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cover:  George Perez
Cover Date: 1986
Cover Price: $4.99


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    • 20 years of Baltimore Comic-Con Program Books Steve C writes: BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2001 (28 Oct 2001) Baltimore, Maryland A page from the Baltimore Comic-Con program book: Twenty years of program book covers. I'm thrilled to be included among such admirable and excellent cartoonists... George Perez, Steranko, Frank Cho, George Perez, Brandon Christopher Peterson, John Romita, Frank Cho, Frank Cho, Mike Mignola, Brandon Peterson, George Perez, Barry Kitson, Steve Hamaker, David Petersen, George Perez, Walt Simonson, Francesco Francavilla, Kevin Eastman, Jamar Nicholas, Sean Chen and Chris Ivy, and Steve Conley
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    "History of the DC Universe - Book One" (49 pages)
    writer:  Marv Wolfman
    art:  George Perez
    Karl Kesel
    colors:  Tom Zuiko
    Bill Wray
    Bob LeRos
    letters:  N/A
    editor:  Mike Gold

    DC Comics

    HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE #1 (Digital) (15 Feb 2018)
    DC Comics

    DC Comics

    HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE #2 (Digital) (15 Feb 2018)
    DC Comics

    HISTORIA DEL UNIVERSO DC #1 (Spain) (Oct 1988)  

    HISTORIA DEL UNIVERSO DC #2 (Spain) (Nov 1988)

    PLAY SAGA #9/10: HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE (Italy) (Jul 1991)

    George Perez painted History of the DC Universe #1 Page 2

    posted Dec 9, 2018, 7:54 AM by Vu Sleeper


    DC Comics
    George Perez History of the DC Universe #1 Page 2 Harbinger Painted Original Art (DC, 1986). After Marv Wolfman and George Perez created the game-changing Crisis on Infinite Earths 12-page maxi-series, DC decided to produce a history of their new retrofitted universe. They again used writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Perez. From the first issue of this 2-issue tome, we have a page of Perez' own pencils, which he has very skillfully painted in gouache after the book was published. (Published color work was by Tom Ziuko.) This page features Harbinger and the image area on the Bristol board measures 11.75" x 17.75". Signed by Perez in the lower blank area of the image. In Excellent condition.

    News: Legion of Super-Heroes Scan

    June 23, 2005 12:00 am
     From DECIMITE

    LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1986), art by George Pérez and Karl Kesel, published in HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE #1 - scan from DECIMITE
     October 9, 2003 | Wray Original Color Pages
    From Kirk

    Pages are air brushed by Bill Wray.

    History of the DC Universe Color Reproduction Page art by Perez, air brushed by Bill Wray.
     January 8, 2003 | Byrne Turned Down Crisis
    From Slush Factory, thanks to ES
    IMO: Dominos
    By John Byrne


    And the end result of all this? At DC, it was Crisis on Infinite Earths (a job I turned down, when it was just called The History of the DC Universe) -- and to this day there are people who say Crisis did not go far enough, or Crisis went too far -- or, somewhat after the fact, that Crisis wasn't really "necessary."

    And still the dominoes fall. Crisis begat Man of Steel, and Man of Steel begat a whole syndrome. Now it seems a writer cannot begin a run on an existing series without blowing it all up and starting over. (Mea culpa? Not really. I would have been perfectly happy to do the reboot slowly, over several months, within existing continuity.)

    So now we find ourselves where we are -- with DC on the verge of "needing" another Crisis, according to many fans (simply ignoring bad stories being no longer an option, apparently), and the current regime at M*rv*l trundling as fast as their pudgy little legs will let them toward the kind of morass that makes the "need" for the original Crisis seem like smoke and fairy dust.

     December 31, 2002 | HOTDCU Time Line Reply
    From Marv Wolfman
    Re: History of the DC Universw
    12/30/02 04:49:10 PM

    Wow, I don't remember it being 3 issues at all, but I do have a vague memory of the timeline. Why that went away, who knows? Originally, the History was supposed to be the last two issues (11&12) of Crisis (The History of the DC Universe was Crisis' original name, by the way). But Crisis expanded in size - though not content. It just took more pages than originally planned to tell the story I had previously outlined for ten issues. By the time we realized that we'd need all twelve issues and that History would have to be a separate book, Crisis was selling so well the approval of the History spinoff was instantly approved.

    As for why the timeline never happened, as I say, I don't remember.

     December 31, 2002 | HOTDCU Time Line
    From Davie Simms, via Marv Wolfman
    Subject: History of the DC Universw
    12/30/02 12:04:23 PM

    Love the site Marv. Now on to business. When DC originally solicited History of the DC Universe, I remember it was to be a three issue series that featured, among other promised content, a fully painted time-line by George Perez. Could you shed some light on how the book changed from three issues to two, and what content changes were made? By the way, as much as I love HOTDCU, I am very annoyed by the inevitable retroactive changes that have occured since it's writing...sigh.

     December 11, 2002 |
    From Ilke Hincer
  • SUPERMAN, interior art from HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE #2, currently being sold for $4,500. Signed "To Bob, with Best Wishes - George Pérez".
  • I can't remember if this piece has appeared on your site before, but just in case it hasn't, there's a nice Superman drawing by Perez at