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TEEN TITANS #1 (2nd & 3rd Print) (Homage) (Sep 2003) DC Comics

cover:  Mike McKone
Marlo Alquiza
Jeromy Cox
TEEN TITANS #1 (2nd & 3rd Print) (Homage)
Date: Sep 2003
Cover Price: $2.50

Reprinted in:
NOTE: This comic does not contain any George Pérez art or writing. It is an homage to NEW TEEN TITANS #1. SECOND and THIRD PRINTING uses the exact same cover.
Cover scan from ES

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    "Teen Titans" (30 pgs) 
    writer:  Geoff Johns
    art:  Mike McKone
    Marlo Alquiza
    colors:  Jeromy Cox
    letters:  Comicraft
    editor:  Tom Palmer
    Eddie Berganza

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    Teen Titans Giant (Walmart Exclusive)

    posted Jun 23, 2018, 5:46 AM by Vu Nguyen

    From Vu

    TEEN TITANS #1 (2nd & 3rd Print) (Homage) (Sep 2003)
    DC Comics
    DC Comics will be launching these 100-page "Giant" $5 comics at Walmart in July 2018, which includes a new story with reprints. Although no George Perez reprints are included in the first issue of Teen Titans Giant, it probably won't be long until we see his art in the Walmart exclusive series given how many TT issues that George touched.


    With New Stories by Tom King, Dan Jurgens, Brian Michael Bendis, Andy Kubert, More
    Posted by Milton Griepp on June 22, 2018 @ 5:52 am CT

    In the biggest expansion of comics distribution in a generation, DC Entertainment will launch a massive comics program with the nation’s largest retailer this summer, offering four exclusive series at over 3,000 participating Walmart stores. This is a majority of the company’s 5,295 retail units (of all types, including neighborhood markets and Sam’s Club) in the U.S.

    All four titles will be 100-page giants with retro trade dress, retailing for $4.99.  Each issue will feature lead new stories along with reprints from recent eras including "New 52," "Rebirth," and the "New Age of DC Heroes."  


    Teen Titans Giant
    The first issue of Teen Titans Giant will include the first part of a new six-part story by Dan Jurgens with art by Scot Eaton, Wayne Faucher, and Jim Charalampidis, along with the first issue stories from Super Sons #1 (2017), Sideways #1 (2018), and Teen Titans #1 (2003).

     August 05, 2004 06:53 pm | Geoff Johns Interview at Newsarama
    From Newsarama
    08-04-2004 07:57 PM
    written by Matt Brady

    It’s been just over a year since Geoff Johns took the reins of the new…or latest Teen Titans series, with Mike McKone along as regular artist. Latest not meant…entirely…as a negative in this instance, as the series, and franchise had seen a couple of ups and more than a few downs at DC in the last ten years or so.

    The final issues of the series originally begun by Marv Wolfman and George Perez in 1980 (though now with a lineup that barely resembled the original team) wheezed out their last in 1995, Dan Jurgens gave the concept a go with new characters in 1996, which landed with a thud; and the franchise’s third go-round in the ‘90s (launched by Devin Grayson and Mark Buckingham in 1999 as The Titans, and starring the young adult versions of the Wolfman/Perez team, for the most part. While it started well, by the time issue #43 came out in 2002, readers were ready for something new.

    Enter Johns and McKone. Johns, by that time, had earned a reputation as being a DC wunderkind in the Mark Waid mold, that is, something akin to a walking continuity encyclopedia with a respect for the past who could tell a very solid story. While Johns’ assignment to the title alone stirred embers in the hearts of Teen Titans fans they thought might never rekindle, the lineup of the new team sent them into heaven. For all intents and purposes, the “new” Teen Titans would be pretty much that – a new millennium version of the Wolfman/Perez team. McKone’s pre-launch artwork, showing a cover splash that was an homage to the cover of The New Teen Titans #1 sealed the deal.


