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VECTOR #14 (Errata) (28 May 2003)

cover: (unknown)
VECTOR #14 (Errata)
28 May 2003
CrossGen Comics

Serializing the following titles: SOLUS (Chapter 1), RUSE (Chapter 18), MYSTIC (Chapter 34), WAY OF THE RAT (Chapter 11), THE FIRST (Chapter 29), and SIGIL (Chapter 34)

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    VECTOR #14 (Errata) (28 May 2003)
    VECTOR #15 (Errata) (June 2003)
    VECTOR #16 (Errata) (July 2003)
     April 17, 2003 | Compendia Cancelled
    From Newsarama

    posted posted April 17, 2003 05:27 AM by MattBrady

    According to a report at ICV2, CrossGen will cancel its Compendia line (Forge and Vector) after the respective 13th issues that ship this month. All orders for Compendia issues #14-#16 have been cancelled.

    The Compendia were anthology trades, which contained several different CrossGen stories from their regular monthly comics.

    CrossGen’s Chris Oarr told ICV2 that while the Compendia were useful in reaching new readers, the newcomers quickly gravitated to the regular trades and monthly comics. This is the first major cancellation of a CrossGen product line in just under three years of business.

    As reported earlier, CrossGen will focus much of its energy on its Traveler-sized trade line of products, with six Traveler editions being released in June.

    Following ICV2's announcement, CrossGen issued its own press release:

    Responding to the purchasing preference of both retailers and readers, the FORGE and VECTOR Compendia will cease publication. The monthly anthologies, which reprinted CrossGen Entertainment's line of comic books in a innovative high-page-count/low-price format, will end their respective runs after the publication of their 13th issues, both of which go on sale in April.

    "I'm proud that we gave this program over a full year to develop," stated Vice President of Sales Chris Oarr. "The Compendia were successful in reaching new readers. However, having been introduced to the entire CrossGen line, these new fans clearly gravitated toward our sequentially released graphic novels and comic books. After a year it was apparent that publishing the Compendia, even at a reduced price, no longer made good business sense."

    "The question we constantly ask ourselves is 'What do readers and retailers want?'" explained Oarr. "And in this case, while we delivered an affordable and portable package that many industry voices have asked for over the years, the actual buying behavior revealed that the majority prefers our individual graphic novels and comic books. We want to thank the strong core of fans who enjoyed FORGE and VECTOR, and we hope that they'll continue to follow our stories in our additional formats."

    "The Compendia were my gateway to the heroes of CrossGen, so I'm going to miss these handy books," added Director of Marketing & Communications Bill Rosemann. "The good news is, since CrossGen is dedicated to developing innovative multiple formats, readers can still follow their favorite CrossGen characters in other low cost options, including the individual comic books, graphic novels,, and additional formats that we'll be announcing soon. And if you like the smaller Compendia size -which feedback tells us that many of you do--be on the watch for six new portable and affordable Traveler graphic novels in June!"

    From ICv2

    CrossGen Cancels Compendia
    After April Issues
    April 16, 2003

    CrossGen is announcing Thursday that it is canceling its Compendia titles, Forge and Vector (nee Edge), after their 13th issues this month. Orders for issues 14-16 will be canceled. The Compendia were CrossGen's anthology trade paperback formats, with around 200 pages retailing for $7.95 (see "CrossGen Reformats Compendia").

    CrossGen VP Sales Chris Oarr explained the change. "The Compendia were successful in reaching new readers," he said. "However, having been introduced to the entire CrossGen line, these new fans clearly gravitated toward our sequentially released graphic novels and comic books. After a year it was apparent that publishing the Compendia, even at a reduced price, no longer made good business sense."

    CrossGen is putting its experience with books of this size to good use, however, by publishing single title "traveler" trade paperback editions (see "CrossGen Plans Traveler Trade Paperback Editions"). The company is rapidly expanding the number of titles in the traveler format this summer (see "CrossGen Goes Big with Traveler Editions").

     March 16, 2003 | Comic Creators at CG
    From COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1532 (28 Mar 03)

    Publishing: A Look Ahead
    written by Chuck Rozanski
    published in COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1532 (28 Mar 03)


    Right from the beginning, Mark made CrossGen Comics different. For one thing, he eliminated the time-honored tradition of freelancers. All comics produced by CrossGen are created in a "bullpen," built right into the center of its office complex. In a point that can be lost on no one who visits the offices, the comics creators are the center of the CrossGen world. That having said, Mark is a control freak. As a result, the vast majority of the creators working for CrossGen report to work each day at 8:30 a.m. and leave at 5 p.m. Specifically because of these office hours, comics cretors who want to be part of the CrossGen team need to live in the Tampa area. This is an amazing development in the production of comics. As any comics fan or retailer can tell you, one of the most frustrating negative side effects of the evolution of creator "freedom" over the past 20 years of comics history has been the reality of poor work habits on the part of successful comics creators. This has lead directly to a large number of very popular series being weeks, or even months, behind schedule. This simple doesn't happen at CrossGen. In three years of publishing, CrossGen has never had a book ship to the printer late.

