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DC DIRECT CURRENTS #2 (Feb 1988) DC Comics

cover:  N/A
Date:  Feb 1988
Cover Price:  FREE


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    • Marvel or DC doesn't have to ask fan permission to reprint their fan commission From Vu THE WAR OF THE REALMS (George Perez cover) (Apr 2019) Marvel Comics I was under the impression that Marvel or DC had to ask the fan who commissioned the artist... but apparently, not true according to Robert F, who had his Jim Steranko art used, but was not asked or notified. Imagine one day you go to the comic store and saw your commission on a comic book cover and had no idea how it got there? Legally, I guess they don't have to pay or ask permission... but it doesn't make it right. I've read an interview with George Perez a long time ago, that he stated that DC and Marvel grant him permission ...
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    DC DIRECT CURRENTS #2 (Feb 1988)
    DC Comics

    History Of The DC Universe mentioned in DC Direct Currents #2

    posted Jan 28, 2019, 8:56 PM by Vu Sleeper


    DC DIRECT CURRENTS #2 (Feb 1988)
    DC Comics
    A continued look at pre-internet publisher’s comics solicitations, this time DC Direct Currents 2 February 1988. Wow, what a month. Batman: The Killing Joke, History Of The DC Universe hardcover, Action Comics Weekly, plus a profile on Mike Baron.