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George Pérez
Tom Smith
11 Aug 2004
DC Comics ( Comics (

"A Journey Into Mystery"/"A Contest of Champions"/"Strange Adventures"/"The Brave... and the Bold" (288 pages)

Kurt Busiek
George Perez
George Pérez
Tom Smith
Tom Brevoort/Dan Raspler/Joe Quesada/Mike Carlin

Introductions by Stan Lee and the late Julius Schwartz

Slipcase cover shown.  Actual cover artwork below from Tom Smith.

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    • Busy in 2022 George Pérez writes: Hello again, my dear friends, fans and family: I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as each of you ushered in the new year in your own fashion. It ...
      Posted Jan 8, 2022, 10:31 AM by Vu Nguyen
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    JLA/AVENGERS #3 (Nov 2003)



    Youngquist Interview
    News Fri, 29 Dec 2006 20:07:41 CST Vu
    Jeff Youngquist: Editorially Speaking
    2006-12-14 17:06:45

    If you read Tom Brevoort's blog or have caught any of my interviews with other Marvel editors, you can get a good grasp as to what goes into putting together a monthly comic--from getting talent to making sure the book looks and reads well and everything in between. But what are the editors who put work on the collected editions? Think it's a cakewalk job because they're working with already finished products? Think again, buster. I spoke with Senior Editor of Special Projects Jeff Youngquist to get some insight on what goes into editing collections, a bit of info on what's coming up (Frank Miller's DD, Champions Classic and Secret Wars, to name a few) and much more.


    AM: Does anything stick out in your mind as being especially cool from your tenure under Brevoort?
    Youngquist: We worked on Avengers/JLA and that was a lot of fun. I wasn't actually credited in any of the issues because they came out so long after I was in the office. There was a lot of lead-time on that book. I remember getting George Perez reference for that first issue. That was ridiculous. And of course, Tom knows down to the panel what you have to get.

    Dido, a 2007 Look Ahead
    News Mon, 18 Dec 2006 22:32:39 CST Vu

    12-18-2006, 06:00 PM


    NRAMA: One last question - something that always comes up in terms of future plans that neither you nor Marvel has mentioned for years - intercomapny crossovers. Why aren't we seeing those anymore?


    DD: Right. Crossovers were a great thing for that moment in time. It was a great trick. But tell you what - after you do JLA/Avengers by Kurt and George, where do you go? How do you one up that? And you have to one up that. No one wants to crossover two characters or two groups and have the immediate reaction, both from the fans, and even from editorial be, "Well, this is good, but it's no JLA/Avengers."

    Books Jim Cleave Have Read in the Past Year
    News Mon, 04 Dec 2006 07:14:47 CST Vu
    jimcleave @ 2006-12-04 01:33:00

    Some fun stuff I've read in the past year or so:


    JLA/Avengers — Finally got a chance to read it. Boy this was fun! If you hated the 1990's "DC Vesus Marvel" story as much as I did, read this. As with most of Kurt Busiek's stuff (he's one of my favorite writers in the superhero genre), it feels stylistically like the fun Bronze Age comics I grew up with—just enough angst to make the characters human, not so much as to dull the senses—and for the art, this was literally George Perez's dream project for twenty years. My only two minor complaints are that, because his mind is being influenced by some cosmic whatchamadoo for most of the story, Superman acts out of character (and Perez draws his face a little funny, for some reason); and also that because it's officially just an Avengers story, Spider-Man gets only a very brief cameo (but, on the plus side, that means Wolverine never shows up either). Apart from that, this story totally rocks. Busiek actually tried to keep it as canon in later JLA stories, despite its having been an intercompany crossover, but Infinite Crisis (DC's most recent once-a-decade continuity purge) seems to have erased it again. Pity.

    News: Perez Art (August 7, 2006)

    Mon, 07 Aug 2006 00:00:15 CST [ submitted by Vu and Wattana Bo ]

    TEEN TITANS (Unpublished page from "Games") (1983), art by George Perez, colored by Tom Smith. From Tom Smith

    JLA / AVENGERS (Unused color scheme) (2004), art by George Perez, colored by Tom Smith. Cover used for JLA/AVENGERS HC. From Tom Smith

    SCARLET WITCH (1979?), art by George Perez, colored by Wattana Bo (2006).
    News: JLA/Avengers HC Reviewed in Washington Times

    January 29, 2005 07:10 pm
     From The Washington Times
    The Escapist must stop postwar Nazi activity
    Published January 29, 2005
    By Joseph Szadkowski

    This chronic feature lets me review what's recently passed my bloodshot pupils. So pull up a chair, break out the sarcasm filter and welcome to: Mr. Zad's comic critique.


    • JLA/Avengers: The Collector's Edition, slipcased hardcover (Marvel Comics/DC Comics, $75).

    A 20-year dream to cross over the two mightiest superhero teams spawned by rival comic-book publishing universes came to fruition last year: Legendary writer Kurt Busiek and artist George Perez delivered a four-issue miniseries chronicling what would happen if the Justice League of America met Marvel's Avengers.

    This collector's edition contains a pair of hardcover books that serves as a way for sequential-art lovers to relish the rich, detailed pages illustrated by Mr. Perez, in a format almost twice as large as the standard comic. It also gives amateur historians a chance to find out what took so long to get the project to print.

    The secrets are revealed in the second book, which, as a summary of the entire sordid affair, reprints interviews with the primary protagonists, Jim Shooter from Marvel and Dick Giordano from DC. It offers the original 21 penciled pages done by Mr. Perez in 1983 and concludes with an encyclopedic set of footnotes revealing that the superhero comic book mythology has more textured complexity than a DNA strand.

    What's it worth? Mr. Perez's fans gladly would pay double for this enlarged reproduction of one of his most significant works. Superhero lovers will consider this the ultimate coffee-table set to display to friends.

    Zadzooks! wants to know you exist. Call 202/636-3016; fax 202/269-1853; e-mail jszadkowski[a] or write to Joseph Szadkowski, The Washington Times, 3600 New York Ave. NE, Washington, DC 20002.

    News: JLA/Avengers HC Available on Amazon & Walmart (Finally)

    December 29, 2004 10:48 pm
    Amazon: JLA/Avengers: The Collector's Edition
    by Kurt Busiek, George Perez

    List Price: $75.00
    Price: $51.00 & This item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. See details
    Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours from

    Edition: Hardcover

    Walmart: Jla/Avengers
    Author: Busiek, Kurt
    Illustrator: Perez, George

    List Price: $75.00 Our Price: $46.92


    News: Trade Reviews of 2004

    December 28, 2004 06:24 pm
     From Comic Book Resources
    Pipeline, Issue #394: TRADE REVIEWS OF 2004
    Tuesday December 28, 2004
    written by Augie De Blieck Jr.


