George Pérez
Tom Smith
Marcus Mebes

24 July 2002
Tony Lorenz Productions

Fanzine (100 pages)

Tony Lorenz/various
George Pérez/various
George Perez/various
Marcus Mebes/Tony Lorenz

A Crimson Plague-Themed issue.
This issue is sold out

  • Fanzines: Pacesetter, The George Perez Magazine
  • Crimson Plague
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     June 18, 2003 | GPN in Dublin
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

  • Topic: George Perez in Dublin, sort of.
    posted 6/18/03 1:20 AM

    I hope to have my pictures developed soon from my trip to Dublin Ireland, I got a picture in front of a comic store called Forbiddin Planet, with a Crossgen tee-shirt drawn by George and what was even more cool, the store was selling my magazine THE GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #3, that was neat.

    News on PACESETTER #2, soon as I get the disco make the last minute corrections, I hope to have the printing started and the end of the week.

     March 3, 2003 | Pacesetter #1 to Ship
    From Tony Lorenz

  • Hi everyone, just wanted to let everyone know that all advance order copies of PACESETTER #1 will be shipped before the end of the week, most likely Thursday, I'm getting the books bagged and boarded right now and I've already got the envelopes ready, from there just to take them to the Post Office. I had George sign them at the Mega Con, I was there all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday, a good show, very Crowded Saturday I took a few pictures when I was there, I'll send them to Vu's for site. Thanks to everyone that ordered advance copies, I really appreciate it, it really helps with the print costs.

    I am now taking advance orders for issue two. I finalized what I'm offering for issue two at the Mega Con. I was hoping to make another print with art, but that just going to happen, so what I'm offering for issue two is not only will George will be autographing the book, but so will Barbara, Rick and Larry the entire creative team from Solus. With every copy ordered directly from me one dollar will be donated to the ACTOR fund, now if you want to donate more, say that you didn't want to buy more than one copy of my book any dollar over the order amount will be donated toward the ACTOR fund, so if you send a check to me for $9.00 and the order price is $6.50 for each copy, $1.00 for ordering the copy plus the $2.50 that you over paid making your contribution to the ACTOR fund $3.50. I hope to contribute at least a $1000 dollars. You'll be getting a one of a kind book and supporting a great cause, besides the advance orders really help with the shipping cost.


  • 64-pages
  • Squarebound full color cover
  • Crossgen theme issue
  • articles
  • artwork
  • news
  • trivia
  • The first official interview with the entire creative team of SOLUS
  • gallery and more.....

    $6.50 each US
    $7.00 each Canada
    $10.00 each International (cash or paypal only)
    *add .50 per book if ordering by paypal

  • Back issue of The GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #1, 2 (regular or limited edition are still available), #3 is sold out.

    $6.50 each US
    $7.00 each Canada
    $10.00 each International (cash or paypal only)
    *add .50 per book if ordering by paypal
    PAYPAL account is

    or check or money orders to:
    Tony Lorenz
    8906 Railford Ct.
    Tampa, Fl 33615

     August 2, 2002 | GPN #3 Review
    From Vu
    reviewed by Vu

    I am sure most of the visitors to this website already own all the GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER, but just in case you're a new visitor or are thinking about buying an issue, I'm going to write my traditional review for my website.

    To cut to the chase, once again, I am deeply impressed with this fanzine. Calling it a fanzine actually wouldn't do it justice, it looks more like a professional magazine. The theme to this 100 page monster is, of course, Crimson Plague, so if you love CP, you really need this issue in your collection.

    The best part in this issue is the artwork to the first 14 pages (plus cover) of the unpublished CRIMSON PLAGUE #3. It also feature plot summary page-per-page on #3. It doesn't stop there - there's plot summary all the way up to issue #9, which is called "The Dying Game".

    There's lots more CP-related articles, but the one I enjoyed most was seeing real photographs of people, who appeared in the CP comics, and reading their reactions to being in a comic book.

