CFA-APA #21 (Jan 1991) Comic Fantasy Art Amateur Press Association

cover:  Adam Hughes
Date: Jan 1991
Cover Price: $10.00

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    "Good Girl Art" (224 pages)
    writer:  N/A
    art:  Mark Schultz
    Arthur Adams
    George Perez
    Mike Mignola
    Brian Bolland
    Kevin Nolan
    Wally Wood
    John Byrne
    Gray Morrow
    Adam Hughes
    Matt Baker
    Brent Anderson
    Bruce Jones
    colors:  N/A
    letters:  N/A
    editor:  N/A
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    CFA-APA #21 (Jan 1991)
    Comic Fantasy Art Amateur Press Association

    News: CFA-APA #21

    January 31, 2006 08:27 am
    Item number 6601606040: CFA-APA 21 ''Good Girl Art Issue'', Jan 91, 224 pages!
    Start: Jan-29-06 21:00:07 PST
    Ends: Feb-05-06 21:00:07 PST
    Seller: fugtussey

    CFA-APA #21 (Jan 1991)
    Comic Fantasy Art Amateur Press Association
    CFA-APA #21 - Dedicated to Good Girl Art . . . 224 Pages, Only 60 copies ever made!! Published by Comic and Fantasy Art Amateur Press Association (CFA-APA), Jan 1991

    Front cover by Adam Hughes

    This auction is for the extremely rare 21st issue of CFA-APA, the notorious ''Good Girl Art'' issue. The 224 page issue is in Fine - Fine+ condition, with some cover bends and very mild wear. CFA-APA is the official publication of the Comic and Fantasy Art Amateur Press Association, an organization of very serious comic art collectors and historians who self-publish contributions from the members on a periodic basis. Since only 50-60 copies are produced per issue, and these specially bound copies are only made available to current members, back issues of CFA-APA are very hard to come by and have recently commanded prices from $200 to over $300 and above on eBay: click here to see recently completed CFA-APA auction!!

    Some of the well known contributors who wrote major articles in this issue include William Stout, Roger Hill, Bill Leach, Joel Pollack, Jim Amash, George Hagenauer and John Province. The issue also contains a ton of never seen original art by Mark Schultz, Frazetta, Moebius, Arthur Adams, George Perez, Mike Mignola, Brian Bolland, Kevin Nolan, Wally Wood, John Byrne, Gray Morrow, Adam Hughes, Matt Baker, Brent Anderson, Bruce Jones (yep, the writer of the Hulk) and many more!