    From DC:

    DC keeps gobbling up smaller imprints, starting with WildStorm and moving this year to Humanoids and 2000 AD. This means more trades, collecting both the old and the new. I think they have close to the entire Alan Moore collection in print now with the 2000 AD books.

    One of the highlight books of the year, though, was Steven Seagle's autobiographical look at the Superman concept with IT'S A BIRD. Moore's SMAX was one of the most entertaining volumes of 2004, a TOP TEN spin-off that kept the easter egg hunt alive while abandoning the American cop show formula for a more fantastic and fairy-tale-gone-wrong mold. Kurt Busiek and Stuart Immonen's SUPERMAN: SECRET IDENTITY is second only to Seagle's book for the Superman title of the year. The regular monthly titles still fail to pique my interesting.

    The JLA/AVENGERS volume might get the award for reprint of the year. Never before has a larger sized reprint been so necessary. George Perez's art on the series screamed for this large size edition, and the supplemental book was a welcome addition to it, even if some of the teeth were cut out of it.

  • JLA/Avengers
  • News: JLA/Avengers HC Not Available Until June 2005 From Amazon

    October 23, 2004 07:12 pm
     From Vu (email)
    According to, the JLA/Avengers Hardcover will not be available to Amazon's customers until June 2005... which is over one full year when they originally solicite the product!

    I suggest buying it from another place, if you have not bought a copy yet. Mile High Comics as a copy for $45, which is well below the suggested retail price of $75.

    Maybe my expectation was too high, but I thought $75 is too much to be asking for it anyway... although I did enjoy the nice oversized pages.

    News: Graphic Novel Scene #1 Review

    October 22, 2004 12:25 am
     From Vu (email)

    GRAPHIC NOVEL SCENE #1 (Oct 2004)
    As mentioned by Bill Love earlier, there's nothing new for fans who's already followed this series. The review was vague, and didn't really go into details what was in the hardcover, which suggested that they didn't have the hardcover book prior to going to press.

    Following the two page article on the book, is a one page article on George Perez. Again, nothing new here. You might be surprise to see a quote from the JLA/Avengers Panel at The Pittsburgh Comicon (April 27, 2003), which sums up the way George feels about drawing comics - to die with a pencil in his hand.

    Unless you're a hardcore Perez or JLA/Avengers fan, you don't need this magazine in your collection. If you are interested in reading the magazine, you can always ask your local library or order a copy.

    Anyway, here is an excerpt from the JLA/Avengers Collected article:

    Twenty years ago comic book fans were promised their dream project. Marvel fan or DC fan, everyone was looking forward to the meeting between the premier super-hero teams of both companies: The Justice League of America and The Avengers. Everyone knew only one artist could handle such a monumental task: George Perez. George had drawn long runs on both titles and was one of the most popular super-hero artists ever. Inter-company crossovers were rare, but fans and professional alike wanted to see this happen. Who was stronger, Thor or Superman? Who was faster, Quicksilver or The Flash? Who would win in a battle between Batman and Captain America? George was twenty pages into drawing the story when he found out that the editorial department at DC and Marvel were more combative than their heroes could ever be.

    News: Corrected Errors in JLA/Avengers HC

    October 07, 2004 08:18 am
     From Torsten B. Abel
    Just so Tom Smith doesn't think I want to nitpick the HC collection to death:

    The following errors have been corrected, which should not be taken for granted:

    - "St. Roche" (issue 1 page 36/50 in the HC) now correctly reads "St. Roch".
    - "loaclly" (issue 3 page 29/147 in the HC) now correctly reads "locally".
    - "But I wield their energies not" (issue 4 page 2/172 in the HC) now correctly reads "But I wield their energies now".
    - The Martian Manhunter, who was miscolored as Superman (issue 3 page 37/155 in the HC), is now correctly kept in green and blue.
    - "nothingess" (issue 4 page 2/172 in the HC) now correctly reads "nothingness".
    - "Morgan Edge" (issue 4 page 5/175 in the HC) is now correctly named "Maxwell Lord".

    And I take Tom's word if he says that he had no influence on the Plastic Man's leg. I just checked, and all he said was he'd "fix it for the poster, if they do a poster". So, no offense intended here. It's one out of 208 characters that has a miscolored leg - other colorists would depict one out of 208 characters in the correct colors. :-)

    News: Smith Responds To JLA/Avengers HC Errors

    October 03, 2004 08:26 pm
     From Tom Smith
    I saw this on the site and wanted to respond. Torsten does not understand once the cover was colored the first time with the miscolored leg it was sent to Marvel & DC for print.

    Once they had it it was a done deal, the lettering was added and the files were set up for print and they used it for the cover.

    Like it or not they were not going to all the expense of changing the files just because Plastic man's leg was miscolored. There was nothing I could do about it and it was not my call.

    Everyone involved in this project went over every page and covers with a fine tooth comb but even then we missed a few things. Hey we are only human you know.

    Get over it.

    (Vu: I'll speak for Torsten B. Abel, we're just hoping that someone will fix these mistakes in future editions.)

    News: Errors in JLA/Avengers Hardcover

    October 02, 2004 11:18 am
     From Torsten B. Abel
    There are errors in the JLA/Avengers Hardcover.

    Issue 1 page 35 (page 49 in the Hardcover collection):
    J'Onn say "Great H'ronmeer". H'ronmeer is the Martian god of fire (this is the correct spelling). In issue 3 page 10 (page 128 in the HC), he says "Great Hronmeer", without an apostrophe. The same happens in Kurt's annotations for page 49.

    JLA/Avengers #3 Cover:
    The Plastic Man's leg is miscolored on the cover of issue 3 (it's red, but it should be a fleshy tone, since he has bare legs), which appears on the slipcase and pages 116-117 and 220-221.

    What's really sad about this: Tom was informed about this, he promised it would be corrected for the HC. And the printed version of issue 3 had the barcode pasted over Plastic Man's leg, to cover the leg.

    Cover Key
    Erroneously lists the Scarlet Skier's real name as "Kirtan Rodd", which is actually the name of his former master, Mr. Nebula. The Scarlet Skier's real name is "Dren Keeg" (read it backwards to understand the pun).

    Thanos6 at the Avengers Message Board claimed the cover key had just been copied from a fansite, which had the same errors. and what's printed in the Hardcover, the numbering is identical.

    Kurt thought the list was provided by George, but evidently it wasn't.

    Oh, and a minor cultural error: Issue 2 page 29 (page 95 in the HC):
    Phillippus (the black Amazon) swears by the name of "Minerva". Minerva is a Roman goddess. Her Greek name would be "Athena" or "Athene".

    And in his annotations for page 131 (issue 3 page 13), when Kurt mentions the Red Skull being covered by a word balloon, he comments it with "Verdammte". If you want to use German, do it right - it should be "Verdammt!" (which means "Damn!" - "Verdammte" would only work with either a feminin or a plural noun following it).

