NEGATION #22
    SIGIL #40
    SOLUS #7
    SOJOURN #28

     September 1, 2003 | Pérez To Move to New CGE Series?
    From Silver Bullet Comics

    ALL THE RAGE: The Seventh Sign
    Sunday, August 31
    By Blair Marnell


    Off to War

    George Perez will soon be taking a break from Solus to finish up the final issue of JLA/Avengers, and gear up for CrossGen’s Mega-Crossover The War. The early buzz is that The War will run for six issues, and give George the chance to work with the entire library of CrossGen characters. Makes perfect sense. After all, when you think of galaxy spanning crossovers, who else comes to mind?

    Afterwards, George may be moving onto a new series. But details are still sketchy there.

    This Has A “Breakdown Crisis Of Infinity Gauntlets” Factor Of Six Out Of Ten

     June 17, 2003 | Solus #7 Cover
    From CrossGen Comics, thanks to Willie D

  • SOLUS #7
  • SOLUS #7
    Barbara Kesel (w), George Pérez (p), Rick Magyar (i), Larry Molinar (c)

    Another sigil stolen! First she took the mark from the barbarian warrior Brath - now Andra Radiant captures a new piece of her past! How will this acquisition rock Andra? "Grade: A" -Comics Buyer's Guide
    32 pgs, full color, on sale Sept. 17 $2.95

     June 16, 2003 | CGE For Sep 2003
    From Bill Rosemann

    Attached is the text listing of all CrossGen comic books and graphic novels on sale in September 2003.

    This information is embargoed for public distribution until Wednesday, June 18th.

    Full-color cover art will be available for downloading on Wednesday, June 18th, from the Fan, Retailer and Media sections at

    THE FIRST #35
    Barbara Kesel (w), Andy Smith (p), Robin Riggs (i), Morry Hollowell (c)

    From the pages of SOLUS, here comes the Hound! You've wondered about their true nature - and now the enigmatic Enson and Wyture battle a side of themselves that they can no longer control! Plus: Trenin the Hunter takes aim at the upstart Seahn!
    32 pgs, full color, on sale Sept. 3 $2.95

    SOLUS #7
    Barbara Kesel (w), George Pérez (p), Rick Magyar (i), Larry Molinar (c)

    Another sigil stolen! First she took the mark from the barbarian warrior Brath - now Andra Radiant captures a new piece of her past! How will this acquisition rock Andra? "Grade: A" -Comics Buyer's Guide
    32 pgs, full color, on sale Sept. 17 $2.95

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