     March 8, 2003 | Vanguard Publication and Edge

    posted 03-07-2003 06:50 PM
    posted by PulseJenC

    The recent renaming by CrossGen of their EDGE title to VECTOR is in direct response to complaints raised by Vanguard Productions concerning its preexisting trademark rights in the "EDGE" name. Vanguard Productions' EDGE (AKA Tales from the EDGE) comic book anthology has been in publication for nearly 10 years, featuring top, cutting-edge work from a Who's Who list of talent.

    "Our trademark and the reputation we've developed from our critically acclaimed series is very valuable to us, and we saw a huge potential for confusion arising from two different comic book anthology publications being sold under the identical name," remarked J. David Spurlock, president of Vanguard Publications. "We identified our concerns to CrossGen's legal counsel, and after some dialogue between our attorney and theirs, CrossGen agreed to change the name of their publication. We're pleased we were able to resolve this potential dispute without the need for litigation." Vanguard was represented by Michael Lovitz, Esq., of Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz in this matter.


    More information on EDGE and other Vanguard publications can be found at Vanguard's website:

     March 2, 2003 | All the Rage (Mar 2)
    From Silver Bullet Comics

    ALL THE RAGE: A Line In The Sand
    Sunday, March 2
    By Alan Donald


    Double Dose Of CrossGen
    Bulldog distribution is now the exclusive backlist distributor for all CrossGen comic books four months old or older. Bulldog has bought up all over CrossGen's old stock. Previously Cold Cut, Diamond and Bulldog all held CrossGen back issues, now it'll only be Bulldog. Further news is that Bulldog also has CG's permission to knock up cheap photocopy versions of missing issues to allow retailers to plug holes (so fans can at least read a copy of missing issues).

    The second bit of news from CGE: Due to CGE discovering that the title Edge has been reserved for comic use, the compendia has been forced to change it's name. From issue #13 Edge becomes VECTOR. Back issues will keep the same title and the content of the compendia will remain the same.

    This Has A "Quick Change" Value Of Nine Out Of Ten

    (Vu: There is also an update on Future Comics clarifying about FC's "financial troubles" I read about last week. Bob Layton basically dismiss that rumor. Read more about it on Silver Bullet Comics.)

     March 1, 2003 | CG Edge Becomes Vector
    From Newsarama

    posted March 01, 2003 08:10 AM
    by MattBrady

    Because another party previously reserved the title “Edge” for use in comics, CGE’s Compendia series of the same name has transformed its title into VECTOR. The title change will occur with the May 2003 issue, which also contains the first chapter of SOLUS, the new galaxy spanning adventure by Barbara Kesel and George Pérez.

    “While the name has changed from EDGE to VECTOR with issue #13, it is most definitely the same series. That’s why we’re not renumbering it,” explained CGE vice president sales & marketing Chris Oarr. “Back volumes of EDGE are still available, and neither Diamond’s order codes nor the ISBNs have changed."

    Now available for order in the March issue of Diamond Comic Distributors’s Previews catalog, the Traveler sized anthology also contains the latest chapters of SCION, THE FIRST, MYSTIC, SIGIL, WAY OF THE RAT, and RUSE. Priced at only $7.95, the 192-page volume rockets into stores on May 28th.

    Newsarama Note: A trademark search for the term reveals that The EDGE Interactive Media, Inc. company applied for trademark on the use of "Edge" for comic books and printed matter.
     February 27, 2003 | Bulldog Exclusive CG Backlist Distributor
    From Newsarama

    posted February 26, 2003 06:23 PM
    by MattBrady


    With rumblings running through the retail community for months, Bulldog Distribution, LLC has informed Newsarama that it has entered into an agreement with CrossGen to be the publisher’s exclusive backlist distributor for products four months or older, and the company has bought all of CrossGen’s inventory that is three months old or older.

