GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #2 (Limited Edition) (Oct 2001) Tony Lorenz

George Perez
Tom Smith
Date: Oct 2001
Cover Price:   $25.00 

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250 copies only. Interviews with George Pérez, Tom Smith, and Kurt Busiek. Plus checklist, International Pérez-comics, fan art, and much more. A very professional fanzine.

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    GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #2 (Limited Edition) (Oct 2001)
    Tony Lorenz

    Dolmen Libros
    THANOS vs DC / MARVEL (2001)
    art by Perez, published in PÉREZ ARCHIVES #1 (Deluxe) (Jul 2001) and GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #2 (Limited Edition)

     September 22, 2003 | Pacesetter Sale
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

    GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #2 (Limited Edition) (Oct 2001)
    Tony Lorenz

    posted 9/22/03 2:44 AM

    Hi everyone For the next month if you order The GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER issues 1,2 PACESETTER 1 AND 2 you can get them for $20.00, a saving of $6.00 (add $2.00 for Canada orders and $4.00 for international orders). All books are autographed by George and each book will be bagged and board, you can pay by paypal at or by mail, check or moneyorder to:

    Tony Lorenz
    8906 Railford Ct.
    Tampa, Fl 33615

    P.S. I have all material for PACESETTER #3 (the AVENGERS/JLA ISSUE), except for one interview, all most everything has been edited, so things are going pretty smooth for this issue. I will begin taking advance orders as soon as I have the last interview in. Thanks for the support, this should be another fun issue, it has interviews with George, Tom Smith, Kurt Busiek, Mike Carlin, and Tom Brevoort.

     May 2, 2003 | GPN #2 Is Sold Out
    From Tony Lorenz, via Forum

    GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #2 (Limited Edition) (Oct 2001)
    Tony Lorenz

    Topic: George Perez Newsletter issue two regular edition is sold out
    posted 5/2/03 7:28 PM

    Just wanted to let everyone know, that The GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #2 regular edition is now sold out, as well issue issue three. I still have copies of issue one, two (limited edition) and PACESETTER #1 and I am still taking advance orders on #2 of PACESETTER, e-mail me if you want information at

     March 3, 2003 | Pacesetter #1 to Ship
    From Tony Lorenz

  • Hi everyone, just wanted to let everyone know that all advance order copies of PACESETTER #1 will be shipped before the end of the week, most likely Thursday, I'm getting the books bagged and boarded right now and I've already got the envelopes ready, from there just to take them to the Post Office. I had George sign them at the Mega Con, I was there all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday, a good show, very Crowded Saturday I took a few pictures when I was there, I'll send them to Vu's for site. Thanks to everyone that ordered advance copies, I really appreciate it, it really helps with the print costs.

    I am now taking advance orders for issue two. I finalized what I'm offering for issue two at the Mega Con. I was hoping to make another print with art, but that just going to happen, so what I'm offering for issue two is not only will George will be autographing the book, but so will Barbara, Rick and Larry the entire creative team from Solus. With every copy ordered directly from me one dollar will be donated to the ACTOR fund, now if you want to donate more, say that you didn't want to buy more than one copy of my book any dollar over the order amount will be donated toward the ACTOR fund, so if you send a check to me for $9.00 and the order price is $6.50 for each copy, $1.00 for ordering the copy plus the $2.50 that you over paid making your contribution to the ACTOR fund $3.50. I hope to contribute at least a $1000 dollars. You'll be getting a one of a kind book and supporting a great cause, besides the advance orders really help with the shipping cost.

    GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #2 (Limited Edition) (Oct 2001)
    Tony Lorenz


  • 64-pages
  • Squarebound full color cover
  • Crossgen theme issue
  • articles
  • artwork
  • news
  • trivia
  • The first official interview with the entire creative team of SOLUS
  • gallery and more.....

    $6.50 each US
    $7.00 each Canada
    $10.00 each International (cash or paypal only)
    *add .50 per book if ordering by paypal

  • Back issue of The GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #1, 2 (regular or limited edition are still available), #3 is sold out.

