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WHO'S WHO #1 (Errata) (Jun 2011) DC Comics

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WHO'S WHO #1 (Errata)
Date: Jun 2011
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Unpublished DC character guide

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    WHO'S WHO #1 (Errata) (2012)
    DC Comics

    All Green Lanterns wears their ring on their right hand, except Alan Scott

    posted Jul 29, 2020, 11:03 AM by Vu Sleeper

    From Vu

    WHO'S WHO #1 (Errata) (2012)
    DC Comics
    Someone tell Spin Master that the ring should be on the right hand of John Stewart. The only Green Lantern that wears their ring on the left hand is the Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott.

    George Perez: "The Golden Age Green Lantern is the only Green Lantern to wear the ring on his left hand. All of the others wear it on their right hand, paw, tentacle or whatever. This is supposed to go together with a "DC Bible" for [Mark] Waid."

    Cully Hamner to draw the entire DC Universe reference guide?

    posted Jul 21, 2011 1:48 AM by vu sleeper

    From Contact

    WHO'S WHO #1 (Errata) (2012)
    DC Comics
    7/20/2011 23:11:26
    Roger C writes:

    Hey, on Newsarama they ran a story on Cully Hamner and said he was drawing a style guide on the entire DC Universe that other artists will use as a reference.

    This is something that George Perez was originally linked to years ago (DC Bible).Have you heard anything about this and is it now off the table for sure for George? Any info is appreciated. Love the site...Thanks.


    CULLY HAMNER Defines His DCnU Costume Redesign Role
    By Vaneta Rogers posted: 20 July 2011 04:52 pm ET

    Cully Hamner has more than one role in the relaunch of the DCnU.


    Newsarama: Before DC even announced you were part of the design team behind this new initiative, I kept talking to artists who were saying, "and then Cully took a look at it." You clearly played a bigger role in this than anyone knew at the beginning. What was the job about?

    Cully Hamner: What originally happened was that Mark Chiarello asked me to be part of it, and what my main job was supposed to be was to do the style guide for the whole DC Universe. I'm working on that now. I'm doing turnarounds on everybody. It's the final reference guide for all the artists to draw from, even beyond the people involved in the initiative now.

    Who's Who 2011 to come out after "Flashpoint"

    posted Jan 26, 2011 3:25 PM by vu sleeper


    WHO'S WHO #1 (Errata) (2012)
    DC Comics
    DC Nation Panel: Co-Features, Accidental Spoilers, And Why You Don't Invite Fans On Stage
    Oct 9th 2010 By: David Uzumeri

    Today at the DC Nation panel at New York Comic Con 2010, Dan DiDio, Bob Wayne, Jeff Lemire, Jim Lee, Bryan Q. Miller and new Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras, introduced "Lost in Translation" style as "Mister Bob Harris!"


    On WHO'S WHO: They intended originally to have it out after "Final Crisis," but now they say it makes more sense to have it out post-"Flashpoint."


    Waid Talks The Brave and the Bold
    News  Tue, 14 Nov 2006 17:53:24 CST  Vu


    NRAMA: Before we let you go, we would be remiss not to ask about working with George Pérez…What's it like watching is pages come in, and what are you doing as a writer to craft the stories towards his particular talents?
    MW: Going through my DC Who's Who and DC Encyclopedia with a renewed intensity. It's great because it's forcing me to use muscles I don't often use - I'm better with smaller casts than with large, sprawling ones, and the trick to drawing in so many extra heroes and villains to keep George stoked is in making sure that they're introduced well and freshly to new readers. We take nothing for granted with our audience and don't want this series to be nothing but a fanboy playground; again, the mission statement for B&B is "a broad look at the new DCU," so we're making an extra effort to ensure that brand new readers as well as longtime fans are properly introduced (or re-introduced) to the various co-stars and guest-stars.

    News: Perez Interview at ComicBloc

    July 06, 2006 11:38 pm [ submitted by Ilke Hincer (email) ]
    Crisis on Infinite Interview - An afternoon with George Perez
    Written by Doug Zawisza
    Thursday, 29 June 2006
    George Perez has been there done that. Heck he’s even seen his work grace more than a few t-shirts. But any fan will tell you that George Perez is, hands down, the #1 artist for drawing team books and group scenes. Avengers. Justice League of America. Teen Titans. Crisis on Infinite Earths. Infinite Crisis. JLA/Avengers. JSA. He has literally drawn every character either of the “Big Two” can throw at him and he still keeps coming back for more.