     February 25, 2003 | VECTOR #14
    From Jason Grey, via CG Forums

    Looks like Edge gets a name change with issue fourteen, and a new title is added to it, Solus.

    name: VECTOR #14
    studio: CrossGen
    release date: May 28, 2003

    description: Andra Radiant has lost her memory – and must search the stars to recover it! The CrossGen Universe will never be the same… Welcome to SOLUS, the newest member of the EDGE family, beginning with Chapter 1. Also we have SCION (Chapter 34), RUSE (Chapter 18), MYSTIC (Chapter 34), WAY OF THE RAT (Chapter 11), THE FIRST (Chapter 29), and SIGIL (Chapter 34). Then there’s Part Two of Barbara’s fumetti odyssey through the wilds of Oldsmar, Florida.

    Check out

     February 21, 2003 | Bigger Compenda?
    From Wizard

    Comic book news from the front lines!

    Friday, February 21
    By Karl Cramer


    In what format do you want your Crossgen comics? Crossgen gave direct market retailers two pieces of good news this week. They plan from now on to only offer Traveler sized editions of their trade paperbacks at chain bookstores from now on, but comic shops get a choice. They can still order normal sized trades if their customers want to see all the gorgeous art in its original size. In this market, any exclusive over the big chains is a welcome one. Also, Crossgen announced a program where local comic books stores can sell subscriptions to Crossgen’s Comics on the Web collection of online comics to their customers.

     January 3, 2003 | Solus to be Serial in Caravan?
    From Vu
    I was looking over some news (for the 2002 year in review) and this caught my attention:
    February 27, 2002 | New CrossGen Titles
    Dateline: Tuesday, February 26, 2002
    By: ROB ALLSTETTER, Correspondent

    CARAVAN will be the third Compendia title and will launch in July 2003. It will coincide with CrossGen reaching 15 monthly titles.

    I am almost certain that CARAVAN will be serializing SOLUS in July of 2003.

    Currently, FORGE are reprinting/serializing these titles: CRUX, MERIDIAN, NEGATION, SOJOURN, THE PATH and ROUTE 666. EDGE is reprinting/serializing these titles: THE FIRST, MYSTIC, RUSE, SCION, SIGIL and WAY OF THE RAT. It would only make sense that CARAVAN will contain the following: SOLUS, BRATH, CHIMERA, THE RED STAR, THE CROSSOVERS, and DEMONWARS.

    THE RED STAR is confirmed to be printed in Caravan, according to Comic Shop News.

    This is just an educated guess, it is not confirmed if SOLUS will be printed in CARAVAN or not, but I am listing it here as a possible future Pérez-related comic book.

     January 2, 2003 | Pros Responds to Price Rise
    From Pulse
    posted 01-02-2003 02:26 PM
    By Jennifer M. Contino


    THE PULSE: Why can't comics be prices in the US$1.00 to US$1.75 range again? What is going to happen to the industry if these rates keep increasing?

    MARK ALESSI: I have always said that we need to find a way to provide more reasonable pricing for comics which is what we have tried to do with the "Pocket Size Compendia" which fans are writing us that they were originally worried about the size reduction effecting quality, but now that they have seen them they are amazed at the quality of reproduction. I mean 8 comics for 8 bucks, hard to beat!!! Comics on the Web are also a great price reductioin option! Even if you still want the hard copy on certain titles, it cost $2 dollars a month for unlimited access to over 180 titles and growing monthly, some with voice over and many in multiple languages. Two dollars for 180 comics seems like a legitimate bargain and since they have cellular support you can read them anywhere you can pick up a cellular connection. You will never get lost in our continuity with every title ever published available !!! Currently, we are releasing Brath, Crossovers and Lady Death "A Medieval Tale "plus two new mini-series one, "The Mark of Charon" and two, the long awaited return of Brandon Peterson in "Chimara" as well as George Perez's return to a monthly title in "Solus". Some top flight stuff from some very talented creators . I hope fans will give them a look!

     February 27, 2002 | New CrossGen Titles
    From Cinescape
    New CrossGen Titles
    Dateline: Tuesday, February 26, 2002
    By: ROB ALLSTETTER, Correspondent

    Mark Alessi, owner and publisher of CrossGen Comics, has announced three new titles.

    Brath MacGaren of SIGIL gets his own series, BRATH, in January, “People say they wanted Brath and we listened,” Alessi says.

    A creative team has been chosen, but not officially announced yet.

    After finishing JLA/AVENGERS, George Perez starts a new title in February.

    CARAVAN will be the third Compendia title and will launch in July 2003. It will coincide with CrossGen reaching 15 monthly titles.

    04/17/2003 19:22:51