    $6.50 each US
    $7.00 each Canada
    $10.00 each International (cash or paypal only)
    *add .50 per book if ordering by paypal
    PAYPAL account is

    or check or money orders to:
    Tony Lorenz
    8906 Railford Ct.
    Tampa, Fl 33615

     January 17, 2002 | Spinnerack Interviews Brevoort
    From Ilke Hincer
    Tom Brevoort is also given 'The Third Degree' at, and here are a couple of excerpts from the Q & A: (Link courtesy of Marvel Comics)

    What was the last comic book you bought?
    I bought comics just today: Dark Knight Strikes Again #1, Fray #5, the new Savage Dragon, the second issue of the George Perez Newsletter, Will Eisner's new hardcover, and the second World's Finest Archives. Amusing aside—Peter David entered the very same store not five steps behind me, shopped the entire time I was there within arms reach of me at times, and never once noticed me. But that's okay—he handed in a Captain Marvel script just yesterday.

    What is the worst advice you've ever received?
    George Perez will never be able to do Avengers monthly! You should find somebody else!

     December 12, 2001 | GPN #2 LE
    From Vu
    I received the GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #2 (Limited Edition) and the regular (autographed) edition in the mail today. Thanks, Tony!

    The special print is a drawing of Conan's face by Pérez, which was colored by Marcus Mebes and printed off a color ink jet printer. See the full review for more details regarding the contents.

    The only other different thing is obviously the beautiful cover by Pérez and colored by Tom Smith. All copies of the limited edition are autographed by George, what a nice guy. We are all looking forward to issue number three, which has a Crimson Plague theme. Any contributions for future issues are always welcome, please write to Tony Lorenz.

     December 7, 2001 | GPN #2 Update
    From Tony Lorenz, via Pérez Yahoo Club
    GPN #2 update
    12/6/01 5:44 pm

    Hi, everyone a little update on the GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #2, I just came from George's yesterday, he signed all the limited editions, plus a few of the regular edition, this is just something special for the the contributors of the issue. Just to clear up what the print runs is, I guess I wasn't really clear, the regular edition had a print run of 1750 (1660 went to Diamond, leaving me 90 copies to sell and for the contributors), the limited edition has a print run of 250, only available from me, different cover colored by Tom (Avengers) Smith, no logo, it's awesome!!!!!!! You get a free color bonus print colored by Marcus Mebes when you order the limited edition, it's awesome too. Don't wait on ordering copies, because I've already got several e-mails from people that bought issue two off the stand, that didn't get the first issue, wanting to order limited edition and the first issue. So if you enjoyed the first issue, I wouldn't wait to long to get your order in, before it's too late. Talking with George we already have a good plan for issue three, I'm guessing will be 100 page issue. All prices include postage:
    $6.50 US
    $7.00 Canada
    $10.00 International Cash or paypal

    Tony Lorenz
    8906 Railford Ct.
    Tampa, FL 33615

     December 6, 2001 | GPN #2 Correction
    From Vu
    I am told there was more than 90 printed of the regular edition of GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #2 (Diamond Edition). From a previous news article Tony stated that he got 90 copies from the printer, the rest of the print run is more than that. A good guess is the print run is either 1,000 or 1,500 copies. Issue one had a print run of 500 copies. Thanks to Marcus Mebes for correction.
     December 5, 2001 | GPN #2 in Stores
    From Vu
    As mentioned earlier, GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #2 (Diamond Edition) is in stores today. The GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #2 (Limited Edition) will probably be shipped in a week or two. The reason ? George Pérez is autographing all 250 copies. Marcus Mebes said that they will be autographed next Wednesday, and will likely be mailed Thursday or Friday.

    You should note that the Diamond Edition/Regular have a much smaller print run than the "Limited Edition". There are only 90 copies of the regular version [please see correction], which makes it the rarer of the two editions. For casual fans, you should contact Tony Lorenz and order yourself a copy of the Limited Edition, while for hardcore fans, you might want both version for your collection.