     January 3, 2004 | 2003's Most Interesting
    From Newsarama

    by Michael Sangiacomo

    I hate "Best of the Year" columns because they always disappoint.

    So this is not a "best" column, just a look at some of the comics that made 2003 interesting.


    Teen Titans
    Speaking of welcome returns, Geoff Jones Mike McKone and Marlo Alquiza prove there's still life in the old dog by jumpstarting Teen Titans. This is what, the 50th time the title has been restarted? The weird thing is that it is always been good, provided we ignore the Team Titans debacle of the ‘90s and all connected with it.

    Characters leave and return, new characters emerge. Usually the dead characters have the decency to stay dead, the exception being the "return" of Jericho. His resurrection as a force, does have a ring of logic.

     September 29, 2003 | TT #1 Third Print
    From Vu

    I was at a comic book store the other day and I happen to notice that the third printing of TEEN TITANS vol 4, #1 used the same cover as the second printing.

    The cover, as you know, is an homage to George Perez's classic NEW TEEN TITANS #1 cover.

    The most recent homage of the TT #1 cover was THE NEW TEEN TITANS: THE TERROR OF TRIGON TP by Phil Jimenez.

     August 6, 2003 | TT 3rd Print
    From Newsarama

    TEEN TITANS vol 4, #1 (2nd Print) TEEN TITANS vol 4, #1 (2nd Print)
    08-05-2003 07:18 PM
    posted by MattBrady


    “Long term, it’s not good for readers when any publisher sells out of a comic that the reader wants to buy. Right now we’re in a distorted market. This distortion has squeezed the ordering decision for every retailer, and it has led to some retailers over-ordering on some comics and under-ordering on many, many others. At DC, we’ve good a good track record for nurturing titles through a combination of overprints, overships, partial returnability, reprints and trade paperback availability. If significant demand exists, we’ll work to meet that demand. Later today, we’ll be announcing a third printing of Teen Titans #1, as well as a combined reprint of Outsiders #1 - #2. We had enormous order increases on Superman/Batman #1 yesterday, with the book scheduled to arrive in-store tomorrow. If the order increases for it continue as strongly today, we’ll also be announcing a second printing of Superman/Batman #1 this week.”

     August 4, 2003 | Washington Post: Teen Comics
    From Washington Post, thanks to DC Comics

    Power Play: Comics Get Teen Angst
    Sunday, July 20, 2003; Page M02

    In a bid to add younger readers, especially girls, to an aging audience, superhero comics are turning to teen characters -- with superhuman powers, of course. This year, comic shops will see at least three lines focusing on disgruntled adolescents. "Teen Titans," one of DC Comics' most popular concepts, returns this month to find Superboy skipping school, Robin sulking, Wonder Girl getting called to the principal's office -- and all of them dying to get away from their mentors' X-ray vision and Bat-eavesdropping. "Runaways" (Marvel Comics) cranks up the angst with 11 characters who discover that their parents are part of a time-traveling supervillain cabal called the Pride. And in Brian Wood's "Demo" (AiT/PlanetLar), when Samantha Hurley's genetic birthright kicks in, her new powers turn her into a societal nightmare: an invulnerable and unfettered 17-year-old. Evan Narcisse

    © 2003 The Washington Post Company

     August 1, 2003 | DC's Streak of Sold-Out Issues
    From DC Comics

    August 1, 2003

    DC Comics' continues its impressive streak of sold-out issues with recent titles including OUTSIDERS #2 , TEEN TITANS #1 Second Printing, ARROWSMITH #1, BIRDS OF PREY #57, and EMPIRE #0 all selling out at the publisher.

    "Given the generous overprintings we did on all these books, we're particularly proud of these sell-outs," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP – Sales & Marketing. "Its clear that reader enthusiasm for them is very strong. We urge retailers to increase their orders on upcoming issues of these and other recently sold-out titles."


