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WONDER WOMAN #168 (May 2001) DC Comics

cover:  Adam Hughes
Date: May 2001
Cover Price: $2.25

Reprinted in

 WONDER WOMAN: PARAISO PERDIDO #1 (Spain) (2003)WONDER WOMAN #3 (Germany) (Apr 2005)WONDER WOMAN: PARADISO PERDUTO (Italy) (2005) MULHER MARAVILHA: PARAÍSO PERDIDO (Brazil) (Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost) (Mar 2002)

Paradise Island - Lost Part One
Released 28 March 2001
Reprinted in WONDER WOMAN: PARADISE LOST TP #1, translated and reprinted in WONDER WOMAN #3 (Germany), MULHER - MARAVILHA: PARAÍSO PERDIDO (Brazil) and BIG BOOK: WONDER WOMAN #1 (France).

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    "Loving Submission" (22 Pages) 
    writer:  Phil Jimenez
    George Pérez
    art:  Phil Jimenez
    colors:  Pam Rambo
    Heroic Age 
    letters:  Comicraft 
    editor:  Tom Palmber Jr
    Eddie Berganza

    WONDER WOMAN #168 (May 2001)
    DC Comics

    MULHER MARAVILHA: PARAÍSO PERDIDO (Brazil) (Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost) (Mar 2002)
    News: Wonder Woman #3 (Germany) Released

    April 27, 2005 10:48 pm
    Label: Panini Archiv
    Serie: Sonstiges, Archiv
    Serie: Neue Backlist Artikel

    Dieser Artikel gehört zur Produktgruppe "Panini Archiv". Wir weisen darauf hin, dass der Artikel ein Lager-Altbestand und somit möglicherweise nicht mehr im sonst üblichen Auslieferungszustand ist. Daher können wir kein Rückgaberecht aufgrund von leichten Beschädigungen gewähren. Bei Artikeln der Produktgruppe "Panini Archiv" besteht kein Umtauschrecht, da wir ausschließlich sehr geringe Restbestände haben, die wir nicht mehr neu beziehen können. Wir bitten um Verständnis.

    Achtung: Der Erscheinungstermin dieses Artikels beschreibt nicht zwingend den EVT des Produktes, sondern ggf. das Datum, seid dem dieser bei uns verfügbar ist.

    Comic: 4,55 €
    Jimenez, Perez

     August 15, 2002 | SCCB: Sachs & Violens
    From Vu

    The book is called THE STANDARD CATALOG OF COMIC BOOKS (ISBN 0-87341-916-2), and is written by the same people who edits and publishes COMIC BUYERS GUIDE. It is a little expensive at $34.95, but it's worth it if you're a collector as it is a good price guide and checklist, and for the fact that it's 1237 pages long.

    Although, in most guides, they do tend to miss certain variant comics and/or just plain inaccurate. I just checked the 31st Edition to OVERSTREET'S COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE, which is the latest version, and it still lists DARK HORSE #50 as having a Pérez story (see "Settlements").

    Anyway, in addition to a summary of some titles, SCCB also list, in some cases, Diamond Preorder numbers and Capital City's order numbers. What I found very interesting is that THE NEW TEEN TITANS: THE JUDAS CONTRACT TP is quite rare! According to this book, Capital City only received and shipped 2,500 copies (note this number does not include Diamond Distribution).

    Compare this number to some other, like ACTION COMICS #643 (Capital City: 35,100), BATMAN #400 (Capital City: 27,650), THE NEW TITANS #50 (Capital City: 18,750), PRIME #15 (Capital City: 14,450), CRISIS #3 (Capital City: 42,050), CRIMSON PLAGUE #2 (Diamond Preorders: 23,680), and WONDER WOMAN #168 (Diamond Preorders: 27,185).

    I am saving the last bit for AVENGERS #1 (vol 3), which they listed the following:

    AVENGERS #1 (vol 3)

    Circulation Statement: 166,903
    Diamond Preorders: 194,439
    Statement, filed 10/1/97,; avg print run 209,391; avg sales 163,342; avg subs 2,704; avg total paid 166,046; samples 270; office use 125; max existent 166,441; 21% of run returned

    The book was actually designed as a price guide, but I mostly find the circulation statements more interesting than the actual list value. Personally, I always think a value of a comic book is based on the buyer's wants and needs (not dictated by a book). I disagree with some of the prices on the catalogue - just like you'd find WIZARD's pricing ridiculous.

    The induction of Comics Guaranty LLC (CGC) in the price guide, I find a little annoying. I don't believe in CGC and I find the people buying them at extraordinary prices a little crazy. For about $600 for a perfect "10" SPAWN #1, you can get a pretty cool three figures unique George Pérez artwork, or heck, get yourself a new digital camera. Basically, the guide lists how many comics were CGC'ed and what the highest number it got. For instance, INHUMANS #1 there were 32 sent in to be graded and the best of the lot is a grade of 9.6. According to this guide, we're supposed to multiply 7 to its worth (which is valued at $8), so a CGC 9.6 INHUMANS #1 should fetch about $56.

    As always, opinions expressed here are strictly my own. Buy this book, it's worth it!

    December 12, 2000
    From Continuum

    WONDER WOMAN #168 (May 2001)
    DC Comics
       WONDER WOMAN #168
      Written by Phil Jimenez and George Perez, art by Jimenez and Andy Lanning, cover by Adam Hughes.

      George Perez returns to co-write the character he made popular, in Part 1 of the 2-part "Paradise Island Lost." There's trouble in Paradise... The two tribes of Amazons that live on Themyscira have their allegiance tested as their differences come to a head, and a civil war is inevitable. But will Diana and Troia side with or against Hippolyta, the Queen Mother of the Amazons?

      32 pages, $2.25, in stores on March 28.