BEN CAPOZZI'S BOOK #3 (Unpublished) (Jul 1998) Dreamsmith Studios

cover:  Kevin Sharpe
George Perez
BEN CAPOZZI'S BOOK #3 (Unpublished)
Date: Jul 1998
Cover Price:  
Publisher: Dreamsmith Studios

NOTE: This comic book was never published. I don't know if any of the covers were drawn or not.
Scan from Jack Malley.

Originally listed in PREVIEWS vol 8, #5 (May 98).

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    BEN CAPOZZI'S BOOK #3 (Unpublished) (Jul 1998)
    Dreamsmith Studios
    News: Book #3 Logo-Free Cover

    January 31, 2006 12:02 am
     From Ilke Hincer

    BEN CAPOZZI'S BOOK #3 (Unpublished) (Jul 1998)
    Dreamsmith Studios
    Here's the caption and logo-free cover for the unpublished Book #3 by Kevin Sharpe and Goege Perez. Scan from Previews Vol. VIII #5 (May 1998 for items scheduled to ship July 1998).

     August 1, 2003 | Book #3 Advertisement
    From Jack Malley

    BEN CAPOZZI'S BOOK #3 (Unpublished) (Jul 1998)
    Dreamsmith Studios

    I was looking at my Perez stuff and I came across this ad for the never published BOOK #3. The ad was from Wizard #82.

     January 3, 2001 | Dreamsmith Studios
    From Andy Mangels, via Perez Gallery Mailing List (added these to the checklist)
    BOOK Preview Book
    #1, June 1997
    2-page article with quotes by Pérez
    1-page illo of Chimera by Pérez
    1-page illo of Crimson Plague by Pérez
    1-page illo of Anna Villains by Richard Pollard/Pérez
    1-page illo of Anna Heroes by Michael Lilly/Pérez
    Cover: Pérez (Chimera)

    #1, June 1997
    Same as above, but cover by Brandon Peterson and Tim Townsend

    Ben Capozzi’s BOOK Chimera Poster
    1997, Ben Capozzi (Dreamsmith Studios)
    poster featuring artwork of Chimera by Pérez
    25” high by 19” wide, folded

    Dreamsmith Studios: The Book Promotional Card
    1998, Dreamsmith Studios
    Large format card features art by Kevin Sharpe/Pérez (cover to The Book #3)
    Back of card features blank — Given out at 1998 San Diego Comic Con