    As usual, generous George Pérez lends his time to help create this issue. He supplies contacts, artwork (most have not been published), and, of course, his interview. Here is an excerpt on how the idea of Crimson Plague came about:

    GPz: Believe it or not, it started out as a Batman story, way back when Julie Schwartz was still an editor for DC. I was tooling around with an idea for a limited series, an imaginary tale or Elseworlds story I believe, dealing with Nightwing (or another future incarnation of Dick Grayson) investigating the murder of a semi-retired Batman who is a John Doe in the police morgue. Grayson identifies the body of the many scars on the body and those scars spark memories that form the flashback framework which had something to do with all the partners and sidekicks who teamed with Batman throughout the years. One of them was supposed to be the killer. The story became more complicated the more I expanded on it. After a while, I thought that this story would probably not fly at DC at the time, so I never proposed the story and decided that it might work better with an original character. That's how GLADIATOR was born, with the title character replacing Batman, and Nightwing's role in the story split between a female character called Tribune, the latest in a long line of Tribunes, and a police detective modeled after a comic shop owner from Fayetteville, NC, named Bernie Mangiboyat. In creating a history for Gladiator, I wanted to feature a femme fatale character, similar to purpose to Catwoman - a deadly villainess with a romantic tie to the hero. She was called Plauge and she was modeled after a beautiful young fan I met at a Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC. In fact, she was Bernie Mangiboyat's fiancée at the time. Her name, of course, was DiNA: Simmons.
    Even at $10, this is well worth having in your Pérez collection. With one hundred pages, plus full color front and back cover, shipping & handling, the cost of printing, researching, proofreading, marketing, planning, pain and sweat, etc., etc., it is actually a small price to ask. I don't believe that Tony Lorenz is making (or wants to make) money off this very personal project of his. He simply want to share his love with other Pérez fans around the world.

    You should show your support, you can contact Tony Lorenz at and ask how you can get copies of THE GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER. I think for the time being you can get all four copies (including the GPN #2 Limited Edition).

     July 26, 2002 | GPN #3 Ships Tomorrow
    From Tony Lorenz, via George Pérez Group
    shipping starts tomorrow
    Fri, 26 Jul 2002 02:53:02 -0000

    Hi everyone, just wanted to let everyone know that I went over to George's today and got the books all autographed, I've got all the orders and contributors copies ready to go tomorrow, I'll probably get 85% mail tomorrow, the rest Monday thanks again for the support.

    Avengers/JLA update, George was working on page 16 of issue three.

     July 24, 2002 | GPN #3 Unavailable in Midwest
    From Vu
    Once again, we seem to have a real problem with getting books sent from the warehouse to the comic book store on time.

    From what I'm told, we get our books from this drop location:

    Memphis Trade Center III
    3955 East Holmes Road
    Memphis, TN 38118

    I don't know about the rest of the country, but GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #3 is not available in Minneapolis (or anywhere that Memphis ships to).

    GPN #3 will probably be available to comic shops next week (31 July 2002).

     July 23, 2002 | GPN #3 Ships July 24
    From Diamond
    Shipping This Week: July 24

    The following products are expected to ship to comic book specialty stores this week. Note that this list is tentative and subject to change. Please check with your retailer for availability.


    (Vu: As always, Diamond updated their shipping list every Monday. I checked their list, and this wasn't on Sunday. Incidentally, from Tony's earlier message, GPN #3 is already in some stores. Diamond is also known to ship early, and often later, than what their shipping list say.)

     July 23, 2002 | GPN #3 Update (5)
    From Tony Lorenz, via George Pérez Group
    GPN #3
    Tue, 23 Jul 2002 02:32:49 -0000

    Hi everyone, The books will begin mailing out Friday, I'm going over to George's Thursday to get them autographed, sorry about the delay and thanks for all the help and support

     July 20, 2002 | GPN #3 Update (4)
    From Tony Lorenz, via George Pérez Group
    more GPN updates.....
    Fri, 19 Jul 2002 21:02

    Hey gang, just to let everyone know that I've received early this week GPN #3, just waiting to hear from George on when I can bring them over to be autographed, so in the time being I'm getting all the envelopes and the bags and boards with the prints in them (for those who ordered them before the deadline. I was hoping to get it done next Tuesday but I think Friday of next week would work out the best for me, hopefully that day will work out for George too, if not, what ever day that works for George, I'll work around it. I've heard that the book is in the stores all ready. Anybody seen it, let me know what you think of it, good or bad. To all of you who advanced order, I'm sorry about the delay.

