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JEFF GELB'S WOMEN OF MYSTERY (Fanzine) (2000) Jeff Gelb

cover:  John Byrne
Date: 2000
Cover Price:  
Publisher:  Jeff Gelb

Scan and information from collectorhavenauctions, thanks to Ilke

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    JEFF GELB'S WOMEN OF MYSTERY (Fanzine) (2000)
    Jeff Gelb

    Perez Art in "Women of Mystery" Fanzine

    Oct 3, 2008 12:28 AM posted by vu sleeper

    From ebay, thanks to Ilke

    JEFF GELB'S WOMEN OF MYSTERY (Fanzine) (2000)
    Jeff Gelb
    User nostalgiabooks:

    I've been asked for a more complete listing of the artists in this comic art fanzine so here goes: Gray Morrow is well represented wtih several great pieces including a bare breasted Red Sonja battling barbarian hordes (from 1976) The art is pin up in style on nearly all these chosen pieces and so contains female nudity and good girl art. The age of the art ranges from the '40's to the present. Speaking of Red Sonja, there's a great jam piece by Wendi Pini and Frank Thorne, an Alex Raymond pencil lingerie/nude woman, space abductions by Virgil Finlay, multiple pieces by Wally Wood ranging from the '50's to 1980, Reed Crandal's John Carter rescuing Dejah Thoris from bondage, Howard Chaykin, multiple Dave Stevens works with GGA, a poorly reproduced Neal Adams Tarzan being attached by giant boobs(from France) , Mike Royer, Ernie Colon, Ken Barr, Richard Corben, Bruce Timm, Vaughn Bode, Terry Austin, John Byrne, Tarpe Mills, Bruce Jones, Adam Hughes, George Perez, Al Williamson, Frank Frazetta, William Stout, Bill Ward, Mark Schultz, Milton Caniff, Mike Vosburg, Jeff Jones, Russ Heath, Brian Bolland, Matt Baker, Alex Nino...and MORE!! Created for K-a only 60 copies were printed as a "scholarly study" for the feminine form in comics. Condition is near mint. Note: there is a variation in the different copies that went to K-a as not all have the same pages, all have the same number of pages but not the same art! A completists nightmare. Also included is a free full color K-a zine with a color Dave Stevens cover.