    And Kurt mentions another error in his annotations, an error George Perez admits too: when Krona blasts the Grandmaster at the end of issue 2, the remainder of the Grandmaster's costume suddenly has sleeves. The error was spotted in time to correct the inked art for issue 3 (when they discover the "dying" Grandmaster).

    Clash of the Titans
    It did mention the "Rutland" stories and even gave a complete list, but it failed to mention that three of them (Amazing Adventures Featuring the Beast #16, Justice League of America #103 and The Mighty Thor #207) were sort of an unofficial "crossover", with the three parts being connected via a background story featuring Steve Englehart, Gerry Conway and Len and Glynis Wein, the writers of this story.

    And it was also missing a quick rundown on Avengers vs. Squadron Supreme/Justice League vs. Assemblers of Angor.

    Aquaman Got Leid
    Aquaman's Missing Lei was not corrected.

    News: Opinion On JLA/Avengers HC

    September 28, 2004 12:01 am
     From Ralph Mendoza (email)
    At first, I was very much excited about it. The oversize treatment. The reprinting of the original cross-over and stuff. I thought for sure of buying a copy no matter how much it costs....D'oh!

    So I went through all the articles concerning this much anticipated tpb. Mostly about what people ( those unfortunates who purchased it ) have say about it.... oach! I guess DC and Marvel have gone way over their heads on this one.

    I saw a copy of it over here. The cover (jla/a#3) is absolutely very beautiful! But Too bad, I can only just look, touch it and just admire it...

    News: Wal-Mart Sells JLA/Avengers HC

    September 25, 2004 10:01 am
     From Kirk
    Walmart sells JLA/Avengers HC! Just thought I'd share the info.

    WAL-MART: Jla/Avengers
    Author: Busiek, Kurt
    Illustrator: Perez, George

    New Item!
    List Price: $75.00
    Our Price: $45.90

    Preorder this item today and it should arrive on or just after 09/30/2004

    Hardcover, 288 pages, Collector's Edition COLL
    Pub. Date: Dec 2004, Publisher: Dc Comics
    ISBN: 1401202071

    News: JLA/Avengers Hardcover Estimated at 5,928 Copies

    September 20, 2004 08:18 pm
    Top 100 Graphic Novels Actual--August 2004
    September 20, 2004

    These are estimates of the sales by Diamond U.S. to comic specialty stores during August 2004.


    Index: Title Estimated
    News: JLA/Avengers Hardcover Number One in August Retail For GN/TPB

    September 18, 2004 12:12 am
     From Comic Book Resources

    by Jonah Weiland, Executive Producer
    Posted: September 17, 2004

    Below you'll find Market Shares based on actual sales of product shipped in August, 2004, as provided by Diamond Comics Distributors.

    Each month we are asked what the different rankings on the Top 300 list mean in terms of sales for each book. While the publishers and Diamond keep the total number of copies distributed closely guarded (the numbers are not released and those that do get printed are only estimates), they do provide a guide by which you can compare the success of one book to another.

    Qty. Retail Code Title Price Pub.
    1 2 JUN040814 LOEG VOL 2 TP $14.95 DC
    News: "Usually Ships Within 3 to 5 Weeks"

    September 12, 2004 08:38 pm
     From Vu (email)

    According to

    "Availability: Usually ships within 3 to 5 weeks"
    News: Mile High is Out of Stock on JLA/Avengers HC

    September 07, 2004 06:27 pm
     From Mile High Comics
    Subject: Processing Of Order
    Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 13:45:59 -0700 (mst)

    Comics, Magazines, Trade Items, Etc.


    Note: please be advised that our on-hand inventory may change due to sales in our retail stores. This receipt may not reflect your final invoice

    News: CBG's JLA/Avengers Hardcover Review

    September 06, 2004 12:00 am
     From COMICS BUYERS GUIDE #1597 (Oct 2004)
    TPB PICK OF THE MONTH: JLA/Avengers: the Collector's Edition Oversized Slipcased HC
    DC/Marvel $75, color, 288 pages, available late August
    writer Kurt Busiek; Artist George Pérez
    reviewed by George Nelson **** (4 Stars)

    The intercompany crossover for which fans waited more than 20 years gets the deluxe treatment with this two-volume package collecting the min-series. Collected in the first volume, which features introductions by Stan Lee and the late Julius Schwartz, Busiek and Pérez provide a tale that lives up to two decades of anticipation, with a clever plot that lets htem creatively use characters from throughout both teams' histories. (Pérez ends up drawing, not only every member of each team, but multiple incarnations of several.)

    More than a series of slugfest - though there are plenty of those, including battles fans have speculated about for years - the story by Busiek delivers great character moments and plot twists galore. Perhaps no artist in comics best Pérez in handling this many characters in a single story, and this tale shows why Pérez has been the primary artist fans have associated with this concept for years.

    The 64-page companion volume includes the original 21 pages of penciles fromt eh canceled 1980s crossover, Busiek proposal for the mini-series, plot synopses and other extras.

    News: Mile High: $45 for JLA/Avengers Hardcover

    September 05, 2004 11:37 am
     From Mark Metz (email)
    JLA/Avengers HC for under $50

    I got mine on ebay for $54, but I see Mile High has a special for $45 for the HC. I don't know how long it lasts, but that's a pretty good price from anywhere else I've seen.

    News: Amazon: "This item has not yet been released"

    September 05, 2004 11:05 am
     From David Hayes
    I thought I read a while ago that you ordered the JLA/Avengers Hardcover through If so, have you received it yet?

    I have not and when I check their website for the status it just says "Item not shipped". I sent an e-mail asking about the status but got no response.

    I was just wondering if you--or anyone else who ordered as I did--have experienced the same thing.

    (Vu: I have not received my order, nor have I heard that anyone else did. I am, at the moment, looking towards Ebay for possibly getting a cheap book. I don't want to spend more than $50, so if anyone knows a cheap book-selling place (that is in stock), let me know.)

    News: Large Cover Scans of JLA/Avengers HC

    September 03, 2004 12:59 am
    From Vu (email)
    Bud Plant has a larger cover scan of the JLA/AVENGERS HARDCOVER. Mile High Comics also has a larger cover, but it is a scan of the slip case.

    JLA / AVENGERS Collector's Edition
    By Kurt Busiek and George Pérez.

    A beautiful two-volume slipcased hardcover set. The first volume presents the 224-page, four-issue miniseries, including introductions by Stan Lee and Julius Schwartz, and a key to the characters featured on the cover.

    The 64-page compendium contains the original 21 pages of pencils from the previously unpublished 1980s crossover, an article on the original crossover by K.C. Carlson, the actual miniseries proposal and plot development, a Pérez portfolio of art done to commemorate the project, annotated notes by Busiek, and more.

    There are no plans to reprint this historic set, so don't miss out. It's an amazing collection of art, and a celebrated crossover between Marvel and DC. DC, 2004.
    HC, 8X12, 288 pages, FC.
    YOUR PRICE: $75.00

     August 24, 2004 09:13 pm | DF Banner Advertisements
    From Vu (email)
    Dynamic Forces is promoting George Pérez's appearance on the Shopping Channel with some animated banner ads.