     July 16, 2002 | GPN #3 Shipping Next Week
    From Tony Lorenz
    received GPN #3 from the printers today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tue, 16 Jul 2002 14:41:07 EDT

    Hi everyone, received GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #3 from the printers today, so once I get George to autograph the books, I'm shooting for the middle of next week to start shipping orders and contributors copies out. Don't forget to let me know what you think of the issue good or bad, it's the only way I can improve the magazine. Also if you haven't ordered I have a limited supply of all issues available, e-mail me for info.

     July 9, 2002 | GPN #3 Printed
    From Tony Lorenz, via George Pérez Group
    GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #3 is now ready
    Mon Jul 8, 2002 7:40 pm

    Hi everyone, man it seem like forever getting this issue, this is the main reason I don't offer subscriptions, well I've got an e-mail from the printers saying the books are now ready and could be shipped out to Diamond and myself as early as tomorrow. From there, the copies that I receive will then go to George to be autographed, then to be shipped to everyone that has ordered directly from me. I really wanted to thank you for that, it really help me with the up front printing costs. I'm excited about the issue, and I hope everyone likes as much as I do. But please give me honest feedback, it's the only way to improve the magazine. Any question or intereted in ordering #3 or issue 1 and two please drop me an e-mail

     July 1, 2002 | GPN #3 Cover Update
    From Tony Lorenz
    green light on GPN cover
    posted 7/2/02 0:14 AM

    Hi everyone, got the cover today and I gave the green light to the printers, it looks fine. As far as I know, all the interiors are done, just waiting on the cover, we're getting closer folks

     June 29, 2002 | GPN #3 Printer Error
    From Tony Lorenz, via Pérez Forum
    GPN #3
    posted 6/28/02 3:07 PM

    Just got a phone call from Harold (my printer) saying there may be a problem with the cover colors, because there is so much red on the back cover that it's effecting the sky on the front cover, so he's sending me a print to look over, let's keep our fingers cross and hope this doesn't cause a delay.

     June 14, 2002 | GPN #3 Update
    From Tony Lorenz
    Heroes con
    Fri Jun 14, 2002 2:10 pm

    Is anybody going to the Heroes Con, if so can I get somebody to pick me up a program, I can't make it this year. I'll gladly pay you for your troubles, thanks for the help. A little update on GPN #3, talk to the printers yesterday, it looks to be more like the first week of July because of the size of the issue. Sorry about the delay.

    Fri, 14 Jun 2002 10:15:42 EDT

    Hi everyone, is anybody going to the Heroes con? I need a program, I can't make it this year, I'll pay you for your troubles. One more thing a little update on how GPN #3 yesterday, to find out how progress is going on the printing, Harold informs me it looks like the book will be ready the first week of July not the last week of June, because of the size of the issue, oh well I guess we have to wait a week longer. Thanks for all the support.

     June 5, 2002 | GPN #3 Going to Press
    From Tony Lorenz, via George Perez Group
    GPN going to press
    Wed Jun 5, 2002 1:26 pm

    Hi everyone, just got the final numbers from Diamond and I just sent out the bulk of the money for the printing, so the printing process should start today or tomorrow and Harold said that there shouldn't be a problem having the printing done by the end of the month. From there the books will be shipped to Diamond and to me. I will then schedule a day to take them over to George's to have him autograph them (these are the advance order copies). So the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer.

    I will have some extra copies to sell (minus the bonus print), if you didn't order from me or Diamond. I also have back issue avialable, e-mail me for prices. Thanks for the support every one.

    Tony Lorenz

     June 1, 2002 | GPN #3 Update
    From Tony Lorenz, via George Perez Group
    Subject: gpn update
    Date: Sat Jun 1, 2002 12:45 am

    Hi everyone, just wanted to drop everyone a line. I'm just waiting on Diamond for final numbers for the printing of issue three, once I get them I'll give the printer the green light. The printers should have received the proofs probably yesterday. It's going to be an exciting issue, I'm very proud of, I hope George any you fine folks feel the same.

