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AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003) DC Comics/Marvel Comics

cover:  George Perez
Date: Oct 2003
Cover Price: $5.95

Reprinted in:

Reprinted in JLA/DIE RACHER #2 (German), JLA/DIE RACHER #2 (Panini Points Variant) (German),  VINGADORES / LJA #2 (of 4) (Brazil), JLA/AVENGERS #2 (of 4) (French), JLA / VENGADORES #2 (Spain)DC COMICS PRESENTS #9 (Singapore), and LE BATTAGLIE DEL SECOLO #23 (Italy).
Released 22 October 2003.
(6/17/2003): To be solicited in PREVIEWS vol 13, #8.

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    "A Contest of Champions" (48 pages) 
    writer:  Kurt Busiek 
    art:  George Perez 
    colors:  Tom Smith 
    letters:  Comicraft 
    editor:  Tom Brevoort
    Dan Raspler
    Mike Carlin
    Joe Quesada

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics
    AVENGERS/JLA #2 SIGNED (Dynamic Forces) (Oct 2003)
    DC Comics/Marvel Comics
    AVENGERS/JLA #2 SIGNED BY KURT BUSIEK (Dynamic Forces) (Oct 2003)
    DC Comics/Marvel Comics
    Dynamic Forces
    AVENGERS/JLA #2 CGC GRADED 9.6 (Dynamic Forces) (Oct 2003)
    DC Comics/Marvel Comics

    AVENGERS UNITED #36 (UK) (Feb 2004)
    Panini Comics

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Mexico) (Jan 2004)
    Grupo Editorial Vid

    JLA / VENGADORES #2 (Spain) (Jun 2004)
    Comics Forum

    JLA/AVENGERS #2 (France) (Apr 2004)
    Semic Comics

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (France) (Apr 2004)
    Semic Comics

    DC COMICS PRESENTS #17 (India) (Sep 2004)
    Gotham Comics

    Who is Ziran the Tester fighting in JLA/Avengers #2?

    posted Dec 30, 2017, 3:25 PM by Vu Nguyen

    François G @Chocochuy88 asks:

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics
    Who is the character fighting Ziran the Tester on the rock'em/sock'em game from the Grandmaster's hall?

    Answer: According to the JLA/Avengers Compendium Book (it came with the JLA/Avengers Collector's Edition Oversized Slipcase), compiled by Kurt Busiek and George Perez:

    "The Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robot set features Ziran the Tester of the Celestials (Eternals vol 1 #18) and Hunab of the Millennium Giants (Superman vol 2 #130)"

    He is in the middle of the bottom image:

    News: Cinescape's Best of 2004

    December 24, 2004 10:50 am
     From Cinescape

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics
    The Best of 2004
    Comicscape - December 22, 2004


    6. AVENGERS/JLA: It took more than 20 years to get the damned thing, but many of you believe, as I do, that the wait was well worth it. J.A. Fludd calls this book "a celebration of more than 40 years of super-hero traditions with hundreds of characters from the Marvel and DC Universes, centered around the memberships of the Avengers and Justice League. Stunning, breathtaking artistic achievement by George Perez; the pinnacle and summation of George's entire career. Artistically, can't be praised highly enough." (Well, it's certainly better than CRIMSON PLAGUE, isn't it? Of course, a vasectomy with a rusty set of sewing shears would be better than that...) And "Frank" writes that "those of us who mourned this highly anticipated match up's collapse 20 years ago couldn't help but rejoice in its actualization, not to mention a chance to see revel in two mammoth teams penciled by Perez. An opportunity to see Perez art on this scale is unlikely to happen for a long time." Unless there's a sequel, of course, and I have to say I wouldn't mind that one bit...

    News: Pérez Article in Toronto Metro

    September 23, 2004 11:22 pm
     From Toronto Metro
    Comic legend’s dream finally a reality
    Published August 23, 2004
    Jonathan P. Kuehlein/Metro Toronto

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics
    George Perez, illustrator of the long-awaited JLA/Avengers.
    It was the series George Perez had been waiting 20 years to draw.

    All the legends would be there: Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Batman, Hulk. Oh, and about 200 others.

    JLA/Avengers (JLA is the Justice League Of America for those not in the know) brought together the greatest superhero teams from both DC Comics and Marvel Comics in one epic tale, written by Kurt Busiek and pencilled and inked by Perez, who called it: "one of the most thrilling and greatest challenges of my career."

    "It was a fanboy dream to draw all those characters from two different companies meeting together, with, of course, the added pressure of 20 years of anticipation," said Perez, also a special guest at this weekend’s Canadian National Expo.

    This inter-company crossover series was originally conceived in late 1982, but fell apart just months after it began due to squabbling – in spite of the fact Perez had already drawn 21 pages.

    When the plug was pulled it was thought this idea was dead. But the series finally became a reality late last year and it lived up to the expectations of many – including its artist.

    "After everyone waiting for 20 years, including me, I couldn’t let that be less than my all-out effort," Perez said.

    The series has recently been collected in the Cadillac of hardcover editions, featuring a slipcase containing an oversized hardcover of the complete four-issue series and a fascinating companion volume that outlines its history, complete with annotated copies of Perez’s original 21 pages.

    The collection is outstanding and very much befitting the scale of the project.

    "I expected that maybe they would give it a hardcover collection, but to do it with this type of production value was really flattering," Perez said. "It galvanized my feeling that both Marvel and DC have been trying very hard to make this project something that I can be proud of."

    Having recently celebrated his 50th birthday and completed one of the great showpieces of his career, Perez says he’s in a great place in his life.

    "I’m doing exactly what I love to do more than anything else," he said. "At the age of 50 I’m looking at the road ahead that has … so many avenues waiting for me."

     August 15, 2004 12:49 am | JLA/Avengers Wins Wizard Award
    WIZARD 11th ANNUAL FAN AWARD (2003) (13 Aug 2004) 08/14/2004: "2004 WIZARD FAN AWARDS WINNERS"
    THE BEAT on 08.14.04 @ 12:10 PM CST
    by Heidi Macdonald

    The 2004 Wizard Fan awards were announced last night at a somewhat more subdued ceremony than usual. Wizard staffers Mike Cotton and Richard Ho emcee’d the affair, and presenters included Joe Quesada, Jeph Loeb, John Cassaday, Alex Ross, Jim Lee and Kevin Smith. The Loeb/Lee BATMAN continued to dominate the awards, winning for artist, inker, letterer, colorist and ongoing.


     January 30, 2004 | Whitt's 10 Best Comics of 2003
    From Cinescape

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics
    Tony's Ten Best Comics of 2003
    Comicscape - January 28, 2004


    8. JLA/AVENGERS: Say what you will about Marvel getting the short end of the stick or discrepancies in battles between aliens and thunder gods, I still have to agree with M. Ali Choudhury's assessment of this series as "worth waiting 20 years for." Part of the reason I feel this miniseries has so far gotten such negative response is because it throws all those differences between the Marvel and DC Universes into such sharp relief, and yet it does so brilliantly. Kurt Busiek obviously loves both universes, and he takes the sort of care with this crossover that we arguably haven't seen since Chris Claremont and company paired up the X-Men and Teen Titans. (The DC characters got far less to do than the Marvel ones that time, as I recall, but I don't recall a similar backlash from DC fans on that occasion - and that book was well-written, too). I look forward to seeing how this one plays out.

     January 26, 2004 | Brevoort Interview at Avengers Forever
    From Avengers Forever

    Interview: Tom Brevoort, Editor
    Avengers Log: 1/26/2004
    By Brian Schott


    Q) As the editor of the JLAvengers, what is your opinion on the fan response to the last few issues of this crossover? Anything happen that you didn’t expect and or were you expecting a particular fan reaction that did not happen?
    A) I think a ton of fans acted like babies over the Thor/Superman fight in JLA/AVENGERS #2—that after spending months saying again and again that they wanted a clean fight with a clean winner, many people whined and reversed their stance when things went the way they did. The folks who claimed that we’d forever destroyed the Marvel Universe, or Thor, or Galactus, or heaven knows who else. All of these concerns that had less to do with the merits of the story and everything to do with bragging rights and the complainer’s own personal intense identification with the character. We knew we’d get some blowback, but I don’t think anybody anticipated the extent of it. And it’s not even over—it’s still going on, and it’s the same bunch of guys still squawking about it months later. And it isn’t going to do any good—it’s not like we’re going to recall the book or something.

     January 23, 2004 | DC: Continued Growth in 2003
    From Newsarama

    posted 01-23-2004 06:50 PM


    Last week, Diamond Comic Distributors, DC Comics' sales agent for direct sales, released its final statistics for direct sales in 2003, with DC leading in multiple categories thanks to the strong success of projects including BATMAN, the relaunch of TEEN TITANS, and many others.


    Leading the pack was the success of "Hush" by Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee & Scott Williams, with its explosive conclusion in BATMAN #619 at the top of Diamond's "Top 100 Comics" chart for 2003, a first for a regular issue of the title. The series, which reached the #1 sales spot for 8 months of the team's 12-issue run, led DC's surge with 11 places on the chart.

    Other titles in the Top 25 sellers of 2003 included:

  • AVENGERS/JLA #2 by Kurt Busiek and George Pérez
  • BATMAN #611-618 by Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee & Scott Williams
  • SUPERMAN/BATMAN #1-2 by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness
  • The debut issue of TEEN TITANS, by Geoff Johns and Mike McKone, was in the #32 slot for the Top 100, also showing that DC's sales potential goes beyond its "franchise" characters.