    They are also promoting their exclusive Avengers 40th Anniversary Lithograph:

     August 20, 2004 08:15 pm | Pérez to Appear on Collectibles Show
    From Scoop
    George Perez To Appear On Collectibles Show
    Mondo Media, Scoop, Friday, August 20, 2004

    The Shopping Channel in Canada will be the place for comics fans Friday, August 27, 2004, at 11:00 ET, when Dynamic Forces and Nick Barrucci host superstar artist George Pérez for a special showcasing the recently issued JLA/Avengers hardcover.

    “When we were prepping this show, we were planning to offer our signed copies of the massive Avengers/JLA hardcover collection,” Barrucci. Said in a press release “We contacted George to see if he was up for a trip North and he agreed! It's going to be a blast!”

    DF will also be presenting signed comics and lithographs featuring the authenticated signatures of such creators as Terry and Rachel Dodson, Alan Davis, Mark Farmer, Jae Lee, Mark Millar, John Romita Sr., Chris Claremont, Adam Kubert, Brian Michael Bendis, Todd McFarlane, Michael Turner, Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Ross, Dave Johnson, Roy Thomas, Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, and others.

     August 19, 2004 06:24 pm | JLA/Avengers HC Review by Lorenz
    From Tony Lorenz (email)
    Re: JLA/Avengers HC next week
    « Reply #11 on: 08/19/04 at 12:41pm »

    Well gang here's my two cents on JLA/Avengers HC, at first glance the product is very awesome, the the size and format is excellent (man do I wish they did Crisis in this larger format). The box the two volumes fit into is excellent, the art looks even better than I remember, maybe because of the larger format. I like the features that were throughout the collection and I like the the way they used the penciled and colored version on the covers.

    Now for some of the things that I didn't like, one Tom Smith's name should have been listed on the cover, his coloring was a very important part of the series, that is one thing that Crossgen was awesome about. And everyone is right about some of those pages that were taken from copies were terrible, there has to be some kind of way they could have made them come out clearer, heck my copies that I have are much copies than what appeared in the book. I completely understand if don't have the original you have to produce it from a copy, there is no other choice, but I just got to believe there must be some way to make them produce better.

    I also think the promo piece should have been produce each having there own page in black and white or color, and they should have also included the pieces that George did for the various trade mags, I even would have loved to see various penciled pages from the series that would have been a nice extra.

    Now as far as the price I think if those 7 pages that didn't reproduce well I don't think people would have been complaining about the price. Heck the Crisis book was $100, smaller format and and not much extras in it, besides the poster. So overall all I'd give it a 7.5 out of 10.

    Now I only wish DC would go back to the press and do a larger format Crisis, man that would be awesome.

     August 19, 2004 07:15 am | JLA/Avengers DF Extra Pages?
    From Kirk

    I asked Kurt Busiek about extra pages of art being in the DF JLA/Avengers limited edition hard cover. He said he had no idea or something to that effect. So, is it possible?

    I know from everything thing I'd heard up until it came out, that it was originally supposed to have had a number of extra pages. Unfortunately I haven't received my copy yet, so I don't really know what's included. I did ask Spencer about some art that I heard wasn't included. He said there were legal issues, but that it was originally the plan to include more.

    So if there are extra pages in the DF edition, I know I'd buy it. Does anyone know?

     August 17, 2004 09:35 pm | JLA/Avengers Missing Art in DF?
    From Xum Yukinori
    JLA/Avengers HC "missing" art
    « Reply #10 on: 08/17/04 at 2:49pm »

    on 08/12/04 at 2:35pm, Guest-Xum Yukinori wrote:
    Didn't the DC solicitation mention a "portfolio of related art" from George in the compendium?

    At the risk of looking crazy for talking to myself, I've noticed in the JLA/A Hardcover "info-chain" on this site that the Previews solicitation didn't mention additional art, but the Dynamic Force solicitation states: "a Perez portfolio of art done to commemorate the project " to be included in an "80-page" (not 64-page) volume 2.

    I guess I got those two solicitations mixed up -- which begs the question: is the "missing art" really in the DF limited edition? Is there anyone who actually bought the DF set that could tell us?

    (Vu: I kind of doubt that the missing artwork will turn up on the DF version. Good luck on trying to contact them...)

     August 16, 2004 12:11 am | JLA/Avengers Larger Cover
    From Avengers Comicboard
    Re: Now that the JLA/Avengers HC is out, maybe Tom Smith could...
    Posted by tom smith on Saturday, August 14 2004 at 14:16:02 GMT

    > Hi Tom, loved the HC and its large size has made the story more epic than it is. Anyway now that the HC is out, could you maybe post a large image of the JLA/Avengers heads, i just loved it, but the scans i get from other sites seemed all too small. Many thanks!

    Sure here you go.
    Tom Smith

    537 × 800 AJLA Coll .jpg (145 kb)
     August 15, 2004 11:06 am | JLA/Avengers Slipcase Cover
    From Vu (email)
    I stopped by a different comic shop that had this deluxe hardcover in their store and I was looking at it.

    First thing's first, it is heavy. There are two hardbound books, the collected JLA/Avengers series and the companion book, which looks a little smaller than half the size of the collected book. They both fit snuggly in the nice slipcase.

    I did look at a few other slipcase to compare and it seems that the JLA/Avengers is the only one that came with an extra companion book. Of course, I was looking at a limited supply of slipcases. Price comparison that most slipcases are about $49.95.

    When I asked how many copies the store owner had ordered, he said they only ordered one copy and that (obviously) it hasn't sold yet. They did get a few interested parties asking about the book, but they all thought the price was too high.

    Anyway, Kurt Busiek and George Pérez's last name are as big as the title, JLA/AVENGERS on the slipcase. The cover can be seen here, via

    Special thanks to Nostalgic Zone Comic Store.
     August 15, 2004 09:35 am | Copyright Permissions
    From Torsten B. Abel
    Re: Regarding the JLA/Avengers collection...
    « Reply #1 on: 08/15/04 at 05:58am »

    In response to what Vu wrote in his comment on the main page, I'd like to add a few things:

    The person who purchases the original art does not automatically obtain the copyright to those pages. That means, even if you own a page of the original JLA/Avengers story, you do not have creative control over what is going to happen with that page. Unless given explicit permission to do so, you are not allowed to make copies of it, and the only thing you actually do own is the physical artwork itself. Therefore, If DC and Marvel wanted to reprint the pages, they would NOT have to ask the owners of those pages for permission, seeing as the characters depicted are their property, and the pages have been drawn by George (just FYI: If the pages were "fanart" depicting trademarked characters, DC/Marvel couldn't publish them without the artist's permission, but the artist also couldn't publish them without permission from DC/Marvel, and they could even legally force the artist to destroy the unsolicited artwork depicting their trademarked characters if they wanted to).

