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SWORDQUEST #1-3 (Regular Size) (Errata) (1983)

cover:  George Perez
Date: Sep 14, 2010
Cover Price: $2.99

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    SEVEN (1995) (Bluray Book)
    Sep 14, 2010
    New Line Cinema
    cover: George Pérez
    SWORDQUEST #1-3 (regular size)
    DC Comics/Atari


    Roy Thomas/Gerry Conway
    George Pérez
    Dick Giordano
    Dick Giordano

    I'm not sure why the go-ahead to reprint the cartridge sized comic book into regular normal size comic never happened... I can only hazard a guess that DC's license doesn't allow this or a lack of interest (like low sales of the ATARI FORCE comic). Related
  •  January 12, 2003 | Atari Report (1983)
    From Dick Giordano
    MEANWHILE… (May 1983)
    written by Dick Giordano


    If you don't know what ATARI FORCE and SQORDQUEST are (been hibernating?), they're two comic book series produced by DC Comics for Atari to be packed with certain cartridges. So far, ATARI FORCE numbers 1, 2, and 3 have appeared in "Defender", "Berserk" and "Star Raiders" cartridges and SWORDQUEST numbers 1 and 2 in cartridges called "EarthWorld" and "FireWorld" respectively.

    If you bough these exciting electronic game cartridges, you know that the comics were an added plus to the general gameply fun at no additional cost.

    Fear not, friends… we're not forget those of you who have yet to enjoy these games. Sometime in 1983, a new, more exciting version of ATARI FORCE will be on the newsstands and the entire SWORDQUEST saga will probably be available in a large size than the original and released by DC as an album or a mini-series or a series of graphic novels.

    SWORDQUEST was written by Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway, drawn by George Pérez and inked and edited by yours truly.

     January 4, 2003 | Greenberger Talks Archives
    From Bob Greenberger, via DC Boards, thanks to Kirk
    Questions for Bob Greenberger
    posted December 12, 2002 09:39 AM


    I think Forge and Edge are interesting ideas but now that CrossGen has repurposed them into a new size, I need to see those before I offer any opinion/observation.


    Yes, I know what's on our March and May-December schedule. However, as stated elsewhere, we constantly revise the schedule based on market conditions. I'd much rather not tell you something is coming out in a specific month and then have us change it. For March, which is locked down, we will have a volume of JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVENTURES, NEW TEEN TITANS: THE JUDAS CONTRACT (back to press), WONDER WOMAN: PARADISE FOUND (issues #170-177), GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD DAWN II and 100 BULLETS: COUNTERFIFTH DETECTIVE.


    Yes, we're doing our homework on collecting George Perez's run of Wonder Woman but exact details and release dates will be forthcoming. Part of the problem is that with older film it takes longer to inspect and prep.

    posted December 13, 2002 08:57 AM

    Yes, there's a JLA Archives coming in 2003 as we cover issues #61-70 with an intro by Denny O'Neil, as he waxes nostalgic on taking over from Gardner Fox.


    SwordQuest, with gorgeous George Perez, is owned by Atari, which is now longer an AOL Time Warner company. Therefore, it'd be tough to produce. It was also drawn for a different size and wouldn't necessarily adapt to the traditional comic book trim size. Finally, I don't recall if the fourth book was ever finished. I do recall, though, seeing the real prize, the jewel-encrusted sword at a trade show and thought it looked awesome.

    posted December 23, 2002 09:07 AM

    The paper stocks we use on the trade paperbacks are selected using a variety of criteria. For example, are we picking up existing film? How was the material colored (believe it or not, changing paper stock may suddenly ruin a beautiful color job). And of course, there's that pesky issue of price. Our commitment to a quality package never diminishes.

    Yes, we're talking about collecting George's JLA and Wonder Woman material. However, given his detailed work, we have to make sure the film is intact and complete. If not, then we need to address how best to restore the work without ruining the look of the artwork which does george and the reader a disservice. And obviously, we'll be looking for an optimal marketing opportunity to release such collections.


    Covers are very important to the overall mix, but should a collection have 185 story pages, 5 covers and a minimum of 3 pages of front matter, that's 193 pages. The next signatur eup makes it 208 pages and raises the issue of how to fill the remainign pages and by going up a signature does that also mean the price has to increase? We look at these issues closely before making a decision.

    Bob Greenberger
    Senior editor - Collected Editionss