     January 20, 2004 | Slush Factory's 2003 Top 10
    From Slush Factory

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics
    The 2003 Top Ten
    A column by Rich Watson, contributing editor


    Not everything that broke down stayed that way, fortunately. Mark Waid and Mike Weiringo returned to Fantastic Four after being stupidly kicked off the title. The Superman titles have gotten a creative kickstart with some A-level talent that'll make their mark next year. Two popular titles that were missing in action, Astro City and Planetary, both returned in all their glory. And after twenty years, JLA/Avengers finally got off the ground, controversial fight scenes and all. In addition, Jeff Smith's Bone finally concluded its spectacular run (soon to be followed by Dave Sim's Cerebus), the legendary Alan Moore retired from comics, Los Angeles got its own indy comics show, and we got two dynamite comic book movies in X2 and American Splendor.

     January 19, 2004 | JLA/A - Big Money-Makers
    From Newsarama

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics
    posted 01-19-2004 02:46 PM
    written by Matt Brady


    2003’s Top 10 books by dollar ranking (i.e., which titles brought in the most money) were:

    1) JLA/Avengers #1
    2) Avengers/JLA #2
    3) JLA/Avengers #3
    4) Batman #619
    5) Amazing Spider-Man #500
    6) 1602 #1
    7) 1602 #2
    8) Superman/Batman #1
    9) 1602 #3
    10) 1602 #4

    Again, the dollar ranking is a function of both quantity and cover price, a high quantity ordered combined with a high cover price would place product at #1 on both charts, while a higher cover price combined with a solid position on the unit ranking (such as JLA/Avengers #1) place it at the top of the dollar rank, that is, JLA/Avengers #1 was the #1 comic book item that brought in the most money to Diamond in 2003.

    [ Read more LOOKING AT 2003'S NUMBERS ]

     January 16, 2004 | Top 10 Rated Comics in 2003
    From Scoop

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics

    Diamond Announces Top 100 Comics for 2003
    Industry News, Scoop, Friday, January 16, 2004

    Retailers will be pleased to find the year-end list of 2003's top rated comics on the Diamond Retailer Services Website. We thought the rest of our readership would also appreciate the lowdown on the titles that came out on top last year.

    Batman dominated the top ten, with a total of six issues included. Wolverine, JLA, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four also found a place in the top-rated spotlight.

    Below is a list of the top 10 ranking:

    1. Batman #619
    2. JLA/Avengers #1
    3. Ultimate Fantastic Four #1
    4. Avengers/JLA #2
    5. Batman #614
    6. Superman/Batman #1
    7. Batman #612
    8. Batman #617
    9. Wolverine #1
    10. Batman #615
     December 29, 2003 | Looking Back on CGE
    From Broken Frontier

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics
    Looking Back on the Road Behind - CrossGen
    Sunday, December 28, 2003 5:34:11 PM


    BF: Which was the best book (or issue) put out by a different company than yours?
    BILL ROSEMANN: Everything written by Brian Michael Bendis was gold...Batman by Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee got everyone excited...Y: The Last Man & The Ultimates kept everyone on their toes...and how fun was JLA/Avengers? Yes, this was a great year to be a comics' fan!

     December 7, 2003 | A/JLA #2 Review in CBG
    From COMICS BUYERS GUIDE #1570 (19 Dec 2003)

    written by Tony Isabella
    published in COMICS BUYERS GUIDE #1570 (19 Dec 2003)

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 comes as a disappointment after the opening of this decades-in-the-making crossover. In the previous issue, writer Kurt Busiek and artist George Pérez set up an interesting plot, handled the huge cast of characters well, and even provided and in story trivia contest- how many of the objects of powers can you recognize? - for veteran comics readers like yours truly. I got a huge kick out of it.

    This time, it's mostly hitting and punching and blasting and mashing and… boring. The interactions between Batman and Captain America are absolutely wonderful, but that's the only high point in this tedious issue. Sure, those terrific Pérez action shots will likely live in the swipe files for less artists for years to come, but they don't do me much good as a reader.

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 gets three Tonys.

    I expect better from Busiek and Pérez.

     November 14, 2003 | A/JLA #2 Leads the Pack
    From ICv2

    October Comic Numbers Soar
    Avengers/JLA Leads the Pack

    November 14, 2003


    Though variations in the number of shipping weeks in any month can affect the numbers of comics shipped by Diamond, and October was a five-week month, the preponderance of positive numbers for last month indicates that actual sales of comic books soared in October according to our analysis of rankings supplied by Diamond Comic Distributors. While no book broke the 200,000-copy barrier like Batman #619 did last month (see "Hush Finale Tops Charts"), sixteen of the top 25 titles went up compared with their sales from the previous month's issue while only four titles declined. One of the declining titles, Avengers/JLA #2 actually topped the sales charts for October, selling 176,734 copies at a hefty $5.95 cover price, but its roughly 5% decline was actually far less than the normal drop between the number one and number two issues of a mini-series.

    The Top 25 comics, with our estimates of the quantities sold during October, are:

    Avengers/JLA #2
    Amazing Spider-Man #500
    Marvel 1602 #3
     November 13, 2003 | A/JLA #2 - Rank #1
    From ComixFan, thanks to Eric J. Moreels

    11/13/2003 02:10 pm by Eric J. Moreels


    The mammoth JLA/Avengers crossover has ascended to the top of Diamond Comic Distributors' Top 300 Comics chart for October 2003 with its second issue after being relegated to second spot for its debut last month. The placement means that DC retains the top spot from last month, however, as JLA/Avengers is being co-published with the Top 10-dominating Marvel.

     November 11, 2003 | A/JLA #2 Top Rank
    From Comic Book Resources

    by Jonah Weiland, Executive Producer
    Posted: November 11, 2003

    Qty Retail Index Code Title Price Pub.
    1 1 150.78 STAR19882 AVENGERS/JLA #2 $5.95 DC
    2 2 138.36 AUG031494 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #500 $3.50 MAR
    3 3 120.27 AUG031545 MARVEL 1602 #3 (Of 8) $3.50 MAR
     November 3, 2003 | DC Fanpage: JLA/A Updated
    From Torsten B. Abel

    Avengers/JLA #2
    Tue, 04 Nov 2003 00:46:29 +0100

    Our JLA/Avengers section has been updated.

    Preview images for issue 2 have been taken offline, but in turn we now feature a review and an exhaustive list of annotations for issue 2, including bios on all characters who didn't appear up in issue 1 yet.

    By now it's only in German, but I may translate it into English when I have lots of spare time (probably sometime in 2006 ;-) ).

    Still, everyone's free to try using a translation program, but be warned: My sentences tend to be long and complex. ;-) English names for key characters, places and items are included in parenthesis. This might help.

     October 31, 2003 | More SBC's A/JLA #2 Review
    From Silver Bullet Comics

    Posted: Wednesday, October 29
    By: Shawn Hill


    Most important of all, the over-obvious set-up of the game for the power icons turns out to be just that: a set-up by the Grandmaster, well aware that Krona has no reason to play fair. Perez wonderfully portrays the final twist involving the gamesmen in the book's finale. His Krona is a brutish tyrant, while his Grandmaster is ever the wizened manipulator.

    There's just too much to praise to single out details of Perez's art. Can it be said that he captures the best aspects of EVERY character? It must help that he's drawn them all before, but this is clearly the project, and the writing partner that fit him perfectly.

     October 30, 2003 | A/JLA #2 Review at ComixFan
    From ComixFan

    Oct 25th, 2003 07:13 pm
    Reviewer: Tan K.


    Now to the rest of the issue. Busiek continued his emphasis on defining the differences of the universes. To me that has proven to be the real gem in the first two issues. Many writers and fans approach the Marvel Universe and DC Universe as being the same in all respects minus the heroes. However, when you step back, it's plainly obvious that is not the case, and Busiek has done this series a great service by showing that. It in a way it goes back to the beginnings of Marvel in 1961. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby purposely implanted faults and weakness to differentiate these new heroes and universe as a way of injecting some reality into comics. Busiek's depiction of the village in South America and the museum in the DC Universe has shown that writers consciously or subconsciously have perpetuated those two diverging ideologies. Neither is better or worse than the other, but make no mistake, they are different.

     October 29, 2003 | JLA/A Homages Update
    From Eric J. Moreels

    JLA/Avengers #1:

    MYRNA (Page 41), Named after Myrna Kesel
  • Page 41, Panel 2: Loophole's assistant, Myrna, is a homage to the wife of Loophole's creator, Karl Kesel.

    Avengers/JLA #2:

    BROOME ST (Page 4), Named after writer John Broome KANE (Page 6), Named after writer Bob Kane
  • Page 4: The "Broome St." sign is a homage to Silver Age Flash and Green Lantern creator John Broome.
  • Page 6, Panel 3: The "Kane" sign is a homage to Batman creator Bob Kane.

    Also, the story titles of each issue are homages as well. #1's "A Journey Into Mystery" is a homage to the classic Marvel Comics series Journey Into Mystery in which Thor I first made his appearance in issue #83. #2's "A Contest of Champions" is a homage to Marvel Comics' first ever mini-series from 1982, Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions, which also featured the Grandmaster.

    Vu: Incidentally, there is a street in New York also called Broome St. Also, since we're on the topic of homages, Kirk was previously mentioned in September 7, 2003 | Kirk Philbrick in JLA/A #1.

    BROOME STREET in New York KIRK PHILBRICK appearing as himself.
  •  October 29, 2003 | A/JLA #2 Pages Online
    From The Artist's Choice

    Pages 4-5 $ 5,500.00

     October 29, 2003 | A/JLA #2 Pages On Sale Today
    From The Artist's Choice

    JLA AVENGERS pages go ON SALE TODAY ( around mid day )

    If anyone wants to buy pages, once the prices are posted to the site, a free for all is going to begin. Orders are accepted via email only after the prices are posted publically.

