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JLA/AVENGERS #3 (Nov 2003) DC Comics/Marvel Comics

cover:  George Perez
Date: Nov 2003
Cover Price: $5.95

Reprinted in:

Reprinted in AVENGERS UNITED #37 (UK)LJA / VINGADORES #3 (Brazil), JLA/AVENGERS #3 (of 4) (French), and JLA/DIE RÄCHER #3 (Germany).
To be released 26 November 2003
(6/17/2003): To be solicited in PREVIEWS vol 13, #9.
(7/20/2003): Will not be overprinted
(9/10/2003): Some of the original pages will be broken up and sold to people George knows (who are drawn into the comic book). The majority of the pages will be for sale.
(10/22/2003): Cover is missing four JLA/Avengers members, which George needs to draw.

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    • Busy in 2022 George Pérez writes: Hello again, my dear friends, fans and family: I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as each of you ushered in the new year in your own fashion. It looks like I will be kept quite busy in 2022 if my schedule for January alone is any indication. So many wonderful people determined to keep my days full and my spirits elevated with visits, dining and a cascade of loving texts, emails, phone calls and letters expressing love, support and gratitude. I’ve been especially touched by the number of people who have expressed gratitude for my inspiring them through my art and stories. One can never really predict or appreciate how much one’s own stories and art ...
      Posted Jan 8, 2022, 10:31 AM by Vu Nguyen
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       "Strange Adventures" (48 pages) 
    writer:  Kurt Busiek 
    art:  George Perez
    colors:  Tom Smith 
    letters:  Comicraft 
    editor:  Tom Brevoort
    Dan Raspler
    Mike Carlin
    Joe Quesada
    JLA/AVENGERS #3 (Nov 2003)
    DC Comics/Marvel Comics

    DC Comics/Marvel Comics

    DC Comics/Marvel Comics
    DC Comics/Marvel Comics
    AVENGERS UNITED #37 (UK) (Mar 2004)
    Panini Comics

    JLA/AVENGERS #3 (Mexico) (Mar 2004)
    Grupo Editorial Vid

    JLA / VENGADORES #3 (Spain) (Jul 2004)
    Comics Forum

    JLA/AVENGERS #3 (France) (May 2004)
    Semic Comics

    DC COMICS PRESENTS #18 (India) (Oct 2004)
    Gotham Comics
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    JLA/Avengers #3 Original Art Mishap
    posted Feb 8, 2009 1:42 PM by vu sleeper


    NEW YORK COMIC-CON 2009 (06-08 Feb 2009)
    JLA/ AVENGERS #3 JLA/AVENGERS #3 (Nov 2003)

    NYCC LIVE: Sunday Conversation with Dan DiDio
    by Shaun Manning, Staff Writer
    Sun, February 8th, 2009 at 9:23AM PST

    Welcome to Day 3 of CBR's live coverage from the New York Comic Con. Dan DiDio is hosting his regular Sunday conversation this afternoon, and we will be bringing you live updates throughout the hour. Hit "refresh" to see where the conversation goes.


    Dan Slott and Tom Brevoort then joined the panel. "Dan Slott is hear to explain 'Final Crisis' #7," DiDio joked.

    DiDio went down the panel for exciting cover choices. "I like a symbolic cover," Carlin said, after joking that he likes "covers where everything is spelled correctly--as the editor who spelled Metropolis wrong on a cover..."

    Brevoort said he was most excited by the cover of "JLA/Avengers" #3, which featured every Leaguer and every Avengers. George Perez apparently sold the art almost immediately, and requested Marvel to send him the art back. An intern, however, packed a Xerox. "George called back, his voice was three octaves higher!" Brevoort said.

    What's Wrong With This Picture?
    News Thu, 21 Dec 2006 00:02:51 CST Vu
    JLA/AVENGERS #3 (Nov 2003)
    What's Wrong With This Picture?
    Wednesday, December 20, 2006
    posted by Brian Hughes @ 10:12 AM


    George Perez is nuts. Also fantastic.

    Amazing as it is, this picture illustrates an unpleasant truth about both the Avengers and the Justice League of America: Far from being the "best of the best" in their respective universes, both teams will let ANY-DAMN-BODY join. Dozens of these super zeroes are simply not Avengers/JLA material, but over the decades, they've been added by writers wanting to "make their mark" on the team they're writing.

    Crossover Comix Cavalcade: JLA/Avengers
    News Sat, 11 Nov 2006 14:56:14 CST Ilke

    JLA/AVENGERS (2003), published in JLA/AVENGERS #3
    Crossover Comix Cavalcade
    Last Updated: October 27, 2006

    This George Perez illustration from JLA/Avengers #3 shows the mightiest heroes from the DC and Marvel "universes" joining forces to keep the world safe for bean dip.

    A crossover occurs when characters published by different companies or perceived as belonging to different fictional realities appear in a shared context.

    News: Cinescape's Best of 2004

    December 24, 2004 10:50 am
     From Cinescape

    JLA / AVENGERS (2003-2004)
    The Best of 2004
    Comicscape - December 22, 2004


    6. AVENGERS/JLA: It took more than 20 years to get the damned thing, but many of you believe, as I do, that the wait was well worth it. J.A. Fludd calls this book "a celebration of more than 40 years of super-hero traditions with hundreds of characters from the Marvel and DC Universes, centered around the memberships of the Avengers and Justice League. Stunning, breathtaking artistic achievement by George Perez; the pinnacle and summation of George's entire career. Artistically, can't be praised highly enough." (Well, it's certainly better than CRIMSON PLAGUE, isn't it? Of course, a vasectomy with a rusty set of sewing shears would be better than that...) And "Frank" writes that "those of us who mourned this highly anticipated match up's collapse 20 years ago couldn't help but rejoice in its actualization, not to mention a chance to see revel in two mammoth teams penciled by Perez. An opportunity to see Perez art on this scale is unlikely to happen for a long time." Unless there's a sequel, of course, and I have to say I wouldn't mind that one bit...

    News: JLA/Avengers ACTOR Auction Art in Color

    October 01, 2004 05:30 pm
     From Torsten B. Abel
    This is the colored version of the ACTOR artwork that pays an homage to the cover of the classic Justice League of America #21. In fact, it appears to be the version colored by Tom Smith that was printed inside JLA/Avengers #3, as is evident by minor details such as the pink spot between Atom's legs.

    Originally posted online by Tom Smith:


    JLA / AVENGERS (2002), art by George Pérez, colors by Tom Smith

    Re: [Perez] Hi guys !! Tom Smith is in the house !
    Date: Wed Jun 23, 2004 10:54 am

    --- In, michael dunne
    > I'd love to see the page that recreated the cover to JLA 21.
    > regards
    > mike

    You mean this one ?


    Tom S

    News: Drawing Avengers Panel: Sketch Cover to JLA/Avengers #3

    September 24, 2004 12:00 am
     From Ilke Hincer (email)
    CANADIAN NATIONAL EXPO (27-29 Aug 2004) DRAWING AVENGERS PANEL (Aug 2004), photo by Ilke Hincer (email)

    At the 'Drawing Avengers' panel : George showed us what he basically drew as his cover rough to get editorial approval for the cover of JLA/Avengers #3. The final cover may have caused his injury, but getting the approval was a breeze - he just drew the direction that the characters would be going in, and then added the words 'Lots of characters'.

    News: Pérez Article in Toronto Metro

    September 23, 2004 11:22 pm
     From Toronto Metro
    Comic legend’s dream finally a reality
    Published August 23, 2004
    Jonathan P. Kuehlein/Metro Toronto

    JLA / AVENGERS (2003-2004) George Perez, illustrator of the long-awaited JLA/Avengers.
    It was the series George Perez had been waiting 20 years to draw.

    All the legends would be there: Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Batman, Hulk. Oh, and about 200 others.

    JLA/Avengers (JLA is the Justice League Of America for those not in the know) brought together the greatest superhero teams from both DC Comics and Marvel Comics in one epic tale, written by Kurt Busiek and pencilled and inked by Perez, who called it: "one of the most thrilling and greatest challenges of my career."

    "It was a fanboy dream to draw all those characters from two different companies meeting together, with, of course, the added pressure of 20 years of anticipation," said Perez, also a special guest at this weekend’s Canadian National Expo.

    This inter-company crossover series was originally conceived in late 1982, but fell apart just months after it began due to squabbling – in spite of the fact Perez had already drawn 21 pages.

    When the plug was pulled it was thought this idea was dead. But the series finally became a reality late last year and it lived up to the expectations of many – including its artist.

    "After everyone waiting for 20 years, including me, I couldn’t let that be less than my all-out effort," Perez said.

    The series has recently been collected in the Cadillac of hardcover editions, featuring a slipcase containing an oversized hardcover of the complete four-issue series and a fascinating companion volume that outlines its history, complete with annotated copies of Perez’s original 21 pages.

    The collection is outstanding and very much befitting the scale of the project.

    "I expected that maybe they would give it a hardcover collection, but to do it with this type of production value was really flattering," Perez said. "It galvanized my feeling that both Marvel and DC have been trying very hard to make this project something that I can be proud of."

    Having recently celebrated his 50th birthday and completed one of the great showpieces of his career, Perez says he’s in a great place in his life.

    "I’m doing exactly what I love to do more than anything else," he said. "At the age of 50 I’m looking at the road ahead that has … so many avenues waiting for me."

     September 01, 2004 05:37 pm | JLA/Avengers #3 Question
    From DC Comics
    Questions For Kurt
    Posted: 2004-08-31 12:52:24.0 by kurtbusiek

    thebat82: I was just re-reading JLA/Avengers, namely issue #3, and I've a question for you:

    When Grandmaster showed the heroes how their realities really were, did he showed them only the past & present, gave them also glimpses of their future, or showed them just the most important moments of their lives, it doesn't matter if present, past or future?

    I ask this since, now that JLA/Avengers is clearly in DC's continuity, I was trying to place the cross-over correctly in the JLA's time-line and, while JLA/Avengers #1, #2 and the end of #4 seem to suggest that it takes place before Our worlds at War, that panels of issue #3 where the heroes witness their true destinies seem to suggest otherwise.

    I know that you, probably, aren't a "continuity cop" like me, but I'd appreciate if you answer this.

    I really don't know. The time period is was supposed to be set in was one in which Kyle was wearing his earlier costume, but Dan Raspler wanted that changed. And the list of moments that the Grandmaster showed them was initially written up by me, then expanded on and added to by the editors.

