CFA-APA #61 (Nov 2003) Comic Fantasy Art Amateur Press Association

cover:  Al Williamson
Frank Frazetta
Roy G. Krenkel
Angelo Torres
Date: Nov 2003
Cover Price: $29.95


Limited to 40 Copies only. Includes art by George Pérez.

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    "The Fleagle Gang" (223 pages)
    writer:  N/A
    art:  Jeff Jones
    Gray Morrow
    Mike Kaluta
    Tom Yeates
    Mark Schultz
    Frank Cho
    Dave Stevens
    Fred Ray
    Frank Miller
    Bernie Wrightson

    Reg Greenwood
    Jack Davis
    Sam Glanzman
    John Stanley
    Fred Guardineer
    Reynold Brown
    John Byrne
    Al Capp
    John Romita
    Carmine Infantino
    Don Heck
    Will Eisner
    Curt Swan
    Kurt Schaffenberger

    Chic Stone
    Dick Ayers
    Jim Mooney
    Murphy Anderson
    Julius Schwartz
    Joe Kubert
    Sheldon Moldoff
    George Evans
    George Tuska
    Nick Cardy
    John Buscema
    Joe Staton
    Al Feldstein
    Charles Vess
    Mike Zeck
    Joe Sinnott
    George Perez
    Ron Fren
    Kerry Gammill
    Bob McLeod
    Wally Wood
    Various Artists
    colors:  N/A
    letters:  N/A
    editor:  N/A
    Information from n/a  

    CFA-APA #61 (Nov 2003)
    Comic Fantasy Art Amateur Press Association

     Jun 03, 2004 12:24 am | CFA-APA #61
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    Item number 2248620570: CFA-APA 61 FLEAGLE GANG Frazetta Williamson Krenkel
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    CFA-APA #61 (Nov 2003)
    Comic Fantasy Art Amateur Press Association
    This is a very tough copy of the CFA-APA (Comic Fantasy Art Amateur Press Association) periodical from November 2003. Dedication is to the Fleagle Gang, specifically Al Williamson, Frank Frazetta, Roy G. Krenkel, Angelo Torres, George Woodbridge, and Nick Meglin. The best of the best!!

    Those of you in the know are already aware of the quality of writing and art within the pages of this mag. Top-notch stuff from some of the most dedicated art collectors on the planet! The majority of illustrations are taken directly from the originals in the author's collection. This one is especially precious due to the Frazetta, Krenkel and Williamson content!

    In addition to the Fleagles, there are also articles and illustrations on: Jeff Jones, Gray Morrow, Mike Kaluta, Tom Yeates, Mark Schultz, Frank Cho, Dave Stevens, Fred Ray, Frank Miller, Bernie Wrightson, Klaw the Unconquered, Reg Greenwood, Spicy + Sexy Pulps, Jack Davis, cool art books to collect, Sam Glanzman, John Stanley, Fred Guardineer, Reynold Brown, John Byrne, Al Capp, John Romita, Carmine Infantino, Don Heck, Will Eisner, Curt Swan, Kurt Schaffenberger, Chic Stone, Dick Ayers, Jim Mooney, Murphy Anderson, Julius Schwartz, Joe Kubert, Sheldon Moldoff, George Evans, George Tuska, Nick Cardy, John Buscema, Joe Staton, Al Feldstein, Charles Vess, Mike Zeck, Joe Sinnott, George Perez, Ron Frenz, Kerry Gammill, Bob McLeod, Wally Wood, and among other cool stuff some very nice pictures of members and artists at the 2003 Dragon*Con Wally Wood Exhibition. Man, this was a good ish!

    Here's a list of contributors to this edition: Richard Garrison, Raymond Cuthbert, Joseph Latino, C H A S, Todd Adams, Gary Johannigmeier, Ken Danker, Dave Karlen, George Hagenauer, Ethan Roberts, Roger Hill, Don Mangus, Dave Newton, David Applegate, Bill Leach, Benno Rothschild, Enrico Salvini, John Coates, and Troy Pierce. Page count is 223.

    Only 40 signed/numbered copies ever printed/published. This one is 20/40.