     October 29, 2003 | Artistschoice Closed Oct 19th-30th
    From The Artist's Choice

    Please note that The Artist's Choice will be closed from October 19-30, 2003.

    During this time, we will not be accepting new orders with the exception of preorders and JLA/Avengers Issue 2 (available pages and prices will be posted for sale sometime on October 29, 2003). On the 30th we will be reopening for all other orders.

    Any orders for pages sent within those dates will NOT be fulfilled and must be resubmitted beginning on October 30. All outstanding orders will be fulfilled during this time.

     October 28, 2003 | Two New SBC A/JLA #2 Reviews
    From Silver Bullet Comics

    Avengers/JLA #2 [Cody D.]
    Posted: Monday, October 27
    By: Cody Dolan


    Is it just me, or do you feel a little bit cheated, too? Maybe let down is a better term to use, but either way I was disappointed in this issue. It’s not that I expected an Earth-shattering story that would change the way I thought of superhero comic, but I think I expected something, for lack of a better term, cooler than this. I realize that it’s almost impossible to not be disappointed, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am. I remember reading somewhere (I think it was this very site) that Busiek was writing what he considered the definitive fight between the characters fans have always wanted to see go at it. Unfortunately, the writer fails to deliver in the manner I, and am sure a lot of people, were expecting.

    Avengers/JLA #2 [Jason C.]
    Posted: Monday, October 27
    By: Jason Cornwell


    As for the art, I suspect this is one of the rare occasions where the art is more important to me than the story, as I've always been a steadfast believer in the idea that while art is very important, it's the writing that can make or break a comic for me. However, George Pérez is the real reason people should be excited about this project as not only is it the one that he has spent his entire comic career waiting to draw, but he's the only one who could come close to meeting the demands of this project. I mean there a sequence in this issue where 30+ characters are going at it in a heated battle, and George Pérez is able to give each and every one of them a moment in the spotlight in a truly amazing eight page sequence. In fact this entire issue is one big fight sequence and the art is what truly sets this issue high above the hundreds of comic book slugfests we've seen in the past. I mean the non-battle between Captain America and Batman alone is worth the price of admission.

     October 27, 2003 | SBC's A/JLA #2 Review
    From Silver Bullet Comics, thanks to CW Tham

    Posted: Saturday, October 25
    By: Ray Tate


    There is of course more to Mr. Perez's artwork than the best fisticuffs you're likely to see. He creates believability in Mr. Busiek's more quirkier super-hero encounters. We never asked for the meeting between Batman and a mystery guest nor would we ever think of it, but darn if that wasn't simply cool. Mr. Perez's artwork helps balance the blows with scenes of humor: "Yoicks and awaaaaay!" That's not just funny. It's bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha funny. In general not one of the characters moves or behaves in the same way, and all of them conduct themselves within their characterization.

    Tom Smith deserves a medal for his colors on Avengers/JLA. The story may look good in black and white, but Mr. Smith's colors add extra tiers at which readers may marvel. His choices of colors signify the cosmic, storm atmosphere to a memorable fight scene and one that joins the list of Batman's most memorable moments. He burns emotions to Mr. Perez's searing direction and gives weight to Mr. Perez's love for detail. Though I'm guessing Tom Smith has put a hit out on Mr. Perez after coloring each strand of Wanda's hair.

     October 26, 2003 | A/JLA #2 Annotations
    From ComixFan, thanks to Eric J. Moreels

    posted 10/26/2003 02:44 am
    written by Eric J. Moreels


    ComiX-Fan continues its compilation of annotated references for the mammoth Marvel/DC crossover series JLA/Avengers with the release of the list for issue #2, in stores this week.

    As with the previous issue's list (see 'JLA/AVENGERS #1 ANNOTATIONS') and the character guide for the cover of JLA/Avengers #3 (see JLA/AVENGERS #3 COVER CHARACTER GUIDE), ComiX-Fan invites readers to contribute additions and corrections to this and subsequent lists.


    Wraparound Cover: (from top, left to right) Jack of Hearts, Iron Man I, Captain Atom, Wonder Man, Martian Manhunter, Hercules, Photon, (right to left) Zatanna, Triathlon, Wonder Woman II, Warbird, Vision, Scarlet Witch, (left to right) Black Canary II, Plastic Man, Wasp, Hawkman I, Red Tornado II, Firestorm, Superman, Thor I, (right to left) Quasar, Batman I, Aquaman, Green Lantern V, She-Hulk, (left to right) Quicksilver, Hawkeye, Black Panther I, Blue Beetle II, Steel III, Captain America V, Atom II, Yellowjacket I, Green Arrow II, Flash III


     October 25, 2003 | Who's Who in the Game Room
    From Vu

    UPDATED: 10/26/2003


    BATMAN (DC) CAPTAIN AMERICA (Marvel) THING (legs) (Marvel)
    SOLOMON GRUNDY (DC) HULK (Dr. Robert Bruce Banner) Joined AVENGERS in AVENGERS #1 (Sep 63) (Marvel) BROOT (Omega Men) (DC)

    [ Read more Who's Who in the Game Room ]

     October 25, 2003 | A/JLA #2 Pages Available 10/29
    From Spencer R Beck (email)

    Original artwork pages for AVENGERS/JLA #2 will go up on on Wednesday of next week (10/29) sometime mid day.

    (Vu: Just a note that the original pages for JLA/AVENGERS #1 sold fast and furious, with only about 4 remaining pages about two days after it was announced for sale. So if you want any pages for #2, be sure to check it out on Wednesday.)
     October 25, 2003 | A/JLA #2 Available in Germany
    From Torsten B. Abel

    I just wanted to inform you that I bought issue 2 today at the "Comic Action 2003" convention in Essen, Germany. So it should be in most local stores by now.

    Ron Marz, who is attending the convention, wanted to have a look since he didn't have a chance to read the issue yet. He would have preferred to see more double-page spreads, but aside from that, he seemed to like the issue at first glance.

    The guys from Panini Comics who will publish the translated German version also liked it. :-)

     October 24, 2003 | A/JLA #2 Reviews
    From Fourth Rail (Vu: Please email me (email) reviews of AVENGERS/JLA #2 if you see them.)

    for 10/22
    by Randy Lander

    Recommended (8/10)


    One complaint you can't make about Avengers/JLA is that nothing happens. A lot happens. On every page. In fact, it almost feels like maybe these creators have overstuffed the book, and we rarely get to slow down and see the smaller moments that I was really hoping to see in amidst the big cosmic crossover. That said, however, Busiek and Perez once again deliver an issue that is guaranteed to cause a geekgasm, full of characters both major and minor facing off and full of references to the super-hero universes that both teams inhabit. The first issue was an introduction of sorts to the characters, this one a trip through locales, as the heroes visit a variety of places both well-known and less so in the homes of their foes, intent on the plot device of the items in each universe that they've been sent to quest for. This is a book that will leave the casual fan bewildered and maybe downright annoyed, but for anyone who loves these characters, it's a treat.

    From Fourth Rail

    Critiques on Infinite Earths
    for 10/15
    by Don MacPherson

    Recommended (7/10)


    Let's be honest... this crossover book isn't exactly high-minded or even innovative. This is a celebration of six decades of super-hero storytelling by the two giants in the field. This is just about fun, nothing more, nothing less. Busiek nevertheless manages to throw in some wonderful character-driven moments that really show how much thought and effort has been put into this story. Perez's meticulous artwork is an absolute wonder, and it invites multiple readings so as to absorb all of the little touches he's included here.

    From Scoop

    Avengers/JLA #2
    Off the Presses, Scoop, Friday, October 24, 2003

    DC Comics; $5.95

    After the first issue, we wondered what would come next. Now we know... and the superhero fans here at Scoop are pretty much geeked out. This issue is worth it for the scenes between Captain America and Batman alone.

     October 24, 2003 | A/JLA #2 Webguide
    From Skullogeist, via JLA Comicboard

    AVENGERS / JLA #2: The Unofficial Webguide [SPOILERS]
    Posted by Skullogeist on Thursday, October 23 2003 at 05:00:04 GMT

    Okay, here's what I have so far for the Unofficial AVENGERS / JLA #2 Webguide. Feel free to add any corrections or omissions. I know there are a few I missed (like Aquaman's sea monster and the guy fighting Ziran at Grandmaster's place) and I know I butchered the Asgardian IDs but it's late and I'm tired.



    Page 1:
    Grandmaster [MARVEL]
    Krona [DC]
    The Guardians [DC]

    Page 3:
    Kismet [DC]


    [ Read more AVENGERS / JLA #2: The Unofficial Webguide [SPOILERS] ]

     October 22, 2003 | New Comics Today
    From Vu

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 is awesome. It was just what I was expecting! I cannot tell you how excited I am to see #3 and #4.

    Kurt Busiek posted an interesting take/answers on the Avengers Comicboard (rpl=031022232627). You should read it after you read #2.

    Also, MORE FUND COMICS #1 made their way to the comic book shops today. It was previously only available at the THE BALTIMORE COMIC-CON 2003.

     October 16, 2003 | Full Splash from JLA/A #2
    From Avengers Comicboard

    Since they have already shown it ,Here is the full splash w/o word balloons !
    Posted by Tom Smith on Thursday, October 16 2003 at 14:15:02 GMT


    Tom Smith "A/JLA CAL!"