    One more thing, is anybody going to the Heroes Con, I can't go this year, could I get anybody that is going to pick me up a program and if there is any promo art or such (Pérez related), poster, print, ect..., I'll pay postage and any convience need. Thanks for the support.

     May 7, 2002 | GPN Needs Your Help
    From Marcus Mebes
  • Rubén (1), From Marcus Mebes
  • Hey folks! I'm in need of some help here, and I'm getting close to the deadline. I'm working on the Cast Members section of the latest George Pérez Newsletter, and I need to find art for Gina Davidson (please someone tell me which page of which issue she's on); and I need text for the accompanying drawing. I know the name is Rubén, but I don't have a last name, nor the blurb to go with it. Rubén, if you're reading this, please email me a little about yourself and the experience of being drawn by George, along with your last name.

    Another request... if any of you good folks out there have custom or unpublished art by George of the Titans, or any individual members, and if you want them professionally colored for FREE, please let me know! Thanks! :)

    Marcus (

     May 5, 2002 | GPN #3 Content Layouts
    From Marcus Mebes

  • 1 - Table of Contents
  • 2 - Introduction
  • 3 - 6 Brian Cross Article & Collage of photos
  • 7 - 11 Cast Members Bios
  • 12 - variety of articles, interviews, and commentary about George's art
  • 13 - 15 Intervew w/ George
  • 16 - 17 Glenn Anderson Article
  • 18 - 19 Feedback/Letters
  • 20 - 25 variety of articles, interviews, and commentary about George's art
  • 26 - 29 CP Checklist
  • 30 - 34 CP introduction, pages 1-4
  • 35 - Since pg 5 is missing, plot summary for #3 begins here, cont'd pg 45
  • 36 - 44 CP 3 pages 6-14
  • 45 - 46 continuation of plot summary for #3
  • 47 - Beginning of CP Tributes - Fan Art and Professional Art
  • 48 - 62 Tribute Art
  • 63 - 100 variety of George's artwork
  •  April 27, 2002 | GPN #3 in Previews
    From Tony Lorenz, via George Pérez Group
    Hi everyone, just got the May PREVIEW today, GPN #3 is on page 358, so if you know any fans of George's work, spread the word about my magazine. Thanks for the support everyone.

    From PREVIEWS (May 02):

    For Pérez fans! This 100-page blowout is packed with all things Pérez: news; articles; checklists; interviews by and with the master himself; trivia; George's art gallery, plus a gallery of fan art (including renditions of Crimson Plague by some comics pros who also admire Pérez); cast members and unpublished pages from Crimson Plague; the letters page; the Question of the Issue; a photo gallery; and much, much more! (Tony Lorenz Productions) (CAUT: 4)
    _____Magazine, 100 pages, b&w ..... $10.00

     April 19, 2002 | Tony Lorenz
    From Sgt Roadkill

    Tony is just an all around swell guy and one of the nicest I've met through the small press. As creator of the epic small press series FUTURO TIERRA and now the current nationally distributed GEORGE PEREZ newsletter, Tony never ceases to amaze me with his enthusiasm. I'm glad he opted for a kinder, gentler side of everyone's favorite law enforcer.

     April 13, 2002 | Back Cover to GPN #3
    From Marcus Mebes
    (Remember, this is still pending. Final design may change. You also have about SEVEN more days to order GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #3.)
  • Possible back cover, design by Marcus Mebes
  •  March 18, 2002 | GPN #3 Update
    From Tony Lorenz
    Hi everyone,just want to drop you a line to let everyone know how thing are going. I have good news and bad news, I'll go with the good news first, I'm the extending the deadline to Apr. 20 on advance orders. Thanks everyone that has ordered so far and in advance to everyone that plans to order, you guys are great, thanks for the support.

    Now for the bad news, GPN #3 will not appear in PREVIEW until the May issue, in which Theresa, from Diamond, tells me that I will get my order invoice from them the first week of June, but she is going to try and get me a fairly correct order count probably the last week of May. So what that means the book won't be out the beginning of June, more like the end of June. Sorry about the delay folks, but I can't print the book until I know how many are sold.

