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SUPERMAN #1 (Summer 1939)

cover: Joe Shuster
DC Comics (

George Perez paid tribute to this cover with ACTION COMICS #643 (Jul 1989)

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    SUPERMAN #1 (Summer 1939)
    ACTION COMICS #643 (Jul 1989)

    SUPER-HOMEM ESPECIAL #2 (Brazil) (1989)

    SUPERMAN #72 (Spain) (1990)

    SUPERMAN CLASSIC #32 (Italy) (1997)

    LE AVVENTURE DI SUPERMAN #28 (Italy) (2007)



    SUPERMAN DIE-CAST (Ertl) (1990)

    cover: Joe Shuster
    Summer 1939
    DC Comics

    Comic Book (64 pages)

    Jerry Siegel
    Joe Shuster
    Joe Shuster

    This comic book does NOT contain any George Pérez artwork. George Pérez did an homage to this cover that appeared in ACTION COMICS #643.
    cover scan from

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  • News: Superman #1 Statue

    March 12, 2006 02:35 am
    SUPERMAN #1 (Summer 1939), Cover art by Joe Shuster ACTION COMICS #643 (Jul 1989) SUPERMAN #1 STATUE (Mar 2006)
    Superman #1 Statue
    Catch the Wave, Scoop, Friday, March 10, 2006

    Longtime fans of the Man of Steel have been waiting for this release for quite some time. The first in DC's new Superman Cover to Cover series, this phenomenal statue highlights our enduring hero as he appeared on the cover of Superman #1, based on artwork of Superman co-creator Joe Schuster.

    Each release in this series will recreate in three dimensions the original art of a different classic Superman comic book cover. The artwork on one side of the box has the figure of Superman removed, so the statue can be displayed in front of it to re-create the cover image in three dimensions.

    Superman #1 is limited to 2,500.

     January 20, 2004 | Shadowflame #4 Cover Inked
    From Joe Martino

    Shadowflame Homage inked
    Thread started on: 01/19/04 at 6:04pm

    I am a huge fan of George and I penciled this Homage. I got it back from my inker today and wanted to share it with all of you.

    SUPERMAN #1 (Summer 1939), Cover art by Joe Shuster ACTION COMICS #643 (Jul 89), Cover art by George Perez. SHADOWFLAME #4 (Pencils) (2003), art by Joe Martino SHADOWFLAME #4 (Jan 2004), art by Joe Martino/Peter Palmiotti
     September 30, 2003 | Shadowflame #4
    From Joe Martino

    Shadowflame 4 cover. Homage to George's Superman
    posted 9/30/03 8:08 AM

    I am a huge George Perez fan. I am also a huge Superman fan and I am working on a story where Shadowflame finds out he is not the first to wear the costume (or a reasonable facimile of it). So I did an Homage of Superman #1. I used George's Action Comics cover and the original for reference (plus added a little of myself) I am always being told I am an old school looking artist. I always take it as a compliment. Here it is:

    SUPERMAN #1 (Summer 1939), Cover art by Joe Shuster ACTION COMICS #643 (Jul 89), Cover art by George Perez. SHADOWFLAME #4 SHADOWFLAME #4, art by Joe Martino

    08/27/2006 20:33:48

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