    Now, I recall George saying somewhere that he still has hi-res scans of the original JLA/A artwork. Couldn't the reprints of those pages for the companion book be done by using them, or would the result look inferior to copies done from the original pages themselves? Were the non-copied pages actually done by using George's scans?

     August 15, 2004 12:49 am | JLA/Avengers Wins Wizard Award
    WIZARD 11th ANNUAL FAN AWARD (2003) (13 Aug 2004) 08/14/2004: "2004 WIZARD FAN AWARDS WINNERS"
    THE BEAT on 08.14.04 @ 12:10 PM CST
    by Heidi Macdonald

    The 2004 Wizard Fan awards were announced last night at a somewhat more subdued ceremony than usual. Wizard staffers Mike Cotton and Richard Ho emcee’d the affair, and presenters included Joe Quesada, Jeph Loeb, John Cassaday, Alex Ross, Jim Lee and Kevin Smith. The Loeb/Lee BATMAN continued to dominate the awards, winning for artist, inker, letterer, colorist and ongoing.


     August 15, 2004 12:47 am | JLA/Avengers Features
    From DC Comics
    JLA/Avengers TPB
    Posted: 2004-08-13 02:17:55.0 by darkhawk76

    Here in Blighty I just got my copy yesterday for a whopping £50 (slightly more thna $75 retail price at current exchange rates - but what the hell)

    The two books are the actual crossover with introductions by DC and Marvel people (Stan Lee for Marvel, can't remember the DC person)

    The second book in an annotations books, which includes:

    A reprint of an article from Marvel Age 19 (?) explaining their of events as to why the orginal 1983 team up fell apart.

    Also a reprint of DC's response to the Marvel article (bit over defensive IMO - but I am biased towards Marvel)

    There are black & white copies of the original 21 pages George drew (without permission - tut tut) with comments at the top detailing what the plot was. There is also a summary of what the other 43 (?) pages of plot would have been about.

    There is a detailed page by page breakdown of the current crossover, with little titbits about characters (Wasp had the most costume changes throughout the crossover - naturally :) )

    There is also Kurt original plotting for the crossover, which details some slight differences to the finished product. Also there is an alternative plot version of the beginning to Book 3, telling how the combined DC/Marvel universe would have shown variations on exhisting characters (ie Superman as done by Marvel in Silver Age, Captain America as envisioned by DC etc)

    All in all a worthwhile (if slightly expensive) purchase.

    PS - I agree with Jim Shooter's assessement that Flash racing Quicksilver made no sense (let alone QS beating Flash )

     August 14, 2004 09:54 am | More JLA/Avengers HC Reactions
    From Brian Morris
    Regarding the JLA/Avengers collection...
    « Thread started on: 08/12/04 at 4:35pm »
    by Brian Morris

    I liked the enlarged format for the artwork it allowed the small items to be seen. But, I was very disappointed with the companion book. Compared to other collected volumes of work put out by DC and Marvel separately in the past this one was lacking. I would have liked to have seen pencils from the series itself, concept drawings, even promo pieces published at full size. I feel that both the editorial teams at Marvel and DC let us down. I am also glad that I did not order the signed edition, for this version was not worth the $75 price tag.

    Vu is there a chance that you can get some input from George as to what the two editorial teams wanted in this collection as opposed to what we received.....

    From Mike Devlin (Melbourne, Australia)
    I bought the Hardcover JLA/Avengers collection thingy yesterday and the one thing that bugged me the MOST (aside from all the missing art - the 2000 JLA/Avengers picture Perez drew for Wizard for Eg) was the fact that not all of the 21 pages of JLA/Avengers from 1983 were scanned from the oginals. What a bummer!

    I've been looking forward to this aspect of the collector's edition the most of all since 2001, or whenever it was suggested they'd be included in such a volume, anyway.

    So can you shed more light on why it *seems* DC didn't try very hard at ALL to collect all the pages to borrow and scan as they should have done (for the price if no other reason) ????

    Do you think DC or Marvel may one day scan *all* the pages again and print them with a consistent quality level?

    (Vu: I don't have the book yet to compare notes, for those interested hasn't billed or shipped the book to me yet (I ordered two copies). I think sometime people forget that, hey, we have the series printed in a big, nice format! The companion piece should be treated as a bonus, it's not going to please everybody, but it's still better than not having anything. I do agree that the price seems high for extras that doesn't seem to have a lot of work put into it, even though the people putting it together will probably disagree. I don't want to speak for DC Comics, but things probably went down to copyright. They would've had to hunt down all the owners of the ACTOR auctions, the Wizard people, the Heroes Convention people, just to get permission to print those artwork in high quality, and it's a lot of work. Not to mention that they seem to be on a tight budget, I don't know. This is an open forum, if you think the price was reasonable or the extras were awesome, please let me know, I feel like I've just been posting negative reactions to this hardcover.)

     August 13, 2004 03:02 pm | Scoop's Hot Off the Presses
    From Scoop
    JLA/Avengers - The Collector's Edition
    Off the Presses, Scoop, Friday, August 13, 2004

    DC Comics; $75.00

    In the vein of DC's “Absolute” oversize hardcover editions comes this long-awaited collection of the blockbuster four-issue JLA/Avengers - Avengers/JLA mini-series by Kurt Busiek and George Pérez. For those who thought that the beautifully illustrated panels crammed with superheroes were too small for the original format, this edition is perfect. Thus far, though, we haven't made it to the main book, which features the mini-series. Nope. We're stuck in the companion volume. It's the DVD extras, and it does a great job running down the story of the first, failed JLA/Avengers crossover, including the penciled pages Pérez had completed before the book was scrapped, articles, interviews and tons of insight. Combined with the mini-series itself, this is a wonderful volume for collectors.

    (Vu: Scoop also posted the black & white cover and the painted cover.)

     August 13, 2004 02:54 pm | JLA/Avengers 80s Pages Searched
    From Spencer
    Yes, there was a big search online. Not only was it posted on your site, I placed a note on George's page on my web site, I also notified two yahoo e-lists ... one with 1,810 and another with 288 collectors and professionals ( which is where the 16 pages did come from ) as well as asked Newsarama to make a post about it ( I do not remember if Matt did or not .. faulty memory ) I also put an ad in CBG classifieds as well.

    So lets see ... (Vu: Correction, it was posted and then asked to be taken down.),,,, sequential and CBG. Not exactly what you would call a small group of people.

    FYI - 16 of the pages were scanned DIRECTLY from the original art which was loaned to DC Comics for the book. One pages was lost in shipping to a new owner via USPS and as a result is gone for good.

    The end result being only about 3 pages were shot from Xeroxes as they could not be located and DC wanted to show the complete works.

    Thought you might like to know.