     October 16, 2003 | Fifth Page from JLA/A #2 Preview
    From Comics Continuum

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics
    Back Cover Page 5
     October 14, 2003 | A/JLA #2 Preview
    From Pop Culture Shock, thanks to Skullogeist and ES , via Avengers Comicboard

    PCS PREVIEW: Avengers/JLA #2 of 4
    Release: 2003-10-22

    DC, Marvel, $5.95
    Writer: Kurt Busiek
    Artist: George Perez

    Round 2 of the comic-book event of the year is here! The titanic team-up the world has waited for continues as the threats that brought the heroes together in the first issue tear the teams apart! Guest-starring every character to ever belong to the Avengers and the JLA! For more information, see the feature article. Co-published by DC and Marvel. Look for JLA/AVENGERS #3 solicited next month by Marvel.

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics
    Page 1 Page 2
    Page 3 Page 4
     October 13, 2003 | A/JLA #2 To Ship
    From Diamond

    Shipping Next Week: October 22

    The following products are expected to ship to comic book specialty stores next week. Note that this list is tentative and subject to change. Please check with your retailer for availability.

    AUG030203D AVENGERS JLA #2 (Of 4) $5.95

     September 22, 2003 | Baltimore Con Report (SunWuKong)
    From SunWuKong

    My Baltimore Comicon Report
    posted 9/21/03 7:29 PM

    Just got back from the Baltimore Comicon 2003 and, as usual, I had one hell of a time (and hell on my finances). Here's what I can remember from the con regarding Perez:

    • Crossgen's "The War" is going to be 3 issues long and it's going to be written by Ron Marz. The first issue is going to be solicted in May of 2004. It's going to resolve many storylines in many of the Crossgen titles.
    • Perez is jubelent about JLA/Avengers first issue success. He says that he can finally clear out is debts and then some. The selling of the art alone is going to provide his wife with a new car! He also is very glad that this series is totally going to be for the fans.
    • As of today. 1/4 of issue 4 of JLA/Avengers is pen & inked. It looks like it will meet the Dec 31st release date. Perez is very commited to meeting the deadline so that all of the issues will be released before 2004.
    • There is talk of about what format the collected edition is going to be. Perez said that DC is talking to put it into an "absolute" HC format (which I will lobby to no end!). They also said that the prior JLA/Avengers art might be printed in the collected edition as well.
    • Perez needs the cover to issue 3 back because he needs to draw 4 more characters in it! It took 3 weeks for him to draw it. Tom Smith was asking fan at the con to find him color references for some of the characters!
    • I did get one nugget of exclusive info. Hawkeye and Black Canary will meet in issue 3.
    That's all I can think of right now. I'll see how much will get back to me later on in the week.
     September 16, 2003 | JLA/A #1 Over 200k
    From Newsarama, thanks to Andy Mangels, ES, Joe Wolfe and Orlando Teuta Jr (email)

    posted 09-16-2003 04:17 PM by MattBrady

    COVER TO JLA/AVENGERS #3 art by George Pérez
    Marvel Comics is both proud and encouraged to announce that unprecedented demand has led to the production of over 200,000 copies of JLA/AVENGERS #1 for shipment to the direct market. The George Pérez-Kurt Busiek created mega-event 20 years in the making - which initially went on sale 9/4 – has exceeded all sales expectations for this co-publishing initiative by Marvel and DC Comics. Thanks to the strong support and show of faith by comic book retailers and readers, JLA/AVENGERS #1 has joined the ranks of a small group of modern classics that have captured the imagination of our fans and continue to propel the business forward.

    "I knew JLA/AVENGERS was going to do well," said writer Kurt Busiek, "but to have it do THIS well is just amazing. I'm delighted retailers had so much faith in the project, and I'm delighted readers bought 'em all up and sent the retailers back for more. And the reaction we're getting on the series is terrific - it seems like people thought it was well worth the wait, and I'm very glad to have been a part of it."

    The Interest in this special once-in-a-lifetime event is also another strong indicator of a growing overall sales phenomenon that began this past spring.

    "Since May, from Wolverine #1 to July's Spectacular Spider-Man #1 to August's 1602 & Supreme Power #1, sales of all our big launches have surpassed our already high expectations," said Marvel Marketing Communications Manager Michael Doran. "And that trend continued into September with JLA/AVENGERS #1 and ULTIMATE SIX #1. We're also seeing very positive growth in our other top titles like Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men and New X-Men, and we expect the trend to continue into the fall then straight into the holiday season and into next year. So to the fans and retailers fueling this remarkable run, Marvel would like to say thank you."

    "This is great news for everyone in our industry," added Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, "...from readers and creators to retailers and publishers. And the even better news is projects like JLA/AVENGERS won't be just the occasional random spike we've seen on the sales charts over the last few years. Marvel has been working tirelessly to raise the bar for the industry and today we can finally see the seeds of those labors bearing fruit. It seems like almost every month the sales ceiling on top-selling titles is being raised and with ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR and MARC SILVESTRI's return to the X-MEN upcoming, we're sure to see more of the same. I fully expect that in the near future the 300K mark is just around the corner."

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 goes on sale October 22nd from DC Comics. JLA/AVENGERS #3 goes on sale from Marvel on 11/26 and retailers are reminded its Final Order Cut-off (FOC) date is 10/30. The four-issue prestige format limited series concludes in December with AVENGERS/JLA #4, published by DC.

     September 5, 2003 | JLA/A Status
    From Avengers Comicboard

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics
    JLA/AVENGERS #3 (Nov 2003)
    Re: Kurt/Tom? - Avengers/JLA progress?
    Posted by Kurt Busiek on Friday, September 05 2003 at 21:33:50 GMT

    > Just curious what stages of production are:
    > Issue #2
    > Issue #3
    > Issue #4
    > at?

    I've never been much for sharing the trafficking schedule with the readers -- I'd rather have you focus as much as possible on the story and the characters and as little as possible on the mechanics of putting lines on paper.

    #3's being lettered, inked and colored, #4's being scripted and penciled.


     August 16, 2003 | DC's Slide Show at Chicago
    From DC Comics


    Finally, JLA/AVENGERS is here! Kurt Busiek and George Pérez bringing every fan's dream crossover to vibrant life next month in this crossover to end all crossovers! Seen here is the cover to October's issue 2.

     August 12, 2003 | Busiek Interview at Comix Fan
    From Comix Fan, special thanks to Eric J. Moreels

    posted by Eric J. Moreels on Aug 5th, 2003 at 03:22 pm

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics


    The long wait is over. After more than two decades since the project was first proposed, JLA/Avengers will finally see the light of day this September courtesy of writer Kurt Busiek and artist George Pérez. ComiX-Fan Staff Writer Erwin Rafael recently caught up with Busiek to talk about his experiences writing the most anticipated Marvel/DC crossover event ever.

    "Feels pretty good," Busiek said about being appointed for the coveted job. "In part, I have to figure I was in the right place at the right time - I was the regular writer on Avengers and the regular writer on JLA {Mark Waid} had just signed an exclusive with CrossGen - but if they didn't figure I could handle the job, they wouldn't have given it to me. And George and I have certainly shown that we work well together. But it does feel like quite an accomplishment to be the guy tapped to write a monster assignment like this. When I broke in to comics, I never imagined I'd be doing top books - a run on Iron Man was about the height of my dreams. So I went a little farther than I'd expected..."

    Busiek is well known for his love of the Avengers, and it appears that he's a fan of the JLA as well. "I'm a pretty big fan of the characters and of the concept - I like the traditions of the team. And I've been a big fan of the book at various periods, most notably Len Wein's and Steve Englehart's turns as writer. I also like the Giffen League a lot, though I think it strays from the core concept of the series, but manages to create its own identity and have a lot of fun along the way."

    While a lot of fans are excited about the project, some naysayers believe that JLA/Avengers would turn out to be yet another generic Marvel vs DC crossover. "If they really want to decide what's in the book ahead of time, I really can't stop them," responded Busiek, "but I'd suggest to anyone that instead of making up your mind that it's going to suck - OR that it's going to be the greatest thing since Belgian waffles - take a look, give it a read, see how we do."

    "What's special about this book? It's the Avengers and the Justice League, together after so long, in a big, sprawling cosmic adventure that takes 200 pages to tell. It's got art by George Pérez, and a story by some moron who's managed to do okay in the past. What's not special about that?"


     August 9, 2003 | Carlin on JLA
    From Newsarama

    08-08-2003 01:04 PM posted by MattBrady

    The times, they are a changin’ for the Justice League of America. As DC announced in San Diego, a spin-off title is coming, while rotating creative teams will handle the main title. We caught up with JLA editor Mike Carlin for a roadmap.

    Carlin inherited the series as a result of the editorial restructuring that went on at DC earlier this year which saw former JLA editor Dan Raspler fired by the publisher, and Carlin stepping down from VP – Executive Editor to Senior group Editor.


    “With a spin-off and double shipping for six months at least, there’s going to be a lot of JLA projects out there, which I think is part of what we’ve been wanting for years on the title – to capitalize on something where clearly, there’s room for more. Obviously, if we put out a bunch of stinkers, it’s not going to help, but I think that if we can put out five Batman books and four Superman books every month with just the one character in them, why can’t we just do two Justice League books a month every now and then.

    “And obviously, I think JLA/Avengers is going to satisfy the world. It will sell, but it will satisfy as well, which is not always the case. People have been waiting a long time for this, and it could have easily been something that was ruined by anticipation, but I really think that Kurt and George have hit the mark. I think it’s going to be great. Hopefully, that will help to whet people’s appetites for a little more JLA than they’ve seen in a while – and we’ve got that covered.”

