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NEW TEEN TITANS #27 (Jan 1983) DC Comics

cover:  George Perez
Date: Jan 1983
Cover Price:  $0.60

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    "Runaways Part 2" (23 pages) 
    writer:  Marv Wolfman
    art:  George Perez
    Romeo Tanghal
    colors:  N/A
    letters:  Ben Oda
    editor:  Len Wein

    NEW TEEN TITANS #27 (Jan 1983)
    DC Comics

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    DC Comics

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    New Teen Titans Helps Promotes Literacy in Africa

    19 August 2008, 9:09AM CDT by vu (vu sleeper) [updated at 9:26AM CDT]


    NEW TEEN TITANS #27 (Jan 1983)

    Literacy and The Legacy of Comic Books in Africa
    { August 19th, 2008 written by Jonathan Gosier } | Creative Commons License Creative Commons

    I grew up in the United States where I spent many days locked in my bedroom with stacks of comic books both contemporary and old. Since moving to Uganda, I’ve found a new appreciation for comic books as a tool to encourage reading and to promote literacy. 

    At the time I read all kinds of books for fun but nothing was more impactful to my young psyche than superhero comic books. Not all super heroes were created equal, however. It was books like the following that I really loved….

    The New Teen Titans by George Perez and Marv Wolfman was about the former teenage sidekicks of superheroes like Batman, Wonder Woman and the Green Arrow dealing with the independence of adulthood.

    [ Read more Literacy and The Legacy of Comic Books in Africa ]