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BRAVE AND THE BOLD #11 (May 2008) DC Comics

cover:  George Perez
Date: May 2008
Cover Price:  $2.99


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    "Wally's Choice" (22 pages)  
    writer:  Mark Waid
    art:  George Pérez
    Bob Wiacek
    colors:  Tom Smith 
    letters:  Rob Leigh 
    editor:  Joey Cavalieri
    Stephanie Buscema
    THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #11 (May 2008)
    DC Comics


    And Then I Read: BRAVE & BOLD 11 & 12
    20 July 2008, 8:38PM CDT by vu (vu sleeper)

    THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #11 (May 2008)

    THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #12 (Jun 2008)

    And Then I Read: BRAVE & BOLD 11 & 12

    Jul 20th, 2008 by Todd


    These issues wrap up the 12-issue story arc by writer Mark Waid, with artist George Perez being replaced by another equally fine (and under-appreciated): Jerry Ordway. I’ve worked with Jerry several times, and I know he puts a ton of effort into his pencils. On a book like this, that means a great deal. There are dozens of characters to handle on each page, not to mention lots of other tricky tasks, like getting everything in the script to work and still leave room for the balloons. Like Perez, Jerry makes it all look easy, which it certainly isn’t.