     August 7, 2003 | Busiek Interview at Comixtreme
    From Comixtreme, thanks to pariscub

    July 25th 2003 01:28 AM
    interview Jay McKiernan


    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics

    Jay McKiernan: Now let’s get to the big one: JLA / Avengers. This might just be the most anticipated book of the year, and that’s saying a lot considering 1602 is coming out soon. How did this project come about and how were you approached?
    Kurt Busiek: JLA/AVENGERS was originally slated to come out in 1982 or 1983, but rather famously fell apart over editorial disagreements and communication problems between Marvel and DC. Over the years since, every now and then, either Marvel would approach DC about trying again, or DC would approach Marvel, and each time the other side didn't want to do it for one reason or another. So it kept not happening and it became something of a holy grail for superhero buffs -- a legendary "lost project." A few years ago, shortly after DC had approached Marvel again, Joe Quesada became editor in chief at Marvel, and started looking into why it hadn't been done. To Brevoort outlines for him the various attempts over the years and why they'd fallen apart, and Joe said, "Well, none of that applies now. Let's do it."

    So Tom contacted whoever at DC had made the latest overture, and the project got rolling.

    George Perez was the obvious and only choice as artist, since he'd been the artist on it the first time around, he's considered one of the all-time greats among superhero artists, and he was just coming off an acclaimed run on AVENGERS. At the time, I was writing AVENGERS and Mark Waid was writing JLA, so the easiest thing would be for the two of us to co-write, but Mark had just signed an exclusive deal with CrossGen about a week before JLA/AVENGERS became a go project, so the book got offered to me solo. For which I will always be grateful to both Mark Waid and Mark Alessi.

    JM: Was it difficult to work on this book, feeling the pressure because of all the expectations, or was it very easy to get a handle on this mini-series?
    KB: We knew that there was enormous expectation out there, but we also knew that there was no way we were going to meet it all -- no matter what we do, some readers are going to be disappointed. So we just made sure we'd have enough room to do a big, sprawling project where we could go places that maybe the readers weren't expecting, tried to come up with a storyline worthy of the two teams, and stopped worrying about it. The pressure's there whatever we do, so it's not too much of a factor.

    Beyond that, I'm familiar with both teams, and am working with good editors and a top-notch artist. So some of it was tricky, some was easy, but we came up with what we think is a sweeping and enjoyable adventure with a lot of scope, a lot of action, room for character stuff and a few surprises. With any luck, the readers will have at least as much fun with it as we did.

    JM: Did the presence of George Perez as the artist make this much easier? You had a great working relationship with him on the Avengers and did that continue with this book?
    KB: Absolutely. After three years of working with George, I have enormous faith in his storytelling abilities -- I know that I can give him pages I wouldn't dare give to another penciler, and he'll make them work. I also know a lot about what he most likes to draw and what he doesn't, and he knows that I trust him, that he can take the story and rework it, staging it his way as long as it tells the underlying story. So yeah, that familiarity and experience gave us a very solid grounding. Plus, George is very much the 800-pound gorilla on this book -- polite and considerate, but he's indispensable to the project, and having George saying, "I want to do it this way" made it easier to set it up the way we wanted it.

     August 2, 2003 | JLA/A #2 Image at 1600×1226
    From Torsten B. Abel

    Tom Smith just posted the cover art to JLA/Avengers #2 in an incredibly high resolution... Looks like you have to update your wallpapers. :-)

     August 2, 2003 | Pipeline (8/1)
    From Comic Book Resources

    Pipeline: PREVIEWS ASKEW
    Friday August 1, 2003
    Augie De Blieck Jr.

    Pipeline Previews, October 2003


    Here's another topic of discussion I had with some friends the other day: How should a retailer order JLA/AVENGERS? Do you take the combined orders for the two individual titles and figure that'll satisfy everyone, giving subscribers enough copies plus a few extra from the overlap for casual fans who are sucked in by the spectacle of the mini-series? Is the excitement there for a book that started its life nearly twenty years ago? The thing was announced better than two years ago already and it's just coming out now. Doesn't that kill the spin cycle for it? Is this destined to be the best-selling book of the year when it carries a $6 price tag for four straight months? That wasn't a problem for Frank Miller's DARK KNIGHT STRIKES BACK mini-series, but didn't that one bring in more outside interest that this series likely will? I'm glad I'm not a retailer for decisions like that. DC is soliciting the second issue of the mini-series for October.

     August 1, 2003 | JLA/A #2 in Diamond Dialogue
    From DIAMOND DIALOGUE (Aug 03)


    It's not a hoax and not an imaginary story! DC Comics is co-publishing with marvel Comics the sophomore chapter in the most anticipated super-hero crossover in comic book history with the 48 page Avengers/JLA #2 (AUG030203D1), solicited in the DC Comics section of the August PREVIEWS.

    Although the original story (pages of which were illustrated by legendary George Pérez, who was scheduled to draw the book) remains an untold tale to this day, this long-awaited joining of the DC and Marvel's flagship super-teams was reimagined in 2001 when Pérez and his Avengers collaborator, Eisner Award-winning scribe Kurt Busiek, were given the greenlight to produce their version of this long-awaited project. The end result of their efforts should do nothing less than yield sizable sales for Diamond customers, especially since Avengers/JLA is finally being made available to the myriad readers who have been waiting two decades for this four-color event. What should also add to the incredible sales potential of this issue is that Wizard: The Comics Magazine #143 (MAY0301861-2W) previewed the first seven pages from the mini-series' premier in July.

    Released as alternating Prestige Format issues by DC and Marvel - and picking up where the July-solicited JLA/Avengers #1 (DCD:JUL031473-D4, UPC: 75960605369800111) left off - Avengers/JLA is as Pérez once described it, "a fanboy's dream," involving every member of the Justice League of America and the Avengers battling two cataclysmic threats that could tear the teams apart… and bring about the end of the universe!! Readers can experience all the universe-shattering action in October!

     August 1, 2003 | JLA/A #2 Advertisements
    From Vu

    Special thanks to Outpost 2000 for giving me these advertisements.

    Since the black and white flyer is the exact image of the color version, I thought it would be redundant to store it on my website.

    JLA/AVENGERS #2 Advertisement appearing on the back of DIAMOND DIALOGUE (Aug 03). Black and White Flyer with Diamond Shipment (7/30/2003). On the back is an advertisement for LEAVE IT TO CHANCE.

    I have also made a wallpaper based on the adverts: 800x600 or 1024x768

     July 30, 2003 | JLA/A Diary in Wizard #0

    By George Pérez
    As told to Mike Cotton
    transcribed by Vu (email)

    Comic's ultimate crossover has been 20 years in the making, and with the project debuting in September, the artist details the challenges, the exhilaration and how he almost called it quits.


    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics
    I've waited my entire life for one day - the day JLA/Avengers became reality.

    Sure, for the last two years, I've been drawing the JLA/Avengers match-up pitting the classic superteams from the rival publishers DC and Marvel Comics. And after pushing for 20 years, a handful of false starts, scuttled plans and missteps, I wasn't sure if JLA/Avengers was ever going to see the light of day.

    Back in 1983 we came close. I actually drew 21 pages of a JLA/Avengers one-shot, but company policies and editorial wrangling torpedoed the project before I ever put pencil to paper on page 22.

    And, of course, there were always rumors. A comic convention ever went by when someone didn't asking me, "When are you going to do JLA/Avengers?" over the years, the project took on mythical proportions with expectations and speculation rising with each passing year. And if it were up to me, I would've done it in a second. But when you're dealing with the two biggest publishers in comics (and some of the biggest egos to boot), nothing's easy.

    But today, June 27, 2003, as I finished off the inks (did I mention, I'm penciling and inking the entire series?) on issue #3, I can hardly believe JLA/Avengers is almost complete.

    This is my diary from the first time I seriously began talking to Marvel and DC about the updated version of the crossover. Everything from the first phone calls in 1999 to today as I review the colors of the Batman/Captain America fight. If you think you know everything there is to know about the new JLA/Avengers, think again.


    Martian Manhunter & JLA

    Jan 10, 1999 - I've been approached on and off over the years about a JLA/Avengers project. But now that both JLA, with Grant Morrison and Howard Porter, is successful, and Avengers is successful under Kurt Busiek and myself, it looks like we might get a shot at actually doing the series. Kurt and Tom Brevoort believe it's a perfect time. Now that these two books are hot, why don't we start negotiating it? Everyone is a little concern that I won't have time to draw the regular Avengers series and the crossover, so we decide it just take place in both regular series and I'll draw the Avengers half with Howard drawing the JLA half. It's a terrible monster to coordinate, though.

    Apr 15, 2000 - Thankfully, Marvel and DC have cased negotiations. No one wants to do this series more than I do, but I don't think Grant really had any enthusiasm to do a crossover book like this. I'd rather draw the entire thing myself. This is my baby and I don't want anyone else breast feeding her.

    Aug 5, 2000 - Now that Mark Waid's been tapped to write JLA, there's been talk of working out another crossover with Mark and Kurt co-writing it. But this time, I'll draw the entire series. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Aug 28, 2000 - I finish my last issue of Avengers today. I'd hope to be working on JLA/Avengers by now, but who knows when that will happen.

    Sep 3, 2000 - Joe Quesada took over as editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics a few days ago. I am a little disappointed when I called to congratulate him and he tells me that he isn't interested in doing any more crossovers with DC. Joe feels that the novelty of inter-company crossovers has been diluted by the recent glut of such projects. I can't really disagree. Even I wrote one, the Silver Surfer/Superman crossover in 1997! Joe doesn't dash all of my hopes though. According to him there's one crossover he'd do - JLA/Avengers. He also says that the project's mine if he can get it approved. He says he'll keep me informed. I won't hold my breath.

    Oct 5, 2000 - I just started doing CrossGen Chronicles and Mark Alessi calls me today to ask if I'd be interested in working for his company full time. I'm seriously considering his offer, but with JLA/Avengers being talked about again, I'm not sure if I want to lock myself down in an exclusive contract with CrossGen even though it's very enticing.