    TEEN TITANS #1 Second Printing, written by Geoff Johns with art and cover by Mike McKone and Marlo Alquiza, sold out on July 23, its first day in stores. This follows the sell-out of the issue's original printing, which happened nine days before reaching stores.

    "We're thrilled that TEEN TITANS #1 is flying out the doors - but wait 'til everyone sees #2," says Johns.

     July 26, 2003 | Off the Presses: Teen Titans #1
    From Scoop

    Teen Titans #1
    Off the Presses, Scoop, Friday, July 25, 2003

    Unless you've been hiding out for the past two weeks, you probably have heard that Teen Titans #1 sold out from DC nine days before it hit the stands. The newly revitalized title, written by Geoff Johns (Flash, JSA) and illustrated by the team of Mike McKone (pencils) and Marlo Alquiza (inks), was nearly impossible to find at cover price at Comic-Con International: San Diego, and the variant cover by Michael Turner (Fathom) was even harder to locate. Now the second printing is available, with a cover paying homage to the Marv Wolfman - George Perez era New Teen Titans #1. And other than a few team members, what does the latest Teen Titans have in common with its illustrious predecessor? Great story, great art and lots and lots of attention from collections. The Teen Titans cartoon is also up and running on Cartoon Network, so stay tuned.

     July 23, 2003 | TT #1 (2nd Print) Cover
    From ES

    TEEN TITANS vol 4, #1 (2nd Print) TEEN TITANS vol 4, #1 (2nd Print) Here is a scan of the second printing of TT #1 (Perez Homage) on sale tomorrow.
     July 11, 2003 | Wizard Market Report (7/11)
    From Wizard

    Friday, July 11
    By Karl Cramer


    With all three issues of Titans/Young Justice selling out in record time and Outsiders doing the same, retailers saw the writing on the wall and upped their initial orders of Teen Titans #1. So much so that the comic is officially sold out two weeks before it even hits stands! When this hits the stands on July 16th watch it sell quicker than Kid Flash.

     July 11, 2003 | Teen Titans 2nd Print
    From Comics Continuum

    Friday, July 11, 2003

    With Teen Titans #1 sold out at DC Comics nine days before its in-store date of July 16, DC has announced that the issue will go back to press for a second printing.

    Thes premiere issue, which introduces a new team of Teen Titans, is written by Geoff Johns with art by Mike McKone and Marlo Alquiza. The cover of the Second Printing features art by McKone and Alquiza that appeared on the Teen Titans promotional poster.

    "I'm thrilled DC is behind this book and believes in it enough to initiate a second printing before issue one even hits the stands," Johns said. "It's been a great week for the Titans crew."

    "As always, we look at every sold-out book on a case-by-case basis, and since Teen Titans sold out before it even reached stores, going back to press on it made sense," said Bob Wayne, DC's VP - sales and makreting."Fan enthusiasm for this series is high, and with the new printing, retailers should have no hesitation in increasing orders on upcoming issues."

    Teen Titans #1 Second Printing is available for order now and is scheduled to arrive in stores on July 23 with a cover price of $2.50.

     July 11, 2003 | TT #1 2nd Print
    From Vu

    TEEN TITANS vol 4, #1 (2nd Print) I am told that a second printing of TEEN TITANS #1 (2003) is now being issued to come out before #2. Best of all, it will have a different cover featuring the TEEN TITANS #1 PROMO POSTER (May 2003).

    As you know, that cover by Mike McKone is an homage to NEW TEEN TITANS #1 by George Pérez.

     July 8, 2003 | TT #1 Sold Out
    From Newsarama

    posted 07-07-2003 10:08 PM by MattBrady

  • TEEN TITANS vol 4, #1
  • Nine days before its on-sale date of July 16, TEEN TITANS #1 (MAY030201) has sold out at DC Comics. This makes four sold-out debut issues for DC in under three weeks.