    So ultimately, I don't worry too much about precisely when it happened, just that it was somewhere in there and if you squint a little you'll blur out the problem bits. I have no problem with the idea that the Grandmaster showed them the near future too, or that he didn't. However it works best.

     August 15, 2004 12:49 am | JLA/Avengers Wins Wizard Award
    WIZARD 11th ANNUAL FAN AWARD (2003) (13 Aug 2004) 08/14/2004: "2004 WIZARD FAN AWARDS WINNERS"
    THE BEAT on 08.14.04 @ 12:10 PM CST
    by Heidi Macdonald

    The 2004 Wizard Fan awards were announced last night at a somewhat more subdued ceremony than usual. Wizard staffers Mike Cotton and Richard Ho emcee’d the affair, and presenters included Joe Quesada, Jeph Loeb, John Cassaday, Alex Ross, Jim Lee and Kevin Smith. The Loeb/Lee BATMAN continued to dominate the awards, winning for artist, inker, letterer, colorist and ongoing.


     August 09, 2004 07:47 pm | Dr Forklift in JLA/Avengers
    From Avengers Comicboard
    JLA/Avengers # 3 Villain Identified (old spoilers)
    Posted by Robert McKinney on Monday, August 09 2004 at 15:22:33 GMT

    (This might be old news by now, but I wouldn't know, so ...)

    On page 13, panel 1, of issue 3, Iron Man and Batman were looking at old Justice League and Avengers foes. In between Korvac and the Ultra-Humanite was a Sivana lookalike no one could identify. I've finally found out who he is:


    Don't remember him? Not surprised. His only other appearance was in Plastic Man, vol. 2, # 11, circa March 1976. The story was recently reprinted in the Plastic Man Lost Annual, which is where I found out about him.

     April 10, 2004 | Contract Does Not Cover JLA/A Posters
    From DC Boards, thanks to Kirk Philbrick

    Topic: Question for Kurt
    Posted: 2004-04-08 12:35:05.0 by kurtbusiek


    4. i know you had to push to make this a 4 book series but do you think an epilogue book should be added?

    No. And even if I did, it's not going to happen. George has other things to do (including recuperating from the injuries the cover to #3 caused), the book collection's already being put together, and most importantly, the contract between the two companies doesn't allow for it, so they'd have to start negotiating all over again from scratch.

    Heck, everyone on both sides agrees that a poster of the cover to #3 would be great, but the contract doesn't cover it, so it's a whole new thing. I don't know whether it'll happen, but if it does it won't be easy.

    Try ARROWSMITH by Busiek/Pacheco FREE at:

     March 6, 2004 | JLA/A #3 Guide in German
    From Torsten B. Abel

    JLA/DIE RÄCHER #1 (of 4) (German) (Mar 2004)

    Just wanted to let you know I finally managed to finish my JLA/Avengers #3 haul for the DCFP.

  • JLA/Avengers #3 Review
  • Cover Annotations
  • Book Annotations
  • All of them are in German only, as usual.

    Only 13 days until the German edition of the first issue is released! (13 March 2004).
    And 13 more days until issue 4 comes out! :-)

     March 3, 2004 | Ballard's JLA/A #3 Cover Recreation
    From Avengers Comicboard

    New Ballard commission.
    Posted by MB on Tuesday, March 02 2004 at 21:20:11 GMT

    ...I'm just happy the guy didnt ask for a recreation of wonder George's hand is hurting!

     February 13, 2004 | JLA/A Still Strong on Reorders
    From Vu

    Looking at January 2004's numbers on Comic Book Resources (newsitem.cgi?id=3270) we can see that DC's JLA/A is still strong on the re-orders.

    237 202 1.75 SEP031564 JLA/AVENGERS #3 (OF 4) $5.95 MAR
    273 240 0.98 JUL031473 JLA/AVENGERS #1 (Of 4) $5.95 MAR

    Even though they're ranked in the 200's, this is pretty good for a book that was available in September and November of 2003.
     January 30, 2004 | Whitt's 10 Best Comics of 2003
    From Cinescape

    Tony's Ten Best Comics of 2003
    Comicscape - January 28, 2004


    8. JLA/AVENGERS: Say what you will about Marvel getting the short end of the stick or discrepancies in battles between aliens and thunder gods, I still have to agree with M. Ali Choudhury's assessment of this series as "worth waiting 20 years for." Part of the reason I feel this miniseries has so far gotten such negative response is because it throws all those differences between the Marvel and DC Universes into such sharp relief, and yet it does so brilliantly. Kurt Busiek obviously loves both universes, and he takes the sort of care with this crossover that we arguably haven't seen since Chris Claremont and company paired up the X-Men and Teen Titans. (The DC characters got far less to do than the Marvel ones that time, as I recall, but I don't recall a similar backlash from DC fans on that occasion - and that book was well-written, too). I look forward to seeing how this one plays out.

     January 23, 2004 | McQuaid's JLA/A #3 Examination
    From JLA Comicboard

    A Closer Look at JLA/AVENGERS # 3
    Posted by Sean McQuaid on Friday, January 23 2004 at 18:30:08 GMT

    I've read JLA/AVENGERS # 3 a bunch of times now, and enjoyed the heck out of it. Mighty fine work, most especially an amazing level of attention to detail on the part of both writer and artist. It's rich, dense material that rewards repeated examination.

    Speaking of examination, I actually had some time to spare last weekend, and my copy of JLA/AVENGERS # 3 was nearby, so I finally finished a proper response to this issue. Let's take a good page-by-page look at this glossy-paper greatness...

    So many have said so much about this already, but gosh darn it, this just never stops being amazing. George Perez, you are a global treasure. Heal well and swiftly, sir.

    This thing has to be made into a poster and widely released as same. Anything less would be a crime against art.

    208 characters, almost every Leaguer and Avenger imaginable, it's a superteam fan's dream come true.

    [ Read more A Closer Look at JLA/AVENGERS # 3 ]

     January 20, 2004 | Slush Factory's 2003 Top 10
    From Slush Factory

    The 2003 Top Ten
    A column by Rich Watson, contributing editor


    Not everything that broke down stayed that way, fortunately. Mark Waid and Mike Weiringo returned to Fantastic Four after being stupidly kicked off the title. The Superman titles have gotten a creative kickstart with some A-level talent that'll make their mark next year. Two popular titles that were missing in action, Astro City and Planetary, both returned in all their glory. And after twenty years, JLA/Avengers finally got off the ground, controversial fight scenes and all. In addition, Jeff Smith's Bone finally concluded its spectacular run (soon to be followed by Dave Sim's Cerebus), the legendary Alan Moore retired from comics, Los Angeles got its own indy comics show, and we got two dynamite comic book movies in X2 and American Splendor.

     January 19, 2004 | JLA/A - Big Money-Makers
    From Newsarama

    posted 01-19-2004 02:46 PM
    written by Matt Brady


    2003’s Top 10 books by dollar ranking (i.e., which titles brought in the most money) were:

    1) JLA/Avengers #1
    2) Avengers/JLA #2
    3) JLA/Avengers #3
    4) Batman #619
    5) Amazing Spider-Man #500
    6) 1602 #1
    7) 1602 #2
    8) Superman/Batman #1
    9) 1602 #3
    10) 1602 #4

    Again, the dollar ranking is a function of both quantity and cover price, a high quantity ordered combined with a high cover price would place product at #1 on both charts, while a higher cover price combined with a solid position on the unit ranking (such as JLA/Avengers #1) place it at the top of the dollar rank, that is, JLA/Avengers #1 was the #1 comic book item that brought in the most money to Diamond in 2003.

    [ Read more LOOKING AT 2003'S NUMBERS ]

     January 16, 2004 | Scoop: JLA/A Color Guide
    From Scoop

    JLA/A #3 COVER COLOR GUIDE color by Tom Smith Avengers/JLA #3 Color Guide Shows Big Results
    Auctions/Prices, Scoop, Friday, January 16, 2004

    The color guide used to produce Avengers/JLA #3 recently sold for $700 on eBay. The color guide is a fully painted Xerox by colorist Tom Smith, featuring the art of George Perez. The cover to Avengers/JLA #3 features one of the largest ensembles of characters from both the DC and Marvel Universe.

     January 3, 2004 | JLA/A #3 Color Guide
    From JLA Messageboard

    JLA/A #3 COVER COLOR GUIDE color by Tom Smith
    THE BIG 1 ! color guide for PEREZ AVENGERS / JLA # 3 cover now on EBay
    Posted by Tom Smith on Saturday, January 03 2004 at 23:23:45 GMT

    Hi all..

    Here it is THE BIG 1 !

    Check it out..

    Tom Smith "A/JLA CAL!"

     December 29, 2003 | Looking Back on CGE
    From Broken Frontier

    JLA/ AVENGERS JLA/ AVENGERS (2003-2004) Looking Back on the Road Behind - CrossGen
    Sunday, December 28, 2003 5:34:11 PM


    BF: Which was the best book (or issue) put out by a different company than yours?
    BILL ROSEMANN: Everything written by Brian Michael Bendis was gold...Batman by Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee got everyone excited...Y: The Last Man & The Ultimates kept everyone on their toes...and how fun was JLA/Avengers? Yes, this was a great year to be a comics' fan!

     December 23, 2003 | ICv2's Comic Numbers in Nov '03
    From ICv2

    Comic Numbers Slip in November
    December 22, 2003

    October Had an Extra Shipping Week Tops in November

    One of the problems in generating comic book numbers under Diamond's new reporting system, which is based on comics shipped rather than on preorders, is the fact that some months (like October) have an extra shipping week. Add in the distortion caused by the fact that a title appearing in the first week of a month has three weeks of reorder activity to add to its total, while a book shipping in the last week of the month has none, and you can understand that there are certain intractable problems with these "snapshots" of comic book sales numbers. Still it is clear that while comic book sales were up in October, they slipped in November.


    The Top 25 comics, with our estimates of the quantities sold during November, are:

    JLA/Avengers #3 (of 4)
    Marvel 1602 #4
    Wolverine: The End #1 (of 6)
    Ultimate Six #4 (of 6)
    Ultimate X-Men #39
    New X-Men #149
    Batman #621
     December 22, 2003 | Isabella Review of JLA/A #3
    From COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1572 (2 Jan 2004)

    From Japan to the JLA via Paris
    Written by Tony Isabella
    Published in COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1572 (2 Jan 2004)


    Busiek and Perez move the story along well, but almost every scene goes on too long. We see the distortions to the histories of the heroes for a dozen pages. Then we see the heroes slugging it out with villains and trying to save citizens caught in the growing devastation. Then we see the heroes starting to learn the truth of their dire situation, a truth the core readership of this story had to have figured out two dozen pages earlier. It's all well-written and well-drawn, but it's by the numbers.

