CFA-APA #38 (Sep 1995) Comic Fantasy Art Amateur Press Association

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Date: Sep 1995
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From theloner: CFA-APA #38, Mac Raboy and the Fawcett Artists. Published in September 1995, it contains 205 pages.

The CFA-APA (Comic and Fantasy Art Amateur Press Association) is (quoting from the masthead) "a non-profit literary society which collects and distributes the self-published contributions of its members three time a year. The purpose of the CFA-APA is to provide serious fans and collectors of comic and fantasy art with a forum for communication and discussion of topics, ideas or opinions relative to the comic and fantasy original art history and marketplace." The members who contribute to this publication are very knowledgeable and provide extensive articles on particular artists, genres, styles, characters, historical periods, and any other topics that pertain to the focus of the group.

This particular issue focuses on the Fawcett publications and the work of Mac Raboy, for Fawcett and other efforts, including Flash Gordon, which Raboy drew from 1948 until 1967. It also addresses other works that the contributors have recently acquired. Artists whose work is represented include: Raboy, John Rosenberger, Jack Binder, Jim Woodring, Matt Wagner, Jack Ohman, Roy Krenkel, Jack Kirby, Spain, George Pratt, Neal Adams, Bernie Wrightson, Will Elder, Ralph Reese, Edd Cartier, Jim Lee, George Perez, Ken Hooper, Jack Davis, Al Feldstein, Wally Wood, Curt Swan, Al Williamson, and a variety of others.

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    "Mac Raboy and Fawcett Artists" (205 pages)
    writer:  N/A
    art:  Mac Raboy
    John Rosenberger
    Jack Binder
    Jim Woodring
    Matt Wagner
    Jack Ohman
    Roy Krenkel
    Jack Kirby
    George Pratt
    Neal Adams
    Bernie Wrightson
    Will Elder
    Ralph Reese
    Edd Cartier
    Jim Lee
    George Perez
    Ken Hooper
    Jack Davis
    Al Feldstein
    Wally Wood
    Curt Swan
    Al Williamson
    Various Artists
    colors:  N/A
    letters:  N/A
    editor:  N/A
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    CFA-APA #38 (Sep 1995)
    Comic Fantasy Art Amateur Press Association