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TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #48 (Nov 1984) DC Comics

cover:  George Perez
Date: Nov 1984
Cover Price: $0.75


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    "The Recombatants" (18 pages) /"Driving Force!" /"Epilogue One" 
    writer:  Robert Loren Fleming
    Marv Wolfman 
    art:  Steve Rude
    Denys Cowan
    Sal Trapani
    George Perez
    Mike DeCarlo
    colors:  N/A
    letters:  N/A
    editor:  N/A

    TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #48 (Nov 1984)
    DC Comics

    TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #48 (Digital) (27 Mar 2013)
    DC Comics

    NUEVOS TITANES #39 (Spain) (1985)

    COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #558 (27 Jul 1984)

    The New Teen Titans vs The New Warriors cover recreation by Rodney Ramos (George Perez & Mark Bagley)

    posted May 31, 2021, 11:28 AM

    Pepe C writes:

    TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #48 (Nov 1984)
    DC Comics
    Using the Team-Up cover of Super-Team Up blog

    News: CBR Chat Transcript: Wolfman

    October 26, 2005 06:51 pm
    by Brian Cronin, Contributing Writer
    Posted: October 26, 2005

    TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #48 (Nov 1984)
    DC Comics
    Writer Marv Wolfman stopped by the CBR Chat room recently for one of our regular creator chats. He talked with fans about his reaction to "Infinite Crisis," talked about some of what happened behind the scenes in making "Crisis on Infinite Earth," plus much, much more.


    ApexPredator: Thank you for your run on "New Teen Titans." My older bro of 10 years collected them and truth be told they are what I learned to read from...that explains a lot. I will always remember when I was a real lil tyke in school and the teacher/librarian was teaching the class...she said "OK first comes the prologue and then comes the... I shout out "Epilogue." She looks at me like "where the hell did you learn that from?" That was all you, Marv. Thanks for the stories and of course I have been amassing a collection of all the books ever since.
    marvw: Thanks, Apex. I get lots of email from folk saying how much early stories of mine meant to them as they grew up. Trust me, they mean more than you could know.

    Azrael52: How often do you get to see George Perez?
    marvw: I only see George at conventions. I live in LA and he's on the East Coast. We talk more often. Email, actually.

     February 25, 2003 | Reviews And Qs (Feb 24)
    From Silver Bullet Comics

    It's Bob Rozakis: The Answer Man
    Reviews And Qs

    Monday, February 24
    By Bob Rozakis


    Remember me? It seems like ages since I've e-mailed you. I wanted to drop you a note with some additional info for this week's column:

    * Space Ranger hasn't made any substantial appearances since GREEN LANTERN [second series] #s 136-137 but he HAS appeared, specifically in cameos in CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #10, GUY GARDNER #24 and STARMAN [second series] #55.

    As for Tommy Tomorrow, he also appeared in CRISIS #10 (and 12, which revealed that in the new timeline, he was the kid who'd otherwise have grown up to be Kamandi). His appearances since have all been non-canonical, such as his turn as a villain in TWILIGHT #s 1-3, his appearance as one of Robby Reed's alternate identities in SILVER AGE SECRET FILES #1 and a fantasy sequence in STARMAN [second series] #55.

    -- John Wells (

    TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #48 (Nov 1984)
    DC Comics
    Another pseudo crossover between two comics teams from different companies was done in NEW TEEN TITANS and DNAGENTS from DC and Eclipse by Marv Wolfman and Mark Evanier respectively. Similar to the FREEDOM FIGHTERS / INVADERS crossover, each team fought a doppelganger team of the other, and both stories appeared at roughly the same time. I believe the DNAgents doppels were the Recombatants; don't recall what the Titans' doppels were called.

    Post-Crisis, by the way, the Cyborg-Superman was originally a Reed Richards doppelganger, introduced in a Superman story with a full Fantastic Four origin and team homage.

    Re: recalling Kara post-Crisis. There was the Deadman story in CHRISTMAS WITH THE SUPER-HEROES #2 circa 1989 where Deadman meets a blonde ghost named Kara; she was a hero who no one remembered at all. If it wasn't Supergirl, it was a darn good imitation.

    -- Tom Galloway (tyg[a]