    "I couldn't be happier that the excitement for TEEN TITANS has grown so much, so fast," says writer Geoff Johns. "Mike McKone, Marlo Alquiza, Jeromy Cox, Eddie Berganza and everyone else involved have been pouring their passion into this book for months now and I can't wait for readers to see the results."

    "The momentum that began with TEEN TITANS/YOUNG JUSTICE: GRADUATION DAY continues to build with this very early sell-out," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing. "It's a strong indicator of reader enthusiasm for the series, so retailers should increase their orders on both TEEN TITANS and the TEEN TITANS/YOUNG JUSTICE: GRADUATION DAY COMPENDIUM."

    DC has no plans to go back to press on TEEN TITANS #1 at this time.

    Upcoming issues of TEEN TITANS are available as follows:

  • TEEN TITANS #2 (JUN030201) is solicited in the June Previews (Volume XIII #6) and is scheduled to be in stores on August 13.
  • TEEN TITANS # (JUL030211) is solicited in the July Previews (Volume XIII #7) and is scheduled to be in stores on September 10.
  • In addition, the TEEN TITANS/YOUNG JUSTICE: GRADUATION DAY COMPENDIUM (MAR035194) has been rush-solicited and is scheduled to be in stores on July 30. The COMPENDIUM collects TEEN TITANS/YOUNG JUSTICE: GRADUATION DAY #1-3 with eight story pages each from the sold-out TEEN TITANS #1 and OUTSIDERS #1.

    Newsarama Note: The announcement by DC means that the publisher has sold out of its overprint volume, that is, it has no copies available for reorder, or in this case, advance reorder, from retailers. All stores that originally ordered copies of Teen Titans #1 will still receive them, and they will be on sale July 16th. If a store sells out of its copies however, DC will not be able to fill reorders.

  •  June 5, 2003 | Johns Interview at Newsarama
    From Newsarama

    posted June 04, 2003 08:39 AM
    by Alex Segura Jr.


    But getting back to the New Teen Titans, just how big a fan was Berganza of the Marv Wolfman/George Perez run? "Big time. Loved Beast Boy and Kori.. um, I mean Starfire," Berganza said. "It was just the coolest comic around. I couldn't wait for the next issue. I remember me and my best friend, Ron, being mad at each other, but because we had just gotten the latest issue we had to make up, so we could talk about it."

    Compared to the other books Berganza was reading at the time, especially comics being published by DC, New Teen Titans had a bit more of a realistic touch, he says. "Praying this won't get me in trouble, this was a DC book that was being done like a Marvel book for the time," Berganza said. "I was a big fan of George's Avengers and Fantastic Four so to see him doing these guys was very cool. Also Marv was giving us real heroes with conflict, which wasn't always the case with other DC heroes at the time. Also let's not forget the diversity the book represented, not only in ethnicity but in the fact that Cyborg also represented the handicapped as well."


    Obviously, given the team make-up, as well as the initial promotional art for the series (an homage to New Teen Titans #1, many people bring up the Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans run and compare it to the upcoming series. While Berganza understands the comparison, he notes the books will have their differences. "Marv and George's is a classic," Berganza said. "We can't hope to top what they did, but will be trying to recapture the excitement and the depth of character that they so masterfully produced. We're going to try to create a book that makes your jaw drop every time you get to page 22 and makes you want to come back for more. "That said, the big difference in tone of ours and theirs is that Geoff has set up that these Titans are younger, and for the most part weekend warriors. This goes back to the early days of the Teen Titans before Marv and George because by the time they got to them we were dealing with an older group. Our guys are kids and have a lot to learn. Cyborg, Starfire and even Beast Boy are there to help, but no one is perfect. It's going to be fun as everyone learns the ropes."

     May 12, 2003 | McKone Interview at Pulse
    From Pulse

    posted 05-09-2003 01:26 PM


    Like a lot of other creators working in comics now, the third incarnation of the Teen Titans, Marv Wolfman and George Perez's New Teen Titans was a favorite of the artist. "I loved the Wolfman/Perez run and still look on in awe at the issues Garcia Lopez drew," admitted McKone, who also thinks his upcoming assignment on Teen Titans "will be better written than all the other comics out there!"