    This penultimate chapter of the crossover doesn't live up to its potential until its final pages. The Grandmaster, that cosmic game-player, gets a moving star turn and sets the stage for the scene of quiet horror, acceptance, and heroism from the gathered teams.

    This last-minute save has me wanting to return for the finale and hoping the finale offers more deviation from the expected than readers have seen from JLA/Avengers to date.

    On the strength of those final pages, JLA/Avengers works its way up to three and a half Tonys. It would be a pleasure to give the big finish a much higher score.

     December 20, 2003 | Smith's Color Guides
    From JLA Comicboard

    11 new Perez /Smith A/JLA #3 colorguides now up on EBay !
    Posted by Tom Smith on Thursday, December 18 2003 at 23:34:20 GMT

    Hi guys..

    What to buy something with all the left over Christmas money ?

    Here you go ,ending Christmas day ..

    Click link to see more..

    Happy Holidays !!
    Tom Smith "A/JLA CAL!

     December 12, 2003 | JLA/A #3 Page 8
    From Avengers Comicboard

    800 × 1200 AVJLA003008.jpg (264 kb)
    Ho ,Ho , Ho , Ok but this is the last time. #nt
    Posted by Tom Smith on Thursday, December 11 2003 at 22:54:08 GMT in reply to Tom S., could you be my santa and post page #8 too...:), posted by Jayne B. on Thursday, December 11 2003 at 21:58:56 GMT

    > Since you posted 2 pages already, could you post my favourite, please.
    > Jayne

     December 10, 2003 | JLA/A #3 Is Top Book For Nov
    From Comic Book Resources

    by Jonah Weiland, Executive Producer
    Posted: December 9, 2003

    The quantity ranking is obvious, it's the ranking of comics based on total issues printed. The Retail Rank is based on the price of a specific issue and the overall dollars it produced in sales. Finally, there's that enigmatic "index" number. The index shows retailers roughly how many of a product is being ordered in comparison to the other products. The index says that the average store orders 100 copies of Batman (a consistent seller) and then compares other titles to this. In this month's case, if "Batman" #621 sold 100,000 copies (it may have sold more than 100,000) that would mean the #1 comic, "Avengers/JLA" #3, sold just over 150,000 copies (once again, it may have sold more than that, too).

    Top 300 Comics

    Qty. Retail Index Code Title Price Pub.
    1 1 153.12 SEP031564 JLA/AVENGERS #3 (OF 4) $5.95 MAR
    2 2 126.76 SEP031585 MARVEL 1602 #4 (Of 8) $3.50 MAR
     December 10, 2003 | JLA/A #3 Review at ComixFan
    From Comixfan

    JLA/ AVENGERS #3 JLA/ AVENGERS #3 (Nov 2003)
    posted Dec 4th, 2003 05:14 am
    Reviewer: Tan K

    Quick Rating: Excellent!


    As I opened this issue up, I didn't know what to expect. Was I going to see another Amalgam Universe version? Don't get me wrong. I liked the idea...once, but a return to that idea would have been a let down even under the masterful pen of writer Kurt Busiek. Instead what I ended up reading thankfully was so much more.

    Let me first start off with what in my opinion is making this series such a hit. Sure it is the crossover that has been one hundred years in the making, but that magic would have worn off halfway through issue #2. The first thing that was apparent from the first issue was that Busiek was not going to go the stereotypical route of cheesy fights and resolution with little in between. He has crafted a good story. Busiek has been saying all along that he is writing a story and not a versus series. I am finding myself trying to figure out the enigma's Busiek has created. For a crossover to accomplish that...well, let's just say, it is a far cry from the Batman/Punisher or Fantastic Four/Superman crossovers I wasted my money on.

     December 7, 2003 | JLA/A #3 Review at SBC
    From Silver Bullet Comics

    Posted: Friday, December 5
    By: Jason Cornwell


    Final Word: For a comic fan who has been following the adventures of both these teams for over two decades, this issue is a wonderful mixture of the continuity of both teams, as well as a tantalizing preview of what might've been if Marvel and DC had made a crossover between their two big teams an annual event, much like the JSA/JLA meetings of old. In any event while there are moments when the plot might be a little old school for newer readers, and a little dependent on readers being up to speed on events that occurred years, and in some cases decades ago, frankly I applaud Kurt Busiek for including a wealth of scenes that reward readers like myself who have been with both books since the first attempt at this crossover was being bandied about. Plus I love the way this story bounces around the time-stream, and while I suspect this was done so that Kurt Busiek could insert Hal Jordan into the story, I love the fact that we were allowed to have a tour of the merged universe. In fact my only complaint about this issue is that Hawkeye wasn't in the final seven lineup on the Avengers side.

     December 7, 2003 | JLA/A "Truth" Wallpaper
    From Avengers Comicboard

    1200 × 922 AVJLA.jpg (278 kb)

    Sure here you go ! Enjoy ! Happy Holidays !! #nt
    Posted by Tom Smith on Sunday, December 07 2003 at 01:31:52 GMT
    in reply to Mr. Tom Smith, may I request..., posted by benjman on Saturday, December 06 2003 at 23:34:29 GMT

    > could you please post the splash page on jla avengers #3 where they are all at gamemaster's lair and looking up at the ceiling, looking at the "truth". I really like that page and would look good on my desktop.
    > Surely appreciate it!!

     December 7, 2003 | Diamond Dateline (3 Dec 2003)
    From Vu

    The very same article and artwork appearing from Diamond's New DC TP Displays the Wonder (Woman) of Pérez (Brief Notes 12/1/2003) appears in Diamond's retailer's guide: DIAMOND DATELINE vol.14, #47 (3 Dec 2003).

    The top two re-orders are: TEEN TITANS #1 FOURTH PRINTING and TEEN TITANS #5. It also looks like the top five orders for the month of September are:

    1. BATMAN #621
    2. JLA/AVENGERS #3
    3. NEW X-MEN #149

    Keep in mind these ranking will probably change when Diamond officially announce it on their monthly Top 300 orders.

    Special thanks to Outpost 2000.

     December 6, 2003 | More JLA/A #3 Errors
    From Michael Rudolph (email)

    AQUAMAN ATE THE FLOWER , as pointed out by Michael Rudolph (email)

    You had an article a few days ago about visual discrepencies in JLA Avengers #3. I may have found another one... not sure if anyoe has mentioned it to you as yet. On the splash page featuring the luau party (page 8 I believe) we see Wonder Woman and Wonder Man arm-wrestling. Diana has a flower in the left side of her hair. On the next page panel 3, the flower has disappeared, much like Aquamans lei that was mentioned earlier.

     December 4, 2003 | JLA/A #3 Review at Broken Frontier
    From Broken Frontier

    A Dangerous Game, A Desperate Gambit...
    Monday, December 01, 2003 6:36:53 PM
    written by Kert McAfee


    The superheroes of two very different worlds hit a snag as the crossover event of the millennium closes out round three.

    Let’s just get it out of the way: you’re either not reading this because you’re waiting for the trade, or you’re not reading this because…well, why aren’t you reading this? Worlds collide, literally, as time and space and a whole lot of other things that differ between the Avengers’ world and the JLA’s world are causing a rift. The game between Krona and the Grandmaster ended with the latter winning. Of course, Krona isn’t about to give up his quest for the secrets of the universe so easily. The story seems disjointed and confusing at first, but by the end of the issue everything is explained nice and neatly. Then, there’s even a nice, exciting cliffhanger of an ending.

     December 4, 2003 | Tuckering In JLA/A #3
    From Erik Merk (email)

    KENNY (JLA/Avengers #3, page 23) ROBERT (JLA/Avengers #3, page 23)

    If you look in the top panel of Page 23, you will notice two of the head shots are of young boys. The one on the left (with the dark hair) is my stepson Kenny and the little one on the right with lighter hair is my son Robert. The kindness of George for agreeing to put them in there is just truly amazing and I thought you would like to know.

    (NOTE: Actual printed comic book had the colors printed in negative.)
     December 2, 2003 | JLA/A #3 Review From 4th Rail
    From Fourth Rail

    Reviews for 11/26
    by Randy Lander

    Highly Recommended (9/10)


    I think it will be hard for any super-hero fan to read this book without a big smile crossing their face. Although Busiek sticks with the sort of cosmic Infinity Gauntlet/Crisis on Infinite Earths style that has defined this book, this issue also has a lot more of the smaller moments (and smaller characters) that fans love. The story is deliberately confusing, as not even the heroes know what is going on, but it all makes a sort of sense by the end, and although the feel is reminiscent of the merged universe of Amalgam that came out of a previous DC/Marvel crossover, this one feels slightly more pure from a straight super-hero point-of-view. In addition, Perez's work here is stunning, with a little bit less of the overcrowded panel feel that weakened the second issue while maintaining the same insanely detail-oriented style that has made him a favorite in this field.


    From Fourth Rail

    Quick Critiques for 11/26
    Written by Don MacPherson

    This penultimate chapter of the limited series stands out as the strongest one in the series thus far. Busiek taps into the fun readers and creators alike had with Amalgam Comics in the mid 1990s by merging universes rather than characters. The script fosters the perfect tone of cosmic crisis, bringing suspense to the mix. The book is clearly aimed at those of us who pick up on the numerous continuity references from both companies' publishing histories, but there's still plenty of wonder and magic to keep newer readers transfixed. Perez's frenzied but meticulous artwork is stunning. He fills each panel with so much detail that each one cries out to be studied carefully. The plot itself, though extreme, is rather simple, but the art adds depth and density to the book. The book is exactly what it looks like -- an over-the-top super-hero story -- but it's a wonderful celebration of the two giants in the genre. JLA/Avengers is pure fun, and it doesn't pretend to be anything more.

     December 1, 2003 | JLA/A #3 Annotation From ComixFan
    From Comixfan

    posted 11/30/2003 11:14 am
    by Eric J. Moreels


    ComiX-Fan continues its compilation of annotated references for the mammoth Marvel/DC crossover series JLA/Avengers with the release of the list for issue #3, in stores this week.

