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cover:  George Perez
Rick Magyar
12 March 2003
CrossGen Comics

Siged by Barbara Kesel, George Pérez, Rick Magyar, and Larry Molinar.
Limited to 100 pieces.
Also available: SOLUS LIMITED EDITION LASER CEL (Regular) (Mar 2003)


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    SOLUS #1
    SOLUS #1 (Apr 2003)



    SOLUS #1 (Germany) (Nov 2004)

    WORLDS OF WESTFIELD vol 23, #2 (Apr 2003)

    SOLUS #1 PREVIEW (Jan 2003)


    COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1522 (17 Jan 2003)

     June 2, 2003 | WWE Highlights
    From ES 

    photo and text by ES

    Friday Highlights

    Mr. Tom Brevoort (AVENGERS/JLA Co-Editor/Great Guy) announced at the Marvel Universe/Max/Marvel Knight Panel on Friday about AVENGERS/JLA #1 coming out in September 2003.

    ACTOR was selling SOLUS #1 Limited Edition Laser Cels (Limited Edition of 500) Unsigned $20.00 and Signed by the entire creative team (SOLUS) $40.00. I bought a unsigned copy.

    I met Mr. Geoff Johns (AVENGERS, JSA, TEEN TITANS, HAWKMAN) Another great guy.

    Saturday Highlight

    I attended Cup O' Joe Q & A Panel. Where I ask a JLA/AVENGERS to Mr. Joe Quesada (Marvel Editor-in-Chief), I still transcribing the response, so look for that later in the week.

    I attended the DC: Expanding Our Universe Panel. Where the folks at DC announced that JLA/AVENGERS #2 and 4 would be coming out in October and December of 2003.

    I also attended the 1 on 1 panel with Mark Alessi (CROSSGEN) minus Mr. Alessi who couldn't make the con due to last minute commitments. Ron Marz was there along with one of the CROSSGEN heads.

    Sunday Highlights

    I meet Mrs. Barbara Kesel (SOLUS) at the CROSSGEN Booth (Nice Lady) I got a big hug when I ask her if I could get my picture taken with her.

    I attended Mr. Geoff Johns Panel: Juggling Team Books

    There were four or five total limited edition posters (CROSSGEN) that were given away during the con through free raffles. These posters featured original art done exclusively for WIZARD WORLD EAST and signed by everyone at CROSSGEN.

     March 19, 2003 | Solus Laser Cel Released
    From Vu

    CrossGen Comics and Laser Mach released this item today.

    I originally didn't plan on buying this SOLUS LIMITED EDITION LASER CEL (Signed), but when I read that part of this money went to ACTOR (see January 11, 2003 | Laser Mach & CG Benefits ACTOR), I decided it was for a good cause and ordered one.

    According to the Certificate of Authenticity, there were only 500 copies of this. The first 100 were signed by the creative team of Barbara Kesel, George Pérez, Rick Magyar, and Larry Molinar. So there are 400 of the regular edition, if I'm reading that right.

    The scan does not do the image justice (see bigger scan), you have to see this up close for yourself, it's just incredible! Not only does it reproduces the artwork in incredible details, but the colors are absolutely vibrant! There seems to be a layer of transparent film over the artwork.

    According to the information on the Authenticity paper, "The image has been printed on specially treated Mylar, resulting in the highest quality reproduction possible. Only the finest materials and processes were used in the production of this Matted Art Transparency, to ensure your acquisition of a permanent piece of quality artwork."

    This matted piece is suitable for framing and is a great piece to have in your collection.

     January 19, 2003 | ACTOR Mentioned in CBG
    From Vu
    COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1524 (31 Jan 03) reported "Laser Mach, CrossGen benefit ACTOR" which is on the front cover. It is pretty much the same article as ACTOR's press release.

    This is an excerpt from the article:

    The Laser Cell is produced by Laser Mach and contains a transparency of George Pérez's cover to the first issue of the science-fiction series along with a matted card autographed by the creative team, penciller Pérez, writer Barbara Kesel, inker Rick Magyar and colorist Larry Molinar. The cell retails for $40 with $5 from the sale of each of the 100 copies going to ACTOR.
    I know it is only a $3.01 difference, but PREVIEWS originally listed this product with a retail price of $36.99.
     January 11, 2003 | Laser Mach & CG Benefits ACTOR
    From ACTOR
    LASER MACH ‘SOLUS’ CELL BENEFITS ACTOR COMIC FUND. Signed product based on new CrossGen series donates to charity

    Los Angeles, CA (January 9, 2003) - ACTOR (A Commitment To Our Roots), the non-profit organization dedicated to helping older comic creators in need, is pleased to announce a new benefit product. Laser Mach’s new “Solus” Laser Cell based on the new CrossGen comic of the same name will raise money for the fund, with $5 from each piece sold benefiting ACTOR.

    CrossGen’s Solus, which debuts in March, features the adventures of Andra Radiant, a multi-talented Renaissance woman whose origins may tie into the very origins of life itself. Laser Mach’s Solus Laser Cell features a transparency of artist George Pérez’ stunning cover to Solus #1, along with a matted card autographed by the entire Solus creative team: Writer Barbara Kesel, penciler Pérez, inker Rick Magyar, and colorist Larry Molinar. The Solus Laser Cell is a limited edition of 100 pieces, shipping the first week in March with a suggested retail price of $40.

    “I'm always tickled to find new ways to raise more money for ACTOR and I'm so happy that Laser Mach and CrossGen got together for this nifty product,” said George Pérez, who is also the Co-chairman of ACTOR’s Disbursement Committee. “I'm sure that I speak for the entire Solus team in saying how proud we are to be signing these cool-looking cells.

    “It is a great honor for us to work with CrossGen, George Pérez and the rest of the creative staff on Solus to help benefit the creators who have been entertaining us for years,” said Matt Ligot of Laser Mach. “We are sure this Laser Cell will be well received by the comic community, and look forward to working with ACTOR on more projects in the future.”

     December 27, 2002 | Solus in Previews
    From PREVIEWS vol 13, #1 (Jan 03)


    Also, along with the PREVIEWS is the consumer ordering form, which uses the advertisment on the cover.

    The CrossGen comic book section had a special 2-page spread reads. It reads:



    Andra Radiant is putting the pieces of her life back together. The problem is that they’re all scattered on different worlds! Watch as Andra goes from pulp hero to barbarian warrior, changing identities as she tours the worlds of the CrossGen Universe in search of herself. The answers she finds will change her life – and change the universe forever!

    SOLUS #1
    Written by Barbara Kesel, art by George Pérez and Rick Magyar, colors by Larry Molinar

    48 pages full color - 32 PAGES OF STORY! - on sale March 26 .... $2.95

    Finally, this month ends with this item:

    Printed on Mylar. Features laster-teched Sigil Medallion. Includes Certificate of Authenticity. Limited to 500 pieces. The Signed Edition includes an acid-free signature card signed by Barbara Kesel, George Pérez, Rick Magyar, and Larry Molinar. Limited to 100 pieces. (8182) (CAUT: 4)

    REG - Cell, 8x10, FC
    SIGNED - Cell, 8x10, FC