cover: Paul Guinan
Apr 1991
Dark Horse Comics

NOTE: George Perez does not appear in this comic book.
Originally George's written and drawn short story entitled "Settlements" was to be published in this issue, due to various circumstances it never got beyond the fully pencilled and inked first page.

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    DARK HORSE PRESENTS #50 (Errata) (Apr 1991)

    News: Settlement Page

    October 23, 2004 12:19 am
     From Ilke Hincer
    Here's the 1-page 'Settlement' intended for Dark Horse Presents #50.

    Courtesy of Tony Lorenz

    SETTLEMENT PAGE 1 (Unpublished) (1991)
     August 1, 2002 | "Settlements"
    From George Pérez
  • Page 21 of CRIMSON PLAGUE #2
  • The page for "Settlement" was indeed intended to be part of a short story to appear in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #50. Unfortunately, due to various circumstances (an all-too common occurrence for me at the time) it never got beyond the fully pencilled and inked first page, the rough pencils of page two and the layouts of a couple more pages. It didn't have as much to do with Terra-forming as it did with Earth's re-colonization to another planet, which ends up being a living being that disguises itself as a violent, deadly, uninhabitable world so that the humans would be forced to bypass it and not do to it what they did to their own world. It was more of an ecological sci-fi parable. The story was announced in the trades at the time and it is probably that information that was used for the 1998 OVERSTREET GUIDE.

    The spaceships that were drawn in the "Settlement" splash did eventually see print on page 21 of CRIMSON PLAGUE #2. I pasted in photocopies, leaving the original intact.

    To date, my only published Dark Horse work was the cover for COMICS' GREATEST WORLD #4.

    (Vu: I mentioned that according to THE OVERSTREET COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE (28th Edition, June 1998), they erroneously listed DARK HORSE COMICS PRESENTS #50 as having a "S/F story by Perez".)

     July 27, 2002 | Unpublished "Settlements"
    From The Artist's Choice

    Pencils and Inks by George Perez, Piece is Unpublished

    "Settlements" $40.00

    (Vu: No scan is given)

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