    Oct 18, 2000 - Both DC and Marvel have now expressed interest in having me pencil JLA/Avengers, but no one's even started talking about contracts yet. Also Mark [Waid] just signed an exclusive with CrossGen , so Kurt would have to write it solo. I wonder if this is just going to turn into another debacle.

    Nov 22, 2000 - I've informed Marvel and DC that if I don't receive a written agreement by Dec 15, I'll sign and exclusive contract with CrossGen and won't be able to work on JLA/Avengers for at least two years.

    written by Mike Cotton
    What happened with the 1983 JLA/Avengers crossover?

    In the early 1980s, it looked like nothing could stop a JLA/Avengers crossover- nothing but Marvel and DC Comics.

    Following up on a very successful string of crossovers like 1976's Superman vs Spider-Man and 1982's X-Men/New Teen Titans, Marvel and DC agreed to a JLA/Avengers one-shot crossover.

    Gerry Conway plotted the story and George Pérez was assigned to pencil it, but before long, problems began to surface that would eventually torpedo the project. Conway's initial plot, which reportedly revolved around time travel and set the JLA/Avengers up in a Contest of Champions-style competition, took almost two years to complete.

    By February of 1983, though, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter was finally able to review a plot - he refused it flatly, claiming the story made no sense.

    Everyone agreed that a revised plot was needed. Unfortunately, no one told that to Pérez who began drawing the rejected plot.

    "It was excruciatingly annoy," says Pérez today, the only person to work on both the original one-shot and the current four-issue crossover shipping in September. "I drew 21 pages before I got the call to stop penciling immediately."

    Eventually writer Roy Thomas re-scripted the initial plot but the infighting between Marvel & DC's editorial teams put the project in jeopardy.

    Everyone from Pérez to Thomas to Shooter did interviews about the project's continued delays and by May of 1984 both published officially scuttled the one-shot.


    Dec 15, 2000 - I finally received the contract for JLA/Avengers and I inform Mark Alessi I will go exclusive with CrossGen as of October 2002.

    Jan 17, 2001 - While Kurt, Tom and Dan [Raspler] work on a plot, I work on the first promo art for a joint announcement at March's Orlando Megacon and Wizard #116 in March. I can hardly believe I'm being paid for an actual piece of artwork for JLA/Avengers. This isn't a fan commission - this is the real deal!

    Mar 2, 2001 - By the time we all get together in Orlando to announce the project, everyone was already talking about it. I guess a project this big can't be kept under wraps for too long. And since Marvel and DC already announced they'd be co-hosting a panel, most fans and pros have already put two and two together.

    It eases my mind a little bit now that everyone knows JLA/Avengers is a go again. Now that DC and Marvel have put their collective reputations on the line, I don't see anything holding this project back anymore.

    Mar 24, 2001 - as expected the plot is taking a long time to be approved. I'm already receiving pieces, but I can't get a real feel for the story without everything. I like what I see so far, though.

    Apr 6, 2001 - Wizard wants to run the first art from JLA/Avengers, so I'm jumping ahead of my work to push through the pencils and inks on the first two double-page spreads. I can't wait for fans to get a look at this stuff. So far, I haven't drawn any pages of the JLA and Avengers interacting, so we picked out pages of the JLA fighting a major Marvel Villain (Terminus) and the Avengers taking on a major DC villain (Starro).

    Apr 8, 2001 - There's so many characters in this series, I'm doing research like crazy. I literally couldn't remember what Terminus looked like today!

    Apr 15, 2001 - Marvel and DC have a very different vision of what the coloring on JLA/Avengers should look from mine and Tom Smith's. I feel bad that Tom's caught in the middle.

    Apr 20, 2001 - I am growing increasingly annoyed with the coloring on the two spreads we're sending Wizard for their "First Look". When I voice my displeasure to Tom and Dan both decide that Tom Smith and myself are more than welcome to make any grievances public. I guess no one wants to be the person who has to go to their bosses and say, "I'm the one responsible for George Pérez quitting this book."

    May 3, 2001 - I just finished page #21 of the first issue. As I wrote "JLA/Avengers issue #1, page #22" on the next art board, I realized this is further than this project has ever gone before. I called Tom Brevoort immediately to celebrate. This is a landmark day!

    May 17, 2001 - The plots are slowing down and I don't think it's Kurt's fault. Dan Raspler doesn't want to approve anything until he gets a complete plot. I'm getting annoyed. He seemed to be very indecisive and that's something we can't allow with a project this big.

    May 21, 2001 - Since a holdup in plot approval doesn't allow me to continue penciling, I start to ink what I've already penciled for issue #1. I want this project to be "all George Pérez", a complete representation of my art.

    Jun 7, 2001 - Now that issue #1 is penciled and I'm halfway through penciling issue #2, DC's business department want to have a firm date when JLA/Avengers will ship, but that's impossible at this point. There's no way this book should have a ship date until we know it can ship. I tell Marvel and DC that I'll walk away from the project if they don't hold to their word when they said, "JLA/Avengers will ship when JLA/Avengers is ready to ship."

    Jun 18, 2001 - I work on the first meeting between the JLA and Avengers today, and Thor cracks Superman with his hammer in a scene that's going to be huge! I would expect no less from Kurt!

    Jul 10, 2001 - As I'm inking the last pages of issue #1, I learn I'm going to have to go back and redraw Green Lantern's costume. DC recently updated his look and it'll need to be reflected. After speaking with everyone involved, we agree that this will be the last costume change we make. If costumes or characters change from now on, they won't be reflected in the crossover.

    Aug 1, 2001 - With the pencils on issue #2 almost complete, I make preparations to take a brief vacation to France with my wife this September. I look forward to taking some time off.

    Sep 11, 2001 - As my wife and I prepare to go to the airport we hear the news about the World Trade Center disaster. I can't believe any of this. We cancel our trip.


    Jan 5, 2002 - Looking over my bank records, I realized that I'm losing about 30 percent of my income now that I'm only working on JLA/Avengers. I'm very worried about bankruptcy, I've called my art dealer and he's set me up doing some commissions pieces to help out.

    Jun 3, 2002 - The plans for my new CrossGen book, Solus, haven't been finalized yet, so I've got a one-month reprieve to work on JLA/Avengers. Plot approval remains slow. I'm at a stand still on issue #3 pencils, and I continue inking #2.

    Batman Vs Captain America
    Aug 20, 2002 - I draw the Batman versus Captain America fight today. This one will make the fanboys go crazy!

    Oct 1, 2002 - My CrossGen contract has gone back into effect. From now on, I'll only work on JLA/Avengers at night and on weekends. I'm still penciling and inking issue #3. I'm jazzed to be working on Solus with Barbara Kesel, but I wish I had a little more time to devote to JLA/Avengers.

    Mar 7, 2003 - I can't ever recall working longer days. I work on JLA/Avengers off the clock constantly. Even when I sti down to watch TV with my wife these, I find myself bring a board and pen with me to finish the inks on issue #3.

    Apr 23, 2003 - We're in the home stretch. Although the final plot is still being worked on, I begin penciling the first third of the JLA/Avengers #4. We decide to solicit the project for September - the first issue debuting Sep 3 - and I'm confident we can meet that deadline, but it's still going to be tight. We may have to go to a six-week shipping schedule, but I'm sure each issue will be worth the wait.

    Jun 27, 2003 - Now that we're less than three months away from shipping issue #1, I've finally got some breathing room. Although most of my week is taken up working on Solus, the pencils on JLA/Avengers #4 are coming along nicely and the inks on issue #3 are almost done.

    Looking back, this has been one of the most enjoyable and creative experiences of my 30-year career. People ask me how I feel and I tell them to get back to me Sep 3, I'll feel a lot better then.

     July 21, 2003 | CBR: JLA/A #1 at Printers
    From Comic Book Resources

    by Beau Yarbrough, Staff Writer
    Posted: July 21, 2003

    In a notable show of restraint, DC Comics managed to have a major panel Sunday at Comic-Con International in San Diego without mentioning yet another Marvel Comics creator that they'd managed to lure over to DC exclusivity with a better offer (presumably including a fat Warner Brothers check).


    And while "JLA/Avengers" #4 is still being penciled by George Pérez, the first issue is already at the printers, and the other issues are at stages in between, but "it's really happening this time," writer Kurt Busiek said.

     July 21, 2003 | Newsarama: JLA/A #1 at Printers
    From Newsarama

    posted 07-21-2003 04:32 PM
    by Glenn Ellis


    (Mike) Carlin said that issue #1 of Avengers/JLA is at the printers, while issues #2 and #3 are bring lettered and colored. Issues #3 and #4 are being scripted, and issue #4 is currently being penciled by Perez.

    (Vu: I believe it was Kurt Busiek that spoke about JLA/AVENGERS, not Mike Carlin.)

     July 21, 2003 | Continuum: JLA/A #1 at Printers
    From Comics Continuum

    Monday, July 21, 2003



    * Kurt Busiek said that JLA/Avengers #1 is at the printers. The second and third issues are being lettered and colored.

     July 20, 2003 | No Overprints for JLA/A #1 & 4
    From Newsarama

    posted 07-20-2003 01:36 AM by MattBrady

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics


    In speaking about Avengers/JLA, moderator Bob Wayne quipped that people should hurry and buy issue #1 (published by Marvel), because he anticipates it will be gone by the end of the day. Wayne then said that, in October, people can take their time in getting their issue, because DC is printing it (hinting that they will be overprinting). Wayne continued, saying that hopefully people won’t have family obligations in November, because they’ll have to get to the comic book store to get their copy of issue #3 (published by Marvel), but in December, people can once again take their time in getting to the shop for issue #4.

