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NEW TEEN TITANS #1 (Aug 1984) DC Comics

cover:  George Perez
Date: Aug 1984
Cover Price: $1.25

Reprinted in:
and THE TEEN TITANS: THE TERROR OF TRIGON TP (May 2003). Translated and reprinted in CLASICOS DC #18: NUEVOS TITANES (Spain) (Jul 2008), OS NOVOS TITÃS #22 (Brazil), LOS NUEVOS TITANES #1 (Spain), SUPER STAR COMICS #1 (French) and TEEN TITANS #1 (Germany)

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    • RIP George Perez To all of George’s fans and friends, Constance here, with the update no one wants to read. George passed away yesterday, peacefully at home with his wife of 490 months and family by his side. He was not in pain and knew he was very, very loved. We are all very much grieving but, at the same time, we are so incredibly grateful for the joy he brought to our lives. To know George was to love him; and he loved back. Fiercely and with his whole heart. The world is a lot less vibrant today without him in it. He loved all of you. He loved hearing your posts and seeing the drawings you sent and the tributes ...
      Posted May 7, 2022, 10:30 AM by Vu Nguyen
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    "Shadows In The Dark" (23 pages) 
    writer:  Marv Wolfman
    art:  George Pérez 
    colors:  Adrienne Roy 
    letters:  Todd Klein 
    editor:  Marv Wolfman

    NEW TEEN TITANS #1 (Aug 1984)
    DC Comics

    DC Comics

    LOS NUEVOS TITANES #1 (Spain) (1985)

    Ehapa Verlag

    CLASICOS DC #18: NUEVOS TITANES (Spain) (Jul 2008)
    Planeta De Agostini

    DC Comics

    DC RELEASES #3 (Aug 1984)
    DC Comics

    DC Comics

    COMICS COLLECTOR #6 (Jan 1985)
    Krause Publications

    New Teen Titans #1 (1984) custom frame

    posted Feb 11, 2019, 8:25 PM

    From Vu

    NEW TEEN TITANS #1 (Aug 1984)
    DC Comics
    Check out this unique custom frame for New Teen Titans #1 (1984). Also the Infinity Gauntlet frame lights up! More at

    New Teen Titans #1 (1984) letter page

    posted Sep 17, 2018, 9:07 AM by Vu Sleeper

    From Vu

    NEW TEEN TITANS #1 (Aug 1984)
    DC Comics
    When you buy older comics on digital, some companies do not include the letter pages or original advertisements.

    Here's an excerpt of the New Teen Titans #1 (1984) letter page, written by Marv Wolfman:

    "You see, four years ago people laughed when we said we were reviving a comic DC had canceled twice before. When George Perez was visiting a comic shop at the time of the Titans' premiere, he was told that the store hadn't ordered many copies of TITANS #1 because in six months it would be canceled and forgotten. DC, they felt, hadn't had a certified hit in years. Well, that was about to change.

    By our sixth issue, we were DC's best selling comic. Within the year whenever I'd visit comic conventions which featured costume parades, I'd almost always see a Titans costume among the elves and mutants that seemed to prevail. Las year I found a Titans statuary, mini-figures, pins, drawings, and even a magazine explaining how to fit the Titans into role-playing games."

    You can check out some ads and letter page scans of NTT#1 (1984) here:

    George Perez on His 5 Favorite TEEN TITANS Covers

    posted Sep 17, 2018, 12:42 AM by Vu Sleeper

    From Vu

    NEW TEEN TITANS #1 (Aug 1984)
    DC Comics
    Whoever posted this article doesn't know their New Teen Titans credits. Based on the description of inking, George is referring to New Teen Titans vol 2, #1 (1984) which he inked issues #1 and #2. New Teen Titans Vol 1, #1 (1980) was inked by Romeo Tanghal.

    George Perez on His 5 Favorite TEEN TITANS Covers

    Aug. 14, 2018 by Joe McCabe

    ...Perez recently visited our offices, and we asked the master to share with us his five favorite covers from his time on the beloved book. Here are his picks...

    The New Teen Titans vol. 1 #1

    "I liked the first couple of issues, because I got to ink myself. Which I was too slow to do on a regular basis."

    The New Teen Titans vol. 1 #13

    "It's an atmospheric cover. That’s one of my favorites."

    The New Teen Titans vol. 1 #38

    "The 'Who is Donna Troy?' cover was something different. It was using a different medium."

