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BRAVE AND THE BOLD #4 (May 2007)

cover: George Pérez
May 2007
DC Comics (

"" (32 pages)

Mark Waid
George Pérez

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    THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #4 (May 2007)

    HeroesCon: Mark Waid & George Pérez
    posted Jun 22, 2009 4:10 PM by vu sleeper


    HEROES COMIC CONVENTION 2009 (19-21 Jun 2009)
    THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #4 (May 2007)
    HeroesCon: Mark Waid & George Pérez
    by Tim O'Shea,  Posted:  Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 4:07 PM

    Roger Ebert hosted for years a "shot at a time" session, examining a film with audiences and allowing viewers to ask for the film to be stopped so a scene could be dissected. This approach appealed to Heroes Discussion Group leader Andy Mansell, who was able to convince Mark Waid and George Pérez to dissect "The Brave and the Bold" #4 (in which Supergirl and Lobo team-up) for an hour last Sunday afternoon at HeroesCon in Charlotte.

    Before the panel even started, Pérez goodnaturedly predicted that the panel could go one of two ways. "It'll either be very informative or be like 'Mystery Science Theatre 3000,'" he said. Fortunately for both participants and attendees, the panel proved quite informative.

    With only an hour to dissect the issue, Mansell, Waid and Pérez fully conceded that they would not be able to address each and every page or panel in "The Brave and the Bold" #4. In introducing the panel, Mansell wanted attendees to appreciate two factors out of the issue in particular: 1) Waid's sense of humor and 2) that Pérez "typically strives for excitement rather than drama in his fight scenes, he draws fights in explosive individual panels, each one giving us a visually exciting moment of the action. Each one virtually disconnected from the scenes in the panels before and after." Mansell was quoting R.C. Harvey's "The Art of the Comic Book."

    Waid spoke about the process going into the "Brave & Bold" issues. "A lot of times I will work full script. George and I actually started out doing that on the first issue of the series. We got about halfway through and we both realized that was a foolish waste of George's storytelling abilities. My feeling is always when I'm working with an artist, if you see a better way to pace it, a better way to break it down, a better way of telling the story, by all means it's a collaborative process, it's not my story -- it's our story."

    [ Read more HeroesCon: Mark Waid & George Pérez ]

    Perez and Waid discussed Brave and Bold #4
    posted Jun 22, 2009 2:02 AM by vu sleeper


    HEROES COMIC CONVENTION 2009 (19-21 Jun 2009)
    THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #4 (May 2007)
    The final comic con report
    Jun. 21st, 2009 at 9:39 PM by nevermore999

    Yo! So, I bet everyone wants to hear about my final day at the Comic Con?


    Well, first I went to a panel where George Perez and Mark Waid discussed how they did the Brave and Bold #4. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my Impulse, so I couldn't get Waid to sign it. Anyway, it was fairly interesting, though the host of the discussion kept babbling questions so we didn't get through all the pages (to his credit, he at least admitted and apologized for what a blabbermouth he was). Mark Waid was really funny, he kept talking about how his job was the easiest ever since he only gave Perez plot synopses a lot of the time, and Perez would lay out a panel. And then he'd read the bits out and say "these are examples of my magnificence!"

    Brave and the Bold #4 Cover
    News Sat, 24 Feb 2007 03:27:48 CST Vu

    THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #4 (May 2007)
    Description: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #4 by George Perez
    Date: 02.23.2007 23:27
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