    “So, in summary,” Wayne said, “Avengers/JLA, two issues hard to find, two issues very easy to find.”

     July 16, 2003 | DC Comics Spotlight
    From Comic Book Resources

    by Jonah Weiland, Executive Producer
    Posted: July 15, 2003


    The historic comics event decades in the making! AVENGERS/JLA #2

    It's time for Round Two, as the comic-book event of the year continues!

    Superstar creators Kurt Busiek and George Pérez continue the titanic team-up between the World's Greatest Super-Heroes and Earth's Mightiest Heroes in AVENGERS/JLA #2, the second installment of the long-awaited, Prestige Format 4-issue miniseries co-published by DC and Marvel!

    The threats that brought the heroes together in the first issue now promise to tear the teams apart, and the battles you've longed to see just may cause the end of the universe! Featuring appearances by Superman, Captain America, Batman, Thor, Wonder Woman, Wasp, Green Lantern, Iron Man, and a cast of hundreds - including, ultimately, every member of the JLA and Avengers ever!

    Look for issue #3 next month from Marvel and #4 from DC in December!

    This project is supported with trade and house ads.

    AVENGERS/JLA is a 4-issue Prestige Format miniseries co-published with Marvel Comics and co-edited by Mike Carlin and Tom Brevoort. The 48-page issue #2 arrives in comic-book stores October 22 with a cover price of $5.95 U.S.

     July 15, 2003 | DC Comics for Oct '03
    From Comics Continuum

    Tuesday, July 15, 2003

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics
    JLA-Z #2 (of 3)
    Written by Kurt Busiek; art and cover by George Pérez.

    Round 2 of the comic-book event of the year. The titanic team-up the world has waited for continues as the threats that brought the heroes together in the first issue tear the teams apart. Guest-starring every character to ever belong to the Avengers and the JLA. Co-published by DC and Marvel. Look for JLA/AVENGERS #3 solicited next month by Marvel.

    48 pages, $5.95, in stores on Oct. 22.

    JLA-Z #2
    Written by Mike McAvennie; art by Kevin Maguire, Howard Porter, John Dell, and various; cover by Phil Jimenez.

    A handbook to DC's greatest super-team featuring artwork by some of the biggest names in comics, timed to coincide with the inter-company crossover of the decade. Featuring the second of a triptych of covers by Phil Jimenez, this stunning issue covers heroes and villains ranging from Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) to the Lord of Time, illustrated by notables including Kevin Maguire, Howard Porter and more.

    32 pages, $2.50, in stores on Oct. 15

     July 14, 2003 | DC Comics for Oct at Midnight
    From Comics Continuum

    Monday, July 14, 2003

    DC Comics is releasing its solicitation information for October. For a complete rundown, with more than 100 images, check back here right after midnight.

    Until then, DC has provided The Continuum with the cover to JLA/Avengers #2 by George Perez.

     July 9, 2003 | DivaLea Show Transcribed
    From Vu

    The DivaLea Show #7
    transcribed by Vu (email)


    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics

    Lea Hernandez: So talk to us about JLA/AVENGERS?
    Kurt Busiek: What do you want to know?

    Lea: Well, it comes out in September, I know this. I did my research. And, erm, tell us something that you've haven't told anybody else, just because we're pals.
    Kurt: Well, I haven't told many people much. But let's see. I really have no idea what to say. It's a fun story, we're -- George (Pérez) is working on issue four. It's going to come out in September. It looks fantastic. I don't know. I don't want to tell you. I don't want to tell you any secrets.

    Lea: Oh well, that's what I was sort of rooting around for.
    Kurt: I know that's what you're rooting around for, but I'm not going to do it.

    Lea: Tell me a secret.
    Kurt: Because I know, you know, that you're going to tell the public at large.

    Lea: Of course, we are!
    Kurt: Yes.

    Lea: That's the whole of having--
    Kurt: And I'm not going to do it. You've got to buy the comic!

    Lea: Well you know, this has been in the offering for years and years, it's almost legendary how long it's taken this to happen. So what made it happened this time, as opposed to all the other time it's been talked, and kicked around.
    Kurt: It was me. It was me - I did it!

    No, actually, it was - every-- over the years it occasional started to come together and then fell apart again for one reason or another. And this case, it came together as time... DC had approached Marvel about doing it and Marvel hadn't been interested. And then there was, what we now call, a Regime change. And Joe Quesada was in charge, and Joe said to Tom Brevoort 'Tom, why didn't JLA/AVENGERS ever get done?' And Tom explained to him the various reasons. And Joe said, 'Well, none of those apply anymore. Let's see if we can do it.'

    So Tom contacted DC, this was only a little while when DC tried to contact Marvel, and they put it together. George was the only choice for the artist. And since Mark Waid was writing JLA, at the time, and I was writing AVENGERS, at the time, it made sense that we were going to co-write it together. Except to my eternal joy, to my surprise, Mark had juuust signed an exclusive contract with CrossGen.

    Lea: That's a while ago!
    Kurt: Well that's when it happened. So I got the deal solo. Lucky me, ha ha and you, eh?

     July 7, 2003 | JLA/A Original Artwork
    From Spencer R. Beck (email)

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics

    Since it has been asked many times, here is how orders will be handled for JLA/AVENGERS artwork.

    With respect to complete issues ... a friend of George's did him a MASSIVE favor when he needed it most, and as a result, George has granted him (and only him) first right of refusal for any ONE complete issue of his choice other than issue #3.

    Issue 3 is going to be broken up as George has drawn some of his friends into the issue (no more than one person per page, so there won't be any fights). The rest of the series will be up for grabs.

    The pages will be listed for sale on my website ... as soon as possible after the book ships ... orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis.
    ** NOTE ** I WILL NOT take any orders until the prices are posted publicly and everyone has a chance to see it. So PLEASE, if the prices are not yet up, do not send an order in. Until the prices are posted, any orders that come in beforehand will be discarded. Also, I will NOT accept phone orders ... all orders MUST be placed by email (email).

    As of today (although not set in stone) with rare exception, the prices will be as follows:
    panel pages will be STARTING at about $500 a page
    splash pages will be STARTING at about $1,500 a page
    two page spreads will be STARTING at about $2,500 a spread

    The status of cover sales is still under review as George and I have a couple of different ideas what to do with them. As soon as a final decision is made, I will let everyone know.

    For those who are thinking does Mr. Perez know how high Spencer has set the prices? The answer is YES ... he is well aware of how high I have set the base prices at. It is our feeling that this is a once in a lifetime job for him and once everyone sees the artwork, it will be worth the price. Especially since this is going to be the last time he draws mainstream super heroes for forceable future.

    George has said that even if there is a decision to do a sequel, he will not draw it. When you see how much work he put into the artwork you will understand. Having pushed himself to the limit artistically with this story, NO ONE will ever be able to say he took the easy road.

    Payment methods accepted will be the same as always ... Payment will be due in my hands within 10 days of confirmation. Accepted forms of payment are personal & business checks (which must clear the bank before artwork will be shipped), certified checks, cashier's checks, money orders and Western Union. For International Orders, payment methods accepted will be Money Orders in American Funds, Checks drawn from American Banks or Western Union. Postage will be in addition to the cost of the art as usual as well.

    I hope this answers as many advance questions as possible. More will be spelled out clearer when the artwork is closer to being available for sale.

    Spencer R. Beck
    The Artist's Choice

     June 24, 2003 | Cover to JLA/A #2?
    From Avengers Comicboard

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics
    Re: JLA/Avengers preview art (spoilers) [SPOILERS]
    Posted by Kurt Busiek on Tuesday, June 24 2003 at 20:22:15 GMT
    in reply to Re: JLA/Avengers preview art (spoilers) [SPOILERS], posted by James Hunter on Tuesday, June 24 2003 at 17:28:25 GMT

    > it slightly bothers me that their just repeating the battles of Marvel Vs DC>

    Now you know why we don't like to give out advance information.

    You're already disappointed in the content, based on a cover image.


     June 2, 2003 | Seller's WWE Highlights
    From ES

    photo and text by ES

  • ES and Barbara Kesel
  • Tom Brevoort and ES
  • Joe Quesada, at the Cup O' Joe Panel
  • CrossGen Wizard World Poster
  • ACTOR table
  • CrossGen's Solus Convention Stand
  • Friday Highlights

    Mr. Tom Brevoort (AVENGERS/JLA Co-Editor/Great Guy) announced at the Marvel Universe/Max/Marvel Knight Panel on Friday about AVENGERS/JLA #1 coming out in September 2003.

    ACTOR was selling SOLUS #1 Limited Edition Laser Cels (Limited Edition of 500) Unsigned $20.00 and Signed by the entire creative team (SOLUS) $40.00. I bought a unsigned copy.

    I met Mr. Geoff Johns (AVENGERS, JSA, TEEN TITANS, HAWKMAN) Another great guy.

    Saturday Highlight

    I attended Cup O' Joe Q & A Panel. Where I ask a JLA/AVENGERS to Mr. Joe Quesada (Marvel Editor-in-Chief), I still transcribing the response, so look for that later in the week.

    I attended the DC: Expanding Our Universe Panel. Where the folks at DC announced that JLA/AVENGERS #2 and 4 would be coming out in October and December of 2003.

    I also attended the 1 on 1 panel with Mark Alessi (CROSSGEN) minus Mr. Alessi who couldn't make the con due to last minute commitments. Ron Marz was there along with one of the CROSSGEN heads.

    Sunday Highlights

    I meet Mrs. Barbara Kesel (SOLUS) at the CROSSGEN Booth (Nice Lady) I got a big hug when I ask her if I could get my picture taken with her.