     August 13, 2004 08:07 am | 80s JLA/Avengers Not Printed From Original
    From Jon Weisblatt
    Perez 1983 JLA/Avengers artwork
    Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 20:57:19 -0500

    On the topic of original JLA/Avengers pages not being shot from the originals: I own the original page 4. I would have been happy to send it wherever it needed to go so DC could shoot a copy of it… but I had no idea they were looking for it. Unless I missed something online somewhere, there certainly wasn’t a big search for these pages!

    (Vu: I won't name any names, but someone sent me an email that a few people were looking for the originals for DC Comics. This was before the announcement that they were going to print them on the hardcover. When I posted it online, a few hours went by and I was told to take down the 'announcement' that DC was looking for the original art. The reason was given to me why they wanted it to be taken down - and I didn't agree with them. But I guess it's the fans that is paying for it... literally at $75 for xeroxes.)
     August 12, 2004 08:32 pm | JLA/Avengers HC: $75 Disapointment?
    From Vu (email)
    Some key items from JLA/Avengers HC next week:
  • Not all of the 80's JLA/Avengers pages are printed from an original source
  • Second Tier JLA/Avengers Piece is not in the book
  • Cover to COMICS INTERVIEW SPECIAL #6 not included
  • Here are some related JLA/Avengers artwork by George Pérez:
  • WIZARD #125
  • WIZARD #144
  • JLA/Avengers Promo
  • JLA/Avengers Promo (Alternate Background)
  • WIZARD #105
  • JLA Meets the AVENGERS
  • Second Tier JLA/Avengers Piece
  • Comics Interview #6 Cover Recolored by Marcus Mebes
  • PEREZ ARCHIVES (deluxe)
  • GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #2 (Limited Edition)
  • Fan Commission: JLA/Avengers
  • Fan Commission: Quasar, Scarlet Witch, Zatanna, and Green Lantern
  • Fan Commission: Quasar, Scarlet Witch, Zatanna, and Green Lantern (B&W)
  • Fan Commission: Wonder Woman and She Hulk
  • Fan Commission: JLA/Avengers Heads
  • Fan Commission: Batman vs Captain America
  •  August 11, 2004 07:19 pm | JLA/Avengers HC Review
    From Xum Yukinori
    Re: JLA/Avengers HC on time
    08/11/04 at 7:59pm
    Post by Xum Yukinori

    Got my copy today. I was very impressed at the larger size -- really makes the story look more... epic.

    However, I'm not too impressed with the compendium. I did like how I get most of the original 1983 story -- from what George Perez remembers of it. And I even get a detailed plot-pages of Kurt Busiek's unused original concept for issue 3 (which features more amalgamated worlds than what we saw). However, not all of the 1983 pages are reprinted from the original pencilled pages (now that Rob Liefeld isn't the sole owner of them anymore) -- some are from xerox copies (and it shows). Also, I don't think they waited long enough for the ink to dry at the printers, as many pages of my copy has smears (one page is barely readable, since they use small type). Worst of all, I expected full-page reprints of the two JLA/A ACTOR pieces (used as framed pictures in issue 3), but they are featured as small panels in the annotations section, and are about twice as large as how they appear in the hardcover).

    While I like much of this slipcase (or should I say stick-case?) I'm still debating whether, at $75, I should feel cheated or not...

    Anyone else?

     August 09, 2004 07:52 pm | JLA/Avengers Hardcover To Ship
    From Diamond
    Shipping This Week: August 11, 2004
    Monday, August 09, 2004 10:31:15 AM

    The following products are expected to ship to comic book specialty stores this week. Note that this list is tentative and subject to change. Please check with your retailer for availability.


     August 03, 2004 01:44 am | DC Newsletter 7/27/2004
    From Vu (email)

    From DC Comics' Newsletter 7/27/2004, it does list JLA/AVENGERS HC, information archived by Super Hero News.



     June 28, 2004 12:10 am | JLA/A Hardcover Extra Not Colored
    From Tom Smith
  • JLA and AVENGERS (2002), From Michael Lovitz, via Perez Gallery (ACTOR Auction from MegaCon 2002).
  • Re: Hi guys !! Tom Smith is in the house !
    Date: Sat Jun 26, 2004 9:13 am

    That one was never colored. Marvel & DC did not want me to color those 2 tier charity pieces "keeping the cost down on the Hard Cover " and they will be putting them in the hardcover in B&W.

    But Kirk knows that I can always be commissioned to color it . :)

    Go to.. to do so.

    Tom Smith

     May 13, 2004 03:35 am | Amazon JLA/A HC Sales Rank
    From Vu

    I don't know if it has anything to do with this website, but upon anouncing the JLA/AVENGERS: COLLECTOR'S EDITION on Amazon, that its sale rank improved: by 13,644 in less than 24 hours!

    Also, Amazon lists this book for September 2004, which doesn't surprise me that book stores get comics before Diamond.

    JLA/Avengers: The Collector's Edition

    Product Details

  • Publisher: DC Comics; (September 1, 2004)
  • Sales Rank: 9,645
  •  May 11, 2004 09:44 pm | Amazon Sells JLA/A HC
    From Vu

    JLA/Avengers: The Collector's Edition
    by Kurt Busiek (Author), George Perez

    List Price: $75.00
    Price: $51.00 & This item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.
    You Save: $24.00 (32%)

    Availability: This item has not yet been released. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives.

    Edition: Hardcover

    Hardcover: 288 pages
    Publisher: DC Comics; (September 1, 2004)
    ISBN: 1401202071 Sales Rank: 23,289

    (Vu: I don't normally post news about items in stores, but this is a nice saving, which also includes free shipping as a bonus.)

     May 06, 2004 10:06 pm | Harvey Nominations Honor DC
    From DC Comics, thanks to Marcus Mebes

    HARVEY AWARDS, Comic and Cartoon Art Museum, New York, New York (Oct 2004)
    April 29th, 2004 -

    The Harvey Awards committee has announced its 2004 nominees, with DC Comics projects and talent receiving 23 nominations. DC's nominations come from the DCU, WildStorm, VERTIGO and the Will Eisner Library.

    DC Comics thanks all those who participated in the Harvey Awards nominating process, and extends congratulations to all the nominees.

    DC's 2004 Harvey Award nominees are:

    Best Writer
    Alan Moore (PROMETHEA)
    Brian K. Vaughan: (Y: THE LAST MAN)

    Best Artist
    George Pérez (JLA/AVENGERS — available in the upcoming JLA/AVENGERS: THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION oversized, slipcased HC)

    Best Inker
    Mick Gray (PROMETHEA)
    Jimmy Palmiotti (TWO STEP)
    Scott Williams (BATMAN)

    [ Read more Harvey Nominations Honor DC ]

     April 30, 2004 | Pipeline Preview for July '04
    From Comic Book Resources

    Friday April 30, 2004
    Pipeline Previews for July 2004
    written by Augie De Blieck Jr.