    McKone doesn't plan on altering his artistic style for this series. "I'm not really altering it, but hopefully improving it a little here and there. The designs have to satisfy me, Geoff, and Eddie [Berganza], and the readers. I think so far we have three of the four and will find out in July if it's a full house."

     May 7, 2003 | Johns Interview on Newsarama
    From Newsarama

    posted May 07, 2003 02:32 PM
    by Alex Segura Jr.


    (Geoff) Johns' goal with the book is simple: Get people's attention. "Several members of the team have never been involved with the Teen Titans," Johns said. "They're being introduced to a group that, really, they aren't sure how it's going to work. My goal is to create a book that holds up as well as the Wolfman/Perez Titans hold up today.

    "We're going to get people to sit up and take notice of the Teen Titans. It's not going to be a book laced with pop-culture references that will date it in three months, it's not going to be a book that just puts these heroes together and falsely creates friction or adventure. We're working hard on completely re-defining these characters and the whole concept of the Teen Titans and, quite frankly, the DC team book in general."

    As for the first arc, remember who played a major role in the first adventure of the Wolfman/Perez team? "The first arc is called 'A Kid's Game,'" Johns said. "With Deathstroke. That's all I'll say."

    [ Read more on ]

     May 6, 2003 | TT Team Interview on CBR
    From Comic Book Resources

    by Arune Singh, Staff Writer
    Posted: May 6, 2003


    Even though "Teen Titans #1" hasn't hit the shelves and fans haven't seen the majority of the first issue in preview pages, there's also some fans who seem to feel that this new series is following the Wolfman/Perez era too closely or that it's simply "Young Justice-Lite." Comments like these aren't new and Johns isn't at all unaccustomed to fans pre-judging his work, so he's not worried about a few unhappy fans affecting the good times that he feels readers will have once they begin reading the new "Teen Titans" series. "How do I respond to critcisms? I don't," says Johns firmly. "The book's not even out yet. We aren't going to re-tell Wolfman/Perez stories, but we are going to be more in line with that kind of progressive thinking with a modern day sensibility. They really pushed the envelope on what DC team books were all about back then, and that's what we want to do here. We're going to rope you in with the characters and keep you on the edge of your seat with every issue. This isn't 'New Teen Titans' and it isn't 'Young Justice.' It, of course, will keep the spirit of those two alive but it's going to be a book all it's own. Different outlook, pacing and dynamics."

    by Arune Singh, Staff Writer
    Posted: May 6, 2003


    ...Like so many other professionals in the comic business today, Mike McKone was a fan of the Marv Wolfman and George Perez "Teen Titans" series when he was younger, something that definitely made this series more attractive to him. "Absolutely. It was the first DC book I read on a regular basis and having just re-read the majority of the run, it held up amazingly well. The characters were well developed with real emotional weight, the stories were focused and tight, and Mr Perez was making quantum leaps in his ability to convey this issue by issue."

     April 22, 2003 | TT Solicitation
    From Comics Continuum

    Written by Geoff Johns; art by Mike McKone and Marlo Alquiza; covers by McKone and Alquiza and Michael Turner.

    The debut issue of DC's hottest new super-team, featuring guest appearances by Superman, Batman, The Flash, and Jay Garrick. What do teenage super-heroes do on the weekends? They hang with the Teen Titans. The invitations go out to a handful of reluctant heroes: Superboy, Robin, Impulse and Wonder Girl. Walk into the new Titans Tower with Cyborg and Starfire as they gather together the next generation of Titans in this explosive extra-sized issue at the regular-issue price. All orders will be filled with covers by Mike McKone and Marlo Alquiza (50 percent) and Michael Turner (50 percent).
    40 pages, $2.50, in stores on July 16.