    One more thing, some one pointed out that in Vu's site it is incorrectly listed at $6.50, not $10.00. I would love to sell the book at $6.50, but I would lose my shirt on the issue. Any questions, you can e-mail me at

     March 10, 2002 | Revised GPN #3 Cover
    From Marcus Mebes
  • Note: This is a preliminary cover.

     March 8, 2002 | GPN #3 Cover
    From Marcus Mebes
  • Cover credits:
    George Pérez
    Tom Smith
    Marcus Mebes

    Note: This is a preliminary cover, for PREVIEWS.

     March 6, 2002 | GPN #3 Advance Order
    From Tony Lorenz

    I am now taking orders for GPN #3 and will be taking orders until April 5, if for some reason that you are getting the order in after the April 5 cut off date, please drop me an e-mail to let me know your order is on the way. The reason for the advance order is to help me with the cost of printing. I've already got a lot saved for the printing, and will have more as soon as the money from Diamond comes for issue two. As you can see it's been three months since I printed issue two and I'm still waiting for payment from Diamond, I can't expect the printers to wait that long for payment. I should be receiving my payment any day now. Issue three will be available through Diamond. I've had a very good first experience working with Diamond (other than delay in pay, not all there faults though). The following is a list of things for you to expect in issue three:

    • 100 PLUS PAGES
    • INTERVIEWS (interviews with DiNA and Shannon conducted by George, and an interview with George)
    • TRIVIA
    • FAN ART SECTION (with some surprising renditions of Crimson Plague by some comic pros)
    • THE PLOT
    • NEWS

    The last two items (autograph and the print is only available when you order a copy in advance from me), they will not be available if you order from Diamond. It's just a little something extra for all of George's fans that have supported my magazine, thank you. A real big thanks goes out to George and Tim Chandler (the persons who allowed me to use the art for the print, the art is awesome). One print per order, no matter how many copies you order. If you have any questions just e-mail me at

    [ Read more GPN #3 Advance Order ]

     February 25, 2002 | MegaCon Review
    From Tony Lorenz, via Pérez Yahoo Club
    I just got back from the Mega Con, I only went one of the three days, that sucks! I had a great time the short time that I was there. Even though it was Friday, usually not as busy as the Saturday or Sunday, it seem pretty busy. The day had a great feel to it. I got a lot done that day, I picked up a package of art from George, he was very busy the whole day, he had a long list of commissions art that he was doing for a very worthy cause, ACTOR, the cause that helps retired cartoonist. I really didn't want to take a lot of his time. I've got a lot of art to choose from for the third issue of GPN, the tough part is choosing what to use and what not to use. So now that I've got the art and a have received several responses from cast members, the pieces are really falling into place. I also made some other connections for future issues, possible interviews with Jim Mooney, Dick Giordano, and Alex Ross. To round out the show, I sold a few copies of the magazine, and found a few books that I was missing. All around fun day.

    To top it all off, I just received a package from one of the members of Crimson Plague and he sent me some copies of drawings of Crimson Plague by various professionals, some very nice drawings, so I'm expanding the fan art section for the issue, this issue is going to be better than I could ever imagine. I will be anouncing next week about how to advance order the book.

     February 15, 2002 | Attention Plague Cast
    From Tony Lorenz, via Pérez Yahoo Club
    Hi just want to send this out to all the people that supplied photos and appeared in the George's CRIMSON PLAGUE. What I'm looking for is a short paragraph on your thoughts of appearing in George's comic? Reaction from friends and family? ect...This is the only feature for the issue that I don't have anything yet. So far the checklist is in progress, George has conducted the interviews with DiNA and Shannon, I have fan mail, people have contributed for the question of the issue "Who is your favorite inker on George, other than George, why?", I have some fan art, and I have an article from Brian Cross. Waiting on the bulk of the artwork from George. It's going to be a great issue and it's not too late to contribute, e-mail me to see what I need. I can't do this magazine with out you. Come join the fun. E-mail me at
     February 3, 2002 | Fan Art
    From Mitch Ballard

