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WONDER WOMAN 101 (Digital) (Jun 2011)

WONDER WOMAN 101 (Digital)
Jun 2011
DC Comics (



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    WONDER WOMAN 101 (Digital) (Jun 2011)

    Wonder Woman 101 features George Perez's art

    posted Jun 25, 2011 9:05 AM by vu sleeper


    WONDER WOMAN 101 (Digital) (Jun 2011)
    Wonder Woman 101

    From myth to modernity, Wonder Woman is one of the most storied heroes in comics history. Start here with our Wonder Woman 101 and take a crash course in the triumphs and trials of Diana of Themyscira!

    Features some George Perez covers, including WONDER WOMAN #2 (Mar 1987), WONDER WOMAN #9 (Oct 1987), WONDER WOMAN #5 (Jun 1987), and WONDER WOMAN #21 (Oct 1988)