    Marvel, in the meantime, is churning out more stuff, most of which you saw last month. This month, however, the issue numbers have been incremented! The big news is the "Avengers Disassembled" storyline starting up with AVENGERS #500. I'm not quite sure how much I care at this point.

    The book from Marvel that I'm most excited about is AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, the hardcover collection of Kurt Busiek and George Perez's first year together on the title. It contains issues #1-11, plus the Pacheco-drawn ANNUAL '98. It is well timed, coinciding with the JLA/AVENGERS hardcover the following month and the "Avengers Disassemble" event in July. I wonder if DC is ticked off that Marvel is producing a hardcover Busiek/Perez AVENGERS hardcover mere weeks before their expensive AVENGERS/JLA hardcover hits stands?

     April 18, 2004 | JLA/A Cover Color Guides
    From Avengers Comicboard

    Last Avengers/JLA cover now up on EBay !
    Posted by Tom Smith on Saturday, April 17 2004 at 22:33:25 GMT

    Hi Guys..
    I just put up 5 more A/JLA colorguides on EBay includeing the last cover for A/JLA. The hardcover cover.. To check them out go to..

    Tom Smith "A/JLACAL!"

    566 × 800 ajlahc.jpg (161 kb)
     April 13, 2004 | Diamond Covers JLA/A HC
    From Diamond

    DC Showcases JLA/Avengers with Collectors Edition HC
    Thursday, April 12, 2004

    When writer Kurt Busiek and artist George Pérez delivered the crossover between DC Comics' JLA and Marvel Comics' Avengers to readers after years of anticipation, the result was one of 2003's hottest books. This summer, DC Comics will collect the blockbuster mini-series in the two-volume JLA/Avengers: The Collectors Edition Oversized Slipcased HC (APR040318, $75.00). The 224-page first volume will contain the historic four-issue meeting, along with introductions by Stan Lee and the late Julius Schwartz (the architects behind the original Avengers and Justice League of America, respectively), as well as a key to all of the characters featured on Pérez's epic cover to JLA/Avengers #3. The second, 64-page volume will be a Compendium featuring a new cover by Pérez. The volume will also contain: the original 21 pages of pencils from the cancelled 1980s crossover by Pérez and writer Gerry Conway (with an article on it by former DC editor K.C. Carlson); a look at several other unofficial crossovers; and Busiek's JLA/Avengers mini-series proposal, plot synopses, and annotated notes on obscure characters and creatures included in the final mini-series. Please Note: DC does not plan to reprint this set, making this the only opportunity to obtain the Compendium! The set is advance-solicited in the April Previews for shipping on August 11.

     April 2, 2004 | Pipeline (Apr 2)
    From Comic Book Resources

    Friday April 2, 2004
    Pipeline Previews for May 2004
    written by Augie De Blieck Jr.


    I'm torn on the August release of JLA/AVENGERS collection. It's an oversized hardcover two-book set that's slipcased and everything. The second book is only 64 pages, but includes the 21 pages of completed pencils by Perez for the aborted 80s attempt, along with proposals, character keys, and more. It's a beautiful package, and DC produces these very well. On the other hand, it's $75.00.

    The text indicates that there are no plans to reprint "this historical set." In other words, look for the trade paperback of the mini-series in time for Christmas, but don't look for the second book to ever show up again, in much the same way as the bonus material from the KINGDOM boxed set hasn't shown up anywhere else. At least they're being more honest about this one than they were with the CRISIS hardcover. (You'll remember that they promised never to reprint it as a trade, only to change their minds a few months laster.)

     March 19, 2004 | JLA/A HC Signed From DF
    From Dynamic Forces

    Thursday, March 18, 2004 12:59:33 PM

    PRICE: $199.95

    Signed By the entire creative team of writer Kurt Busiek with artist George Perez and colorist Tom Smith and Re-Marked with a Superman Head Sketch!. The entire team of creators signs this beautiful collection! And as an extra added bonus fans who order this by May 31st will get it at the "Introductory Price" of $199.95! That's over a $50.00 savings off of the MSRP of $250.00!

    The landmark crossover event of the decade is collected in a spectacular 2-volume slipcased hardcover set! Volume 1 presents the 224-page 4-issue miniseries including introductions by Stan Lee and Julius Schwartz and a key to the characters featured on the cover. The 80-page Volume 2 contains the original 21 pages of pencils from the aborted 1980s crossover an article on what went wrong by K.C. Carlson the new miniseries proposal and plot development a Perez portfolio of art done to commemorate the project and annotated notes from Kurt Busiek to the characters and more.

    Each Signed copy features a certificate of authenticity and is sealed with a DF Holo-Foil sticker!


    SKU: C100235
    Shipping: June, 2004 (Please note that the book will not be available until August 2004, and, realistically, DF will not have the creators signatures/head sketch until September or October.)

    (Vu: I do not recommend buying anything from DF, based on my personal experience.

    First of all, they are very slow on orders. According to their website average orders takes as low as four weeks to six weeks. That's a whole month for them to place an item into a box to mail it to you, that is if they even have the item in stock.

    Second, certain information can be mis-leading. For instance, the re-marked sketches are done by Tom Smith, but they never mention this. Granted, that they do not say the sketches are by George Pérez, but if you try to email or submit your questions, it doesn't get answered.

    Third, customer service is absolutely terrible. In fact, I dare you to call their customer service line, you will never, ever get a real person. Emails do not get responded either. I have emailed them in the past, maybe four times, each time ignored. From a potential customer's standpoint, this is very bad.

    So, take my advice, do not order anything from these guys. Terrible, terrible service. There's probably a lot more reasons to avoid DF, like really expensive prices... Feel free to contact me (email) if you have further complaints against DF. I will post testimonials for their products as well.)

     March 16, 2004 | JLA/A HC Available in August
    From Toon Zone, thanks to Skullogeist

    Reported By Brian Cruz on March 15, 2004, 11:51 PM

    It’s an event that will never be forgotten.

    That’s why the once-in-a-lifetime crossover event that brought these two historic super-teams together and rocked the comics world receives the deluxe treatment it deserves in August! JLA/AVENGERS: THE COLLECTOR’S EDITION is an oversized, slipcased two-volume set collecting the legendary 4-issue miniseries with a full complement of bonus features!

    The 224-page first volume in the slipcase contains the 4-issue miniseries written by Kurt Busiek (ASTRO CITY, SUPERMAN: SECRET IDENTITY) with stunning art by George Pérez (WONDER WOMAN) and introductions by Stan Lee and the late Julius Schwartz, the architects of the original iterations of the Avengers and the Justice League of America, respectively. This volume also features a key to the characters on the intricately detailed cover of JLA/AVENGERS #3.

    The 64-page Compendium, featuring a new cover by Pérez, contains the original 21 pages of pencils from cancelled 1980s crossover by Pérez and writer Gerry Conway, plus an article on it by former DC editor K.C. Carlson, a look at several other unofficial crossovers, and more! But that’s not all — this volume also features the JLA/AVENGERS miniseries proposal and plot synopses, and annotated notes from Busiek for all the obscure characters and creatures crammed into the pages.