    I attended Mr. Geoff Johns Panel: Juggling Team Books

    There were four or five total limited edition posters (CROSSGEN) that were given away during the con through free raffles. These posters featured original art done exclusively for WIZARD WORLD EAST and signed by everyone at CROSSGEN.

     May 30, 2003 | JLA/A in September!
    From ES

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics
    posted 5/30/03 11:53 PM

    Tom Brevoort stated today at WIZARD WORLD EAST that JLA/AVENGERS #1 will be released September 2003, with issues following in Oct, Nov, Dec 2003.

    Thanks Mr. Brevoort

     May 23, 2003 | CBG's JLA/A Report
    From COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1542 (6 Jun 03)

  • "Worth the Wait?"
    written by George Nelson
    published in COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1542 (6 Jun 03)
    transcribed by Vu
    related websites:

    Pérez promises late 2003 release for JLA/Avengers

    Publishers of the long-awaited JLA/Avengers DC-Marvel crossover should be closer to setting a release date within a few weeks, artist George Pérez said at April's Pittsburgh Comicon. "This is going to be a very, very intensive two months," said Pérez, who is penciling and inking the crossover, written by his fromer Avengers collaborator Kurt Busiek. "It will be very nice in 2004 to be able to draw one page a day, five days a week, because that's all that CrossGen ever wants as output from their artists." Pérez draws Solus for CrossGen.

    The first two issues of JLA/Avengers are pencilled and inked, and Pérez has pencilled all but four pages and inked 16 pages of #3. Covers have been colored, as well as all of #1. the plot for the fourth and final issue also has been approved. "The book is definitely coming out the last quarter of this year," he told CBG. "As I've told many people, I refused to have this as the cover feature for Wizard's 2004 preview. It's been the cover feature now for two years. I've got to get that book out."

    The Avengers have 81 members, honorary members, and hangers-on - and the JLA includes more than 100. "As Kurt Busiek put it, when people say the Avengers have pretty low standards for members, the JLA have none," Pérez joked. "And, as was my desire - and they're honoring it - I wanted every single character who's ever been a member of either group to be in this book." There may be another 200 characters who have cameos. In the last issue alone, close to three dozen super-villains appear who had not previously shown up in the story.

    Though he would not disclose plot details, Pérez said the story - which takes place, he quipped, on "Earth-$" - has time - and dimension-spanning aspects that allow him to draw things that he would not have had the opportunity to draw, if he had to stick to literal timeline, such as Wonder Woman with an eagle on her bodice.

  • AVENGERS: HEROES REBORN, art by Rob Liefeld/Jon Sibal
  • WONDER WOMAN (Eagle Bodice), art by Pérez/Giordano
  • "When I was in issue #1, when I got to draw the Spectre, I said, 'OK at least Hal Jordan does appear.' Little did I know what Kurt had in mind. I get to draw the classic Green Lantern in the classic costume - even the one without the shoulder epaulets and the V-shapes: the very, very early version of his costume." Even Heroes Reborn versions of the Avengers might appear. Yes, Kurt is going to try to make this as logical as possible, but there's going to be some stuff you're just going to have to, as Marv Wolfman said, spray the fairy dust on and let your imagination run wild," he observed. "We're going to have fun with this book. It's a lot of work, I hope it's going to be worth the wait for you. For me, I'm just looking forward to not having to answer, 'When is JLA/Avengers coming out?'"

  • AVENGERS MANSION, art by George Pérez/Bob McLeod
  • ASGUARD, art by Ron Frenz/Brett Breeding
  • JLA SATELLITE, art by Chuck Patton/Romeo Tanghal
  • Locations for the story include the Flash Museum, Asgard, Avengers Mansion in its different incarnations, and the various headquarters of the JLA. It also include nods to the original version of JLA/Avengers, started in the early 1980s but never published.

    Announced in 2001, the crossover has been the subject of much speculation regarding its eventual release, and Pérez acknowledged that he had hoped the four-issue mini-series would have been finished sooner, as well.

    "When people ask why this book is taking so long, a lot of them don't know that I'm inking myself - so, when they find that out, suddenly all is forgiven," he said. He added that he has had to take on outside work to be able to afford the project, noting that his income dropped 60% during the year he worked on the series exclusively.

    He acknowledged that fans might be tiring of news regarding the project but said he thinks that will be taken care of, once an official release date is announced. "There have been a lot of false dates. Fans have made assumptions based on the Internet version of 'telephone', where news was actually disseminated incorrectly that there was a release date. No, there was a hoped-for date. I had hoped to get this book done a lot sooner, but it became apparent that, if I wanted to earn a living, doing this book alone without something to supplement my income was going to be a financially disastrous for me."

    He said the project is moving faster with DC Executive Editor Mike Carlin stepping in as DC's editor. He described former Editor Dan Raspler as "a bit of a tehnophobe," which slowed down approval of coloring. "Another great thing about having Mike Carlin involved - having nothing to do with Dan's ability or any disagreements - is that Mike Carlin was the late Mark Gruenwald's assistant editor, when Mark was the editor of the original JLA/Avengers, so Mike, is the only other personal involved other than me from the original. Having worked with Mike, I have a great, great respect for him as an editor: the type of editor who believes that, if you hire good people, let them do their jobs," he continued. "If he has suggestions, he'll be the first to tell you, but in the end he says we all have to be happy with the book."

    Pérez said he is satisfied with the work by colorist Tom Smith and remarked that working with Busiek reminds him of working with Wolfman: "The greatest compliment I can give to any writer."

     April 30, 2003 | JLA/A Page Count
    From ES

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics
    JLA/Avengers Page Count confirmed on auto tape via JLA/Avengers Panel at the PITTSBURGH COMICON 2003 (April 27, 2003).

    (George said he had no problem with me taping the panel when I ask.)

    Using George's exact words:


  • Issues #1 and #2 completely penciled
  • 4 pages shy of finishing pencils of issue #3
  • He is ready to begin issue #4


  • Issues #1 and #2 completely inked
  • 16 pages of issue # 3 have been inked


  • Covers #1 and #2 have been colored
  •  April 1, 2003 | JLA/A Update
    From Vu

    This is from the PLANET COMICON 2003 convention. Basically, everyone who was waiting for George for autographs or comission was asking one thing: "When is JLA/Avengers coming out?"

    Although, George consistantly replied "Definitely by 2003", at one point he made a note that he's already inked the cover to JLA/AVENGERS #2!

    Other questions was about CrossGen and SOLUS, in which George said that it is the only book (besides JLA/A) that he will be doing for the foreseeable future, until they want him off the book.

     November 20, 2002 | Wizard #136: JLA/A Update

    written by Mike Cotton & DM
    transcribed by Vu
    published in WIZARD MAGAZINE #136

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Oct 2003)
    DC/Marvel Comics
    With artist George Pérez's exclusive CrossGen contract back in effect, some fans may be wondering how his work on the highly anticipated four-issue JLA/Avengers mini-series is going. According to Pérez, it's going just fine.

    "The new schedule means I'll be working twice as much as I used to," chuckles Pérez, who handles his CrossGen workload during business hours and focuses on JLA/Avengers nights and weekends. "I'm not as far ahead on the Avengers/JLA as I had hoped I would be. I'm inking my 31st page of issue #2 and I'm penciling page 36 of issue #3. I've already penciled and inked the cover of issue #1 and penciling the cover of issue #2 and I've designed all of them."

    While no release date has been official set for the joint venture between Marvel and DC, the artist can't wait for fans to get a look at the series - even if the idea of living up to 20 years of anticipation scares him a little.

    "Believe me, I'm glad that this project is causing such a stir," said Pérez. "I know realistically that JLA/Avengers has had 20 years of anticipation, which I hope I live up to."

     May 31, 2002 | Wizard's First Look
    From WIZARD #130
    written by uncredited
    transcribed by Vu

    DC and Marvel show off exclusive pages from 2003's mega-team-up!

    Throughout 20 years of false starts and company conflicts, one man always believed in JLA/Avengers.

    "This is not only a dream come true," admits artist George Pérez of 2003's four-part mini-series teaming Marvel and DC Comics' iconic superteams. "It's also something I always had faith in. I always though one day, everything would fall into place and I'd be the artist on JLA/Avengers."

    Pérez, who's enjoyed memorable stints on both JLA and Avengers, had drawn over 20 pages for the project in 1983, when it was scuttled due to arguments between Marvel and DC over the plot.

    "George is throwing everything he's got into this project and it shows," observes series Kurt Busiek. "The difference between George and a lot of other artists is that George became a superstar but he never stopped trying. He's just never satisfied."

    Describing his take on the story, Busiek explains, "We wanted to put the Avengers in a JLA situation and the JLA in an Avengers situation," reveals Busiek. "The classic JLA answer to a gigantic threat is, 'Figure out the answer.' The classic Marvel response to a big threat is 'Smack the crap out of it!'"

    While both creators say JLA/Avengers as been a career benchmark, it hasn't been without problems. With Pérez just finishing the pencils for page 36 of the second issue and inks over 33 pages between the two issues, he has had to go back and make necessary changes.

    "Green Lantern was actually penciled in his old costumes," informs Pérez. "Then when I was told he'd be getting a new costume, I started drawing him as just a naked man flying around. Eventually, I got the reference and I went back and inked it with his new costume."

    Busiek says he's also made changes to the plot and characters as the Marvel and DC Unverses have evolved since last year.

    "When I turned in the plot of issue #2, I ended up taking it completely apart and putting it back together again," says Busiek. "It got a lot better in the process, but that's all part of the making of something of this magnitude - everyone involved wants this to be the most surprising and talked-about project we've ever worked on."