    I haven't read everything yet, but from first impression, it is really impressive. If you're familiar to the first issue, the cover are in color and the interior are in black and white. Issue two features a squarebound format (similiar to Prestige Formats) and the covers have a thin plastic coating.

    There are three interviews in this issue, George Pérez, Tom Smith, and Kurt Busiek. The Busiek interview mostly focused on his work, including his upcoming POWER COMPANY. Smith's interview mostly is about coloring, although it's interesting to note that Smith got into coloring because Neal Adams thought his art "sucked" but liked his coloring.

    Excerpt from the interview with George Pérez:

    TL: ...Now all we need is the never finished "GAMES" graphic novel to be completed. I can dream right?
    GPz: And I'm afraid that now that GAMES dream is never going to be more than that. In addition to the presence of dead chracters like Jericho appearing, a major scene in the story took place on the World Trade Center towers. That pretty much ends the speculation for me.

    [ Read more GPN #2 in Stores ]

     December 4, 2001 | Shipping This Week
    From Diamond
    Shipping This Week: December 5

    AUG012256 GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #2 (C: 4) $6.50

     December 1, 2001 | GPN #2 Printed
    From Tony Lorenz
    GP Newsletter #2 is now printed!!!!!!!!!
    11/29/01 5:16 pm

    I have received the books from the printer (250 of limited edition and 90 of the regular edition). I hope to bring them to George's the middle of next week and start mailing them out by the end of next week, sorry about the delay folks. I think issue two limited and regular looks even better than issue one, I really like the squarebound format, looks awesome. Getting these books is a ray of sunshine for me, I haven't been too lucky lately, the lost artwork, my computer crashed (I'm using my wife's computer to send this). If you haven't ordered, don't wait until it's too late!!!!!! Copies of issue one, two limited and regular edition are available for:
    $6.50 ea USA
    $7.00 ea Canada
    $10.00 ea international US cash or pay pal only

    Send orders to:
    Tony Lorenz
    8906 Railford Ct.
    Tampa, Fl 33615

     November 8, 2001 | GPN News
    From Tony Lorenz, via Pérez Yahoo Club
    THE GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER, talk to the printer today, Harold Buchholz, everything is going very well, no problems, he tells me that he should be getting the books by the 19th of this month. So I should receive the books (limited edition and some of the regular editions, probably the week later). Now this is where I need your help Perez fans. A lot of you that ordered first issue and have said that were going to order the limited edition have not. I'm sending two hundred tomorrow, but I still owe about $250.00 on top of that. Issue two is a lot more money than the first issue, 500 copies of the first compared to 2000 copies of the second. Another down side is Diamond gets 60% cut and I probably won't get paid by them until the beginning of January. So I have to pay the printer up front. One of the main reason for offering a limited edition, was to get some advance orders to help with printing cost. I'm going to have it paid off before the 19th, but any orders that I can get in would be very nice. Plus you don't want to wait until the last minute and miss out. I still have copies of number one and I will have a very limited number of copies of the regular edition of #2 and I'm still taking orders on the limited edition #2 (autographed, alternate cover colored by Tom (Avengers) Smith, bonus color print).
    $6.50 each USA
    $7.00 each Canada
    $10.00 each US cash or paypal

    Tony Lorenz
    8906 Railford Ct.
    Tampa, Fl 33615

    any questions e-mail me:

     October 24, 2001
    From Tony Lorenz, via Pérez Yahoo Club
    Just a reminder letter that the limited edition of THE GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #2 is still available to order, the book is comic size, square bound, 64 interior pages with full color covers, it has interviews with Tom Smith, Kurt Busiek, and George. It also has articles, checklist (Marvel), trivia, fan art, and pletty of George's awesome artwork. Here's what you get when your order the limited edition that is only available from me:
    BONUS COLOR PRINT (one per order)

    Don't delay!!!! First come first serve, the books are going fast!!! I also have copies of issue one and will have about 50 copies of the regular Diamond edition (for those who didn't order it through PREVIEW), first come first serve!!!! The price are as followed:
    $6.50 USA check or money order
    $7.00 Canada money order
    $10.00 US cash or pay pal.