     April 14, 2003 | 5 Questions with Geoff Johns

    Monday, April 14

    5 Questions With…Geoff Johns

    (excerpt) had a chance to sit down with Johns to get his take on the Titans, keeping up with his almost endless list of monthly titles and how he could even make Batroc the Leaper cool.

    1. What kind of research did you do before you took on Teen Titans? Did you have to become a Mallrat for a few months to study up on how kids act?
    No, not really. All I did really was I basically went back and read the first couple of years of the Marv Wolfman and George Perez run on Titans. I’d already read every issue of Superboy, Impulse and Robin, so I had them pretty much nailed. And then I just went back and read the Titans sourcebook. Other than a lot of reading, I just thought a lot about what it was like in high school for me, and then I started writing. I was already really familiar with Titans, so really it was just a case of refreshing myself and seeing where the Titans came from originally and what the team should be about.

     April 9, 2003 | Berganza Interview at CWN
    From Comic World News, thanks to Marcus Mebes

    Topic: Eddie Berganza: DC's OTHER Superman, Editor Eddie Beranza speaks with CWN
    Posted: April 07 2003,17:30
    posted by Caleb Gerard Offline

    Eddie Berganza: DC’s Other Superman

    Eddie Berganza, from looking at his current resume, seems to be the busiest man behind the scenes at DC Comics today. With the whole Super-family of titles a couple of new regular monthlies and a handful of minis is it any wonder that this interview took weeks to complete (oh, and I should add that Eddie was also on jury duty recently, so he’s civic AND hard working).
    Under Eddie’s watchful eye Superman and his “family” have gone through changes that have caught the attention of not only the comic press but also mainstream press as well.
    Anyhow, the less said at this end of the interview the better, so let’s see what’s up with Eddie Berganza. Oh, and please feel free to comment on the piece, but you’ll have to register 1st.


  • TEEN TITANS vol 4, #1
  • CWN: You seem to have a fondness for the Titans (Teen or otherwise) when did this start for you?
    EB: I think like most everyone, it was with Marv Wolfman and George Perez on NEW TEEN TITANS #1. That stuff was amazing and so different from everything else at DC at the time. And I'm a sucker for team books. I love character interaction.

    CWN: Wolfman & Perez rocked the industry, no doubt. What are we going to be getting from this latest version of the Titans?
    EB: Some great characterization from writer Geoff Johns. He excels at that. Don't believe me, just check out JSA, HAWKMAN and FLASH, and add a healthy dosage of action plus the amazing art of Mike McKone and Marlo Alquiza, and you have some pretty cool stuff. I've worked with McKone on SUPERMAN in the past and it's been great, but what he's doing on TITANS surpasses anything I've seen him do before. He's really into it. Fans of Marv and George's run will be really happy with this. Of the past incarnations this comes the closest to that, and at the same time Geoff is being extremely careful that this very NEW reader friendly.

    CWN: You seem to have a fondness for the Titans (Teen or otherwise) when did this start for you?
    EB: I think like most everyone, it was with Marv Wolfman and George Perez on NEW TEEN TITANS #1. That stuff was amazing and so different from everything else at DC at the time. And I'm a sucker for team books. I love character interaction.

    CWN: Wolfman & Perez rocked the industry, no doubt. What are we going to be getting from this latest version of the Titans?
    EB: Some great characterization from writer Geoff Johns. He excels at that. Don't believe me, just check out JSA, HAWKMAN and FLASH, and add a healthy dosage of action plus the amazing art of Mike McKone and Marlo Alquiza, and you have some pretty cool stuff. I've worked with McKone on SUPERMAN in the past and it's been great, but what he's doing on TITANS surpasses anything I've seen him do before. He's really into it. Fans of Marv and George's run will be really happy with this. Of the past incarnations this comes the closest to that, and at the same time Geoff is being extremely careful that this very NEW reader friendly.