    As with the first issue's list (see 'JLA/AVENGERS #1 ANNOTATIONS'), and the second issue's list (see 'AVENGERS/JLA #2 ANNOTATIONS'), ComiX-Fan invites readers to contribute additions and corrections to this and subsequent lists.

    Wraparound Cover: For a complete character guide, see the 'JLA/AVENGERS #3 COVER CHARACTER GUIDE' feature article here at ComiX-Fan.

    Page 1, Panel 1: Doctor Doom, the armored despot that rules the fictional country of Latveria in the Marvel Universe, was first seen in Fantastic Four (1st series) #5.

    Page 1, Panel 2: The Promethean Giants that make up the wall surrounding the Source in the DC Universe first appeared in New Gods (1st series) #5.


     December 1, 2003 | SBC's Review of JLA/A #3
    From Silver Bullet Comics

    Posted: Monday, December 1
    By: Ray Tate


    "Remember when Amazo and Ultron banded together?"
    "Remember when the Grim Reaper and the Key had the Serpent Crown?"
    "Remember Kang and the Lord of Time battling each other for the Chronal Egg?"

    No, but cosmos, I want to remember. This extremely enjoyable issue of JLA/Avengers explores the aftermath of the previous chapter in which everybody seems to have lost the game played by Krona and the Grandmaster. That appears not to be the case as Kurt Busiek and George Perez with a series of what amounts to substantial dreams alter the heroes realities.

     November 30, 2003 | Homages in JLA/A #3 Part One
    From Vu

    UPDATED: 11/30/2003 11:37am

    MANKUTA GALLERIES - JLA/A #3, page 16

    Named after art collector Jonathan Mankuta.

    Through an agreement with Spencer Beck (see below), Mankuta is the person who bought all of the AVENGERS Volume 3 Covers when they were available for sale.

    BECK AVENUE - JLA/A #3, page 24

    Spencer Beck is George's art dealer.

    MERK - JLA/A #3, page 24

    This building was named after Erik Merk, a George Pérez friend and fan who have commissioned a lot of his work.

    GAUGLER'S - JLA/A #3, page 25

    From Spencer Beck: This homage is a small tribute to friend of mine named FRED GAUGLER who recently died. Fred owned the comic shop I shopped in for most of my adult life. He was a big fan of George's and this was a tribute to a man who always said he wanted to be "IN COMICS".

     November 30, 2003 | Additional Errors in JLA/A #3
    From Doug Smith

    LOACLLY as pointed out by Doug Smith
    Topic: JLA/AVENGERS #3(Review)Spoilers
    posted 11/30/03 5:59 AM

    I noticed a small lettering error. When Iron Man and Superman fly off into orbit, Superman says "As I feared, it's not just happening loaclly." I think it was supposed to be 'locally'.

    Normally, I wouldn't say anything but I agree with Eric. If we can point out the errors, they can be fixed for the collected edition.

    Personally, this is the greatest comic series I've read since Crisis. I can't wait to see how it all ends.

     November 29, 2003 | Errors in JLA/A #3
    From ES and The Hand, via Forum

    AQUAMAN'S MISSING LEI, as pointed out by ES

    MIS-COLORED MARTIAN MANHUNTER, as pointed out by The Hand

    Topic: JLA/AVENGERS #3(Review)Spoilers
    ES posted 11/27/03 6:21 AM

    This issue was Fantasic!!!!. The best one yet. George and Kurt and the rest of the team really hit this one out of the park. So many great scenes..

    My favs were..
    JLA Satellite LUAU
    The Grandmaster Wall scene including the New Teen Titans, Thunderbolts, Heroes Reborn Version of the Avengers and so many great pics..
    The scenes in AVENGERS Mansion, including the Comm-Room where George included 19 villians on the screen.


    I only found one error.

    In the main LUAU scene on page 8 Aquaman was a lei on. When they get closer on the same shot on the next page at the arm wrestling scene between Wonder Woman and Wonder Man he isn't wearing it. Oh Well. I guess you notice the little stuff after five reads.

    Thanks George and Kurt and Tom it's a instant classic.

    The Hand posted 11/27/03 8:10 AM

    I found a bigger mistake than that...on page 37 (where the phantom stranger takes the Avengers and the Leaguers into that pink doorway..)in 1 pic it shows superman walking in front of iron man and wonder woman...the very next pic you see his shoulder behind thor....who is way behind wonderwoman.... i looked down to see that Martian manhunter was behind Thor and i realized the Mr. Smith, colored it was Martian manhunters shoulder so it shoulda been green arm/blue cape not blue arm/red cape....and if you look in the very same frame as the goof, you see Supes' legs at the top of the stairs in front of Iron Man.....don't get me wrong, it was a great book, but that was such a rookie thing to do...guess it's just my attention to detail....well peace...

     November 29, 2003 | Perez, Busiek Talk JLA/A
    From Comics Continuum

    Friday, November 28, 2003
    written by

    No one will ever accuse George Perez of taking shortcuts.

    Like this week's cover of JLA/Avengers #3, with its hundreds of characters. It came at a cost -- physically -- for the artist.

    "That's why I'm like this," Perez said, holding up his brace-covered right drawing hand last weekend at Wizard World Texas. "It took me three weeks to draw that cover and by the end, I was in utter pain."

    The resulting tendinitis has pushed the series' fourth and final issue back a few weeks. But the crowd gathered last weekend for a question-and-answer session with Perez and writer Kurt Busiek didn't seem to mind a bit, cheering when Perez said, "Hey, at least we got three issues out on time!"

    For more highlights from the panel, CLICK HERE.

     November 29, 2003 | DF's News For 11/28
    From Dynamic Forces

    Dynamic Forces News for November 28, 2003
    Last Updated 11/28/03 at 5:38pm (EST)

    Busiek, Perez Talk JLA/Avengers
    by Bob Gough

    George Perez is talking about this week’s JLA/Avengers issue #3 cover with hundreds of characters. "That's why I'm like this," Perez said, holding up his brace-covered right drawing hand last weekend at Wizard World Texas. "It took me three weeks to draw that cover and by the end, I was in utter pain."

    That has pushed the series’ fourth and final issue back a few weeks.

    Busiek cheered when Perez told fans "Hey, at least we got three issues out on time!"

    Comics Continuum

     November 29, 2003 | JLA/A #3 Webguide
    From Skullogeist, via JLA Messageboard

    JLA / AVENGERS #3 -- The Unofficial Webguide 1.0 [SPOILERS]
    Posted by Skullogeist on Friday, November 28 2003 at 16:15:53 GMT (Corrections by Chaim Mattis Keller)

    Okay, here's what I have so far for the Unofficial JLA / AVENGERS #3 Webguide. Feel free to add any corrections or omissions. I know there are a few I missed (like a couple of the villains being monitored by Iron Man and Batman on Page 13), but I've already spent way too much time on this (this Web Guide is already over TWICE as long as the one I did for JLA / AVENGERS #1) and I need to take a break.



    Page 1:
    Source Wall [DC]
    Doctor Doom [MARVEL]
    Page 2:
    Batman [DC]
    Wonder Woman (Diana) [DC]

    [ Read more JLA / AVENGERS #3 -- The Unofficial Webguide 1.0 [SPOILERS] ]

     November 22, 2003 | JLA/A #3 to Ship
    From Diamond

    Shipping Next Week: November 26

    The following products are expected to ship to comic book specialty stores next week. Note that this list is tentative and subject to change. Please check with your retailer for availability.

    SEP031564 JLA AVENGERS #3 (OF 4) $5.95

    PLEASE NOTE: Please check with your local retailer to confirm availability of new items, as not all new releases will be on sale in all areas on the same week.

    (Vu: Please read the note in red above, which is new. If I am reading this right - some areas of the U.S. or Canada, might not get JLA/AVENGERS #3 next week. I am assuming that since it falls so close to Thanksgiving that a lot of people might have requested time off to be with their family, so Diamond might not fulfill all their orders.)
     November 11, 2003 | Brevoort Disputes JLA/A #3 Rumors
    From Marvel Universe Messageboard

    Re: JLAvengers #3 (Spoilers)
    Posted by Tom Brevoort on Tuesday, November 11 2003 at 03:36:26 GMT in reply to JLAvengers #3 (Spoilers), posted by Jownzin on Monday, November 10 2003 at 17:27:10 GMT

    Folks, anybody who tells you that they saw AVENGERS/JLA #3 at this point is lying. The book hasn't even rolled off the presses yet, so the only folks who've actually seen it are the guys putting it together--and we ain't talking.

    Tom Brevoort

     November 10, 2003 | JLA/A #3 Advance Copies?
    From Marvel Universe Messageboard, thanks to Titan67

    JLAvengers #3 (Spoilers)
    Posted by Jownzin on Monday, November 10 2003 at 17:27:10 GMT

    I spoke to someone with Diamond distributors, and I was told some of the comic stores should be getting advanced copies of JLAvengers this Wednsday. if not, definitely next Wednsday.

    While I could not get the man to tell me what happens in the issue, he told me a few small parts.

    First off, Lobo does fight Gladiator. I don't know who wins, but I know it was short, and the hint I got was "Well, Lobo fans will definitely like how the fight went, that's for sure" so it sounds like he beat Gladiator, and perhaps quite easily too.

    I was also told Namor is in it, and he beats up "somebody" and it is NOT Aquaman. We'll see.

     October 27, 2003 | JLA/A #3 Brief News on Diamond
    From Diamond

    JLA/AVENGERS #3 PREVIEW ART (2003), art by Perez, colors by Tom Smith. Published in MARVEL PREVIEWS #1. Suspense Continues in JLA/Avengers #3

    One of the most eagerly awaited crossovers in comics history will continue at high speed when Marvel Comics & DC Comics present the 48-page JLA/Avengers #3 (SEP031564, $5.95). Demand for Kurt Busiek & George Pérez's epic -- in which every past & present member from both teams struggles to rescue both universes from a cosmic disaster -- resulted in a print run of more than 200,000 copies of the first issue. ( called #1 "what a good super-hero comic book is all about," while hailed it as "a long-awaited concept executed with style and skill.") The Prestige Format issue is scheduled to ship on November 26. The big finish to the event -- Avengers/JLA #4 (OCT030233, $5.95) -- is solicited in the October Previews.

     October 4, 2003 | JLA/A #3 Cover Colored
    From Avengers Comicboard

    Re: Mr. TOM SMITH, any colored update of JLA/Avengers #3 cover???
    Posted by Tom Smith on Friday, October 03 2003 at 22:55:52 GMT

    > Please...
    > lol :)

    I just finished it today. Maybe next week Marvel & DC will release it or maybe they will just let me post it. We will see :)

    Tom Smith "A/JLA CAL!"

