THE MIGHTY CRUSADERS #3 (Phil Jimenez Cover) (14 Feb 2018) Dark Circle Comics

cover:  Phil Jimenez
THE MIGHTY CRUSADERS #3 (Phil Jimenez Cover)
Date: 14 Feb 2018
Cover Price: $3.99
Publisher: Dark Circle Comics

Cover is an homage to:

 DEC171118 (W) Ian Flynn (A) Kelsey Shannon (CA) Phil Jimenez "Ambush"-The Mighty Crusaders are on the attack against the vicious Eliminators! It's an all-out brawl with the odds in the Crusaders' favor, until they're faced with a new, dark entity: The Dream Demon! In Shops: Feb 14, 2018 SRP: $3.99

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    THE MIGHTY CRUSADERS #3 (Phil Jimenez Cover) (14 Feb 2018)
    Dark Circle Comics