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NIGHTWING #68 (Homage) (15 Jan 2020) DC Comics

cover:  Travis Moore
NIGHTWING #68 (Homage)
Date:  15 Jan 2020
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    NIGHTWING #68 (Homage) (15 Jan 2020)
    DC Comics

    Nightwing #68 homages George Perez

    posted Feb 3, 2020, 11:14 PM

    From Vu, Thanks to Ilke

    NIGHTWING #68 (Homage) (15 Jan 2020)
    DC Comics
    In the latest Nightwing #68, you can see homages to George Perez's New Teen Titans #1 cover and the first appearance of Nightwing on the stairs.  Art by Ronan Cliquet.

    Preview the pages at