     October 3, 2003 | Comix Fan Covers Pérez
    From Eric J. Moreels

    JLA/ AVENGERS #1 (X-World) (Nov 03) JLA/ AVENGERS #1-4 X-CLUSIVE CREATOR SIGNED SET (X-World) (Feb 04)
    Just a few George Pérez-related items @ ComiX-Fan I thought you'd be interested in.

    First, our coverage of George's open letters:

    Next, an annotated list of all the characters on the cover to JLA/Avengers #3:

    Our comprehensive annotated list for all the characters and events in JLA/Avengers #1:

    And our review of JLA/Avengers #1:

    Finally, if you didn't know ComiX-Fan's sponsor X-World Comics is offering 25 complete sets of JLA/Avengers #1-4 signed and numbered by Kurt Busiek and complete with a Certificate of Authenticity. Pre-orders (which saves $20 off the price of the set) can be made here:

    X-World are also offering 200 copies of issue #1 signed individually here:

     September 22, 2003 | Baltimore Con Report (SunWuKong)
    From SunWuKong

    My Baltimore Comicon Report
    posted 9/21/03 7:29 PM

    Just got back from the Baltimore Comicon 2003 and, as usual, I had one hell of a time (and hell on my finances). Here's what I can remember from the con regarding Perez:

    • Crossgen's "The War" is going to be 3 issues long and it's going to be written by Ron Marz. The first issue is going to be solicted in May of 2004. It's going to resolve many storylines in many of the Crossgen titles.
    • Perez is jubelent about JLA/Avengers first issue success. He says that he can finally clear out is debts and then some. The selling of the art alone is going to provide his wife with a new car! He also is very glad that this series is totally going to be for the fans.
    • As of today. 1/4 of issue 4 of JLA/Avengers is pen & inked. It looks like it will meet the Dec 31st release date. Perez is very commited to meeting the deadline so that all of the issues will be released before 2004.
    • There is talk of about what format the collected edition is going to be. Perez said that DC is talking to put it into an "absolute" HC format (which I will lobby to no end!). They also said that the prior JLA/Avengers art might be printed in the collected edition as well.
    • Perez needs the cover to issue 3 back because he needs to draw 4 more characters in it! It took 3 weeks for him to draw it. Tom Smith was asking fan at the con to find him color references for some of the characters!
    • I did get one nugget of exclusive info. Hawkeye and Black Canary will meet in issue 3.
    That's all I can think of right now. I'll see how much will get back to me later on in the week.
     September 20, 2003 | No JLA/A Poster from DF
    From Avengers Comicboard

    No Poster/Print of JLA/Avengers from Dynamic Forces
    Posted by Merk3 on Friday, September 19 2003 at 15:22:24 GMT

    I saw a few threads with people hoping there would be a poster for JLA / Avengers #3. I sent an e-mail to Dynamic Forces to ask. Here is the response:

    From: "Toney Tapia"
    To: jmetziii
    Subject: Re: Website Feedback - Customer Comment
    Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 08:27:35 -0400

    Sorry but we do not have a DC License to make litho prints for DC so your answer to your question would be No. That would be a very cool print though. Maybe DC will make it.

    Octavio Toney Tapia
    Dynamic Forces, Inc.
    155 Ninth Street
    Suite E
    Runnemede NJ 08078
    856-312-1040 ET 105
    856-312-1050 Fax

     September 20, 2003 | JLA/A Poster?
    From Avengers Comicboard, thanks to Benjy Bonoan

    Re: Tom, anychance of there being a poster/lithograph of this beautiful picture?
    Posted by Tom Smith on Wednesday, September 17 2003 at 13:58:48 GMT

    I hope so because it cries out for one.

    But really depends if Marvel & DC can agree to do it enough that they want to work out the contracts and red tape to do so. I talked to Dynamic Forces about it and they said they would not do it because of all the red tape involved.

    So I think it really depends on you guys the fans.. If you want one you must ask for one. Start writing those letters.

    Tom Smith "A/JLA CAL!"

    (Vu: You can contact Marvel via their Marvel Heroes email (email), DC Comics took down their contact page, so the best way to write to them is through the JLA/A Messageboard. Their old contact emails are: JLA comics (email) or DC Universe (email).)
     September 16, 2003 | JLA/A #1 Over 200k
    From Newsarama, thanks to Andy Mangels, ES , Joe Wolfe and Orlando Teuta Jr (email)

    posted 09-16-2003 04:17 PM by MattBrady

    COVER TO JLA/AVENGERS #3 art by George Pérez
    Marvel Comics is both proud and encouraged to announce that unprecedented demand has led to the production of over 200,000 copies of JLA/AVENGERS #1 for shipment to the direct market. The George Pérez-Kurt Busiek created mega-event 20 years in the making - which initially went on sale 9/4 – has exceeded all sales expectations for this co-publishing initiative by Marvel and DC Comics. Thanks to the strong support and show of faith by comic book retailers and readers, JLA/AVENGERS #1 has joined the ranks of a small group of modern classics that have captured the imagination of our fans and continue to propel the business forward.

    "I knew JLA/AVENGERS was going to do well," said writer Kurt Busiek, "but to have it do THIS well is just amazing. I'm delighted retailers had so much faith in the project, and I'm delighted readers bought 'em all up and sent the retailers back for more. And the reaction we're getting on the series is terrific - it seems like people thought it was well worth the wait, and I'm very glad to have been a part of it."

    The Interest in this special once-in-a-lifetime event is also another strong indicator of a growing overall sales phenomenon that began this past spring.

    "Since May, from Wolverine #1 to July's Spectacular Spider-Man #1 to August's 1602 & Supreme Power #1, sales of all our big launches have surpassed our already high expectations," said Marvel Marketing Communications Manager Michael Doran. "And that trend continued into September with JLA/AVENGERS #1 and ULTIMATE SIX #1. We're also seeing very positive growth in our other top titles like Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men and New X-Men, and we expect the trend to continue into the fall then straight into the holiday season and into next year. So to the fans and retailers fueling this remarkable run, Marvel would like to say thank you."

    "This is great news for everyone in our industry," added Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, "...from readers and creators to retailers and publishers. And the even better news is projects like JLA/AVENGERS won't be just the occasional random spike we've seen on the sales charts over the last few years. Marvel has been working tirelessly to raise the bar for the industry and today we can finally see the seeds of those labors bearing fruit. It seems like almost every month the sales ceiling on top-selling titles is being raised and with ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR and MARC SILVESTRI's return to the X-MEN upcoming, we're sure to see more of the same. I fully expect that in the near future the 300K mark is just around the corner."

    AVENGERS/JLA #2 goes on sale October 22nd from DC Comics. JLA/AVENGERS #3 goes on sale from Marvel on 11/26 and retailers are reminded its Final Order Cut-off (FOC) date is 10/30. The four-issue prestige format limited series concludes in December with AVENGERS/JLA #4, published by DC.

     September 9, 2003 | JLA/A #3 Cover & Info on
    From Dark Knight (email)

    JLA/AVENGERS #3 (Nov 2003) This was posted on Marvel's website.

    On Sale November 26, 2003

    THE STORY: The most eagerly awaited story in comics’ history continues! The Avengers and the JLA have confronted their foemen - now it's time to party! But as echoes of the past intrude on the present, something is terrifyingly wrong. Co-published by DC Comics!

     September 5, 2003 | JLA/A Status
    From Avengers Comicboard

    JLA/AVENGERS #2 (Oct 2003) JLA/AVENGERS #3 (Nov 2003)
    Re: Kurt/Tom? - Avengers/JLA progress?
    Posted by Kurt Busiek on Friday, September 05 2003 at 21:33:50 GMT

    > Just curious what stages of production are:
    > Issue #2
    > Issue #3
    > Issue #4
    > at?

    I've never been much for sharing the trafficking schedule with the readers -- I'd rather have you focus as much as possible on the story and the characters and as little as possible on the mechanics of putting lines on paper.

    #3's being lettered, inked and colored, #4's being scripted and penciled.


     August 27, 2003 | JLA/A #3 Preview in Marvel Previews
    From Vu

    Nov 03
    Marvel Comics

    Catalogue (88 pages)

    Includes preview art for JLA/AVENGERS #3

    JLA/AVENGERS #3 PREVIEW ART (2003), art by Perez, colors by Tom Smith. Published in MARVEL PREVIEWS #1.
     August 25, 2003 | JLA/A #3 Solicited
    From Comics Continuum

    Written by Kurt Busiek, cover and pencils by George Perez.

    The most eagerly awaited story in comics' history continues. The Avengers and the JLA have confronted their foemen - now it's time to party! But as echoes of the past intrude on the present, something is terrifyingly wrong. Co-published by DC Comics. (Featuring every Avengers and JLA member ever)

    48 pages, $5.95, in stores on Nov. 26.

     August 24, 2003 | Marvel Solicitation On Monday
    From Comics Continuum

    Saturday, August 23, 2003

    Marvel Comics will release its solicitation information and artwork for November titles on Monday at noon (ET). Check back here then for a complete rundown.

     August 9, 2003 | Carlin on JLA
    From Newsarama

    08-08-2003 01:04 PM posted by MattBrady

    The times, they are a changin’ for the Justice League of America. As DC announced in San Diego, a spin-off title is coming, while rotating creative teams will handle the main title. We caught up with JLA editor Mike Carlin for a roadmap.

    Carlin inherited the series as a result of the editorial restructuring that went on at DC earlier this year which saw former JLA editor Dan Raspler fired by the publisher, and Carlin stepping down from VP – Executive Editor to Senior group Editor.


    “With a spin-off and double shipping for six months at least, there’s going to be a lot of JLA projects out there, which I think is part of what we’ve been wanting for years on the title – to capitalize on something where clearly, there’s room for more. Obviously, if we put out a bunch of stinkers, it’s not going to help, but I think that if we can put out five Batman books and four Superman books every month with just the one character in them, why can’t we just do two Justice League books a month every now and then.

    “And obviously, I think JLA/Avengers is going to satisfy the world. It will sell, but it will satisfy as well, which is not always the case. People have been waiting a long time for this, and it could have easily been something that was ruined by anticipation, but I really think that Kurt and George have hit the mark. I think it’s going to be great. Hopefully, that will help to whet people’s appetites for a little more JLA than they’ve seen in a while – and we’ve got that covered.”

