ACTION COMICS #3 (Digital) (02 Nov 2011)

cover:  Rags Morale
SUPERMAN #45 (Italy)
Date: 02 Nov 2011
Cover Price: $3.99

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Features interview with George Perez

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    ACTION COMICS #3 (02 Nov 2011)
    DC Comics

    ACTION COMICS #3 (Digital) (02 Nov 2011)
    DC Comics

    SUPERMAN #3 (Italy) (06 Jul 2012)
    RW Lion


    Action Comics #3 features notes from George Perez

    posted Nov 2, 2011 7:00 PM by Vu Sleeper

    From Ilke

    ACTION COMICS #3 (02 Nov 2011)

    ACTION COMICS #3 (Digital) (02 Nov 2011)
    Action Comics #3 (out November 2nd) features comments from George about his work on Superman.