    The New Teen Titans vol. 1 #39

    "Oh yeah, this was me at full throttle... Even though I enjoyed inking 'Crossroads' -- the one where Dick and Wally give up being Titans -- I wish that I had maybe not inked that one and instead inked 'Who is Donna Troy?'. That one would’ve been fun. I inked the first three pages of 'Who is Donna Troy?', the intro. Which they mis-colored unfortunately in trying to get that film noir effect. That’s a regret, that I wasn’t fast enough to ink my own work."

    Tales of the Teen Titans vol. 1 #42

    "Most of the ones in 'The Judas Contract', because that was obviously unusual to do segmented covers. There were multiple images there."

    News: An Inspirational True Story Inspired by Wolfman and Pérez

    March 09, 2006 12:00 am
     From Mike Negin

    I recently became the proud owner of New Teen Titans (second series) #1 Page 10 by George Perez and Marv Wolfman; it was generously given to me as a gift! But this is not an ordinary story! There is much more too it.....This piece has huge significance historically and for me, metaphorically as well.

    NEW TEEN TITANS #1 (Aug 1984)
    NEW TEEN TITANS #1 Page 10 (1984)
    First lets start of with the historic……This is page 10 from New Teen Titans, second series #1, (also known to some of us old timers as the Baxter series). The popularity of the Titans had grown to rival that of Marvel’s big guns, the X-Men and in the summer of 1984 DC decided to launch them into an all-new second series but in a new format. This new book was printed on high grade white paper with vibrant colors unlike anything that had been seen in mainstream super-hero comics before; but an even bolder move was that this new book would only be available to the direct comic market and NOT be available at local newsstands. A reprint version of the same issues would be come out several months later on the standard low grade paper, so if you wanted your Titans fix on time you were forced to go to your local comic shop; This was not a big deal to me because I had a local comic shop (more on that later) but at the time this was a major controversy because many only had access to comics through their local newsstands. But right or wrong, this would start a trend of direct market sales that would forever change the face of comic book distribution. Of course the team that had made the original series such a success, Marv Wolfman and George Perez, would move to the new series but gearing the book towards the direct market with a slightly more mature theme (and I say only slightly because the original series was already very mature….it’s one of the reasons I was drawn to the series in the first place). Of course both gentlemen did not disappoint and the 1st story arc from the “Baxter” series detailing Raven’s battle with her father Trigon as well as her own inner demons will go down as one of the best in Titans history. So to me this page being from the first issue of the Baxter Series is not only a big part of Teen Titans history but a significant part of comic history as well.

    The art on this piece (a half page splash featuring the entire team!) is absolutely stunning with George not only penciling but inking himself as well. This is simply George Perez at his best! The amount of detail that was put into this page is astounding and the scan just really doesn’t do it justice at all. From the amazing detail on the table, chairs and signature Titans Tower spiral staircase to the deep blacks used in the Raven panels…you can really see that George poured his heart into every line; and it’s because of work like this throughout his entire career that he is still considered The Master! You can view the piece in my gallery here :

    [ Read more An Inspirational True Story Inspired by Wolfman and Pérez ]

     February 9, 2004 | Lovitz's Comicart-L Gallery
    From Vu

    Check out Michael Lovitz's amazing Perez cover art collection. This is just a small sample, more info on

    TEEN TITANS (UNPUBLISHED COVER) (1981), art by George Pérez. Published in HEROES CONVENTION (1982). NEW TEEN TITANS #7 Cover (1981), art by George Pérez. Published in NEW TEEN TITANS #7 (May 81).

    NEW TEEN TITANS #1 (Aug 1984)
     November 27, 2002 | TT: Terror of Trigon
    From Comics Continuum, thanks to ES

    DC Comics has announced five new titles to its roster of collected editions for 2003, including the first collected edition from The New Teen Titans Volume 2 (1984).


    One of the most popular series of the early 1980s is collected in The New Teen Titans: The Terror of Trigon, starting with The New Teen Titans Volume 2 #1-5. The classic tales, written by Marv Wolfman with art by George Pérez and Romeo Tanghal and a cover by Pérez, tell of Trigon's coming to Earth, intent on becoming master of this realm - with only the New Teen Titans and Trigon's own daughter, Raven, standing against him! The New Teen Titans: The Terror of Trigon is a 144-page collected edition scheduled to arrive in stores in May.