     July 30, 2003 | JLA/A Diary in Wizard #0

    By George Pérez
    As told to Mike Cotton
    transcribed by Vu (email)

    Comic's ultimate crossover has been 20 years in the making, and with the project debuting in September, the artist details the challenges, the exhilaration and how he almost called it quits.

    I've waited my entire life for one day - the day JLA/Avengers became reality.

    Sure, for the last two years, I've been drawing the JLA/Avengers match-up pitting the classic superteams from the rival publishers DC and Marvel Comics. And after pushing for 20 years, a handful of false starts, scuttled plans and missteps, I wasn't sure if JLA/Avengers was ever going to see the light of day.

    Back in 1983 we came close. I actually drew 21 pages of a JLA/Avengers one-shot, but company policies and editorial wrangling torpedoed the project before I ever put pencil to paper on page 22.

    And, of course, there were always rumors. A comic convention ever went by when someone didn't asking me, "When are you going to do JLA/Avengers?" over the years, the project took on mythical proportions with expectations and speculation rising with each passing year. And if it were up to me, I would've done it in a second. But when you're dealing with the two biggest publishers in comics (and some of the biggest egos to boot), nothing's easy.

    But today, June 27, 2003, as I finished off the inks (did I mention, I'm penciling and inking the entire series?) on issue #3, I can hardly believe JLA/Avengers is almost complete.

    This is my diary from the first time I seriously began talking to Marvel and DC about the updated version of the crossover. Everything from the first phone calls in 1999 to today as I review the colors of the Batman/Captain America fight. If you think you know everything there is to know about the new JLA/Avengers, think again.


    Martian Manhunter & JLA

    Jan 10, 1999 - I've been approached on and off over the years about a JLA/Avengers project. But now that both JLA, with Grant Morrison and Howard Porter, is successful, and Avengers is successful under Kurt Busiek and myself, it looks like we might get a shot at actually doing the series. Kurt and Tom Brevoort believe it's a perfect time. Now that these two books are hot, why don't we start negotiating it? Everyone is a little concern that I won't have time to draw the regular Avengers series and the crossover, so we decide it just take place in both regular series and I'll draw the Avengers half with Howard drawing the JLA half. It's a terrible monster to coordinate, though.

    Apr 15, 2000 - Thankfully, Marvel and DC have cased negotiations. No one wants to do this series more than I do, but I don't think Grant really had any enthusiasm to do a crossover book like this. I'd rather draw the entire thing myself. This is my baby and I don't want anyone else breast feeding her.

    Aug 5, 2000 - Now that Mark Waid's been tapped to write JLA, there's been talk of working out another crossover with Mark and Kurt co-writing it. But this time, I'll draw the entire series. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Aug 28, 2000 - I finish my last issue of Avengers today. I'd hope to be working on JLA/Avengers by now, but who knows when that will happen.

    Sep 3, 2000 - Joe Quesada took over as editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics a few days ago. I am a little disappointed when I called to congratulate him and he tells me that he isn't interested in doing any more crossovers with DC. Joe feels that the novelty of inter-company crossovers has been diluted by the recent glut of such projects. I can't really disagree. Even I wrote one, the Silver Surfer/Superman crossover in 1997! Joe doesn't dash all of my hopes though. According to him there's one crossover he'd do - JLA/Avengers. He also says that the project's mine if he can get it approved. He says he'll keep me informed. I won't hold my breath.

    Oct 5, 2000 - I just started doing CrossGen Chronicles and Mark Alessi calls me today to ask if I'd be interested in working for his company full time. I'm seriously considering his offer, but with JLA/Avengers being talked about again, I'm not sure if I want to lock myself down in an exclusive contract with CrossGen even though it's very enticing.

    Oct 18, 2000 - Both DC and Marvel have now expressed interest in having me pencil JLA/Avengers, but no one's even started talking about contracts yet. Also Mark [Waid] just signed an exclusive with CrossGen , so Kurt would have to write it solo. I wonder if this is just going to turn into another debacle.

    Nov 22, 2000 - I've informed Marvel and DC that if I don't receive a written agreement by Dec 15, I'll sign and exclusive contract with CrossGen and won't be able to work on JLA/Avengers for at least two years.

    written by Mike Cotton
    What happened with the 1983 JLA/Avengers crossover?

    In the early 1980s, it looked like nothing could stop a JLA/Avengers crossover- nothing but Marvel and DC Comics.

    Following up on a very successful string of crossovers like 1976's Superman vs Spider-Man and 1982's X-Men/New Teen Titans, Marvel and DC agreed to a JLA/Avengers one-shot crossover.

    Gerry Conway plotted the story and George Pérez was assigned to pencil it, but before long, problems began to surface that would eventually torpedo the project. Conway's initial plot, which reportedly revolved around time travel and set the JLA/Avengers up in a Contest of Champions-style competition, took almost two years to complete.

    By February of 1983, though, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter was finally able to review a plot - he refused it flatly, claiming the story made no sense.

    Everyone agreed that a revised plot was needed. Unfortunately, no one told that to Pérez who began drawing the rejected plot.

    "It was excruciatingly annoy," says Pérez today, the only person to work on both the original one-shot and the current four-issue crossover shipping in September. "I drew 21 pages before I got the call to stop penciling immediately."

    Eventually writer Roy Thomas re-scripted the initial plot but the infighting between Marvel & DC's editorial teams put the project in jeopardy.

    Everyone from Pérez to Thomas to Shooter did interviews about the project's continued delays and by May of 1984 both published officially scuttled the one-shot.


    Dec 15, 2000 - I finally received the contract for JLA/Avengers and I inform Mark Alessi I will go exclusive with CrossGen as of October 2002.

    Jan 17, 2001 - While Kurt, Tom and Dan [Raspler] work on a plot, I work on the first promo art for a joint announcement at March's Orlando Megacon and Wizard #116 in March. I can hardly believe I'm being paid for an actual piece of artwork for JLA/Avengers. This isn't a fan commission - this is the real deal!

    Mar 2, 2001 - By the time we all get together in Orlando to announce the project, everyone was already talking about it. I guess a project this big can't be kept under wraps for too long. And since Marvel and DC already announced they'd be co-hosting a panel, most fans and pros have already put two and two together.

    It eases my mind a little bit now that everyone knows JLA/Avengers is a go again. Now that DC and Marvel have put their collective reputations on the line, I don't see anything holding this project back anymore.

    Mar 24, 2001 - as expected the plot is taking a long time to be approved. I'm already receiving pieces, but I can't get a real feel for the story without everything. I like what I see so far, though.

    Apr 6, 2001 - Wizard wants to run the first art from JLA/Avengers, so I'm jumping ahead of my work to push through the pencils and inks on the first two double-page spreads. I can't wait for fans to get a look at this stuff. So far, I haven't drawn any pages of the JLA and Avengers interacting, so we picked out pages of the JLA fighting a major Marvel Villain (Terminus) and the Avengers taking on a major DC villain (Starro).

    Apr 8, 2001 - There's so many characters in this series, I'm doing research like crazy. I literally couldn't remember what Terminus looked like today!

    Apr 15, 2001 - Marvel and DC have a very different vision of what the coloring on JLA/Avengers should look from mine and Tom Smith's. I feel bad that Tom's caught in the middle.

    Apr 20, 2001 - I am growing increasingly annoyed with the coloring on the two spreads we're sending Wizard for their "First Look". When I voice my displeasure to Tom and Dan both decide that Tom Smith and myself are more than welcome to make any grievances public. I guess no one wants to be the person who has to go to their bosses and say, "I'm the one responsible for George Pérez quitting this book."

    May 3, 2001 - I just finished page #21 of the first issue. As I wrote "JLA/Avengers issue #1, page #22" on the next art board, I realized this is further than this project has ever gone before. I called Tom Brevoort immediately to celebrate. This is a landmark day!

    May 17, 2001 - The plots are slowing down and I don't think it's Kurt's fault. Dan Raspler doesn't want to approve anything until he gets a complete plot. I'm getting annoyed. He seemed to be very indecisive and that's something we can't allow with a project this big.

    May 21, 2001 - Since a holdup in plot approval doesn't allow me to continue penciling, I start to ink what I've already penciled for issue #1. I want this project to be "all George Pérez", a complete representation of my art.

    Jun 7, 2001 - Now that issue #1 is penciled and I'm halfway through penciling issue #2, DC's business department want to have a firm date when JLA/Avengers will ship, but that's impossible at this point. There's no way this book should have a ship date until we know it can ship. I tell Marvel and DC that I'll walk away from the project if they don't hold to their word when they said, "JLA/Avengers will ship when JLA/Avengers is ready to ship."

    Jun 18, 2001 - I work on the first meeting between the JLA and Avengers today, and Thor cracks Superman with his hammer in a scene that's going to be huge! I would expect no less from Kurt!

    Jul 10, 2001 - As I'm inking the last pages of issue #1, I learn I'm going to have to go back and redraw Green Lantern's costume. DC recently updated his look and it'll need to be reflected. After speaking with everyone involved, we agree that this will be the last costume change we make. If costumes or characters change from now on, they won't be reflected in the crossover.

    Aug 1, 2001 - With the pencils on issue #2 almost complete, I make preparations to take a brief vacation to France with my wife this September. I look forward to taking some time off.

    Sep 11, 2001 - As my wife and I prepare to go to the airport we hear the news about the World Trade Center disaster. I can't believe any of this. We cancel our trip.


    Jan 5, 2002 - Looking over my bank records, I realized that I'm losing about 30 percent of my income now that I'm only working on JLA/Avengers. I'm very worried about bankruptcy, I've called my art dealer and he's set me up doing some commissions pieces to help out.

    Jun 3, 2002 - The plans for my new CrossGen book, Solus, haven't been finalized yet, so I've got a one-month reprieve to work on JLA/Avengers. Plot approval remains slow. I'm at a stand still on issue #3 pencils, and I continue inking #2.

    Batman Vs Captain America
    Aug 20, 2002 - I draw the Batman versus Captain America fight today. This one will make the fanboys go crazy!

    Oct 1, 2002 - My CrossGen contract has gone back into effect. From now on, I'll only work on JLA/Avengers at night and on weekends. I'm still penciling and inking issue #3. I'm jazzed to be working on Solus with Barbara Kesel, but I wish I had a little more time to devote to JLA/Avengers.

    Mar 7, 2003 - I can't ever recall working longer days. I work on JLA/Avengers off the clock constantly. Even when I sti down to watch TV with my wife these, I find myself bring a board and pen with me to finish the inks on issue #3.