    Vu: Looks like this will also appear in GPN #3. Visit his Epson Gallery to see an alternate pencils to the above art (as well as other fan art).
     January 31, 2002
    From Tony Lorenz
    Here's a little up date on how the magazine is coming, GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #3. Well, I've just received a e-mail from George saying that I should be receiving a package with material for the issue very soon, maybe this week. He's extremely busy at the moment trying to stay ahead of the curve. I'm in the gathering stage on the magazine, just trying to get all the material I need before I start the layout process, just receive some art from Steven Miller, con sketches and some fan art, so people if you have any fan or obscure art related to the CRIMSON PLAGUE series please send me good quality photocopies, with your name on the back of each piece that you send me, so I can credit the right people. Also looking for cast members to contribute, I don't have any yet, George tells me that he has contacted some and they say they were interested in contributing, but I don't have anything in my hands yet. I've got letters of comment (need more folks), have gotten several people responding to the question for the issue (need more), I've received Cross's article (good stuff by the way), just waiting for art and photos from him. George tells me that he has already interviewed DiNA and Shannon, so that should be on it's way. So the pieces of the puzzle is falling together very well, should be the best issue yet.

    Issues 1 and 2 (regular and limited editions) are still available:

    $6.50 USA check or money order
    $7.00 Canada money order
    $10.00 US cash or pay pal any where else in the world.

    Send orders to:
    Tony Lorenz
    8906 Railford Ct.
    Tampa, Fl 33615

     January 25, 2002 | GPN #3 Progress
    From Tony Lorenz, via Pérez Yahoo Club
    Just a little update on issue three of the GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER, it's coming right along, just received Cross's article (I haven't read it yet, but I'm sure it's great, thanks for the support), I know George has done one of the two interviews with the models (Shannon), we have several contributions for the question of the issue, lots of feedback, have some art for the fan section, just waiting for Mitch and Marcus. So things are coming right along, it will be a great issue!!!

    I just got one question for the group, as far as I know a lot of you out there haven't order my magazine, can you give me a reason. The reason why I'm asking is because I've gotten a couple of comments concerning the quality and format (before they ordered), to lay the record staight, this is a professional publication, the best as possible, this is comic size magazine, this is not just a little newsletter as some have thought, it is a magazine. Maybe I should have thought of a different title for the magazine. If anybody does not like my magazine, I will gladly refund anyones money if they are not satisfied with it. If any of you out there have order my magazine, let the group know what you think of the mag good or bad. Thanks for the support. This group is awesome.

     December 14, 2001 | GPN #3 Questions
    From Tony Lorenz, via Pérez Yahoo Club
    Hi, everyone, I am ready to get started on the third issue of the GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER, and I need your help PEREZ FANS!!!!!! These are just a couple of things I need, there will be more I will be needing in the next couple of weeks.
    1. Who is your favorite inker on George's pencils other than George himself? Give examples and why.

    2. Attention Crimson Plague cast members!!!!! I need a short paragraph on your thoughts on being a cast member of Crimson Plague the comic book. How you felt and how people around thought of it when they saw you in it? Please also let me know where you appeared in the series, give me a page and panel that you appeared, so I can showcase you.

    I promise you there will be more, but let start with this. I'm shooting for a May print date, so if your are interested in getting involved please do as soon as possible. This book will be around a 100 page issue!!!!!!

    Thanks for all the support

    Tony Lorenz

     December 14, 2001 | GPN #3 in May
    From Tony Lorenz, via Pérez Yahoo Club
    GPN #2 update
    12/14/01 2:04 am

    Hi everyone, just wanted to drop a line a let everyone know, that I'm mailing the books out as quick as I can, I'm mailing about 10 packages a day. So if you haven't received yours yet, you will be very soon. Those who have received the book, what do you think good or bad. I have already received one suggestion that I think I'm going to use. Please give me feedback. I want to make this the best damn mag out there. One more thing, before the weekend out I will begin requesting what I need for issue three, in which I'm shooting for a May release, we'll see. It will be an awesome issue, I can promise you that. Look forward to hearing from you. Don't delay if you haven't order yet. Since it was released in the store, I'm getting 3 to 10 orders a day. Any questions e-mail me at

    01/14/2004 01:01:24