    There are no plans to reprint this historical set, so this is the only opportunity to own the material reprinted in the Compendium. Don’t miss out on what’s sure to be a crown jewel in any comics collection!

    This project is supported with house ads.

  • 224-page hardcover
  • Advance-solicited; in stores August 11
  • $75.00 U.S
  • Co-published with Marvel Comics
  •  February 13, 2004 | Schwartz's Last Work To Be In JLA/A
    From Astro City Rocket, thanks to ES

    Kurt's Question Corner
    Posted: Feb. 10 2004,14:07 by Kurt Busiek

    I don't have many stories about Julie. I never actually worked for him, so I mostly saw him in passing at the DC offices or at cons. But it was always a little amazing to me that Julie Schwartz -- the Julie Schwartz who kicked off the whole friggin' Silver Age and who was responsible for so many great comics -- knew my name and liked my work.


    Julie has appeared as himself in ASTRO CITY, and as Marksman notes, he's the namesake of Julius Furst. Maybe we should name the local baseball tadium, home of strange sports stories, after Julie...

    And I'm honored, and sad as well, that apparently the last piece of writing Julie did was an introduction to the JLA/AVENGERS book collection.

    As a friend of mine said of Julie's passing -- we should all live so long, we should all have such accomplishments, we should all be as respected and loved.

     November 2, 2003 | Pérez to Sign JLA/A HC
    From COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1565 (14 Dec 2003)

    written by Nate Melby
    published in COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1565 (14 Dec 2003)


    (Lee) Hester said that there are a couple more signings he is hoping to have soon.

    "I would like to have Michael Chabon in here to promote his Dark Horse and DC work. I also spoke with George Pérez about doing a signing for the collected JLA/Avengers when that is released."

     September 22, 2003 | Baltimore Con Report (SunWuKong)
    From SunWuKong

    My Baltimore Comicon Report
    posted 9/21/03 7:29 PM

    Just got back from the Baltimore Comicon 2003 and, as usual, I had one hell of a time (and hell on my finances). Here's what I can remember from the con regarding Perez:

    • Crossgen's "The War" is going to be 3 issues long and it's going to be written by Ron Marz. The first issue is going to be solicted in May of 2004. It's going to resolve many storylines in many of the Crossgen titles.
    • Perez is jubelent about JLA/Avengers first issue success. He says that he can finally clear out is debts and then some. The selling of the art alone is going to provide his wife with a new car! He also is very glad that this series is totally going to be for the fans.
    • As of today. 1/4 of issue 4 of JLA/Avengers is pen & inked. It looks like it will meet the Dec 31st release date. Perez is very commited to meeting the deadline so that all of the issues will be released before 2004.
    • There is talk of about what format the collected edition is going to be. Perez said that DC is talking to put it into an "absolute" HC format (which I will lobby to no end!). They also said that the prior JLA/Avengers art might be printed in the collected edition as well.
    • Perez needs the cover to issue 3 back because he needs to draw 4 more characters in it! It took 3 weeks for him to draw it. Tom Smith was asking fan at the con to find him color references for some of the characters!
    • I did get one nugget of exclusive info. Hawkeye and Black Canary will meet in issue 3.
    That's all I can think of right now. I'll see how much will get back to me later on in the week.
     September 5, 2003 | Reference For JLA/A Collection?
    From Avengers Comicboard

    Re: JLA/Avengers: Q for Kurt [SPOILERS]
    Posted by Kurt Busiek on Friday, September 05 2003 at 04:55:52 GMT


    > Secondly, my only real disappointment when I reached the last pages was the fact there were no endnotes. Any chance of getting endnotes in the final issue, or perhaps in the inevitable trade (like "Marvels").

    We're talking about doing an extensive sources/references column for a book collection.

     May 27, 2003 | JLA/A Hardcover
    From Comic Book Resources, thanks to Fin Fang Foom

    Tuesday May 27, 2003
    written by Rich Johnston


    Expect a hardcover of "JLA/Avengers" very shortly after the fourth issue ships.

     May 9, 2003 | JLA/A Panel Part 5
    From ES, via Forum

    posted 5/9/03 4:32 PM

    I broken the posts down to one question and one answer.

  • Fan: How long is it going to be?

    George Perez: It is going to be four (4) prestige books all 48 pages long with wrap around covers which means a grand total of 200 pages of artwork.

    George talked about how happy he is to be working with the creative crew and how they're doing a great job (Kurt Busiek, Tom Smith, Tom Brevoort and Mike Carlin).

    George then talked a little about the coloring of the project and it's approval from the higher ups. George also threw a little trivia at us when he said another great thing about having Mike Carlin involved in the process is that Mike used to be the Late Mark Gruenwald's Assistant editor when Mark was the editor of the original JLA/AVENGERS. It brings a nice sense of closure to the project for him since they are the only two from the original working on this project. Len Wein doesn't work in mainstream comics anymore (Note: George was unaware of Len's Current Batman Mini-series BATMAN: NEVERMORE at DC) and Jim Shooter no longer works for Marvel.

    Fan: Is there going to be a written history of your working on the original or the current version of the project?

    George Pérez: If anything like that is done it would be hopefully for a collected version of the book because this is all in the talk stages so until the book comes out anything regarding a collection is merely speculation by my part but the hope of using the original 21 pages as added material because I'm always a firm believer if you're doing a collected addition of anything particularly the JLA/AVENGERS which is already getting top notch reproduction. You really have to give the fans something extra. I am bound my contract at CrossGen so obvious I can't draw a new cover or anything else for a collection because I only had the wavier for the project.

    One thing that I did as sneaky as I am (everyone laughs) is that for all the ACTOR auctions and other places were I had art work auctioned off that I have done JLA/AVENGERS including the cover of this program well ever single one of those pieces I keep a file so we can use as additional material for any collect works as well so I will have new material, ah, because obviously the only people at Pittsburgh Convention will have seen that cover, ah, granted it will not say "Welcome to the 10th Anniversary of the Pittsburgh Comic Con" (everyone laughs) but I will have new material there.

    to be continued....

    Coming soon: George answer about creator cameos, tuckering (drawing real people in a fictional setting) and the rumor of Kurt Busiek as Big Belly Burger.

     February 12, 2003 | JLA/A #4 to be on Time, DC to Collect Edition
    From DC Boards

    Topic: Questions for Bob Greenberger 2
    posted February 07, 2003 09:37 AM
    posted by Bob Greenberger


    I got it wrong yesterday, Marvel will handle JLA/A #1-3 and we will do #2-4. Trust me, we're doing everything we can to make sure that when this is schedule and solicited, we will ship all 4 on time. Me, I can't wait to start the collected edition.

    12/29/2006 20:08:54

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