    Apr 23, 2003 - We're in the home stretch. Although the final plot is still being worked on, I begin penciling the first third of the JLA/Avengers #4. We decide to solicit the project for September - the first issue debuting Sep 3 - and I'm confident we can meet that deadline, but it's still going to be tight. We may have to go to a six-week shipping schedule, but I'm sure each issue will be worth the wait.

    Jun 27, 2003 - Now that we're less than three months away from shipping issue #1, I've finally got some breathing room. Although most of my week is taken up working on Solus, the pencils on JLA/Avengers #4 are coming along nicely and the inks on issue #3 are almost done.

    Looking back, this has been one of the most enjoyable and creative experiences of my 30-year career. People ask me how I feel and I tell them to get back to me Sep 3, I'll feel a lot better then.

     July 21, 2003 | CBR: JLA/A #1 at Printers
    From Comic Book Resources

    by Beau Yarbrough, Staff Writer
    Posted: July 21, 2003

    In a notable show of restraint, DC Comics managed to have a major panel Sunday at Comic-Con International in San Diego without mentioning yet another Marvel Comics creator that they'd managed to lure over to DC exclusivity with a better offer (presumably including a fat Warner Brothers check).


    And while "JLA/Avengers" #4 is still being penciled by George Pérez, the first issue is already at the printers, and the other issues are at stages in between, but "it's really happening this time," writer Kurt Busiek said.

     July 21, 2003 | Newsarama: JLA/A #1 at Printers
    From Newsarama

    posted 07-21-2003 04:32 PM
    by Glenn Ellis


    (Mike) Carlin said that issue #1 of Avengers/JLA is at the printers, while issues #2 and #3 are bring lettered and colored. Issues #3 and #4 are being scripted, and issue #4 is currently being penciled by Perez.

    (Vu: I believe it was Kurt Busiek that spoke about JLA/AVENGERS, not Mike Carlin.)

     July 21, 2003 | Continuum: JLA/A #1 at Printers
    From Comics Continuum

    Monday, July 21, 2003



    * Kurt Busiek said that JLA/Avengers #1 is at the printers. The second and third issues are being lettered and colored.

     July 20, 2003 | No Overprints for JLA/A #1 & 4
    From Newsarama

    posted 07-20-2003 01:36 AM by MattBrady


    In speaking about Avengers/JLA, moderator Bob Wayne quipped that people should hurry and buy issue #1 (published by Marvel), because he anticipates it will be gone by the end of the day. Wayne then said that, in October, people can take their time in getting their issue, because DC is printing it (hinting that they will be overprinting). Wayne continued, saying that hopefully people won’t have family obligations in November, because they’ll have to get to the comic book store to get their copy of issue #3 (published by Marvel), but in December, people can once again take their time in getting to the shop for issue #4.

    “So, in summary,” Wayne said, “Avengers/JLA, two issues hard to find, two issues very easy to find.”

     July 9, 2003 | DivaLea Show Transcribed
    From Vu

    The DivaLea Show #7
    transcribed by Vu (email)


    Lea Hernandez: So talk to us about JLA/AVENGERS?
    Kurt Busiek: What do you want to know?

    Lea: Well, it comes out in September, I know this. I did my research. And, erm, tell us something that you've haven't told anybody else, just because we're pals.
    Kurt: Well, I haven't told many people much. But let's see. I really have no idea what to say. It's a fun story, we're -- George (Pérez) is working on issue four. It's going to come out in September. It looks fantastic. I don't know. I don't want to tell you. I don't want to tell you any secrets.

    Lea: Oh well, that's what I was sort of rooting around for.
    Kurt: I know that's what you're rooting around for, but I'm not going to do it.

    Lea: Tell me a secret.
    Kurt: Because I know, you know, that you're going to tell the public at large.

    Lea: Of course, we are!
    Kurt: Yes.

    Lea: That's the whole of having--
    Kurt: And I'm not going to do it. You've got to buy the comic!

    Lea: Well you know, this has been in the offering for years and years, it's almost legendary how long it's taken this to happen. So what made it happened this time, as opposed to all the other time it's been talked, and kicked around.
    Kurt: It was me. It was me - I did it!

    No, actually, it was - every-- over the years it occasional started to come together and then fell apart again for one reason or another. And this case, it came together as time... DC had approached Marvel about doing it and Marvel hadn't been interested. And then there was, what we now call, a Regime change. And Joe Quesada was in charge, and Joe said to Tom Brevoort 'Tom, why didn't JLA/AVENGERS ever get done?' And Tom explained to him the various reasons. And Joe said, 'Well, none of those apply anymore. Let's see if we can do it.'

    So Tom contacted DC, this was only a little while when DC tried to contact Marvel, and they put it together. George was the only choice for the artist. And since Mark Waid was writing JLA, at the time, and I was writing AVENGERS, at the time, it made sense that we were going to co-write it together. Except to my eternal joy, to my surprise, Mark had juuust signed an exclusive contract with CrossGen.

    Lea: That's a while ago!
    Kurt: Well that's when it happened. So I got the deal solo. Lucky me, ha ha and you, eh?

     July 7, 2003 | JLA/A Original Artwork
    From Spencer R. Beck (email)

  • Since it has been asked many times, here is how orders will be handled for JLA/AVENGERS artwork.

    With respect to complete issues ... a friend of George's did him a MASSIVE favor when he needed it most, and as a result, George has granted him (and only him) first right of refusal for any ONE complete issue of his choice other than issue #3.

    Issue 3 is going to be broken up as George has drawn some of his friends into the issue (no more than one person per page, so there won't be any fights). The rest of the series will be up for grabs.

    The pages will be listed for sale on my website ... as soon as possible after the book ships ... orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis.
    ** NOTE ** I WILL NOT take any orders until the prices are posted publicly and everyone has a chance to see it. So PLEASE, if the prices are not yet up, do not send an order in. Until the prices are posted, any orders that come in beforehand will be discarded. Also, I will NOT accept phone orders ... all orders MUST be placed by email (email).

    As of today (although not set in stone) with rare exception, the prices will be as follows:
    panel pages will be STARTING at about $500 a page
    splash pages will be STARTING at about $1,500 a page
    two page spreads will be STARTING at about $2,500 a spread

    The status of cover sales is still under review as George and I have a couple of different ideas what to do with them. As soon as a final decision is made, I will let everyone know.

    For those who are thinking does Mr. Perez know how high Spencer has set the prices? The answer is YES ... he is well aware of how high I have set the base prices at. It is our feeling that this is a once in a lifetime job for him and once everyone sees the artwork, it will be worth the price. Especially since this is going to be the last time he draws mainstream super heroes for forceable future.

    George has said that even if there is a decision to do a sequel, he will not draw it. When you see how much work he put into the artwork you will understand. Having pushed himself to the limit artistically with this story, NO ONE will ever be able to say he took the easy road.

    Payment methods accepted will be the same as always ... Payment will be due in my hands within 10 days of confirmation. Accepted forms of payment are personal & business checks (which must clear the bank before artwork will be shipped), certified checks, cashier's checks, money orders and Western Union. For International Orders, payment methods accepted will be Money Orders in American Funds, Checks drawn from American Banks or Western Union. Postage will be in addition to the cost of the art as usual as well.

    I hope this answers as many advance questions as possible. More will be spelled out clearer when the artwork is closer to being available for sale.

    Spencer R. Beck
    The Artist's Choice

     May 30, 2003 | JLA/A in September!
    From ES

    posted 5/30/03 11:53 PM

    Tom Brevoort stated today at WIZARD WORLD EAST that JLA/AVENGERS #1 will be released September 2003, with issues following in Oct, Nov, Dec 2003.

    Thanks Mr. Brevoort

     May 23, 2003 | CBG's JLA/A Report
    From COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1542 (6 Jun 03)

  • "Worth the Wait?"
    written by George Nelson
    published in COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1542 (6 Jun 03)
    transcribed by Vu
    related websites:

    Pérez promises late 2003 release for JLA/Avengers

    Publishers of the long-awaited JLA/Avengers DC-Marvel crossover should be closer to setting a release date within a few weeks, artist George Pérez said at April's Pittsburgh Comicon. "This is going to be a very, very intensive two months," said Pérez, who is penciling and inking the crossover, written by his fromer Avengers collaborator Kurt Busiek. "It will be very nice in 2004 to be able to draw one page a day, five days a week, because that's all that CrossGen ever wants as output from their artists." Pérez draws Solus for CrossGen.

    The first two issues of JLA/Avengers are pencilled and inked, and Pérez has pencilled all but four pages and inked 16 pages of #3. Covers have been colored, as well as all of #1. the plot for the fourth and final issue also has been approved. "The book is definitely coming out the last quarter of this year," he told CBG. "As I've told many people, I refused to have this as the cover feature for Wizard's 2004 preview. It's been the cover feature now for two years. I've got to get that book out."

    The Avengers have 81 members, honorary members, and hangers-on - and the JLA includes more than 100. "As Kurt Busiek put it, when people say the Avengers have pretty low standards for members, the JLA have none," Pérez joked. "And, as was my desire - and they're honoring it - I wanted every single character who's ever been a member of either group to be in this book." There may be another 200 characters who have cameos. In the last issue alone, close to three dozen super-villains appear who had not previously shown up in the story.

    Though he would not disclose plot details, Pérez said the story - which takes place, he quipped, on "Earth-$" - has time - and dimension-spanning aspects that allow him to draw things that he would not have had the opportunity to draw, if he had to stick to literal timeline, such as Wonder Woman with an eagle on her bodice.

  • AVENGERS: HEROES REBORN, art by Rob Liefeld/Jon Sibal
  • WONDER WOMAN (Eagle Bodice), art by Pérez/Giordano
  • "When I was in issue #1, when I got to draw the Spectre, I said, 'OK at least Hal Jordan does appear.' Little did I know what Kurt had in mind. I get to draw the classic Green Lantern in the classic costume - even the one without the shoulder epaulets and the V-shapes: the very, very early version of his costume." Even Heroes Reborn versions of the Avengers might appear. Yes, Kurt is going to try to make this as logical as possible, but there's going to be some stuff you're just going to have to, as Marv Wolfman said, spray the fairy dust on and let your imagination run wild," he observed. "We're going to have fun with this book. It's a lot of work, I hope it's going to be worth the wait for you. For me, I'm just looking forward to not having to answer, 'When is JLA/Avengers coming out?'"