    What’s on the horizon for you?
    The Brave & the Bold with Mark Waid is supposed to start in November, but with my work on Infinite Crisis and JSA, Waid on 52, we’ve slowed down a bit. I am also working on some model sheets to give a reference file. It became obvious that something like this was needed when I was woking on JLA/Avengers, JSA and Infinite Crisis that there were too many style variations. Certain artists draw a belt a certain way, ‘Which is the acceptable version’? The model sheets will be used for costume details and hair color. For example, the Golden Age Green Lantern (Alan Scott) is the only Green Lantern to wear the ring on his left hand. All of the others wear it on their right hand, paw, tentacle or whatever. This is supposed to go together with a DC bible for Waid.

    News: From George Pérez (Feb 2006)

    February 19, 2006 08:51 pm
     From George Perez
    Well, it's time for an all-too-infrequent update on what's going on at the International House of Pérez. I've read quite a number of posts on various message boards asking such things as"When will George be starting on THE BRAVE & THE BOLD?", "Will GAMES: THE TITANS GRAPHIC NOVEL ever come out?", "Is he working on the DC character turn-arounds for DC's official bible?" "Will that art be made available to the buying public?"

    Well here are some answers, a few unfortunately vague because, quite truthfully, I'm not sure of the answers myself.

    DC's big event books have really put a major monkey wrench in the production of the monthly books (not to mention some of the event books themselves). Because of my involvement in INFINITE CRISIS, which seems to grow with every issue, I've not been available to start anything on B & B except for the first issue's cover, which was done months ago in anticipation of my starting the actual title in November of 2005. That cover was supposed to appear in the WIZARD issue announcing DC's 2006 schedule of new titles. It was yanked when it became obvious that I could not start the book until after my return from vacation in late January so the release schedule was still undetermined. That vacation, planned over a year ago as a partial celebration of Carol's and my 25th Wedding Anniversary, also explains why I will have no interior art in IC #5. Upon my return I learned that Mark Waid, now heavily immersed in writing his share of 52, had not been able to work on B &B during my absence and will likely not be able to do so for a couple of months. I'm not hurting for work, however, as there are plenty of pages to draw for IC 6 & 7, far more than I had imagined when I agreed to help out on the project. INFINITE CRISIS' schedule overrules all others for the next two months. That includes B &B and any art for the DC Bible.

    As for the character art for the DC Bible (not its official name, by the way), I really have no idea whether it will appear in a published format, although I think it would be cool if I do a good enough job to warrant such a publication. Lord knows the royalties would be nice. But, until I can actually start on drawing them the subject's rather moot.

    The official status of GAMES is a bit more tricky. With all the post-IC work I have lined up, I don't see how I will have the time to get back on the graphic novel. Quite honestly, and honesty can be quite brutal, I wouldn't hold my breath on it ever being released. I know that my wonderful friend and co-creator Marv Wolfman is still guardedly optimistic on the resurrection of this project (a lot of that positive thinking having been fueled by me two years ago when I stated my intent to complete the art), but my subsequent exclusive contract with DC has prompted the company to utilize my talents on more current projects aimed at forming DC's future rather than just basking in the nostalgia of its past. The completed art in GAMES is over 15 years old, although it does hold up pretty damn well, in my opinion. I guess it could conceivably be restarted yet again, but it seems to become more unlikely with each new DC assignment in each passing new year. For that, I am sincerely sorry-- For Marv, for inker Mike Perkins who signed a Marvel exclusive since inking ten of the un-inked pages, for Al Vey, who had inked the earlier pages over a decade ago, for color artist Tom Smith, for the fans who have waited so long and whose hopes may be dashed yet again-- and, finally, for me. It would have been nice to put closure to the project. Oh, and for those who suggested that some other artist or artists finish the project, I suggested the same thing years ago. Unfortunately, DC only wanted this as a Wolfman/Pérez Titans story; so, without me, it's not getting done. An unfortunate Catch-22, I'm afraid. Still, there is always that small glimmer of hope. After all, what if I'm done with all my IC stuff and there's still no B & B work ready? You never know.

    I do have some non-IC work down the pipe, mostly covers. I still have two more JSA covers to draw and I've drawn a RED SONJA cover for Dynamite Comics (part of an agreement that pre-dated my DC exclusive) and still have a few covers to draw for that company. There's also the cover for the final collection of my WONDER WOMAN work. I've been approached by Wildstorm for a cover, but I haven't followed up on that yet.

    I am grateful that there are so many fans out there for which my continuing output seems to actually matter. Thanks for the support, the kind words, and even the critiques. Despite illnesses and setbacks, I'm thankful for the loyalty and affection of my fans. Along with the love and support of my wife, family and friends, it's what gives me the drive to get up in the morning and face that drawing board and peer into the snow-white blankness of the page-- and make my mark.