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Double Trouble

 March 17, 2002 | Double Trouble Videos
From PEREZ ARCHIVES #1, written by Andy Mangels
Double Trouble Productions Videos
1998-2001, Double Trouble Productions

Pérez has worked closely with this company, which produces fetish-oriented superheroine werestling videos. While some tapes feature nudity, these are not pornographic in nature, but do feature mature material.

Pérez created a logo for the "The Sisterhood of SuperHeroines" which appears on all current tapes in this series.

#372 "Amazon Queen vs Super Maiden"
plot by George Pérez
#380 "A Demon Called Darkraven"
"SuperHeroine's Showdown, Part I"
scripts by Pérez
#388 "SuperHeroine's Showdown, Part I"
"Hail Brittania!"
scripts by Pérez
#396 "All about Evil"
"Femme Fatalie"
scripts by Pérez
#403 "Vaniquished Vixen"
"Amazon Ambus"
scripts by Pérez
#411 "Battle of Brittania"
"Death and the Super Maiden"
scripts by Pérez
#419 "Just for Spite"
"Domina Delivers!"
scripts by Pérez
#427 "Bewitched, Bothered and Beaten"
"A Midsummer's Nightmare"
scripts by Pérez, "AMN" also directed by Pérez
#434 "Enter the Dragonfly"
script by Pérez
#457 "Star-Spangled Bang-Up"
Script and directed by Pérez
note: Pérez also appears in this video as "Mr. Zerpé"

 March 16, 2002 | George Pérez, Director
From Vu
From Golden Apple Comics
  • Kevin Eastman and George Perez
  • George did a signing for Golden Apple Comics on June 24, 2000.

    An interesting excerpt from that page reads: "In addition to his comic projects, he has gotten involved in wrestling; costumed, superheroine wrestling. There are a series of videos both written and directed by George that we are selling in the store."

    I was aware of George's involvement in Double Trouble Productions and/or Sooperhero, but I didn't know he wrote and directed as well. Anyone else with additional information on which videos titles they were, please write, I would like to include in my checklist.

     August 25, 2001 | Double Trouble
    From Dave Hickman, via Pérez Club
    I finally got the scoop and followup on the model and character(s) George Perez made. It turns out that George has officially licensed some of his on original creations for superheroines to be used by the ladies and producers at:

    Check it out! George Perez's creations come to life with gorgeous ladies dressing up like superheroines and wrestling. You can also get original artwork of these exclusive creations only at the site link I provided. If you wanted to get something no one else knew George Perez created, this is a must for your collection!

     April 29, 2001 | Site Update
    [ Home ] From Vu
    Check out Double Trouble for some exclusive Pérez prints (similiar - the same ? - as Sooperhero; I'm not sure if that link is still active). Thanks to Jandrta for mentioning this, I tried to order a set of Double Trouble prints, but its catalogue doesn't list them for some reason. NOTE: The website have adult content.

    I've noticed that my Netscape tends to freeze up whenever I entered into's advert banner. I'm assuming this happens to other people, so I'm suggesting you guys to use Internet Explorer 5 until nbci fixes their banner problem. I'm one of the last remainding user of Netscape, and I do realise that there are heaps of websites out there that are IE-only (which sucks).

    [ Checklist ] Update/Added
  • Avengers: Ultron Unlimited TP (CA, IP)
  • Avengers: Supreme Justice TP (CA, IP)
  • Avengers Lithograph (Dynamic Forces)
  • Conjure #1 (CA, SC, IA)
  • Fantastic Four #177 (IP)
  • Fantastic Four Annual #14 (PL, IP)
  • Fantastic Four Annual #15 (CP, IP)
  • Iron Man #102 (CP)
  • Marvel Team-Up #65 (CP)
  • superheroine merchandise 

    george pérez

    Internationally renowned comic book artist and writer George Pérez has won just about every award the comics industry has had to offer in his 26 year career and is currently among the top ten most popular working artists in the world. Among his most famous work are stints on Wonder Woman, The Avengers, Crisis On Infinite Earths, Fantastic Four, New Teen Titans, Sachs & Violens, Justice League of America and his own creator-owned project Crimson Plague launched in June of 2000 (and featuring several familiar faces from Double Trouble Productions).

    George's involvement with DT stretches back almost 15 years as one of the company's earliest regular customers. One fateful day in 1998 George finally decided to commission a custom match featuring Super Maiden and Amazon Queen (which was released as part of DT-372). He was so impressed by the rough cut that he immediately wrote a script for a return engagement for the heroines, this time confronting a new villainess named Darkraven in DT-380.

    Then, he wrote another, then another — and another — and the Sisterhood of Superheroines series was born, each new story pushing the entertainment and excitement envelope ever further. This series has become one of the most successful series in Double Trouble history.

    But this was more than just a professional collaboration. The more the folks at DT and George got to know each other, the more we fell in love and the more we wanted to do for one another. In addition to supervising, scripting and occasionally directing the SoS series, (and providing illustrated portraits as gifts to our heroines), George has generously volunteered to write all the match descriptions for our bi-monthly mailers and web updates, to catalogue all our tapes according to categories and to collate them by which girl appears in them.

    Why would an artist of George's stature do all this — especially for free? George explains, "I've been a fan of female combat since my adolescence and DT Productions has always satisfied my specialized tastes. In addition to that, the people who work there are among the nicest, the most loving, the most generous people I could ever hope to meet. They are my friends, my new family, and DT is like a second home. I hope to be involved with DT Productions for as long as they will have me."

    superheroine merchandise