    Send orders to:
    Tony Lorenz
    8906 Railford Ct.
    Tampa, Fl 33615

    any question you can e-mail me at

    Please, please send the orders to the address above, don't send to my old address. I recently ordered 4 pages a George's artwork (a Crossgen page, a Crimson Plague page, a I-Bot page and a Gladiator page), well it seems that UPS dropped it off on my porch of my old house, the package had insurance on it but they still dropped it with out a signature. From talking to my old neighbors that some kids got a hold of the package, another nieghbor said he had seen some artwork all ruined in the gutter, I'm really upset about it, my only hopes is to get my money back, but really all I want is the artwork. So please send it to my new address above, thank you.

     October 18, 2001
    From Vu
     October 10, 2001
    From Marcus Mebes

      Here's the limited edition cover [and regular cover]. This one will NOT have any title or number on the cover at all... and I believe only 250 copies will be available. I've put together the first draft of this issue, and BOY OH BOY do we have some awesome stuff in store for everyone. My favorite part is the Art Gallery section... it's VAASSTT!!! HUUUGGGE!!!! So many wonderful pieces that people have never seen before! Plus, a new addition to the Art Gallery that's sure to make a bunch of people really happy! There's also some real in-depth articles and appreciations, as well as interviews with Tom Smith, Kurt Busiek, George (of COURSE), and the Marvel Checklist. It's 64 pages this time, square bound, still comic-sized. The cover was designed and colored by me (yes, that be MY hand and my handwriting scribbled on the sticky notes) and the limited edition cover was colored by Tom Smith. The standard edition is gonna be made available anywhere that placed orders with Diamond for it, as well as from Tony; but the limited will only be available directly from Tony.

      I just called George to ask him if he's gotten the first draft yet, but he wasn't in the studio, so I'll try back some other time.

     September 26, 2001
    From Tony Lorenz,via Pérez Club
      Progress report on the George Perez Newsletter #2, we're down to about 7 or 8 pages of the 64 pages to layout, I hope to have it done before the end of the week. Looking to have it to the printers by the middle of next month. Anybody interested in order can e-mail me at
     September 20, 2001
    From Tony Lorenz, via Yahoo Pérez Club
      I've just moved, so I've had a lot going on, with moving, working on the next issue of GPN #2 [George Pérez Newsletter], coming along very well by the way. But send all mail to:

      Tony Lorenz
      8906 Railford Ct.
      Tampa, Fl 33615

      P.S. Still taking orders on the limited edition #2 and I still have copies of #1 e-mail me

     August 21, 2001
    From Tony Lorenz, via George Pérez Club

      Hey gang, here's the special offer that I hinting about on the GPN #2. Did everyone see it in Diamond's PREVIEW, I must say they gave me some nice coverage. There will be two editions, the Diamond edition and a limited edition that can only be order from me. Everything is the same with the Diamond edition except for:

      1. each issue will be signed by George
      2. each book will be bagged
      3. a bonus color print colored by Marcus Mebes (one per order)
      4. 99% for sure this edition will have a different cover.
      5. limited to 250 copies

      I'm taking orders now, this issue will have more pages 64 instead of 48, so that means more of George's great artwork showcased. Squarebound format. The issue is coming along very well.
      $6.50 USA check or money order
      $7.00 Canada check or money order
      $10.00 anywhere else USA cash or paypal only

      Tony Lorenz
      [Please see GPN New Address ]

     April 23, 2001
    From Tony Lorenz

      I'm starting to work on the checklist for issue two [of the GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER] this week. I sent some ads out to the CBG last week, I'm going to send out to a couple of other magazine in the next weeks. Work has really slowed me down in that area. I've got two, maybe three articles for issue two. I'll be contacting Tom Smith and Kurt Busiek about the interviews for issue two, I'll probably conducting them some time in August, I'm shooting for a Sept/Oct release. I think I've got the front and back cover for issue two. I'm pretty excited about the issue. Still up in the air comic size or magazine size. We'll see.