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    "The Doppleganger Gambit" (24 pages)
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    Romeo Tanghal
    Pablo Marcos 
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    JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #220 (Digital) (18 Oct 2018)
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     March 23, 2003 | JLA/A: JLA Members Part 1
    From Captain's Comics Message Board

    JLA/Avengers -- this just in!
    Posted by Captain Comics on March 15, 2003 at 00:46:54:

    I've been off the Board for a while -- you would NOT believe my work schedule this week -- so I wasn't able to answer a query from Chris Fluit a while back, and rather than bury my response, I'm starting a new thread. Because it's a doozy!

    Chris wrote:

    Hey Cap, first a question then a query.

    I was just wondering how the research is going on the Justice League roster. Did you need any more help from the Legion of Superfluous Heroes?

    Then, I was re-reading your Avengers article, and I noticed that you made mention of various characters that you intentionally left off of the list. Obviously, the "people who didn't quite cut it" is a lengthier list than what you described, but I was curious about Captain Marvel III (Genis) and Songbird. Both were shown as future members of the team and actively worked alongside current members in the Destiny War (Avengers Forever). According to your description, that might have been good enough to get include them.

    I didn't include the Avengers Forever characters, Chris, as I didn't include any alternate future, alternate dimension, alternate Earth, alternate timeline or "What If" type characters (like the '50s Avengers). The reason is twofold: 1) There's too dog-gone many, and 2) they weren't "official" Avengers on "Earth-Marvel."

    On the former point, the Avengers variants in "What If" alone could fill two or three columns. And on the latter point, my one exception should suffice to delineate my "rules" -- I included the alternate-dimension Swordsman because he actually joined "our" team (in some sort of Honorary capacity).

    Of all of them, I admit, the Avengers Forever characters are the closest to being "real" Avengers, as it seems a foregone conclusion that they WILL be Avengers someday ... assuming they didn't come from an alternate future. The last couple of times Genis-Vell has referenced his ordained future in the Avengers, he always uses weasel words like "It APPEARS I MAY become an Avenger someday ..." But even if it is cast in stone, that was a can of worms I didn't want to open for either team. Just think what I'd have to do for Flash alone in JLA, through JLA One Million!

    And speaking of JLA, Part One is finished, which I present here for vetting by the Legionnaires. Here it is:

    Last week I ran a letter from Paul Leighty of Manns Choice, Penn., asking me to compile a comprehensive roster for both The Avengers and the Justice League in anticipation of the Kurt Busiek-George Perez JLA/Avengers. Masochist that I am, I’m obliging him.

    Last week I compiled a chronological listing of who joined Marvel’s Avengers when -- which alone ate up an entire column. So this week we address DC’s super-team.

    Which is a bit more problematic. In the first place, a Grant Morrison JLA story once mentioned that the current Justice League considers every hero on Earth-DC a “back-up” member of sorts. Skipping over that, we run dead on into DC’s elastic timeline – which establishes how many years ago each hero began their career and when the League formed (eight years ago) ... but as “real” time progresses, all these events have begun to overlap. Finally, there is the ongoing headache of DC’s almost capricious urge to retcon, with events both big (Crisis, Zero Hour) and small (the torturous histories of Black Canary and Hawkman).

    All this weary researcher can do is list events in the order they happened, and let the Legion of Superfluous Heroes judge who is and is not a member. Even so, the membership of the League is so enormous that it will take two columns to cover the highlights. This week I’ll cover up to the final issue of Justice League of America in 1987, followed by next week’s coverage of post-Crisis history.

    The Captain’s usual butt-covering caveats apply, wherein I disingenuously deny that my knowledge is comprehensive (while attempting to prove it is), and asking the Legionnaires to write in with addenda, corrections, and differences of opinion. Ready? Here we go:

    -- Aquaman II (Arthur Curry), Batman II (Bruce Wayne), The Flash II (Barry Allen), Green Lantern II (Hal Jordan), Martian Manhunter (J’onn J’onzz/John Jones), Superman II (Clark Kent), and Wonder Woman II (Princess Diana of Paradise Island) of Earth-1 were established as the founding members of the Justice League, as first shown in The Brave and The Bold #28 (Feb-Mar 60). The team’s origin had occurred chronologically earlier but was published later (in Justice League of America #9, Feb 62), an adventure in which they gathered in response to an invasion from Appellax.

    As is probably obvious, I designated characters with a “II” that had previous, Golden Age versions on Earth-2 (established in various JLA/JSA crossovers over the years). Even Aquaman – long thought to be unique to Earth-1 – was finally established as having had an Earth-2 counterpart in All-Star Squadron #59 (Jul 86). Of all the founding members, apparently only Martian Manhunter (who debuted in Detective Comics #225, Nov 55) had no counterpart established on Earth-2 before the concept went away in Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985-6). As usual, it’s the green guy who gets left out.

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