     February 28, 2003 | Cyborg Redesigned
    From WIZARD: THE COMICS MAGAZINE #139 (Apr 2003)


    DC offers a sneak peek at the new 'Teen Titans'


    (Mike) McKone, who admits that the Marv Woflman/George Pérez run of the 1980s was one of the only comics he read as a kid, adopted his predecessor's initial design with a few tweaks.

    "Cyborg will be pretty close to the Pérez design, with a couple of modifications," hinted McKone. "We're giving him little LED battery indicators all over his body. And we decided to get rid of the garter belt."

     February 27, 2003 | McKone's Quote
    From WIZARD: THE COMICS MAGAZINE #139 (Apr 2003)

    written by Casey Seuas

    QUOTABLE: It looks as though McKone's livin' his dream. "I was a big fan of the Marv Wolfman/George Pérez [New Teen] Titans," says the artist. "It was one of the only books I read as a kid. This is a great project to be on."

     February 15, 2003 | TT vol 4, #1 Not Homage Cover
    From Lobo's Den


    The following is an interview with Geoff Johns. This interview was done via e-mail.


    Is the image released a promo image or the cover to issue #1?
    Promo image. There will be a different cover on #1.

     January 23, 2003 | Wizard World Chicago 2003
    From COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1525 (7 Feb 03)
    A light(ning) touch
    by George Nelson
    published in COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1525 (7 Feb 03)
    Catching up with Geoff Johns


    Johns also expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming relaunch of Titans which will feature several of the characters introduced by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez in their own 1980 revival of the title.

    "You could tell they really put a lot of energy and love in that book," he said. "They made them real and they gave them problems. For the first time, the characters felt like people instead of icons. I don't remember the last time a team that introduced so many new characters was so successful."

     November 11, 2002 | Big Changes to DC's Youngsters
    From Newsarama
    YOUTH QUAKE: Big Changes to DC's Youngsters
    posted November 10, 2002 12:11 PM
    written by michaelDORAN


    Teen Titans will feature the creative team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Mike (Exiles) McKone.

    “This is like a dream project for Geoff,” said (editor Eddie) Berganza. “He’s told me the first year’s storyline, and it’s amazing. You won’t believe what he has planned.”

    One thing the publisher does ask you to believe it the new team’s line-up, because they’ve already revealed it. The new series will star former YJ'ers Robin, Wonder Girl, Superboy and Impulse, along with former Titans Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire and Raven, though Johns tells Newsarama that won’t be the teams’s complete final line-up.

    “I chose these characters specifically because, most of them are DC's new generation of teens (Superboy, Robin, etc.) and the others are favorite characters of mine, ones I gravitate toward,” Johns said, adding the line-up’s sort-of ‘resemblance-with-a-twist’ to Wolfman & Perez’ classic New Teen Titans line-up was both intentional and coincidence.

    “Why Starfire and Cyborg (not teens) are present will all be explained in the book. And you'll be seeing a different kind of Raven. Plus we have some big plans for Superboy. “

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     November 11, 2002 | Geoff Johns Talks TT
    From Comic Book Resources
    by Arune Singh, Staff Writer
    Posted: November 10, 2002


    Some fans might be skeptical, with all the different incarnations of the Titans, teen or not, in recent years and Johns says that he does have a unique perspective to bring to the book, but he can't go into too much detail yet. "I'm really focusing on the kids being kids, teenagers being teenagers and why they have to be together, but I can't really talk [New Teen Titans #1]specifics at this point," says Johns. "It's just too early and I don't want to spoil Judd's mini-series or our first arc. But I can tell you that I chose the characters for this book because those are the characters I gravitate towards and the reason they mirror the Wolfman/Perez era is because that's my favorite era, of course. No one said I had to take the characters - I chose them. And yes, before anyone points it out, I realize that Cyborg and Starfire are not teenagers. However, you'll be seeing a very different kind of Raven…"