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CROSSOVER CLASSICS #2 (Jan 1998) Marvel/DC Comics

cover:  John Romita Jr 
ISBN 1563893991
Date: 01 Jan 1998
Cover Price: $14.95

Reprinting several Marvel/DC Crossovers, including SILVER SURFER/SUPERMAN #1 which feature a story written by George Pérez, art by Ron Lim.
Scan from Mile High Comics, information from smokinstuff420

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    Trade Paperback (224 pages) 
    writer:  N/A
    art:  N/A
    colors:  N/A
    letters:  N/A
    editor:  N/A
    CROSSOVER CLASSICS #2 (Jan 1998)
    Marvel/DC Comics

     July 31, 2004 03:24 pm | DC/Marvel Crossover Classic #2
    From Vu
    Item number 2259832718: DC / Marvel Crossover Classics II 2 TPB New
    Seller: smokinstuff420

    DC/Marvel Crossover Classics II Trade Paperback
    Written By Various Authors
    Art By Various Artists
    224 Pages, Full Color
    $14.95 Cover Price

    Read along as the two titans of comic book publishing throw their characters into the ring! Collected in this volume are: the now out-of-print Batman/Punisher: Lake of Fire featuring Jean-Paul Valley - Azrael - as the Batman (by Dennis O'Neil, Barry Kitson, and James Pascoe); Punisher/Batman, which teams Bruce Wayne with Frank Castle for the first time (by Chuck Dixon, John Romita, Jr., and Klaus Janson); the space-spanning Silver Surfer/Superman (by George Perez, by Ron Lim, and Terry Austin); and the award-winning Batman/Captain America, set in the Golden Age by John Byrne.