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SOLUS TPB #2: RADIANT (Errata) (Jun 2004) (CP, IA)

Jun 2004
CrossGen Comics

"Untitled" (160 pages)

Barbara Kesel
George Pérez/Leonard Kirk
Rick Magyar
Larry Molinar

ERRATA: Note, this book most likely will not be printed because the SOLUS series was canceled on issue #8.

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    SOLUS TPB #2: RADIANT (Errata) (Jun 2004) (CP, IA)

     November 14, 2003 | Solus: Radiant
    From Vu

    Since Diamond Books puts together their catalog for book stores every six months, CrossGen, at the time, probably didn't think SOLUS would end by #8. Chances are: this book will probably not be printed, unless, of course they decide on putting it all together with SOLUS TPB #1: GENESIS, and bumping up the price. I would not mind paying an extra $2.00 for the inclusion of the two extra issues.

    I am listing SOLUS: RADIANT as an Errata, unless something different comes up.

    Also, despite of what the main page of states, SOLUS TPB #1: GENESIS has not shipped yet (at least according to Diamond's shipping list).

    Solus: Radiant
    by Barbara Kesel, George Perez (Illustrator), Leonard Kirk (Illustrator)
    List Price: $15.95

    Availability: This item has not yet been released. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives.

    Edition: Paperback

    Product Details

    * Paperback: 160 pages
    * Publisher: Crossgen; (June 2004)
    * ISBN: 1593140576

    11/14/2003 07:29:37