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BRAVE AND THE BOLD #3 (Apr 2007) DC Comics

cover:  George Perez
Date: Apr 2007
Cover Price: $2.95


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    "" (32 pages) 
    writer:  Mark Waid
    art:  George Pérez
    Bob Wiacek  
    colors:  Tom Smith 
    letters:  Rob Leigh
    editor:  Stephanie Buscema
    Joe Cavalieri

    THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #3 (Apr 2007)
    DC Comics
    >>>   xx
    More Perez Homages

    posted Dec 21, 2010 7:33 PM by vu sleeper [ updated 5 minutes agoDec 21, 2010 8:09 PM ]

    From Kevin M

    In the past I know that you've posted some of the homages that I've commissioned based on George's work.  I've gotten a few news ones over the last few months.

    The first is based on an old Wizard cover that George did but with different versions of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America:


    AVENGERS TRINITY (art by Mitch Ballard) (2010)
    I also got this one which comes from an issue of Brave and the Bold George did:

    BRAVE AND THE BOLD #3 (Page 14) (May 1998), published in  BRAVE AND THE BOLD #3 (Apr 2007)

    KANG AND THE MASTERS OF EVIL (Art by Mitch Ballard) (Dec 2010)

    and I just got this one, based on George's old JLA covers:

    AVENGERS #150 RE-IMAGINED (Art by Mitch Ballard) (Dec 2010)

    Mitch Ballard's "the Trinity"
         Sep 15, 2010 9:46 PM


    Wizard: Brave New World
    News Wed, 02 May 2007 02:16:32 CST Vu Leave a comment
    From WIZARD #188 (Jun 2007)
    written Jeremy James
    published in WIZARD #188 (Jun 2007)

    THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #3 (Apr 2007)
    DC Comics

    Blue Beetle, Lobo, Batman, Adam Strange, Supergirl and Green Lantern may seem like an odd set of playmates, but this summer, they're all on their way to Mark Waid's sandbox, The Brave and the Bold, the new ongoing DC series that launched in February and continues to roll through the summer. In his own team-up with legendary artist George Perez (JLA/Avengers), Waid plans to change the classic series for a new generation of fans with a transformed format.

    "Unlike the old series, we're a lot less structurally regimented," Waid revealed. "You get to see unbilled guest-stars galore do their thing as they pop up unexpectedly. Wait for a surprise appearance at arc's end this summer by a long-unseen fan-favorite DC group."

    While Waid, a noted continutiy guru of all things DC, won't tell Wizard who teh mystery guests are, we did get him to share some of his all-time favorite The Brave and the Bold stories from years past.

    5. BATMAN AND SUPERBOY (Brave and the Bold #192)
    "This issue is just jaw-droppingly poignant," noted Waid. "It was absolutely the first time any writer underscored the profound difference between inexperienced Superboy and experienced Superman."

    4. BATMAN AND SGT ROCK (Brave and the Bold #124)
    "It's one of the strangest DC Comics of all time. The villains decide the best way to defeat Batman and Sgt. Rock is to force artist Jim Aparo to alter the story to progress to their advantage. Re-reading it was a great primer for working with Grant Morrison, to whom that sort of thing happens five times a week and is no big deal."

    3. BATMAN AND BLACK CANARY (Brave and the Bold #91)
    "It is one of the very best-drawn comics of all time. It was drawn by Nick Cardy, who was at the absolute peak of his form here. At conventions I'll buy up copies and hand them to my artist friends just to watch their jaws drop.

    2. ATOM AND FLASH (Brave and the Bold #52)
    "It doesn't have a particularly memorable plot, but is one of the very best-drawn comics of all time, period. This issue is by Alex Toth, one of the finest comics artist who ever lived but drew only one Brave and the Bold."

    1. BATMAN AND HAWK & DOVE (Brave and the Bold #181)
    "Top of their list would have to be any of the Alan Brennert-scripted issues of the early 1980s. But my favorite is issue ##181. It's a story about two former teenage heroes who've grown up and have to deal with a world that's not the 1960s anymore."

    From George Perez: Convention Status
    News Sun, 21 Jan 2007 23:11:35 CST GPz
    From George Pérez

    THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #3 (Apr 2007)
    DC Comics

    The Pittsburgh Comic-Con will be the last national convention and public appearance that I plan to be doing until 2009. (I say "national" because I will be attending a comics festival in Aviles, Spain in September, making up for a cancellation by me in 2004 due to my psoriasis.) I've had several requests for guest appearances in the last few days and will likely receive more so I figure I should give this official notice which should, hopefully, save some organizers some money on phone calls.

    Of course, I should now explain why I've made this somewhat unusual decision.

    A huge part of it is my commitment to drawing a monthly title again.

    I've just started the third issue of THE BRAVE & THE BOLD and want to continue keeping the book on time. As everyone knows, I put a lot of work into a page and I don't want to compromise the quality of the work by breaking my momentum too often. And, let's face it, I'm just not as fast as I was in my youth.

    I also want to devout the bulk of my free time to my wife, Carol, and her personal and professional pursuits, which sometimes require a bit of traveling. I don't want Carol to feel that she always has to be squeezed into a crowded schedule of convention appearances. After so many years working her life around my sometime crazy schedule and having to endure many weekends apart she's pretty much due some time wherein I happily play her groupie and camp follower. Hey, we've been married over a quarter of a century and it still aches when we're apart.

    Anyway, I hope everyone understands my decision and I just want to add that I'm so incredibly flattered by the attention so many convention organizers and comic shop managers have given me throughout my career. It's just for a short while and I will miss seeing the fans during that time, but I hope to make up for that when 2009 comes along.

    I should also mention that this decision isn't absolute. If I'm offered an opportunity to attend a show in an area that my wife would like to visit, then negotiations are possible. But, unless my Carol is traveling beside me, I will be pretty much hunched over my drawing board doing what I love to do and have been allowed to do for over three decades-- create comics.

    Thanks for listening.

    Take care,
    George Pérez

    Brave and the Bold #3
    News Mon, 15 Jan 2007 18:57:01 CST Vu
    by Jonah Weiland, Executive Producer
    Posted: January 15, 2007

    THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #3 (Apr 2007)
    DC Comics
    DC Comics has provided CBR News with their solicitation text and cover images for comics and product shipping in April of 2007.


    Written by Mark Waid
    Art by George Pérez & Bob Wiacek
    Covers by Pérez

    It's Batman and Blue Beetle versus the Fatal Five in the team-up book to end all team-up books! Who's brought these Legion villains into the fray? The Lord of Time, who has pulled in assassins and villains from throughout the history of the DCU!
    On sale April 18 o 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

    News: The Brave and the Bold Line-Up

    Fri, 29 Sep 2006 23:29:48 CST [ submitted by Ilke ]

    THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #3 (Apr 2007)
    DC Comics
    09-09-2006, 05:40 PM by MattBrady

    Though the fire alarm played havoc with the schedule of the panel just prior, the DC Nation panel at the Baltimore Comic-Con began without a hitch at noon on Saturday, with DCU Executive Editor Dan Didio opening the panel with "It's the special fire drill version of DC Nation."


    Q: Will Brave and Bold be all Batman team-ups?
    Waid: There have been 15 heroes and 15 villains so far in the issues he’s written, giving a sample – issue #1: Batman & Green Lantern; #2: Supergirl, Green Lantern, Batman, Blue Beetle; #3: – all of those plus Adam Strange and Lobo.

    Q: Will we see Green Arrow team up with Batman?
    Waid: Statistically, it’s got to happen.