  • AVENGERS MANSION, art by George Pérez/Bob McLeod
  • ASGUARD, art by Ron Frenz/Brett Breeding
  • JLA SATELLITE, art by Chuck Patton/Romeo Tanghal
  • Locations for the story include the Flash Museum, Asgard, Avengers Mansion in its different incarnations, and the various headquarters of the JLA. It also include nods to the original version of JLA/Avengers, started in the early 1980s but never published.

    Announced in 2001, the crossover has been the subject of much speculation regarding its eventual release, and Pérez acknowledged that he had hoped the four-issue mini-series would have been finished sooner, as well.

    "When people ask why this book is taking so long, a lot of them don't know that I'm inking myself - so, when they find that out, suddenly all is forgiven," he said. He added that he has had to take on outside work to be able to afford the project, noting that his income dropped 60% during the year he worked on the series exclusively.

    He acknowledged that fans might be tiring of news regarding the project but said he thinks that will be taken care of, once an official release date is announced. "There have been a lot of false dates. Fans have made assumptions based on the Internet version of 'telephone', where news was actually disseminated incorrectly that there was a release date. No, there was a hoped-for date. I had hoped to get this book done a lot sooner, but it became apparent that, if I wanted to earn a living, doing this book alone without something to supplement my income was going to be a financially disastrous for me."

    He said the project is moving faster with DC Executive Editor Mike Carlin stepping in as DC's editor. He described former Editor Dan Raspler as "a bit of a tehnophobe," which slowed down approval of coloring. "Another great thing about having Mike Carlin involved - having nothing to do with Dan's ability or any disagreements - is that Mike Carlin was the late Mark Gruenwald's assistant editor, when Mark was the editor of the original JLA/Avengers, so Mike, is the only other personal involved other than me from the original. Having worked with Mike, I have a great, great respect for him as an editor: the type of editor who believes that, if you hire good people, let them do their jobs," he continued. "If he has suggestions, he'll be the first to tell you, but in the end he says we all have to be happy with the book."

    Pérez said he is satisfied with the work by colorist Tom Smith and remarked that working with Busiek reminds him of working with Wolfman: "The greatest compliment I can give to any writer."

     May 3, 2003 | JLA/A Panel Part 3
    From ES, via Forum

    posted 5/3/03 0:55 AM

    (Note: This is still Mr. Perez's opening comments on the panel)

    George Perez: The WASP will wear one costume for the most of the issue except for issue three, which will be more like a strobe effect, and she will probably be wearing a costume in every single panel differently. Just because I can. (George laughs)

    Lets see here. There's a possibility. I don't remember, I will have to check the list again that even the Heroes Reborn version of the AVENGERS will make an appearance, ah, for no other reason than they were on the AVENGERS Banner and they feel duty bound to have/to do every character I desire. I don't want a fan to come in and say you left someone out and then they will say 'Oh My God we forgot because they know they're dead.' (George and crowd laugh).

    It took a week to come up with a finalized list of the JLA and AVENGERS primarily for the covers of issue three and issue four, which is going to be one crowded, ah, mess actually, right now the greatest number of characters that I have drawn in any single panel is thirty-six (36) and there are eight (8) other panels on that page. So for anyone who thinks I am taking any short cuts on this story (George and crowd laugh)

    to be continued...

     April 30, 2003 | JLA/A Page Count
    From ES

  • JLA/Avengers Page Count confirmed on auto tape via JLA/Avengers Panel at the PITTSBURGH COMICON 2003 (April 27, 2003).

    (George said he had no problem with me taping the panel when I ask.)

    Using George's exact words:


  • Issues #1 and #2 completely penciled
  • 4 pages shy of finishing pencils of issue #3
  • He is ready to begin issue #4
  • Inked

  • Issues #1 and #2 completely inked
  • 16 pages of issue # 3 have been inked
  • Colored

  • Covers #1 and #2 have been colored
  •  November 20, 2002 | Wizard #136: JLA/A Update

    written by Mike Cotton & DM
    transcribed by Vu
    published in WIZARD MAGAZINE #136

  • JLA/AVENGERS #1 (Summer 2003)
  • With artist George Pérez's exclusive CrossGen contract back in effect, some fans may be wondering how his work on the highly anticipated four-issue JLA/Avengers mini-series is going. According to Pérez, it's going just fine.

    "The new schedule means I'll be working twice as much as I used to," chuckles Pérez, who handles his CrossGen workload during business hours and focuses on JLA/Avengers nights and weekends. "I'm not as far ahead on the Avengers/JLA as I had hoped I would be. I'm inking my 31st page of issue #2 and I'm penciling page 36 of issue #3. I've already penciled and inked the cover of issue #1 and penciling the cover of issue #2 and I've designed all of them."

    While no release date has been official set for the joint venture between Marvel and DC, the artist can't wait for fans to get a look at the series - even if the idea of living up to 20 years of anticipation scares him a little.

    "Believe me, I'm glad that this project is causing such a stir," said Pérez. "I know realistically that JLA/Avengers has had 20 years of anticipation, which I hope I live up to."

     November 16, 2002 | CBG #1515: JLA/A News
    From COMICS BUYERS GUIDE #1515 (29 Nov 02)
    No date yet for JLA-Avengers crosscover
    written by George Nelson
    transcribed by Vu
    published in COMICS BUYERS GUIDE #1515 (29 Nov 02)

    Editor Tom Brevoort: "It will be done when it will be done."

  • The long-anticipated JLA-Avengers crossover project will not be schedule until most of it is done.

    "I'm not putting a date on it," said Avengers Editor Tom Brevoort, who, with George Perez, attended the Baltimore Comic-Con in late October. "The whole point of the way we're doing this is we will not schedule it until it is at least all penciled, until we are all confident that it can come out monthly, the way it's supposed to."

    At the convention, Pérez said that by Oct. 31 he would have finished inking the second issue of the inter-company crossover. He added that he has penciled three-quarters of #3 and expected that writer Kurt Busiek's plot for the fourth issue should be ready by the time he begins inking #3 in late November. He said that, at the pace work is going, the crossover could be scheduled for summer 2003, if Marvel and DC agree.

    Pérez said, "Now that we've gotten past the halfway mark, that looks like an attainable schedule but the one thing we did not want is this book to be scheduled and then ship late. It may not get finalized until they know that I'm inking the fourth issue, just to make sure, and I do appreciate it because I don't want any mishaps on this book."

    Both Pérez and Brevoort are mindful of what happens when issues of high-profile projects are delayed with the recent examples of both Marvel's Wolverine: the Origin and DC's The Dark Knight Strikes Again fresh in their minds.

    "I had to argued from the beginning, and we all agreed, that this book has to have everything going for it and that it should be all finished before it ever got it and that it should be all finished before it ever got scheduled - or at least scheduled when we would know that it would always be on time," Pérez said. The problems with Wolverine: The Origin and DK2 helped make the editorial department's case to management.

  • Avengers Editor Tom Brevoort (left) and JLA/Avengers artist George Pérez (right) discussed the long-anticipated crossover at the Baltimore Comic-Con. Photo by George Nelson.
  • Brevoort said, "We've all seen any number of projects that have been big, anticipated projects that retailers and fans both are very upset about, when later issues of the project don't' come out when they should." Though he said he expect to see JLA/Avengers scheduled for 2003, "I wouldn't want to put it in any particular month, because anything I say right now - if I give a casual date - every fan in the world will seize on that as the truth and then the solicitation catalog will come out and, if it's not there, it's a disaster. It will be done when it will be done."

    So far, Brevoort said, the interface between the two publishers has been smooth. "Ultimately, everybody involved wants the same thing. They want a good, strong, classic crossover, the crossover to end all crossovers, and everybody has sort of been putting their egos at the door and whatnot and focused on the job at hand," he said, adding that he has had more difficulty with much smaller crossovers in the past. He also indicated confidence that fans will be pleased with the result.

    "It's what you'd expect and more. It's certainly George just going to town and working to exceed his reputation for number of characters, complexity of content, and just hitting the page with energy and vibe and character and spirit. George is clearly trying to exceed himself on this project. It's a thing he's waited to do for 20 years, and you see it on every page. Nobody is going to be disappointed with it."

    Pérez said he is having "a grand time" on the project. "Kurt Busiek and Tom Brevoort and JLA Editor Dan Raspler are throwing a lot of fancy curveballs at me, and I'm getting to do a lot of clever visuals, a lot of stuff that will please the new fans and the nostalgists, the people who have been there for a long time. For those who like Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern, they'll be pleased with his involvement. Those who like Hal Jordan, they'll be pleased with his involvement."

    Pérez also said there will be surprise appearances by characters who have absolutely nothing to do with either the JLA or the Avengers.

    "Why? Because I want it," he said. "Kurt Busiek had already publicly said that Wolverine will never make an appearance in this book.

    "Wolverine appears in JLA/Avengers. Never say, 'Never,' to George Pérez."

     August 2, 2002 | Newsarama's SDCC News
    From Newsarama
    posted August 01, 2002 08:47 PM
    written by mattbrady


    More preview pages from JLA/Avengers will be trickling out, although DC sources did not say as to how. Reportedly, George Perez is on issue #3 of the crossover, while Kurt Busiek is plotting issue #4.

     July 15, 2002 | Kurt Busiek Interview
    From Avengers Messageboard
    An Interview with Kurt Busiek
    by Randy "Moonstonelover" Burtis



    Q: JLA/AVENGERS.How far along is the project?
    A: George is working on #3. I'll be plotting #4 soon.

    Q: Have you been deluged with "who should beat/meet who" emails from fans?
    A: Of course. Many of them will be disappointed, of course, since we got just as many people insisting that Thor should beat Superman decisively as people insisting that Superman should beat Thor decisively. And we got so many lists of who-should-fight-who that even if this book -was- called JLA/AVENGERS: TAG-TEAM FIGHTS, we'd run 12 issues and still wouldn't fit them all in. But this book is about teams, not about solo battles. And for that matter, the two teams -fighting- has never been the main point, only part of the story.

    Q: As you have been working on this project, what has been some of the surprises you have encountered?
    A: There've been some surprises about how the plot developed, as we discovered nice bits that fit in easily, or moments that made the whole project that much better -- but I can't tell you about them. In terms of the working arrangement, there haven't been surprises -- it's gone more or less the way I'd have expected. Slower, but as expected.

    [ Read more Kurt Busiek Interview ]

    12/21/2006 00:12:36

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